1994-07-06: Bedside Manner


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Scene Title Bedside Manner
Synopsis Cho gets a couple of visitors during her hospital stay, one expected, one unexpected.
Date July 6, 1994
Watch For Just how dangerous is Diagon Alley?
Chronology After the morpheus bugs excitement.
Logger Antigone

St. Mungo's

Oh dear. With the little fiasco concerning the morpheus bugs, Cho has been knocked out for quite some time. First there were the initial effects of intoxication, and then later on the eventual kerthunk. As a result, she's in one of the rooms in St. Mungo's sporting a nasty little bruise on the back of her head from the bit of the kerthunk. She's sleeping soundly, with a goofy little smile on her lips, probably dreaming of bright colors and rainbows. The bugs provided quite the psychedelic experience afterall, so who knows how it affected her in the end.

Instead of her usual clothing, she's in a patients outfit, one of those backwards robes with the buttflap and all. Fortunately she's in and and so she doesnt lose her sense of modesty, though she starts to stir. Her nose wrinkles a few times and she starts to wake up with a groggy little groan. "Owwwww…."

Antigone makes her way along one of the St. Mungo's halls, looking rather more troubled and thoughtful than her usual cheery Hufflepuffness. So distracted is she by her thoughts, that she's somehow managed to take a wrong turn and finds herself in an unfamiliar hallway. It takes her a few moments to notice this though, and when she does, she slows to a stop to look around with slight bemusement, trying to figure out where it was she went wrong. She turns on her heel to head back the way that she came, but has to quickly step aside into a doorway when a wizard goes by with plank of wood magically affixed to his head - a plank so wide that it takes up the whole hallway and very nearly takes Tig's head off before she sidesteps it so deftly with a little sound of surprise. Conveniently, this has put her in Cho's doorway, and the sound of a groan behind her causes her to wince slightly. "Sorry about barging in like tha-" she begins, turning to look over at the person in the bed. Which is when she recognizes the Ravenclaw. "Cho?" she asks in a little disbelief.

Cho is rubbing the back of her head as she sits up and finds herself in patient's clothing. "Oh..hiya, Antigone.." she says with a soft chuckle of embarassment. Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red as she wrinkles her nose and peers around. "Hrmm, guess this is what happened.." she says sounding a tad bit confused before looking over towards the Hufflepuff. "What are you doing here?" she asks curiously. Yes, take the attention away from her. Yes….

Antigone looks a little chagrined to have barged in on a schoolmate like this herself. She politely pretends not to notice Cho's current clothing, not quite looking directly at the patient as she turns more properly to face into the room. At the question, she hesitates just slightly before summoning up a bracing smile. "Oh, was just visiting someone. Er, what did happen?" she can't help but ask, though there may be some deflection of her own going on, in with the confusion and curiosity. "You all right?"

"I think Diagon Alley hates me.." she admits ruefully, snickering softly as she thinks back to being there when the death eaters attacked and now this. She pauses and fluffs up her pillow a bit while leaning back to get all nice and comfy while waiting for a nurse to come on in.

"But there were musicians, and they had a jar of morpheus bugs. They got released somehow, and I was really close and watching, so I got a bit of a whiff of their intoxicating gas. So it sent me for a bit of a tizzy..it was really.." and she hrmms, trying to find the proper word for it. "It was a trip, I'll tell you that much. Then, the next thing I remember, I'm here.."

Cullen is a visitor today, the boy wandering the halls, doing the best he can with the instructions given. A few mistakes here and there and he does, eventually, make it to Cho's room. One hand extends, knuckles making firm thump against the side of the portal before the boy peeks his head in. "Hey?" It's a curious noise, as if he's half-unsure that he's gotten the correct one this time.

"Pandora's Box, that sounds awful," Antigone replies sympathetically, tucking her hair back behind an ear as she steps more properly into the room, forgetting to feel badly for barging in now that she's got something bigger to feel badly about. "But you're all right now?" she confirms with a lift of her eyebrows. At the sound of someone thumping at the door, she glances back over her shoulder and then moves further aside to make more room, if the new visitor wants to come in. But as it's Cho's room and ailment, she lets the other girl handle inviting him in.

Culleny Cullen? For some reason that pops into her head as she recognizes the voice, and Cho nods and smiles warmly. "I'll be fine. Hopefully I'll get out today, though I do have this bump on the back of my head.." she says with a soft chuckle of amusement. She seems to be in a chipper mood for the most part, so that's a good thing though, right?

"Come on in though you two! No need to be all tentative and whatnot.." she says with a sage nod.

Cullen's head tips when he spots fellow Hufflepuff, smile tugging at his lips before the boy takes a few shuffling steps inside of the room. "Didn't know you were here too," He mentions toward Antigone. It's a pleasant greeting, eyes moving over toward Cho afterward. "Glad to see you're alright. Don't know what the bugs were about, but I'm sure they're paying for it."

Antigone offers Cullen a grin of greeting and then chuckles quietly as Cho chides them for being tentative. But she does move properly up towards the Ravenclaw's bedside now. "Glad you'll be all right then," she offers. "Too bad about your head, though." That gets another sympathetic smile before she looks over at Cullen, her smile fading slightly. "Yeah, I was just in seeing someone and … ran into Cho by accident." Since Cho seems somewhat bedridden, the 'running into' really must have been all on Tig's end.

"Oh, they were just morpheus bugs. Did anyone else get a really good whiff or am I the only one stupid enough to do that?" she asks Cullen curiously before smiling brightly towards Antigone. She motions for the rather comfortable looking chairs by the bed for them to sit. "I hope the person you're visiting is doing well, Antigone.." she says in a sympathetic manner.

"I was tempted to," Cullen chirps toward the girl in the bed, "But I think I avoided it. I saw a few people. M'sure people are more worried about finding the things before they spread across the city." One helpless shrug comes after, eyes flickering back toward Antigone after. "I hope it went well. I've only been here once, really, and not for me."

"What … are morpheus bugs" Antigone asks, never the brilliant scholar, least of all during the summer when she's decided it's fair to turn off that part of her brain. "I'm guessing that whiffing them is bad." She's figured out that much, at least. To their sympathy, she just manages a tight smile, giving her head a little shake. "Oh, it's nothing. He's fine, yeah. Nothing so exciting as, uh, morpheus bugs." Even if she's still not quite clear what they are.

"They're these bugs that emit a noxious, yet colorful gas. If you're dumb like me and get a whiff, the gas has an intoxicating effect. It does it to keep away from predators and to slow down its natural prey…" and she hrmms for a few moments, wrinkling her nose a little, trying to remember the rest of it. "And in the end, if you take in a lot of the gas, you sort of black out..at least I think that's what happened, unless for some reasons I was doing other things…." and she looks over to Cullen, seeming to defer to him at this point.

"No," Cullen assures, "You were pretty sleepy. You did try and grab the air a bit, wasn't sure what the idea was. Other than that, though, right to bed." Hands fold at the side of his cheek, the boy's eyes falling shut as he makes impression of Cho taking her nap. Just for a moment, then eyes snap back upward. "I didn't know what they were either. That Ministry guy, though, I guess he figured it out."

"That sounds pretty … strange," Antigone decides, frowning thoughtfully as she tries to imagine it. Then again, hardly the strangest thing to come out of Diagon Alley, so she doesn't have too much trouble believing it. "So these things just showed up? Did they get out of the pet store or something?" She still seems a little confused about the whole thing. "Honestly, if bad things keep happening there, my mother's going to stop letting me go alone." And that would be dreadful.

"I've been caught up in a Death eater attack and the morpheus bugs, and baba still lets me go out.." but that's because he's so busy, and her mother is in Hong Kong at the moment. "You'll be fine.." she says with a cheery smile before taking a deep breath. She hrmms and defers to Cullen once more, "They did get caught right? Or did Mr. Millingstone just blow them away…"

"They were in a jar," Cullen explains toward Antigone, "They did a bit of a jail break, and didn't seem to happy. Mr. Millingstone did a bit of a spell to send them off." Head shakes at Cho after, the boy mentioning, "Don't know. Last I saw they were floating off somewhere. I'm sure someone grabbed them before they may trouble for anyone else, though."

"I hope so," Antigone replies, to the idea of someone grabbing the bugs before they cause more trouble. "And I hope you're right about mother still letting me go. It's been the only thing keeping me sane, I think, with things being so… well, you know what little sisters can be like," she assumes with a faint smile. "Who's Mr. Millingstone, anyway? Did he bring the bugs?" She feels like she's still missing bits of this story, though she's not always the best at putting the pieces together.

"He works with mom..he's in the ministry and whatnot.." she says matter of factly, before she lets out a sigh of relief, preferring to think that the bugs would be taken care of. "See, that's why you really shouldnt take wild animals, especially dangerous magical ones and try to confine them..they just get angry.."

"Right," Cullen affirms at Cho's explanation. Mention of animals just draws a sort of lopsided smile to his face, the boy mentioning, "I'm not for the more dangerous kinds of beasts. Owls and dogs are about all I'm good at." Eyes turn around the room a moment, questioning, "You both have pets, don't you?"

Antigone nods with, well, not quite understanding, but acceptance as Cho explains who this man is. To Cullen's question, her eyebrows lift slightly. "Yeah, I've got a cat, but Moth is about as far from a wild animal as you can get. He got out into the garden once and a squirrel nearly beat him up," she says, nodding solemnly. No, she can't laugh at her poor, 18 pound cat getting trounced by a squirrel.

"I have Jayne, he's a snow white owl, behaves very well.." she says with a sage nod, trying to stiffle a soft chuckle at the mention of a cat getting beatup by a squirrel. It's all for Antigone's sake of course. "Dont you have one, Cullen?"

"Oh, right," Cullen's head bobs toward Antigone, "The big puffy thing. I remember." Bright smile follows, as if to assure that he does. Then toward Cho, comment of, "I might need help with mine later. He's not been behaving, lately." The boy pauses, adds, "But, just wanted to check on you. I'll be back a little later, but they're going to miss me if I'm gone much longer."

"That's Moth," Antigone confirms with a fond grin. She loves her big puffy thing to an almost ridiculous degree. She sobers a bit as she considers the rest of what he's said. "Your pet's not behaving? That's a shame. I hope you can get it sorted. Guess I'll see you around then." She offers a friendly smile in farewell, before looking back over at Cho. "You need to rest? I can get going too," she offers, remembering that she wasn't actually invited here in the first place.

"Thanks for coming Cullen!" she says with a wave of her fingers. "But bring by your owl and we'll see what we can do. Jayne is very much behaved.." Cho replies, beaming proudly at that. She then takes a deep breath and yawns, stretching her arms into the air. "Yeah, I should probably get some real sleep, instead of magic induced sleep. I'll see you guys around, thanks for visiting!"

Cho quickly adds, "Thanks for visiting as well, Antigone!"

"Get better," Cullen chimes, taking several slow steps backward. "I'll see you soon." He tips head toward Antigone afterward, awaiting for the girl to exit before he does. Fingers linger in the doorway just a second after he moves out, lingering goodbye before he vanishes from sight.

"Of course. Sorry I dropped in unannounced," Antigone offers in reply, straightening up and running a hand back through her hair again. "I hope you're feeling better soon. Must stink, being stuck in here during the summer." If it got you out of classes, that would be one thing, but during the summer… "I'll see you later." With that, she heads for the door herself, waving goodbye.

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