Auberon Valerian
Portrayed By Aidan Gillen
House Slytherin
Year Graduated
Position Unspeakable
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 46
Place of Birth England
Date of Birth 10/31/1953
Mother Anne Valerian
Father Cygnus Valerian
Siblings Thibault (deceased)
Marital Status Partnered
Children So Many
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

It's not that Auberon has a long list of accolades. In fact, he has little to show for his work over the years, except for one thing. For those that move in the right circles, in backroom deals and spymasters' quarters, there is a name that is whispered. One man who gets all of the information others wish he wouldn't. A simple, pretty moniker that inspires a certain amount of fear, respect, and irritation all at once: The Mockingbird.


Sticks. His. Snoot. Into. Everything.


The various children in the Mockingbird's nest:

1966 - Titania de Morhban
1968 - Tallulah de Morhban
1970 - Lyra de Morhban
1973 - Michelle de Morhban
1975 - Aurore de Morhban
1977 - Perenelle de Morhban
1980 - Celeste de Morhban
1981 - Astrid de Morhban
1983 - Blanche de Morhban
1984 - Colette de Morhban
1984 - Charlotte de Morhban
1986 - Imogen de Morhban
1987 - Dominique Fawley
1988 - Aviva de Morhban
1990 - Tobias + Eoin Fawley
1994 - Irene de Morhban
1997 - Cassandra de Morhban
1999 - Regina Fawley

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