1995-02-26: Back To Normal


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Scene Title Back To Normal
Synopsis Trying to find the normal pace of life again.
Location Hogsmeade - Ivy Lane
Date Feb 26, 1995
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Logger Lassie

It's been over a week now since the incident in Hogsmeade. Harry's been released from the Hospital Wing for a couple of days now, and Sirius is back to… not /precisely/ back to normal business. Let's just say he's out and about, tending to some errands and making a nuisance of himself. Part of those errands has him in the village of Hogsmeade, annoying the residents, some of whom are peeping from behind curtains and hedges. The nerve of him, to stride boldly through the village! Hmph! Turning off High Street, he detours down Ivy Lane where a number of residences are kept.

There's one person who doesn't mind seeing Sirius, and that's Holly. She's been convinced of his innocence for awhile now, and, given all he's done for her, can't see why people would be wary of him. Earlier in the day, she gave Chase a mission, and she's still outside, working in her garden. Aconite isn't the only thing that goes into a Wolfsbane potion, after all. Along with that, she's planting a very small shrub. It'll get bigger eventually.

She happens to look up as the ex-convict nears her house, and waves from the warmth of her magical greenhouse. Stepping out of that little bubble, she reaches for a pile of clothing on the ground, and shrugs her robe onto her shoulders before the cold can get to her too badly. "Haven't seen you in awhile," she states. "How's everything?"

Sirius smiles at the American as he steps into her garden, minding any plants so as to not trod upon them. "Better. Yourself?" Pulling his gaze from Holly, he looks around the garden. The village is so charming and homey, a far cry from his gloomy house. He can't imagine anything cheery and colorful growing there. It's enough of a challenging idea to be sure. Turning that gloomy place into somewhere livable.

There are a few flowers in the garden - mostly red, since she's partial - and a lot of exotics. Things that most people normally wouldn't see… A young Devil's Snare carefully trimmed and housed in grating so it doesn't grow out of control, for example. A piranha plant whose 'saliva' can be used in many antidotes - but don't get bitten, or you'll be bed-ridden. Even so, it can be tamed, and Holly gives it s scritch under its leaves as she picks up a spade lying on the ground.

"Better, too," she says, after a moment of thought. "Still can't stop thinking about certain things, but, y'know." Neither would anyone else. "Heard about that attack on Hogsmeade. I slept right through it." It was the night after the full moon, after all. "Didn't hear about it 'til the day after, when I was in Diagon Alley."

"That's not surprising. Remus could sleep through the worst following the full moon. James and I tried all sorts of tricks to wake him. Just because." It was all in good fun, and not a common practice. Mainly because Remus got them back in spades. Aaah, good times. Sirius shrugs into his cloak, not really minding the cold. It was colder in Azkaban, and damper. "Unfortunately, a couple of lives did get lost. A student and a Hogsmeade resident. We thought Harry was.. well.. he's alive, kicking and in one piece."

"Well, it took me awhile to be able to." And she doesn't seem happy about it, either. At least it's only once a month, though. "Once I was out, though, that was it. Woke up with Mo on my chest, though, so she's warming up to me. That's good news, right?" Ah, the little things. Holly wraps her arms around her, admiring the garden, which is still in a slight disheveled state. "Adding some ingredients to it for Wolfsbane. I'm going to start a program here like I did back home. Hopefully the new Minister'll be open to it."

The reminder that there are much worse things than werewolves in the world is sobering, and she looks at the ground. "I heard about the deaths. I would never defend one of those people at trial, even if it meant the end of my career," she states with some venom to her words, passionately. Not that her condition endears her to the courts, but that's beside the point. "I'm really glad to hear that Harry's okay, though. You been visiting him every day?"

"That's very good news. Some animals have keener senses than others about creatures. Shortly after my escape, I started to befriend Hermione's cat. That's Harry's friend. It took some doing, but the cat finally warmed up to me. The whole, being a dog, but not really." Sirius nods his head approvingly at Holly's endeavor. "How are you at potions? Some have a greater knack than others, and Wolfsbane is very tricky to brew." Another nod, and he says, "There was a werewolf among them. A man named Fenrir Greyback. You won't need to worry about him popping 'round for some potion. He's the worst of the worst, enjoys killing, loves what he is for the terror and death." No need to tell Holly he's actually gone cannibal too. Ugh. "I wouldn't worry about defending any of the lot who was here in the village. They'll be killed rather than captured alive again." His tone had taken on a darker edge when talking about that, but lightens as he's happy to latch onto the subject of Harry, "I was with him everyday in the hospital wing. Kept him occupied when he wasn't resting."

"I'm hoping to find a way to make animals trust me again. This one guy… His dog went running as soon as I showed up."

In all honesty, some people just aren't good at certain subjects. She laughs out loud when Sirius asks if she's any good with potions. "I know a couple. One to keep the ground warm for the plants, and a couple others. But a wolfsbane potion? No. No way. I'd kill someone. Aconite's poisonous, so you have to make it perfectly. I'm looking into bringing someone here from home to help, but so far, I have to get it from people here. But." She gestures to the garden. "I was top of my class in herbology. I'll grow the best ingredients for it."

Despite the fact that Sirius isn't talking about all werewolves, she's distinctly uncomfortable at the thought, and so says nothing. The darker aspect of what she is is impossible to accept. And she's still very worried about hurting someone.

"You know, Harry's story was everywhere. I remember reading about him in school. S'kinda weird that he's so close now. I mean, a kid who defeated the killing curse. Amazing."

"That's something to adjust to, yes." Sirius states slowly, knowing the downsides to being a werewolf. "Excellent.. Snape, he's one of the few who can brew it successfully." No, Black doesn't like this at all. "We're still not sure how or why he survived it. Now twice. Dumbledore's got some ideas, but he's playing it close to the vest. His ideas are usually spot on. Can't say I blame him for being quiet about it all." Wouldn't do to let some details slip, right? "Maybe it's good his aunt and uncle raised him away from all the fame and attention. I know if I had of gotten to raise him, he would be twice as rotten as his father and myself." Then Lily would have to rise from the dead and make him sorry for it all.

"It's something," Holly says, not quite over all of this yet. She never will be. But at least she seems to be outwardly coping with it.

Holly met Snape! He was as cooperative as possible. "Not the nicest guy I've ever met," she says, and she knows there's no love lost between him and Sirius. Still, it was the professor's testimony that helped in Sirius' case even if, in the end, he was pardoned. The pardon wouldn't have come with ut proof though, surely.

"Maybe it's a genetic mutation," she says. "Can you imagine, someone born who can't be affected by the killing curse? I've heard of magic evolving, but that would be some advancement. If I were Dumbledore, I wouldn't tell, either." Everyone will pull the kid apart, trying to figure out why.

"Eh, you never know. Fame doesn't always go to peoples' heads. There's Thalia at the tattoo place. She's nice enough." Besides, with what Sirius has said about Harry, he just seems like a genuinely nice kid.

Sirius offers up a snort, filled with disdain in regards to Snape. "No clue what genetic mutation is," he admits, thinking it's probably something muggle related. He shrugs a bit, "Could be any number of things. Lily did sacrifice herself to save him, from what I've been told. It's something she would have done. Take a hit before she'd let her loved ones be harmed." So he can understand the mystery of October 31st, 1981. Last week? Not so much. "Possibly not, but his father and I were quite the arrogant berks at school. Can't say my influence on a growing boy would have been healthy." Still, he would have quite liked to have had the opportunity.

"It's— " Holly pauses, eyes Sirius. "Remind me to tell you about it sometime if you're interested." Genetics aren't just a 'muggle thing,' though genetics dealing with disease is. There's not much that's incurable with magic around.

"Harry and I have that in common. Kind of," Holly says. "My dad was killed when I was young, but I think I told you that. It's hard when you lose someone you really depend on. Poor guy."

It's hard to imagine Sirius actually raising a child, and Holly has to laugh at the thought. "Yes, you're still an arrogant berk." Whatever a berk is. "Now that the trial's over, I can tell you… I was sure you'd say something to mess me up at some point. Of course, I'm a genius, so we would have won anyway," she adds with a smirk.

Give the man magical theory and such, and Sirius can roll with it, and excel. Genetics? Science? It's all a foreign concept to him. Stuffing his hands into the pockets of his cloak, he shrugs a bit, "He lost everyone, and it's sad that he didn't get to know his parents, who were the nicest people.. or his grandparents. The Potters.." He smiles, and it's a tight one, "They were exceptionally kind and took me in. They would have doted on Harry something fierce."

Breaking from the memories a moment, Sirius snorts out a laugh, "Of course. I was ten times worst with my best mate at fifteen." A terror they were. "I'm glad I didn't get the chance to cock it all up. I always did have a problem holding myself in check and not speaking out of turn."

It's nice to have Muggles in the close family. Holly's not sure she'll ever really see them again… she's still adamant against telling anyone what happened to her. Scared, even. If she's not accepted, then…

No more thinking about that now, though. "That's why you hire lawyers for trial. We're trained not to speak our mind all the time. Tell the people holding the trial what they need to hear. Appear competent, don't lose your temper. Somewhere along the line, people started to think that losing your temper meant you had something to hide. Not always the case, but in a courtroom, well…" Shrugging, she lets that trail off. "I know it's late, but I'm sorry about what happened. What Pettigrew caused. Know that's not worth much, but, all the same, I think it sucks."

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