1995-02-05: Beautiful World


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Scene Title Beautiful World
Synopsis There is a party at the Three Broomsticks.
Location Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade
Date February 5, 1995
Watch For The toasts! The fangirls! The chips!
Logger Ginny

There are a few things in life worth celebrating right now, despite a few down turns and life changing events. Rather than choosing to dwell on the bad at this time, there's a decidedly party-like atmosphere going on in the Three Broomsticks. Rather, it would be /more/ party-like if a certain someone in the pub wasn't earning stares of fascination, horror, or sending people scurrying for the door in fright. After spending far too much of his life locked away, then on the run, and now is free, Sirius Black is going to /enjoy/ this evening. Thank you very much.

The former prisoner has parked himself at the largest of tables that the 'Sticks has to offer. He's already told Rosmerta point blank that so long as he's in the pub this evening, drinks are on him. Don't get the man wrong, he's torn about Remus and Holly, he just wants to take a moment to enjoy the pardon, and see his Godson.

Always up for a party, there's no way that Siobhan would be missing this particular shindig. Dressed in tight muggle jeans and a slinky, low-slung choarcoal sweater, she unclasps her magenta cloak and flops down in a chair next to Sirius with a bright grin. "Just heard the news, mate. I'm surprised you survived my mum!" She makes a show of looking him up and down. "Any new scars?"

Jack enters the pub and plasters a smile on his face. He is willing to celebrate with his friend, but his heart is not really in it. Not right now. He steps through the door, walks over to Sirius' table, and grins widely. "Heya, mate. Got that round you owe me?" He'll party as well.

Thalia arrives at the Three Broomsticks just in time for a party, it would seem. Her timing's always been good. It looks like she's just come back from band practice - there's a guitar in its case slung over her back. She smoothes the fabric of her wine red blouse, the silver skirt swishing gently over fishnet stockings. Her eyes widen a bit as she sees Sirius. Is that The Sirius Black? It would seem it was.

Sirius has already had a couple of mugs of meade, and with good reason! His laughter is more barking and good natured than it has been recently as Siobhan plops down next to him. "With a mum like mine, I can survive /yours/," he says jovially. "Edana Noble is a fine lady, the likes of which I shall not meet again!" Oh dear. He's a happy social tippy person. It's definitely better than his depressed, solo drunk self. "Sit yourself down and order up, you're getting your drink," he calls out to Jack, spreading his arms in invitation to sit. Aside, he says to Siobhan, "If I did have any, your brother and Phoenix would have my head for showing them to you."

Laughing freely, Siobhan elbows Sirius playfully and snorts. "Ten quid says my mum could shut your mum up within the first two hours." There's a wicked grin there. "Mum's pretty fierce when she sets her mind to it." Then there's a Jack in her line of sight and Sio leaps from her seat to fling her arms around her big brother. "Jack!" She's known he's alright, but there's nothing quite like seeing the evidence for yourself. After embracing him, she settles back into her chair, adjusting something under her sleeve, and rolls her eyes at Sirius' aside. "They're both overprotective. Honestly, what's the big deal about a few new scars? Not like you'd be wavin' your willy at me or nothin'."

Holly wasn't going to come, because she, must like Lupin, is occasionally nervous about her 'condition' and the opinion of the public. However, unlike Lupin, she hasn't had thirty years to shape her personality to the whims of the populace, and so - after a shot of Vodka just a little early - she's left the safety of her Hogsmeade home to come to the Three Broomsticks.

Someone on their way out holds the door open for her as she walks in, which surprises her. It won't occur to her for some time that the percentage of people who both know and care at all times that she's infected are far diminished by the number of people who really only care when they're specifically told. In short, the spotlight isn't always on her. She gives the gentleman a look before heading in, the cane used slightly less as the pain becomes more bearable. Now, where is everyone?

"Your mum already has mine beat. She's dead, but her wretched spirit lives on within canvas," Sirius says without a single drop of remorse over the late Walburga Black. About to take another drink of his mead, he snorts a good deal up his nose in surprise at Siobhan's words. Once the surprise wears off, he's laughing again. "They've got every right to be protective about you." Just like he's protective over Tonks, as if she were his little sister. When Holly enters the pub, he stands up and waves her over to the table that's slowly filling up, "Holly! Over here!" Every so often, he does look around the pub, just a bit out of paranoia, as if waiting to be attacked. A few faces around are noted, Thalia, other locals. Shell-shocked students.

After acquiring a fruity, multicoloured drink, as was her custom, Thalia perched on a stool near the enthusiastic group. Perhaps when the moment was right, she'd introduce herself, but for now she was content to sip her drink and watch. A small smile rested on her lips, as blue eyes went from person to person, recognizing only Sirius and Jack. On her wrist, one of the vine tattoos sprouts a bud.

Oh, Luna wasn't with anyone. Or in a group really. And trying to guess why the young Lovegood went anywhere might be akin to trying to predict the path of a butterfly. Regardless, Luna slips past the open door of the Three Broomsticks, dressed in a pair of trousers with legs that flare from the shin down, sneakers, a faded yellow shirt, and a lavender sweater atop that, with a knit lavender cap squarely upon her blonde head. Although the rambunciousness of the tavern mostly hid it, she was humming an airy little tune to herself, glancing about for people she recognized. The shell-shocked students were given a little wave because of that, and then, turning her attention away from them, Luna starts to wander between the tables.

A bit after Holly arrives, trips in Tonks. LIterally. After narrowly avoiding busting her nose on a table, and catching herself on some hapless bystander (HI GUY). She would be making a beeline for her cousin, and such, but something catches her eye. peering, one of the people in the crowd seem to be somewhat familiar. Well, at least recognizeable. The thing is, it's easy to recognize, but Tonks doesn't believe it until she reaches into her cloak and withdraws last month's Wizardly Music. Don't mind her, she's going to be flipping pages.

Thalia may not recognize her, but Siobhan is rather an…avid fan of the Weird Sisters. A very avid fan. "Jack," she hisses, tugging on his sleeve. "Jack, is that Thalia de Riviat?" She's quite excited, it would seem. When Sirius snorts his beverage, Sio obligingly pats him firmly between the shoulderblades until he settles, but then glares when it seems he agrees with those overprotective sods. "Oi! I'm perfectly capable of takin' care of m'self, you know!" Holly's arrival earns a nod and an affable enough grin. "Yeah Jack, we've met."

Sitting sounds wonderful. Still, she can't help feeling as if she's being watched, and the thought keeps her tense. How is she going to get back to her life if she stays cooped up inside all the time, though? That's not her style. She'd miss people too much, and the courtroom.

At least it's cold outside, so the long-sleeved robe and the matching black wraps around her arms are normal for the weather. Sliding into an empty seat, she nods at Siobhan. "Hogwarts once," she says, before resting her elbows on the table and crossing her arms, leaving the cane propped up against the table. When Siobhan makes her announcement, Holly looks over her shoulder, squinting. "…Huh," is uttered. "Couldn't be. What would she be doing here?"

Jack nods. "Yeah, Rosie. That's Tally." He shifts Sio's weight so that she's on one of his legs, and waves. "Hello, Tally. Come sit with us?" He smiles brightly, but not his usually glaring grin. The smile he gives to Holly is a little more bright, but laced with worry. "Y'alright, luv?" She may tire of his fussing, but it's his way of showing how he feels. Sirius gets a headshake and a snort. "Yeah. Your mum was a piece of work." He didn't know her personally, but everyone knew of her. "Mum's a bit mad, but she's more protective than …" There's a loud crash, and Jack peers around his sister. "What was that?"

"Y'know, so is Harry, and Tonks, but I still worry about them and protect them," Sirius points out to Siobhan when her feathers get a bit ruffled. Polishing off his mead, ready to signal for another round at the table, he's distracted by Siobhan. "Who?" Oh he's got a lot of catching up to do on what's in and what's out. He gets up from his seat, and gives Holly a light hug, mindful of her injuries, "Drinks are on me, order what you want." Standing up straight, he looks around, and spots his cousin. Who seems distracted. "Excuse me a moment," he says, as he disappears, changing into the large black dog and runs at Tonks, going for a bark and a pounce!

Thalia looks up as she hears the crash that is Tonks. She smiles briefly at the Auror, before she turns back to the boisterous table. Oh dear. It seems she's been Spotted. With a sheepish smile, she twiddles her fingers at Jack in a hello. "Hi, Jack. Having a party?" And then.. then there's a dog? Thalia blinks, her head turning to watch the canine, momentarily distracted.

Brown eyes widen as it seems, yes, picture to what's before her, it happens to be that very person. Not even Tonks can contain the fangirlish glee in her face. But it seems Thalia has fortune on her side, because she doesn'ts uddenly get an accident prone auror fangirling her in front of everyone due to the fact that Tonks /completely/ misses the enormously large canine coming at her. There's the bark, and that earns a 'whu'? before all there is is a 'whumfph!' and Tonks is buried underneath the canine. A droll "Hello Sirius…" can be heard from the ground.

"Yeah, I'm okay," Holly says to Jack. She's not tired of the fussing at all. Makes her feel more involved, in a way. "I'm not gonna stay long. Taking this in little doses," she goes on to say. It's not like she has any work to do, because with Sirius' pardon, her docket is pretty much empty. Leaning into Sirius' hug, she orders something with enough alcohol in it to keep her calm, but not so much as to make her drunk. Perfect.

Maybe it's because nothing really surprises her anymore, but she doesn't even turn and look when Sirius tackles Tonks. She's more concerned with methodically ripping a drink napkin into little pieces, just to give her hands something to do.

Tail wagging once, twice, he then gets up, greeting having been given, transforming back. He grins down at Tonks and extends a hand to help her up, "C'mon over and join the party already in progress." He makes sure his cousin is as steady on her feet as she'll ever be before heading back to the table and resuming his seat. Thalia is given a nod of his head, and he gestures for her join in if she wants. He has no clue who she is, but Jack seems to be familiar with her. Then again, who /isn't/ familiar with Jack?

"Oh look, the party's gone to the dogs," Siobhan quips dryly to her brother before flagging down Rosemerta and snagging a butterbeer. As she pops open the bottle and chugs the first half of its contents, the young snake eyes the interactions between Holly and her brother with a slightly narrowed gaze. In the sleeve of the arm she has braced against Jack's shoulder for support, something moves. This causes Sio to blush slightly and lean in closer to whisper something to Jack.

A tight smile crosses Jack's face at the whisper from his sister, and he nods tersely. "Soon." That's all he says, and then there's something wiggling in his sister's sleeve. "Rosie…" He frowns. "What…?" He doesn't finish the question but merely looks at her sleeve. Sio's crack about Sirius' animagus form gets a wider smile, and he takes a long swig of his whiskey before he bellows, "No dogs in here without their owners, Padfoot!" He turns to make a comment to Lupin, but gets as far as spotting Holly beside him, and the comment dies on his lips.

Thalia recovers herself, picking up her drink and moving to snag an empty seat at the Party Table. She smiles around at the others seated here, feeling suddenly self-conscious. Swiping a fingertip along her jawline, Tally takes a sip of her drink. Liquid courage indeed! "Hi," she says to the table in general. "I'm Tally."

Timothy steps in from the outside, looking around the room for a few moments, before making his way further into it. He's humming a bit on a song, although it might be a bit louder than intended.

Holly's too busy looking at the napkin at first to really notice anything, but her sight is improved enough that she notes the movement out of the corner of her eye. Even if she's using magic to temporarily disable her ability to smell, she can't exactly blind herself. It's Siobhan's narrowed eyes that she sees, and thinks for a moment that perhaps she'd better go.

No. She can't keep letting people ruin her fun. And this isn't the place for a scene. Besides, there's a star among them now! Even if Holly isn't really familiar with British bands, she can recognise the woman, so she holds out her hand. "Holly Maplewood," she says.

"I heard that," Sirius says good naturedly to Siobhan. Refills having arrived, he helps himself to another round of mead. Then, thinking better of continuing to drink without food, "Rosmerta? Can we get a large order of chips please?" Because that's oh so good for you, not that he cares. "Hello Tally," he says before downing a mouthful of mead. Does he really have to introduce himself? The nicety doesn't exactly come quickly, or is really thought of being done. Pardon him, he's working on relearning his manners. "Does anyone else want something other than chips?" He gives Holly a pointed glance, checking on the woman's state.

Holly's actually had a craving for raw meat lately. It's disturbing, and she'd rather not bring up that part of her problem in public. Chips! Britspeak for fries, she thinks, unless things have changed. "That's fine with me," she says to Sirius. There's a pause, and then she attempts a smile that doesn't actually make her look too terribly happy. God, what she wouldn't do for a hamburger right now. Very rare.

"Oh lord…chips!" And just like that, Sirius has inadvertantly discovered the route straight to Siobhan's heart. For life. With a sigh of purely anticipatory pleasure, she slides off her brother's leg and settles back in her seat between him and Sirius. When Holly meets her gaze, the younger woman nods once, slowly. She's reserving judgement, but Something is definitely Up. There are very few things that Siobhan Cannot Stand. Tonight she has discovered that Jack keeping something from her ranks right up at the top of the list. As if that shared look had with it some sort of twisted telepathy, Siobhan's stomach growls. Loudly. This goes mostly unnoticed however, because "OhmygodisthatThaliadeRiviatsittingatourtableJack? Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!" Oops, did she just say that out loud? Siobhan has, evidently, been spending far too much time around Muggles.

Timothy heads over in the direction of the counter, that is, until he notices the people present in the room. For anyone that's been keeping up with the news would know about a number of them, right? So as the melody goes from humming to singing, it ends up being something like, "Always seems to me, you only se what pepole waaaaaaa…." Stopping right there. If he noticed, he'd mentally ask Noel Gallagher for forgiveness about that, probably.

Jack notices that Holly is looking down at the table, and frowns darkly for a moment, before taking another long swig of his drink. "Get me a burger, Sirius. Haven't had a regular meal today, and if Rosie decides to squeal…" He pokes her in the ribs, and then she starts her stream of consciousness. "Breathe, Rosie." He chuckles a dry, quiet laugh, and takes another long drink. Looks like he's intending to drink quite a bit tonight. He hears Timothy and tilts his head. "Know him?" He asks his sister, since the kid is a student.

As if sensing or somehow knowing what's on Holly's mind, he leans over and whispers to her, "I don't think Rosmerta makes steak tartar, so I'll get you something afterwards if you don't want to upset people." He's been around Remus long enough to know things like this. He blinks and sits up straight, staring at Siobhan, and still missing the fuss. All is well however. Sometimes it's nice to be a little out of the loop. At Jack's request, he orders up a burger for Jack, then decides to order another one for Holly, this one cooked not anywhere near as done. At least with a burger she can hide the pinkness of the meat and not upset anyone's stomachs. Attention back on the group, "Pleased to meet you Tally," he adds as a bit of an afterthought. Pleasantries come easy with those that he knows, strangers take some work.

She would kiss Sirius right now if it were anywhere near appropriate. Instead, she just whispers a very heartfelt 'Thank you' back to him as an answer. It seems kind of gross, even to her, but it's what she wants. The hamburger will do for now, though. At least she's eating again, because after leaving the hospital, there was no one to make her do so anymore. Andromeda would kill her. No, she'd feed Holly, and then kill her. It'd be tragic!
Her attention is kept away from Jack and Siobhan, and returns instead to the already partially-shredded napkin. Eventually, her slightly alcoholic drink is set in front of her. It's not quite a butterbeer, and not quite mead. IT'S BUTTERMEAD. Or something similar, anyway! Someone ought to say something as to the reason for this gathering, too, so she raises her mug, thinks for a moment, and says, "To Minister Scrimgeour." He made this possible, after all.

Thalia blinks a few times at the spurting fangirl, then her grin widens. "Let me guess.. you're Siobhan, Jack's sister?" Putting her drink on the table, she extends a hand to the girl. "Pleasure to meet you." Holly is given a smile, a warm one with no pity in it. It would seem she has no knowledge of Holly's circumstances. "Miss Maplewood, how lovely to meet you. I'm a big fan of your work." Holly, too, is offered a hand. When the toast is offered, she raises her glass in agreement.

Timothy pauses after a few moments, before he continues over in the counter-direction, once in a while glancing over at those people again.

"I say, a toast to Miss Maplewood. None of this would have been possible without her," Sirius states, raising his glass in Holly's direction. "She got the ball rolling, and Scrimgeour finished the game." Or at least this portion, things don't always end this easily. He downs a bit of his drink at the toast, then looks around the room, keeping an eye out for 1 or 3 familiar students. His gaze settles on Timothy a moment, nodding to the student and saying, "We don't bite. Much." before his attention is back on those at the table. The rose tattoo on Thalia's wrist catches his attention and he turns a bit to look at that, "Nice work, that. Can't say I ever went for the flowery art myself.."

When Thalia shakes her hand, her eyes are drawn to the moving vine tattoos around the extended wrist, and there's a definite 'OMG SHINY' moment, where her fingers hold onto the singer's hand, and brown eyes watch the ink in motion.
There's actually nothing better than this complete stranger could have said than 'I'm a big fan of your work,' and so she's offered the first genuine smile in a very long time from Holly. Maybe she can make this work, after all! About then, she realises that she's still holding onto Thalia's hand, and releases it with a "Sorry."

When Sirius offers his toast, Holly just shakes her head. In the end, she just got herself hurt, and added serious emotional scarring to a werewolf who, up to this point, had prided himself on not hurting anyone. At least things worked out for some people, though. "Thank you, Sirius," she says.

Subtle hint received. He didn't read her mind, but Jack just figured she might be hungry as well. "Oh. Yes." He nods at Tally's comments. "Yes, this is my sister, Siobhan Noble, whom I affectionately call Rosie." There's just the slightest emphasis on the personal pronoun, as though he is the only one able to do so. "Rosie, this is Tally de Riviat." He grins. "Which, of course you knew." When they toast, Jack lifts up his glass and adds his, "Hear, hear!" The agreement is automatic and cursory for the toast to the minister, but the one to Holly is heartfelt, and he drains his glass. He stands, moving to get another.

Thalia grins at Holly's reaction to her tattoo, smiling at the other woman. When Holly apologizes, she gives a nod. "No need to apologize, Miss Maplewood." She takes her hand back, and lifts her drink again. "To Miss Maplewood's incredible strides." Hey, she's a songwriter, she has a way with words. Tally grins around at the table, clearly getting more comfortable.

"Thank /you/, Miss Maplewood," Sirius says, insisting that she's the one he should be grateful to. While the drinks are still flowing, Holly's meal is the first to arrive, then Jack's and the chips of course. Sirius reaches for a handful of chips for himself, chowing down before turning back to more mead. He's going to be feeling this later, although he cares little about that, since he's pleased to be in public, openly, for the first time in years. Jack's behavior towards Holly isn't /quite/ picked up on, he isn't as attuned to Jack as he is towards Remus.

Holly is still, for the most part, ignoring Jack. She doesn't want to earn that look from Siobhan again, and while she is - to an extent - enjoying herself, she doesn't want to ruin what she has by giving the Slytherin student any reason to call out her condition in public.

While her sense of smell is currently 'turned off' as it were, when the hamburger arrives, she can almost smell it. And she has to imagine that it smells awesome. The fact that it's almost raw is well-hidden by the lettuce and tomato, and so she can enjoy it. Unfortunately, it's not quite as good without the sense of smell, which is directly related to taste, but, hey. She'll take it.

Timothy orders himself something, glancing around for a few moments as he waits for his order to arrive.

While Holly is ignoring Jack, Jack is carefully watching Holly from time to time. He reseats himself with a new glass of whiskey as the burgers arrive, and turns to gaze at her. Her happiness at the burger is noted, and he bites into his own. "Thanks, Sirius," he says as he piles a few chips from the common plate onto his own plate to go with the burger. "Lotta kids out today." He notices the younger ones popping in to the pub.

"Miss de Riviat, order up something to eat if you're hungry. The tab here tonight is on me." Celebrating by spending the family money, it's a win situation. Later, Sirius plans on telling his mum /all/ about it. Delighting in making her shriek. Until it gets old, which should take all of five minutes. But at least now he's not confined to hiding, so all is good. Holly's given a look of concern, but he attributes it to her new condition, not anything between her and Jack. "Hmm, there are. I haven't seen Harry, Ron or Hermione yet." Where one goes, the others tend to follow, that much, he already knows about his godson and his friends. A frown puckers at his face as he withdraws an old pocketwatch to check the time, "Should have seen them by now." The concern is enough to break through the happy layer of drink that's flowed so far.

Thalia glances from Jack to Holly with a quirked eyebrow. Is there something Going On There? Just maybe. With a smile at Sirius, she nods. "Thank you, Mister Black." Raising her voice, she calls for another order of chips and a refill of her drink. "Must be a Hogsmeade weekend," she comments to Jack with a smile.

With her concentration on the hamburger, she doesn't note any concerned looks, which is just fine for Holly. She does set it down after awhile, though, when it's about half-finished, so she can reach for her drink. Anyone looking would see that it's practically raw inside. Lettuce and tomato can't cover everything!

She's feeling a little better now. Perhaps the combination of alcohol and good food is lifting her spirits a little bit, and she says, "I'm not sure what I'm going to do now, with the case over." She doesn't want to go back home - that's for sure. There's family there, even if she'll have to see them eventually. "How about you guys?"

Timothy gets what he ordered, and heads out again, back to whatever he's been doing this day.

"Back to the old grindstone for me. I've probably got jobs lined up from here to Katmandu." Jack takes another long pull on his drink. "I need to get a hold of Miss Sagace and let her know that she can come back…" He frowns, and then nods as his reply to Tally. "Of course. That's the only reason they're out here. If it wasn't…" He shrugs. "I'd have to go up there to see Rosie."

"It is, I'm glad of it being a Hogsmeade weekend." Although Sirius is getting a touch concerned at his godson's lack of presence. Perhaps he landed a sudden detention or such.. That would be a very James thing to do. Still. "Think nothing of it Miss de Riviat, I'm a very grateful man right now." He turns to Holly and says bracingly, "There's a lot of cleanup work to be done within the Ministry if you still wanted a bit of a crusade. Also, I know my home isn't very comfortable or welcoming, but my door is open to you if you decide you don't want to stay by yourself. Your assistant is welcome too. Now that I've been cleared, I'm going to work harder on improving that old place." Or he could give it up and take a small flat in the village. Which would be much more peaceful.

Thalia rubs the tip of her nose thoughtfully. "I wouldn't be surprised if your services weren't needed for quite a while, Miss Maplewood. There are lots of.. well, underdogs, if you'll excuse the pun." She grins impishly, biting into a chip as it arrives. "You can be the champion of the little people," Tally claims, with an extravagant wave of the hand holding the chip. Yes, perhaps the alcohol has gone to her head just a bit. "Call me Tally, Mister Black," she says with another grin.

"I should be fine here," Holly says. She'll have to jump into things again sometime, and living on her own seems like a fair way to start. "I'll have to come and… collect Mo from you eventually, though," she says, though she's not really sure how the cat's going to react to her now. She's hoping she can bring Mo back to Hogsmeade with her, but she wouldn't be surprised if that won't happen. Holly would also be devastated, but that's another story entirely.

There's a sigh, then, "Well, there's one area I definitely can work on," she says. She hasn't embraced the fact that she's a werewolf yet, and probably never will. But she'd like to be able to educate people about them. Put some of the myths to rest - such as the fact that werewolves are always dangerous. It means exposing herself for what she is, though…

Champion. She looks back at the table again, pressing her lips together. No. "Jack, I can't do this," she mutters.

Now she acknowledges him. Right. Jack inhales sharply and stands, setting his glass down on the table. He moves behind Holly, setting his hands on her shoulders. "You. Can." He glances across the room, and watches a young Ravenclaw point their direction. Other than those two words, Jack says no more to her; all the words have already been said. "You haven't seen the pup yet?" He thought that'd be the first thing Sirus'd do. Of course, he hadn't seen Rosie until today either.

Sirius laughs at Thalia's little pun. "I've heard worse. I'm actually disappointed in that one." Grinning to the witch, it's just a bit guarded, considering he's just met her. "Only if you call me Sirius." After eating a few more chips, he looks to Holly, "I'll bring her to you. I've been talking to her about.. things. She's a bit confused, which is understandable, but hopefully it'll be enough to get her prepared… and yes you can Holly." He heard that too. "Keep your chin up, you've got friends to help you through.. and no I've not yet seen him, Jack. Gave him a message to meet me here."

"It's a deal, Sirius." Thalia is grinning rather merrily when she hears Holly's mutter. She can't quite pick out the words, but she gets the general idea of distress. Oh, now this just won't do. Tally's eyes roam the room, looking for something suitably distracting. Then the lightbulb clicks on over her head, as she remembers the guitar strapped to her back. Shifting, she pulls the case off and sets it next to her stool, then extracts the guitar from it. "Miss Maplewood, do you happen to have a favourite song?" Mentally, her fingers are crossed. Please let this work!

Why does everyone seem to think that words are going to help her get through this? A simple 'yes you can' isn't going to make the world a brighter place, and friends just aren't enough when there's this driving fear that someone's going to see her and stone her one day, just for being out in public. She heard those words at the Ministry of magic regarding werewolves and their place in the world. If most of wizarding London had their way, she'd be living in a cave somewhere.

The panic attack starts to pass, though. They always do, and with its passing, she starts to breathe again. This is a celebration. There's no spotlight on her. No one here really cares, and all is once again okay. When her eyes finally rise from the table, they stare blankly for awhile at the guitar. Was that there before? It must have been. "Do you know any Colin Hay?" she asks. He's not a wizard - to Holly's knowledge - but maybe Thalia's heard a bit. Plus, he plays guitar, so…

"They'll be here," Jack consoles his friend. "Probably lost track of time. Rosie's done that a time or two." He grins cheekily at the girl sitting beside him munching on chips. "Atta girl." Jack's voice lowers to a whisper. "I don't think I've heard of him. If you do, Tally, do play some…" He smiles, and moves back to his seat and takes another long drink of the booze.

Sirius scoots back from the table, "Excuse me. I think I'll send a message off to the school anyway." He's got the mirror on him, it never leaves his pocket, point of fact. "I should be back in just a bit," he says before leaving the table. He does settle the tab thus far with Rosmerta. One can see the headline now, pardoned mass murderer skips on massive pub tab. He lays a hand on Holly's shoulder in a gentle pat before ducking out the door of the Broomsticks.

Thalia grins. Success? Possibly! "I do know a bit, yes." She plucks gently on the strings with callused fingertips, taking a moment to tune it. When she was satisfied with the sound, she took a breath and began to sing, keeping time with a tapping foot. "My my my, it's a beautiful world…"

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