1994-10-19: Couldn't Possibly Be Worse


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Scene Title Couldn't Possibly Be Worse
Synopsis Tiana, just wrapping up with a client, gets an unexpected visitor. And then another. This couldn't possibly get any worse.
Location Tiana's Flat
Date Oct 19, 1994
Watch For Tonks having a heart-attack, Tia panicking and Snape…well, being Snape.
Logger Tiana-rama

Tonks just doesn't rest, does she? Between work, smuggling things to Sirius, Dealing with her Mum, arranging things with and for Holly, she's likely running herself ragged. And now she's added this little 'side hobby' to her list of things to do. She hadn't shaken the odd woman from her memory, and figured since she has a break in things, she'll come and see if Little Miss Perfect is ready to actually admit any wizardry. Not really caring /what/ time it is, she'd already Apparated into a Safe Locale, and is now in front of Tiana's door. There's a thumping sort of knock as Tonks uses the side of her hand to do so. It allows it to be firm, but still be sort of muffled so the neighbors don't get /too/ rattled.

If a little knock would rattle the neighbors, one must shudder to think how they react when Tiana's entertaining…clients. Like now, for instance. Luckily, as the eerily pretty woman opens the apartment door, it seems this session is finished. If she is surprised to see Tonks standing there on her doorstep, she doesn't show it. "Tonks. What a pleasant surprise. If you will just make yourself at home, I will be with you momentarily." That said, a rather short, thin man steps out from behind her, eyeing Tonks with a boredom sated only by the technological. Oh yes, this one is the epitome of geek. Ushering her new guest inside, Tiana steps out into the hall with the man and closes the door behind her. Moments later, she returns, sliding something thin into the bust of her…rather revealing silk nightgown. Odd attire to be doing business in. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Fortunately for the man, Tonks seems to be in 'I'm upset' mode. Her dark hair is pulled into a short ponytail into the base of her skull. Fear, Tiana, this is what Tonks really looks like. Of course, for all the woman knows, she just changes her hair rapidy. Somehow making it grow several inches in as many weeks, but who's paying attention. "No problem, take your time." Tonks'll just… be nosy. Well, the woman /did/ say make herself at home. So, she'll be at home and look wherever the food is, and make mental note of all the things she likes. In fact, she's probably got her head in a cabinent or something when Tiana returns. fortunately, nothing's had hands in it yet. "Well, I was just wanting to pop in and check up on you. See how things were settling and all." It's not an untruth.

Turning towards the little kitchenette, Tiana's pale blue eyes widen slightly at the sight of her visitor so openly…snooping. At least it's only the food cabinets, though she won't find much in there. "Are you hungry?" she inquires, taking it all in stride. "I am afraid I do not have much to offer; I mostly eat out." There's an expression on her face that embodies what a sheepish smile should look like, and as such, doesn't /really/ look sheepish at all. "There is, however, some curry in the icebox. You are more than welcome to it." Having known true hunger firsthand, Tiana is always loathe to turn anyone away from a meal. Leaning against the counter, she folds her arms over her chest - a motion which only exaggerates the unseemly amount of cleavage on display. "I am well, thank you. It was kind of you to think of me."

For someone who has the wizarding equivilent of nobility running through her veins, she's certainly lacking in manners and tact, isn't she? "I was just seeing if there was something to munch on. Y'could use some more munchies," she states. But she does turn down the offer of curry. "Had it for lunch." She does step around out of the kitechennet, looking rather chastised for being caught. She gives her a wane smile here. "Well, like I said before, I don't think you're bad and all." She scratches the back of her head, "Though I was sort of hoping you'd be willing to be a bit more…frank…with me about the topic I'd brought up before hand."

However Snape arrived at the building remains a mystery as the black-clad figure sweeps into the tenth floor's hallway with a flourish of his cloak. It billows out behind him, bat-like presence filling up the hall so that any of the hapless Muggles who might happen to peer out at the commotion will have a rather blood-chilling surprise. Arriving at the door, he quirks a brow when he finds it open and another familiar face within.
He lurks there for the time being; shoulders squared and head canted back slightly so that he may stare down his nose at the scene before him. Indeed, the tall, thin wizard fills the doorway with imposing black and waits to be seen.

Careful to let no hint of her worry show through the easy smile Tiana projects, she cants her head to one side and precisely changes her expression to one of confusion. "And just which topic would that be, Tonks?" As if she's forgotten all about the witch's line of unfortunate questioning. Instincts cut by years of fighting Dark Wizards - well, okay, Dark/er/ Wizards - and honed by the wolf's added presence alert her to another visitor. Slowly, she turns to face her new guest, half-hoping she'll be wrong and it will be the milkman. Nope. No such luck. Pale blue eyes travel up to his face while a carefully constructed 'welcoming smile' graces her too-perfect features. "Severus, what a surprise. Would you care for a drink?"

Hey, look, Tonks isn't pink today! You can't deduct points! Er, right. That was at least three years ago. Tonks has most of her attention on Tiana, though she obviously doesn't look all that happy the older woman's playing ignorant. In fact, she was in the process of trying to decide on whether or not she can pull her wand and cast a Finite on the woman to prove her point. The only thing that's kept her from doing so is the fact Tiana's an unknown as far as combat capabilities are concerned. However, Tiana's attention shift is noticed by Tonks, and those brown brows are suddenly arching on her forehead. "Pr—" For all intents and purposes it just looks like she sputtered, but she managed to cut off the title of 'Professor' before the word could even be made out. However… that doesn't stop the young witch from one, taking several steps away from Tiana and two, giving both of them a really weird look. Sort of like…the kind you'd give when you realize your parents really do …do stuff. Like that.

"No," Snape answers flatly, moving right past Tonks as though she might as well be a hat stand with interesting hair, "I came to make the delivery I promised."
If something has occurred between the Potions Master and Tiana he hides it well, stepping towards the sideboard and producing something from his robes. Calm down, Tonks, it is just a small square box wrapped in brown paper - as though whoever wrapped it went out of their way to make it look like a parcel and not a gift.
When it has been placed, he turns about and strides towards the door as though he is about to leave, only then speaking to the Auror without looking at her, "Nymphadora."

The /very/ odd expression on Tonks' face, coupled with the steps away, cause little alarm bells to go off inside Tiana's brain. "Thank you, Severus. That is most kind of you." In truth, she had not expected him so soon. If she still harbors hurt or anger from the night before, she does not show it. Rather, she deftly inserts herself between professor and door on the pretense of grabbing a bottle of brandy from the top of her refridgerator, closing it with her foot. Setting the bottle down on the counter, she takes out three glasses. Over her shoulder, she glances between the two; her expression is innocently impassive, but to the very astute observer, there is a wicked gleam in her eyes. "So, you two know each other?" It's the only logical assumption she can come to, since Tonks reacted so poorly and Severus addressed her by her given name. "How serendipitous."

Tonks' face squishes up slightly when Snape addresses her by her given name. "Tonks," she reflexively corrects. She probably had gotten detention a couple of times for doing that in the classroom. /Why/ doesn't anyone understand she positively loathes her given name? Sigh. And poor Tiana, completely misreading why Tonks was giving that funny look. Ah well.
There is a pause when the question's asked. There's no way to hide it, especially with Snape's familiar address. "He taught one of my classes in school," she offers. It's vague enough that it doesn't violate anything.

Snape pauses when the door closes in his face, lip twitching slightly as it threatens to curl away into a sneer but is ultimately reined in. He turns slowly as Tonks answers the question, arching an eyebrow - not putting up any form of protest or argument to the revelation. His arms cross his chest sternly but he makes no second attempt to leave.

Perfectly sculpted surprise - that somehow manages to look…unnatural and slightly creepy - shapes Tiana's lovely face. "Surely you cannot be that young!" she demands of Tonks, that in itself a sort of back-handed compliment to the looming bat in the corner. Handing first one glass to Tonks and then one to Snape, she takes her own and gestures for them to follow her. She takes her customary seat curled up on the biggest armchair. The other one is filled with books, which leaves the couch for her two guests. "Please, sit down." She turns to Severus then. "You did not tell me you were a professor as well. What subject is it that you teach?" Perfectly polite, acceptable conversation. Completely ignoring how incredibly /awkward/ this is. Yep, that sounds about right.

Yes, that is kind of creepy, stop doing that or drop the charms. Tonks takes the glass, considering manners and all that. Really. AT the comment about the age thing she just goes "A heh…" and makes this odd little face. Please not to be reminding of her age. Most girls get annoyed when it's pointed out how old they are… but in the crowd she's in Tonks kind of wishes she had at least five more years on her. She just sort of follows Tiana, this weird little shuffle. Ther'es not a drink until she sees Tiana (or Snape, hell) take one.

Snape takes the drink, although perhaps only out of politeness. Yes, Snape acting
polite - the wonders will never cease. As though to make up for that socially acceptable act, however, he refuses to sit and instead lurks near the wall as the conversation goes on. For a moment he stares at Tonks, as though expecting her to answer the question on his behalf. When she does not, he speaks out himself:
"Potions," comes his reply, although something about the way he says the word seems to hint that he is not entirely pleased by that.

Tonks' odd little…sentence fragment is noted, but not commented upon. It wouldn't be polite. For the barest hint of a moment, she seems confused by Snape's short answer, but soon lights on a connotation to her world. "Ah! So you are a chemist. How exciting!" Turning to Tonks, she affects a /very/ good imitation of a conspiritorial smile. "Was the class very, /very/ difficult?" Almost as if she shares an in-joke with the young witch. After all, even a /Muggle/ would notice Severus' … /pleasant/ disposition…

Tonks is looking less and less amused with Tiana's display of feigned ignorance, but it really isn't in the girl's nature to get mean unless she's actually offended. Or in danger. Neither triggers have been tripped. However, the annoyance is probably visible. Not in any gestures, but definitely in her expression. "Most difficult class in the school," she states plainly. And it's the truth. Hell, she thought just passing her OWL enough to get into his NEWT class was difficult—what he threw at his NEWTS was insane.

"Chemistry," Snape says, the word weighted with all the loathing and disgust that one might reserve for something truly horrible. But he picks up on what is happening between the three of them rather swiftly, lifting and eyebrow and staring off into the distance as though he cannot believe the sort of silly games he gets dragged into.

"I can well imagine," Tiana offers in a rather amazing display of pseudo-sympathy for Tonks. Taking the smallest of sips from her glass, she turns to face Severus as he speaks, and for the barest fraction of a moment, she allows for him a withering glare to rival one of his own. Blink, however, and you'll miss it. By the time she turns back to Tonks, her face is once more a mask of pleasantry. "Do you not like brandy, Tonks?"

"Just indulging in a habit." That is, wait to see the other person drink. Then, assuming that should the drink be poisoned, take a sip, and wait for an aftertaste. Finding none, the poor girl downs the entire thing in about two gulps before setting it aside. Oi, she needed that. Snape is shot an apologetic look, as she was /hoping/ that his arrival would mean Tiana would stop with the whole charade. Of course, she can still give into that Black temper and take after Sirius' impulsiveness and just start whipping cancellation spells at her. But she has a feeling that might not be received so well.

If Snape wants the ruse put to an end, he does not reveal it. He is, in fact, infuriatingly quiet and has opted not to touch his brandy. Perhaps he simply isn't a big drinker? His arms folded, he settles it down to one side and simply stares - listening in, perhaps, but not actually looking at the pair.

"A good habit to have," Tiana commends, noticing the habit as one of the first things an Auror-In-Training is taught. But before she can even be expected to elaborate, she is on her feet, setting her glass on the table and offering to take Tonks' empty one. "As lovely as it was to see you again, I'm afraid I have had a long day." Her own glass and her guest's are deposited into the sink, though Tiana barely touched hers. She walks back to the sitting area, passing Snape on her way. "Do you have a phone number where I can reach you, Tonks? We really should do dinner sometime again soon."

At least she doesn't insist drinking out of her own flask-yet. Tonks takes the hint and steps away. Tiana's back's given a rather scrutinizing look. Her hand actually does reach back, resting on her wand while Tiana's back is turned. But after a moment, her hand just falls to her side and she shakes her head slightly. There's a grumble about not needing anymore stress right now. The comment about the phone number, though? Yeah. "If you really want to get ahold of me, you know how. It was cute before, but my temper's a little thin these days."

Snape turns his gaze to Tonks slowly, black eyes staring at her - as though trying to make a point without words or overt gestures. His eyes are drawn away as Tiana passes him, an eyebrow arching and something he seems to have noticed.

Eyes wide in surprise at the apparent rudeness of her guest, Tiana unhooks her myriad of latches and holds the door open for the tired Auror. "Why Tonks, I am afraid I have no other means of contacting you…" Oh Tonks, if only you knew how true those words really are. "If you are uncomfortable with the idea, however, I understand." Her parting smile is pretty and designed to be friendly and open. "You know where to find me, should you change your mind."

Rude? Tonks would consider Tiana's behavior rude. She does catch the look from Snape, and her lips pull thin. "My apologies, but there's no other way to contact /me/." Other than what you already bloody know, you crafty woman. "Thank you for the drink," she says, that being genuine. "I'll see myself out, thank you."

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