Portrayed By David Bradley
House None
Year N/A
Position Hogwarts Janitor
Sex Male
Race Squibb
Age 64
Place of Birth London, England
Date of Birth Oct. 24, 1929
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

The day that Argus Filch came squawling into the world wasn't a pretty day in general. In the Muggle world, the stock market crashed. And in the magical world… in the magical world, one of the purebread families birthed another son. A son for which Augustus Filch had great hopes… hopes that were as quickly dashed… for Argus, no matter how hard Augustus and Aurilia, his mother, tried to hide the fact, was a Squibb… born with no magic in his veins. Axilles, his 4-years'-elder brother, enjoyed using Argus as a practice dummy for his spells, and, after receiving his wand, continued to do so at home, for it was most difficult to tell when magic was being used by a minor in a house containing an adult witch and wizard - and a little witch as well. Axilles emerged from Hogwarts with a brand new tattoo on his forearm, and was killed a few years later… but little Argus, who should have gone to Hogwarts, had to stay home, hidden, and watch his sister Amelia go - and not only go, succeed, by graduating very near the top of her class. Argus was heartbroken. His family kept him hidden, so he made no friends. His brother and sister shunned him, as if his condition might rub off. And finally, when his sister was in her third year, Argus ran away.

Still quite underage, for either a muggle or a wizard, Argus found himself wandering the streets of London, unlooked for, unwanted, and undesirable… Somehow, he found his way, by chance or luck, into Diagon Alley, skulking after a tall wizard with a long, rust-colored beard tucked into his belt, and there found himself in the company of none other than Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, not yet headmaster of Hogwarts, but the teacher of transfiguration. Dumbledore brought young Argus back to the castle with him, and there convinced Headmaster Dippett to give the boy a job. So Argus, in the year he should have graduated Hogwarts, finally found himself within the walls… as the janitor. Oh, cruel Dumbledore! In thinking to give a young man a home, he put him into a place where he would be disliked even more than he had been on the streets of London. But Dumbledore was not unsympathetic, and helped Argus as much as the lad would allow him, even bringing him a dusty scrap of a kitten, and setting him up with quarters of his own, downstairs, in the dungeons Filch would come to love.

Over the years, Filch has developed several quirks. The first is that he dislikes dirt in any form. The second is that he hates having to clean up after people by hand who could do it themselves with a flick-and-swish (for he spied on classes for several years, trying desperately to bring that magical spark to life in himself, even to the extent of taking a Qwik-Spell course, at which he failed miserably). And the third is that his one friend remains Mrs. Norris, the dust-colored cat brought to him by Dumbledore so many years before. A magical creature, half-kneazle, Mrs. Norris has enjoyed a very long life with Filch, and shows no signs of intending to depart it any time soon. Filch becomes positively gleeful only when the chance comes for him to prove his great worth by lording it over students who commit crimes - and his book of crimes is very, very long. He laments the loss of the dungeon as a punishment, and longs to see it return, and he keeps his implements polished and in good working order against that time.


Other Information

Memorable Quotes:

"God, I miss the screaming!"

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