1994-10-21: Bean's Luck


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Scene Title Bean's Luck
Synopsis Julian decides on a specific use for a sip of his Felix Felicis.
Location Snape's Office
Date Oct 21, 1994
Watch For Bean being led by Lady Luck
Logger Mr. Legume

Snape's Office

The lower form Potions class had a contest — one which several students ended up with a small sample of pure luck. Felix Felicis. Julian Legume has a very good idea of what he wants to do with his potion, but has no clue how to go about it. One evening, after classes, homework and everything was finished, Julian pulls the small vial out of his pocket, examines it closely, and takes a sip. It has a pleasant taste to him, and he begins to feel the pull of Fate or whatever directs him.
He steps out from the common room, narrowly missing a seventh-year headed in, and steps down the hallway with no particular destination in mind. However, when he gets to his Head of House's door, another student comes barreling past, knocking the small boy into the door with a soft 'Tap tap tap' that could easily be mistaken by the occupant as a knock. He inhales, worried about it for a moment, and then pauses, realizing he's where he needs to be.

The knock on the door is annoying. Snape has things that he needs to do, plans that need to be made and having to deal with students only detracts from that. Is it not good enough that he babysits their obvious disinterest in class? All the same, his displeasure does not show as he gestures towards the door and prompts it to slowly creak open. He stares at the First Year beyond, seeming for the moment like a ten foot high brick wall in the path of the good luck train.
"What do you want, Legume?"

But the train has caught a little momentum, and Julian is not cowed. Not by Professor Snape. He's seen and heard harsher things, and waits a moment, composing himself before looking up at the man. "Do you have a few minutes sir? There is something I have been meaning to discuss with you." Polite, quiet and respectful. That's the tone to take, he's certain. "If not, I can come back at a better time?" This last is added on, though he's not sure Snape will use the out.

Snape almost says no. He almost sneers at the student and he almost slams the door in his face. But for some reason, his mind moves off on a different track. If he doesn't deal with this now he's likely going to have a persistent child attempting to discuss something with him every chance he gets. No, this must be nipped in the bud.
"What is it?" he drawls evenly, arms folded as he levels a cool stare on Julian.

"Sir…" Julian pauses, appearing to compose his words as he does. However, for the first time in a long time, if ever, he is flying a borrowed broom. Making things up as he goes along. "Sir, I don't know how much you know about my background, but it has come to my attention that I cannot possibly return to the same situation come summertime." He speaks quietly, looking down at his shoes. "I thought you would be the person I needed to talk to about it."

"Hmm," Snape begins, slowly, "True. But if you are intending to stay here I do not see that as a possibility - the school is almost empty during the Summer and you would not be permitted free reign around the Castle."
A slightly more bothersome and involved issue than Snape was hoping for but he's stuck with it now, staring daggers across the room at the boy, "A boarding arrangement could be made."

Julian is ecstatic, but hides it well. "Yes sir. I'm sure that could be arranged. I just wasn't sure…" He frowns. "How would I go about that? Or is it something you would have to take care of?" He only presses lightly, keeping his attention on the floor, appearing to be worried about the situation. Surely, Bean is not the first child to need such help. "I have no…" He frowns. "I have no means to pay for such an arrangement, however." This is a real worry.

"Don't be foolish," Snape hisses at the boy with a frown, lip curling, "Hogwarts can cater for a boarding arrangement - students living in squalor is not one of the core values of the school."
He frowns, thinking about just how one might go about this, "I will speak with the Headmaster about making arrangements. They may not be finalized until the summer, however, so until then you will most likely spend your holidays here."

"Yes sir." Bean allows a small part of the happiness that bubbles within him to show on his face. "Thank you sir." He nods. "I appreciate it." He turns to go, seeming to be finished here. "Sir…" Something prompts him to add one more thing. "This is the closest place I've had to home since the aeroplane ride." He whispers this, internally shocked at himself for revealing such important information to even his Head. "Thank you." He repeats himself, then heads again to the door.

Snape simply stares back at the boy as the thanks are offered, unmoved by the look of him although he does incline his head forward very slowly. And then, as dismissive as he can be, he turns his attention back to the hefty tome upon his desk and begins to read through it. Situation handled, it would seem.

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