Arthur Weasley
Arthur Weasley
Portrayed By Mark Williams
House Gryffindor
Year 1968
Position Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, Ministry Employee
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 45
Place of Birth Chudleigh, Devon
Date of Birth 6 February, 1950
First Appearance Chamber of Secrets
Last Appearance

Character History

Arthur was born the middle of three brothers to Septimus and Cedrella Weasley. His mother had been a member of the infamous Black family, but was disowned when she chose Septimus, who, although a pureblood, was seen as unworthy of such a match because of the poverty and blood treachery that Cedrella’s parents felt “plagued” the Weasleys.

Arthur was bright and brave right from the start. Even as a small child, he would strike up conversations with anyone who happened by, not one to play shy as a toddler. He showed little hesitation when it came to danger and did have a bit of a knack for getting himself into trouble. As the middle child, he was sometimes overlooked, but this taught him to be an independent thinking and chart his own course.

His magic manifested early and often enough that there was no doubt he would be bound for Hogwarts. His boyhood obsession was with Quidditch, which he followed fervently. When he was 11, he received his letter and went through the usual rite of passage, buying his supplies in Diagon Alley before boarding the Hogwarts Express and crossing the lake in a tiny boat to the castle.

The Sorting Hat didn’t need long to decide where to put him. The Weasleys almost always ended up in Gryffindor without fail, and Arthur was certainly bold and brave enough to be a good fit there. He made a lot of friends right off the bat, and fell naturally into the Gryffindor rivalry with Slytherin house. It was at Hogwarts as well, that he was first exposed to Muggle culture, after making friends with some of the Muggle-born students. Over time, especially after an unsuccessful attempt at trying out for the Quidditch team, his fascination with this Muggle world continued to grow, until gradually, it began to replace Quidditch as his main obsession; though the sport would always hold a place in his heart, and he would continue to follow the pro league even in adulthood.

In his fourth year, he was making his way up to the Gryffindor common room, lost in thought, musing about a Transfigurations essay he had to write before the next day. Thus distracted, he barely noticed he was following a slightly younger housemate on the journey up. When she tripped in her haste, it was either instinct or fate that had him quickly reaching out to catch her before she could fall down the steps. From that moment on, he and Molly Prewitt were good friends… at least until his seventh year, when he took things to the next level by asking her out on a date for a Hogsmeade weekend.

To say that they hit it off would have been an understatement. They spent the rest of the year getting closer (sometimes at great cost: Arthur still bears the scars from that time he was caught out of bed after curfew, having sneaked out to take a night-time stroll with Molly). After he finished Hogwarts, the year away from her, especially during such dangerous times, was extremely heard to bear. As soon as she graduated, he proposed; they eloped a week later.

The dark times were getting darker, but that didn't stop the young couple from starting their family. Arthur supported Molly’s decision to stay home, understanding how important it was to her to be there for her children. It made the finances tight, but he had faith that they would manage to get by. He’d fallen easily into a position in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, and while there was some thought of trying to find something that paid a little better, Arthur loved his job too much to give it up readily. During this time, Arthur found himself offering his support to the original Order of the Phoenix, being an inside man in the Ministry. With a young family to think of, he felt it only right to stay off the front lines, but that didn't keep him from showing full support to Dumbledore and the Order.

Their family continued to grow, as Charlie followed Bill, and then Percy, the twins, Ron, and finally little Ginny. To this day, Arthur is sometimes still amazed that he could be so lucky to have all of them. When You-Know-Who finally fell not long after Ginny joined them, Arthur returned to the more routine life as Ministry employee and caring father. His obsession with Muggles had only increased, especially after it had come so close to You-Know-Who subjugating them all. Perhaps to compensate for the sudden decline in excitement and the fact that the children were starting off to school one-by-one, he managed to procure a Muggle car, a Ford Anglia, and began tinkering with it. At first, it was only to understand how it worked, but over the years, he started to get the idea for some improvements.

It wasn’t long after he figured out how to make the vehicle fly that some of his boys chose to borrow it: first the twins and Ron for the purpose of liberating Harry from his aunt and uncle’s home; and then later, Harry and Ron, to get themselves to Hogwarts after missing the train. Arthur’s first reaction was to be thrilled that the experiment had worked (it was quite a bit more industrious than he’d ever tried to do before), though as Molly pointed out, it was clearly very wrong for the boys to take the car - yes, of course.

He was soon given much larger things to worry about when the school came under attack by the Heir of Slytherin, and Ginny was almost killed during. This deepened Arthur’s fatherly love for Harry after the boy's successful efforts to save her, and also cemented his hatred of Lucius Malfoy after learning it was he who had put Ginny in harm’s way in the first place.

He didn’t have long to enjoy the relief after that bit of danger passed though, for news of Sirius Black’s escape was soon to follow. He spent the summer following the buzz around the Ministry, which was how he came to learn of Harry’s incident literally blowing up his aunt and his subsequent escape to the Leaky Cauldron. The Weasleys came to find him there just before school started. He and Molly had a disagreement over whether or not Harry should be told of his godfather’s escape. Arthur decided that the boy needed to know; but when he went to tell him, he discovered that Harry had already overheard the argument and knew at least some of the details.

He anxiously waited out the rest of the year, following carefully both the reported news in the Daily Prophet, and the scuttlebutt around the Ministry. Much to his relief, everyone made it through the term in one piece. But already the signs are showing, and Arthur has seen enough in his lifetime to know that the danger hasn’t passed.


Other Information

  • Wand: A 11" swishy wand made of willow with a unicorn tail hair core.
  • Patronus: Weasel (quick movement, justice achieved, retribution, stealth, warrior energy, fierceness, curiosity, discernment, tenacity and cunning)


Arthur is a tall, thin, bespectacled man who is beginning to bald. What hair remains is still that characteristic shade of Weasley red, parted on the side and kept respectably short. His nose and ears are a bit large for his head, but while he may not have aged quite as gracefully as some others, he generally looks very friendly and pleasant, with a quick grin and warm blue eyes.

His robes are all old and worn, suffering from various degrees of shabbiness, though they are usually well cared for. Other than a wedding band, he has no jewellery of note.

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