1994-09-02: Beauty Sleep


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Scene Title Beauty Sleep
Synopsis The trio discuss Death Eaters, Voldemort, Pranks, some seriousness and some silly bits
Date September 2, 1994
Watch For Black family traits
Chronology N/A
Logger Dogman of Azkaban

Hogsmeade - Shrieking Shack

It's been a long summer, and Lupin hasn't been able to get much sleep. Between tutoring in Defence to Cho and dealing with werewolves, it hasn't been easy to just sit back and relax. But he's devised a plan. At least for the day. He's fixed up a couch in the Shrieking Shack, made it all cushy and comfortable, and brought along a blanket. He's opted to take a nap. No one would ever think of coming near the Shrieking Shack, people are too scared of it. He should know…he's the reason.

Having kept scarce since the middle of July, Sirius is back in the Hogsmeade region. This time to stay put unless necessary to do otherwise. Buckbeak's been seen to for a bit, and the Animagus is bored with sitting still in the caves, so has ventured into the Shrieking Shack. There's a bit more color to his features and he's slowly losing that waxen appearance given to him by years of Azkaban. (He's still all too thin.) The time outside, wherever he's been spending it, has been good for the man. Despite the boredom of today, he wouldn't trade it for being locked up again.

Boredom for Sirius Black can mean trouble for others. Upon reaching the shack, he stays in his dog form and sneaks into the building. Catching whiff of Remus's scent, he stays quiet, sneakily approaching the sleeping werewolf.

MOST people wouldn't think to come near it. Tonks…isn't most people. Hell, she'll barge through the front door of danger if the situation called for it… Or she would in this case if Sirius hadn't been 1) spotted already and 2) was already on his way in. So, she just sort of ambles behind him, hands in her robes. She's curious to see what her cousin's going to do to the poor napping werewolf.

Lupin mumbles in his sleep, tossing slightly. "No…no…not today…" he mumbles quietly. Perhaps he's just telling a cosmetician that he'd prefer not to buy her wares at the current time, or perhaps it's something completely different. Who knows? But in this slumber, his heightened senses from years being a werewolf don't alert him to anything. Not that he pays them much mind anyway.

Tail wagging and a glint of mischief in those pale eyes, Padfoot sneaks into the room where Lupin is resting. Tonks's presence has not gone unnoticed. Keen nose here, comes quite in handy, along with the rest of the form. He sprints forward, pouncing on Remus, barking quite loudly at the sleepy man.

Sirius gets a wide eyed look-not because of what he did…but because she was going to do that too! Or mark on his face one of the two… Instead, she's left with just facepalming, her shoulders quaking with suppressed laughter.

Lupin wakes up with a startle, immediately reaching for his wand, thinking the worst. It takes him a while before he actually notices what is going on and who woke him. "Padfoot!" He doesn't sound angry. Mildly annoyed is more like it. "Seriously? Can I not have one day to just sleep and rest?" He mutters to himself, pushing himself up to sit on the couch. Does he really expect anything else from his friend? Perhaps not. He then notices Tonks. "Ah…well, hello. I'd ask if you were in on this, but I have a feeling that my dear friend and your cousin was working alone in this matter today." He says, though his eye glittering with a hint of humour, now, though he is still waking up.

Yup. No doubt about it, Sirius and Tonks /are/ related. No denying /that/. Tail wagging once more, the large black dog is replaced by Sirius as he transforms. "My dear Moony, if you wanted rest, get a flat like a normal person and rest there." Not that it would have stopped Sirius from invading there as well. "Quit playing all night long and you wouldn't be so tired," he says teasingly as he flashes a wink for Tonks over his shoulder.

"Hey, he beat me to it!" Tonks says in her defense. "I was going to draw on your face." She somehow manages to try to look completely innocent with that. Probably those wide brown eyes. She glances around and makes sure the door is closed and the windows don't suddenly have loose boards so that the adventurous may peek through and see one Sirius.

Lupin rolls his eyes. "If I'd had a few days of rest to my own accord, I may just have been able to find my own flat, Padfoot. But since I've been…playing all night long, as you put it, I've had no time." He says with the smallest of smile and a quirked brow. He turns to Tonks. "Draw on my face, you say? And leave it for the world to see and not me? Alas, I'm much prefer the Cotton Head Hex."

Laughing at his cousin, Sirius folds his arms across his chest. He hasn't looked this amused in ages, or as if he's clearly enjoying himself. Life on the run sort of suits him. "That's a good one, Remus," the fugitive states with good humor as he drags a worn out chair close to the sofa. "I haven't used that particular hex in.. well.. since Hogwarts."

Tonks waves her hand. "Eh, sometimes it's the simple things that are worth it." Once her inspection's done, she'll move over to drop on the floor, stretching her legs out. "I can always try to find you something, Remus," Tonks offers. "I can sit there and look at advertisements while tracking that git, Sirius Black. Horrid man, don't you know."

Lupin nods at Sirius. "Aye, it's a good one. I have half a mind to use it on some of these werewolves sometimes!" He shakes his head. "I'd forgotten how ignorant some of them are." He shrugs. With a smile to Tonks, he says, "No, it's alright. I'm sure I'll be able to find one soon. Thank you for the offer, however." He can't help but laugh though. "Oh, yes, Sirius Black. I hear he's quite the atrocious fellow. Have you heard much about him, Padfoot? I hear he's Voldemort's right hand man."

A broad grin is given in Tonks's direction, and Sirius seems to be taking no offense at all to how she's describing him. "Indeed, killing muggles, having no decency whatsoever. Now his face is everywhere on wanted posters. Tsk." When Remus jests about the werewolves, the humor slides from his features and he stares with concern at his friend. "Aye, right hand man and then some. Perhaps I should go undercover with the Death Eaters next." That would be a dig at Moony for his undercover activities.

A worried look is cast over to Remus, but Tonks doesn't actually mention it. It's easy enough to have the entire spiel tossed back on her for her own career path. "Problem is, can't tell which leads are bogus and which are genuine." Though, knowing Kingsley, he's got them following them /all/ JUST TO BE SURE. Exhausting, especially when goose chases are added onto other chases. Bah. "OH hey…The feast was last night." She figures they'd like to know.

If those worried glances are noticed by Lupin, he gives no indication seeing them. He's used to it by now. And he doesn't seem too worse for ware…well, maybe a little bit. He was taking a nap, after all. And he never takes naps. "Hmmm, undercover with Death Eaters, you say? That might just work in catching him. If there is anyway to do so, that would be the most sure fire way to do so." He smiles cheekily. "The feast was last night, eh? I suppose Karkaroff and the Durmstang students as well as the Beauxbatons crowd are here now." He says as an afterthought.

"That time of year again," Sirius says mildly, glancing with a faint wistful expression in the direction of Hogwarts. As soon as the expression comes, it's then gone and he's smiling once more. "I take it you were there, then?" Brows raising slightly, he looks to Remus and shrugs about the Death Eaters and being undercover. He knows something that stupid is sheer suicide. Which is why he's being a good fugitive. (more or less)

"Actually," Tonks turns to Remus, "they apparently got their knickers in a twist, or something. I'd stepped out of the hall by then. The tournament's going to be within Hogwarts itself." She then nods to Sirius, "I was with Mad-Eye, whow as with Harry and his friends and we had a bit of a troll problem." She frowns for a moment. "He actually /gave the head/ to one of the students."

Lupin almost chokes on the thought of a troll head being given to the student. "Hey…Padfoot, didn't you suggest putting a troll head in the girls dormitory once? Or was it in Slughorn's cauldron? Can't quite remember now." He says and shrugs.

"Really?" Sirius turns to look at his cousin with some surprise on his face in regards to this bit of information. He gives Remus a sidelong glance, "That's unexpected." About Durmstrang and Beauxbatons that is. The troll head? Not so much. That's just Mad-Eye for you. Regardless, he's still grinning about it. "It was the girl's dorms, but the damn stairs kept turning into a slide. Which of course ruined the fun, because levitation was the next idea in mind." As to the Auror escort, nothing but the best for his godson!

Save for the fact that the troll made them be late, and it caused a bit of a stir. Poor Harry! "Yeah, I think it had something to do with it being held at Hogwarts or something. I dunno." And she obviously wasn't paying attention. "Two of them passed out…it /was/ kind of funny. I took the head though and left it on Filch's desk." She rolls her head over to Sirius, her brows arching a bit, though she's smirking. "And Mum wonders why I got into trouble so much at school." Genetics!

Lupin shakes his head, just listening. "I'm sure it was just shock. It's not everyday you get to see a severed troll head, now is it?" He says, quite matter of fact. He chuckles at Tonks. "You would have done well with us when we were in school, you know, with tricks like that. Always had tricks scheming, we did. Had more than our shares of detention. Probably had a couple draws, at least, that had just to do with us."

"Hmmm… well…" About to speak further of the two schools dropping out of the tournament, Sirius bursts into laughter. "You make me proud, cousin. Moony and myself, we couldn't have done better back in school." He then swipes at Remus's shoulder, "That's my cousin you're encouraging!" Clearly, he's not that fussed about it. Wiping a non-existant tear from his eye, he clears his throat, "We can communicate with Dumbledore. Get the particulars."

There's a grin from Tonks. "I was half afraid I would get ambushed by the Weasley twins." She's heard stories about them from Charlie when they were in school. She waves her hand. "It was fun. I don't get to do much mischief anymore. Scrimgeour frowns on it most of the time." She pauses, "I think he frowns down on just about everything." BAck onto the subject, Tonks nods. Getting details from Dumbledore—sounds good.

Lupin chuckles lightly. "Oh, the Weasley Twins are mischievous all right. Almost as bad as we were, I'd say. But they're good kids. I enjoyed having them in my class. Though I think I was one of the only teachers to believe so." He chuckles. He nods, though, in agreement with the others. "Yes. If we had info from Dumbledore, that could be helpful. And I'm sure we could all contribute our own little tidbits to him as well."

"Scrimgeour's a sour old man. Even Mad-eye has a bigger sense of humor than him." Which may not be saying much! Yet, if Moody gave a student a troll's head, well, that counts as humor in Sirius's book. "Keep hanging around us and you'll have some fun, Tonks." As much fun as can be had with a pair of social misfits. "While I was away the past month, I've also been trying to recall the names of those two Death Eaters I overheard back in July. The woman, I know I've seen her before. Possibly at one of my dear mother's social functions. The name, keeps eluding me. The other one? The voice was familiar. If I see the pair again, I'll spy further." Because, oh yes, he did tell Tonks and Moony about that little conversation. Or at least what he heard of it. "The more information we can gather and share, the more of a leg up we can get on Voldemort's forces."

There's a frown at the mention of Sirius spying. She can't tell him no, there's no way to keep him put. Not unless they actually get a collar and leash for him. "Just be careful," she says. "Last I heard you're supposed to be in Tibet. And that's /not/ counting the Sirius that showed up at the All-Star." And then suddenly, Tonks is quiet. She digs in her coat, and pulls out something sweet, and begins opening it. Then she's chewing on it. "The wand I confiscated," Yes SHE Confiscated, those old bats didn't do a DAMN THING. "Was /yours/ Sirius."

Lupin thinks for a few moments. "You know, have you tried looking through a booklet of your mother's contacts?" He asks of Sirius. "Perhaps one of the name will click. Or if you are able to share the memory with someone like Dumbledore, he'll know who either or both of them were, won't he?" Just trying to cover all the basses here. His eyes avert to Tonks though. "The wand was Sirius' old wand? But…hadn't the Ministry confiscated it originally when they had arrested him?"

Sirius waves a hand dismissively. "I also let myself be seen on the south of France, that hasn't made it back yet either." Just /where/ did he go in the past month or so? He's not telling. "Maybe the fake Sirius will show up again, provide another distraction so I can continue to lay low here." He's not entirely flippant about the situation, it's hard to ignore the price on his head and the Dementors that want his soul. He slowly looks at Tonks, surprise creasing his features, "I see.. You know what that means? Someone from the inside had to have gotten their hands on it. I don't know if the Ministry kept it as evidence, or gave it back to Ollivander. We can ask Kingsley, since he's handling my case currently." A groan is heard and he glances to Moony, "I've already made one trip back home. I don't quite fancy another." If he has to, he has to, but it's something he'd rather avoid.

Tonks' lips pull thin and she nods simply to Lupin. "It should've been. And even if it was… who knows how many of You-Know-Who's followers've managed to get into the Ministry." She has one name that pops to the forefront. The corners of her mouth pull down. She nods to Sirius, who seems to have gotten the jist of it. "Kingsley'll be your best bet. If I go checking, they'll get suspicious." If they weren't already. It's also why she doesn't volunteer to go digging into Sirius' mom's contacts either. Ah well. "Oh, by the way. Dear Auntie Bella gives you her love." hah hah.

Lupin shakes his head. "Perhaps Dumbledore shall know, then? He's got the pensive in his office. You could show him the memory." He's stretching it by now, but it doesn't hurt to ask. "The werewolves I've been hanging around are pretty low level. But I do think they know who the impersonator at the Cup was. Or they alluded to knowing anyway."

The corners of Sirius's mouth twitch slightly. "You went to see that crazy old bat? Tonks, are you /mental/?" Still, something about that amuses him greatly. Possibly the fact that Bellatrix is rotting for honest to Merlin committed crimes. "I can do that, work with him on getting those two identified. They were plotting meeting with other Death Eaters, and made a few comments I don't quite take kindly to about my godson." Frowning some, he looks between Tonks and Lupin, thinking. "Nice to be back in business, eh Moony?," he asks with a fairly cheeky grin.

Tonks shrugs her shoulders. "It sounded like a good idea." She lifts her hands and counts, "One, it gave the impression I was still looking for Sirius…a small step to covering my arse, as it were." THANK YOU RITA I HATE YOU. "Two, If something actually slipped by in her ramblings about what's really going on…" She shrugs again. To her, it was worth it. Besides, Job description and all. "But all she did was ramble about /someone's/ return and all." About the Death eaters, Tonks looks to Sirius then over to Remus. Now she voices her concern, "Please be careful about that. It'll take a delicate hand to probably get that info."

Lupin shakes his head at Sirius, not broaching the subject of Bellatrix for himself. She's not his cousin or aunt, after all. He raises an eyebrow, though. "They were Death Eaters, Sirius. They were bound to say something disagreeable about Harry. He was a half-blood baby who defeated Voldemort. They won't take all too kindly to him you know." He sighs softly. "I just wish that it wasn't this business we were getting back into, Sirius." He gives Tonks a slightly amused look, however. "Tonks, you seem to forget who you're talking to. A werewolf and a 'deranged' convict who both worked undercover and fought in the first war. If anyone besides an auror should know how do handle something carefully and with a delicate hand, it's us."

"Figures. She always did get a knot in her knickers for him. Poor Rodolphus." There's a mean laugh given here by Sirius. "Wonder why those two ever married in the first place if all she was going to do was.." That train of thought is mercifully abandoned as Sirius glances to his cousin, "Tonks, look who you're talking to." Which probably should be an even bigger cause for concern. "We'll be careful. We know what we're doing… Still Remus. It was tempting to take them on for their slight." He shrugs his shoulders, almost dismissively, "What else is there to do? No other business I'd rather get myself into." Basically, it's all he really knows.

"I know exactly who I'm talking to, and I'd rather neither of them get hurt. I'm not saying 'No, don't do it' I'm just saying be careful." She pokes at a hole in the floor board that may or may not have been naturally made. "I just found probably the only person in our family Mum truly cared about. I'd rather him not vanish before she knows he's mostly still the person she remembers." So THERE. AS for Bellatrix? "He's pure-blood. It was probably arranged."

Lupin shakes his head at Sirius. "I'm just glad that you know when to show restraint without my being the voice of reason." He says jokingly. He nods to Tonks. "I know. But we're generally two of the safest people around, no matter what. Don't worry about us, Tonks. We'll be fine. Honestly."

"Hear that Moony? It's the sound of a pretty girl caring!" Sirius barks out a laugh, before sobering, "We'll be careful Tonks. Honestly. I don't want to wind up dead although I think I'd rather pop my clogs than go back to Azkaban again.." Neither is preferable really. "We're doing nothing more than laying low and getting information" As for Bellatrix and Rodolphus? Not going there, no need to. "What can I say Moony? You made an impact on me, in my more impressionable years."

A look's given to the two of them, though she does make a face at the 'pretty girl' part. "You should've seen it though, Sirius. I went in looking all normal," Her hair drops it's style, and goes to a normal color… Yeah, she's a Black alright. "Then when I left, I actually did this," spikey and Pink! "In front of her. She was rabid."

Lupin raises an eyebrow at Sirius. "Oh, quite. With good reason, too." He does add. "At least that much can be said. There was a reason, after all, that I was made Prefect." He smiles softly, listening otherwise.

Sirius throws back his head and just roars with laughter at Tonks. "Were you /trying/ to get her to kill you?" He gets up from his seat and playfully ruffles at Tonks's hair as if she were four again. "Perhaps it's good I got locked up, between you and Harry, you probably would have been the most spoiled children ever." Can you imagine? Both of them growing up with this man as their influence? "Moony? Stop bragging about the badge. It's been how long now?" Looks like he's back to a light mood, which can change at the slightest provocation.

There's an impish little giggle and she hunches her shoulders. "Sirius, I'm not a kid anymore," Tonks bats at his hand playfully. "I don't doubt it," she comments about the spoiling. As for the prefect badge, she just shrugs. "Overrated anyway."

Lupin laughs at Sirius. "Hey now. I'm just trying to make a point." And that point? "Well, I'm glad that you aren't as…reckless as you could have been." And that's the end of that. "Anyway, it turned to our favour, me being a prefect, now didn't it?"

Unfazed by Tonks, Sirius gives her hair another ruffle before settling back into his seat. "Oh I quite agree. Overrated. Definitely. Moony? You having the badge or not, it made no difference. We carried on the same regardless."

Tonks watches the two and she shakes her head a bit. "You guys are insane." It's said with the utmost affection, it truly is!

Lupin grins. "Hey, who is the one who got us out of trouble in Sixth year when we transfigured fifteen desks in the dungeons into bats and cast the out around the school, eh? It was me. I came told the teachers that we had all been in the in the empty classroom up on the fifth floor, practising for Defence! And of course, Remus Lupin the sixth year Gryffindor Prefect wouldn't lie about something as serious as that!" He grins. "But I've got a feeling that Dumbledore always suspected us." He smiles kindly at Tonks. "Well, look at us. A Black and a Werewolf. What do you expect?"

"Why thank you cousin, I take that as the height of compliments from you," Sirius says as he settles back comfortably on the chair. (Even if it feels weird to use proper furniture.) He grins widely at his best friend, "And I thank you for such a diversion my friend!" turning that grin to Tonks, he asks, "Well cousin, shall we go find a bite to eat and let Moony here get his beauty sleep?"

She gives him a look before standing. "Sure." If permitted, she'll pat Remus' shoulder before she makes her way to the door. "Don't sleep the day away," Tonks says before she steps out.

Lupin smiles at the two gently. "Have fun you two. We'll stay in touch. And Tonks? Now it's my turn to warn you…be careful. You are an Auror. You know it can be dangerous. But I fear that you may not be fully prepared for all that lies ahead." He's an expert in fields such as this and it makes even him shudder sometimes to think of the possibilities. "Watch yourself." He smiles at Sirius. "I'll be talking to you again soon. Perhaps we can figure out more for you to do than spy on Death Eaters in alleys."

"See you later Moony," Sirius says as he pushes himself up. "Like what? Chasing rabbit and gnomes from gardens in the village?" Moving to walk along with Tonks, at least until they get out of the shack, he can be heard saying, "Remind me to pay you back once I have steady access to my vault."

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