Attila The Stepmum


gideon_icon.gif Rachel Zehavi (NPC)

Scene Title Attila the Stepmum
Synopsis Rachel briefs her stepson, then sends him off to look out for his sister.
Location Ministry of Magic, Israeli Ambassador's Office
Date Mar 21, 1996
Watch For Dry wit.
Logger Maura (NPC'd Rachel)

The old rotary phone on her desk rings - piercing the silence of an interminable wait. Or what seems like one to the rather impatient Ambassador whose fingernails are tapping against the desk as she picks up. "Yes, yes, let him in. I told you to send him through didn't I?" She's probably never even seen the man that's about to walk into her office. But, she still has his personnel file in front of her. As well as one other file that hasn't moved since it was first placed there. And when the door opens, she doesn't bother with the small talk or the happy stepmother routine. Rather, she gestures towards the seat in front of her desk. "Thank you for coming so quickly, Gideon. Please sit."

He comes through the door and looks almost like the specter of Levi, come back from 30 years ago. Granted, some of his features favor his mother more than his father, but there is something about him, that if you knew Levi Zehavi, you'd never mistake Gideon for anyone other than his son. "I was relieved to get your call that Maura's been found and in a more secure location."

It really is startling, the resemblance. Enough so that for a moment Rachel nearly stares at him. It may even put her at ease somewhat, that he looks so much like her husband. But then she's reminded of that actress mother Gideon has and her eye twitches. Ahem. "Yes, well. Don't be too relieved just yet." That she shows any weakness at all by rubbing the back of her neck for a moment is a testament to just how stressful the situation is for her right now. And, she pushes the second manilla folder towards him. "The school was no help at all under the old Headmaster in searching for her. Or indeed finding her. It was a civilian security team and, quite frankly, luck that a well connected professor there wound up in the same dungeon. I use the term 'luck' very loosely, considering."

Gideon leans forward and takes the 2nd folder and opens and starst to scan it's contents. Again it's something that's probably seen Levi do a million times. Multi-task between reading a dossier and talking with her at the same time. "From what they say back home Albus Dumbledore thought you could hug the evil out of a death eater. I'm surprised he survived as long as he did." Gideon notes absently, "So I'll be going to the school to make certain the security is up to keeping Maura safe. Do we know much about who took her?"

"And if he thought you were less then lily-pure in your intentions, he would conveniently forget about you. We're strangers - our magic foreign, no matter that Maura was raised here." The way her eyes narrow suggests Rachel would like to have shoved Dumbledore through the veil herself right now. But, she does snort at Gideon's observations. The file he's flippinng through has Maura's statements from the questioning when they first brought her back, and medical reports on the extent of her injuries. Even the brief note about the smulet she wears around her neck. But the accompanying pictures from when she was brought in? Not pretty. "And you'll be helping them find who did this. He goes by the name of Shadow, and that's all they know of him - or so they claim. She did say, perhaps in delirium, that it was some woman who used the whip on her that gave her the scars on her back though. Obviously, they both need to die."

Gideon thumbs through the pages slowly, his face unmoving, but his eyes tell a different story. The thought of his sister going through all of this in the dark, alone and afraid. Knowning that he did not find her sooner. "Is the ministry committed to their sanctioning? Or am I going to be calling you about when they die resisting arrest." Gideon asks, but he waves his head as if to say that's retorical, "I do have one important question about Maura. It's about her memory curse and what was done to her. Does…." he pauses and changes his tone slightly, "did she know she had a brother?"

"As far as I know, the Ministry has done fuck-all about this. And is as corrupt as you'd expect any group of red-taped bureaucracy to be. It's certainly no better then our own system, and you've worked in it long enough to know what I mean. Nobody wants to admit that one of their own is a sick, sociopathic freak. Even their 'Lord Voldemort' isn't quite so vile and twisted, though his methods and some of his beliefs are deplorable." Said as dispassionately as she's able, of course. After which, Rachel takes a deep breath, and offers a bitter smile Gideon's way. "That's exactly right. When they die resisting arrest." Why, just the thought of it makes her lips curl up further. His question, however, forces a sigh out of her. "I'm not going to make it sound any less petty then it is. So, no. She never knew she had a brother; a decision that was mine alone and not your father's. It works to our advantage now, however, since it will not have a negative impact on her recovering her memories."

Gideon shakes his head, "I'm not asking to put you on the spot. I just want to be certain I am clear on this memory curse. If would be helpful if I can be as transparent as possible with her. Since she's never meet me, finding out that I am her brother is not going to harm through any of her tampered memories? At least as far as we can tell it will not?"

"It should not." Rachel agrees, frowning at the folder that Gideon is still holding. "I've consulted with others back home, and they seem to agree that not having the sibling bond is what will prevent further damage. She did, afterall, attend Hogwarts. The teachers there know her, but it hasn't caused any harm since they were just teachers. You cannot, however, allow her to know your last name. Since you share that - hearing the name could cause problems. Meeting you and learning you are her brother? Not so much." At which point, she pulls a second envelope from the drawer of her desk and holds it out for him. "It's muggle technology, but useful in these situations. Your genetic profile, and hers, showing common paternity. So that you have proof. Your father can get you any funding you need if there are supplies or bribes that need to be procured."

Closing the file, Gideon passes it back to Rachel before he moves to take the other envelope. He opens it to look inside and says, "Muggle Technology makes alot of useful stuff." Gideon says, as he closes it again. "I travel light. If I need anything I'll contact Da…." he catches himself, "I will contact Levi." There's a moment of silence before Gideon says, "Thank you for calling me."

Fortunately for both of them, perhaps, Rachel's expression doesn't change. "You're welcome." she says simply, pushing her chair back so that she can stand. "One more thing, Gideon. You're there to see that she stays safe, and to help them find who did this. But, she was always a very… sweet girl. I'm concerned about how something like this has affected her. So you make sure she gets what she needs, as I cannot." Feeling that she doesn't need to say more, a weary sort of nod is offered. "We'll be in touch soon."

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