Portrayed By Race Owen
House Ravenclaw
Year Graduated
Position Healer (Private Practice)
Sex Male
Race Half-Blood (part Banshee)
Age 33
Place of Birth Cornwall, UK
Date of Birth Jan 19 1962

Character History:

It was said that the Tooks came from Ireland, and for the longest time (And still is to this day) their motto is "Upon the rocks we crash" Either by broom or boat it seems, or their own personal choices they crash and fall spectacularly. So it should have been no surprise that Artemis' grandfather-Cohmnall Took married a banshee (from Galloway), and promptly died after their first fight. The child that came from that marriage- was young Nialls Took, who looked the spitting image of his mother, green tinged skin and all. Nialls married Coraline Blackwell, A slytherin he met at Hogwarts and from her produced Artemis, who looked like his father, promptly followed by Jeremias and Ezrabeth.

Artemis went off to Hogwarts first and was in school around the time of the Marauders and such, however the quiet half Blood wizard did not seem to be caught up in the fervor of their antics at the time. He made friends in different houses and generally was left alone. There was prejudice about him, giving his well known line-(Had earned him the moniker of Banshee by Slytherins, followed by wails and such in the hallways when he passed), but that seemed not to impede the young Ravenclaw, and he kept to his friends and his studies.

Upon Graduation He went to Saint Mungo's and started out as an apprentice healer, and went through the long training to become a full Healer. He was attacked several times during the first War. This was done as a means of scar tactics to the public (Healers considered a non combatant to some, and willing to treat all) and a means to simple cull out those who would not be found loyal to the Dark Lord. One harrowing time he was caught leaving a Wing party along with several nurses. They battled long enough to escape by the skins of their teeth. Even with a rather huge target on his back Artemis perservered and finished his training.

After the first war, Artemis was considered one of the young up and coming healers-however he had one trouble. His mouth. Given his bloodline, his temper is something close to a fuse when sparked-and having been a target he felt the need to spout off. Not in spells but in words. As such Took became an advocate for werewolf rights, as well as several other predjucided people groups to see that all got fair treatment. Not just in the world of wizarding medicine, but in the world of Wizarding period.

This all came to a screeching halt during the Umberidge era of the Ministry. For as soon as she had made herself acting Minister-there were certain sanctions and restictions thrown about for those of Half Breed lineage. As such the vocal Healer drew another reasonable sized target on his back due to his own words, and due to an elderly wizard passing on (He was too far gone) Umberidge used this as a means to level sanctions agains St. Mungo's unless they..pruned th' thorns so to speak. Took was one of several who were sacked for this in order to keep the Hospital running as usual.

Taken aback Took returned home to collect his thoughts, before setting himself out to start a small private practice in Knockturn alley. Took himself seeing all manner fo folks, from the normal wizard off the street-to more undesrieable characters. But as medicine shows no prejudice, neither does he. He's helped put together Hit Wizards and aurors, just the same as Criminals and the cursed. Though umberidge is sacked- and his old job offered back to him, Healer Took remains ever staunchly independant. Though who knows how much good that will do him.



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