1995-03-17: Apologetic Flora


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Scene Title Apologetic Flora
Synopsis Tonks tries to get Sirius back for teasing her about Remus by…trying to apologize on his behalf?
Location Hogsmeade Post Office
Date Mar 17, 1995
Watch For The Impending Floral Doom
Logger TonkaTonks

The door to the post office will chime. It's during business hours, since that was the only time Tonks could be sure of when to catch Jilly, and she didn't feel comfortable showing up at the woman's doorstep to do this. But still a bit incensed at her cousin's 'loving' interference prior, she had long since set her mind to doing the same. And we all know how Hufflepuff are when they set their mind to something. "H'lo?" she'll ask, a bundle of flowers in her arms. "Miss Gale?" Please don't set fire to her hard work. Not yet, anyway.

When Tonks enters the Post Office, there's only one customer to speak of. The same grandfatherly like wizard who likes to send Honeydukes to his grandkids in London. He's a sweet old man, but he's not really doing much to help Jilly's mood after the past couple of days. "…such a sweet witch to have fallen in with such bad company." It's as if he doesn't realize that Jilly can hear him while he shakes he head and makes for the door.

"Mr. Rolles, I haven't fallen in with any company. Honestly," Jilly tells him with a frown. The door jingling again to let in a new patron she smiles, all the more broadly when she notices who it is. The flowers, though, put her on the defensive. "Hello…" her voice trails off. "I'm hoping you are posting those and not delivering them?"

Hey, her cousin isn't bad company! … well, maybe his is, but that's besides the point. Only she can call him that! Tonks just simply waits her turn, but when Jilly does notice her she simply just settles the small pot on the counter. It seems to be made of primarily purple hyacinths, with red carnations dabbled here and there amongst some 'garnish' blooms such as baby's breath. It's actually very humble in size, almost hesitant. Actually, it looks like someone put thought into the damn thing instead of 'Send over some flowers'. Mr. Rolles gets a wave from the Auror, but Tonks speaks to Jilly, "Oh, whenever you got time, really."

The line is gone after Mr. Rolles. Jilly eyes the flowers warily. She knows that Tonks is friends with Sirius — or related to him — in some form or another. And with his unwanted visits and so called help, she wouldn't put it past him to send messages through a friend about his gentlemanly intentions. As if. "I have plenty of time if this is simply a visit." While she sounds friendly, there is a bit of an edge to her question. If this has something to do with Sirius Black, the Auror can forget about it.

Unfortunately it does. "Well, maybe I can spring for lunch, really. I got the time." Just barely. "But I think Sirius was afraid for the flower boy's life at this point. This is just simply an apology." She pats the humble little bouquet. "He was just concerned about your ankle, and didn't realize how cross you were with him. Or that you were even…at odds with him to begin with. Y'know, that whole dog thing." Tonks is quiet here, treading on carefully as if dealing with an unpredictable animal. But she sounds sincere, as if this conversation really happened (and it sort of did, just without the apology on Sirius' behalf). Note to self, send a note to Sirius saying: If anyone asks, yes you /are/ sorry.

Sincere. Ha. Jilly would be that Sirius wouldn't know the meaning of sincere if it walked up to him and read its own dictionary entry to him. The flowers are given a look of disdain, though the are really quite pretty. "I wouldn't hurt an innocent person over his stupidity." The thought offends her a little, but she is mad enough that she can understand the fear. "The flowers, on the other hand, may not be so lucky." She burned the last ones. "There is a difference between concern and assault, Ms. Tonks. And Mr. Black crossed the line."

"Please, just Tonks," says the Auror readily. She looks a bit saddened, but in reality, Tonks had expected this. She has to tread carefully, to offer Sirius' "apology" without completely destroying his chances. Why? Because Tonks /likes/ the postmistress…and she thinks that they'd make cute baby cousins for her to dolt on. Because, yeah, right, Tonks having kids anytime soon? "Well, Not that I condone him for what he did, and I told him as such, but you have to keep in mind where he's spent the last ten years, and some change, of his life. It doesn't excuse him, but it does give a bit of insight, y'know."

The thought of /Sirius/ and Jilly making babies at any point looks like a long shot as well. "It gives an insight why he can hex an innocent person so he can force the diagnosis he wanted? That's not not exactly excusable. What's to stop him from cursing and stopping just about anyone when he thought it was in 'their best interest'? Just because he thinks he knows best doesn't give him the right to shove his views onto everyone else by force." It's an issue that she thinks quite strongly about, that's for certain. "I appreciate your concern and your attempts at peacekeeping, but he's a pig-headed, chauvinistic creep and flowers doesn't make me think he's actually sorry."

"It's worth the shot," Tonks offers. Besides, she's amused. "And like I said, it didn't excuse it, but it gives insight. How do you think any of us'd fair spending twelve years with Dementors?" That's what she meant. "Actually, he's not really chauvinistic. What he did had nothing to do with your gender. Or your capabilities because of said gender." Tonks bites back the comment about Sirius likely not knowing what to dow ith a girl right now anyway. Cue Dementor talk. "As for the pig-headedness? He's got /sties/." Tonks tosses Jilly a wink here.

"Hmph." Just because he survived Azkaban, which is a feat to be sure, doesn't exactly give him respect in Jilly's eyes. It'll take a lot more than that to make it into her good graces after the stunts he's pulled. "If it doesn't excuse it, then why are we still talking about it?" Especially since no one wants to talk about Dementors. "Phht. I'm sure. I didn't see him attempting to toss Moody to the floor when those pretenders were in the Three Broomsticks."

Why ARE they talking about it? "Because it's there, and the topic of the moment?" Tonks offers with a sheepish grin. She then blinks a bit at Jilly, about Moody, and she's scratching her head. "Well, there could be other reasons, y'know. Not just 'Oh, you're a girl.'." She pauses though, thinking about that… "And really, trying to throw /Mad eye/ to the ground, that's like trying to ensure I'll break my chocolate habit this year…"

"Okay, so that was a bad example." But, Moody was the first person Jilly thought of at the Inn. After all, how could anyone forget about him? He's, well, Mad-Eye. "But, any of the other men there. I don't know. I can't explain it, but he's a chauvinist. And a pig-headed liar. Look, I don't want to talk about Sirius Black. Half the bloody village is already doing it when I've done nothing but try to get him to stay away from me."

Tonks is quiet for a moment, though smirking. She does giggle a bit and gives the woman a wink, "Done. Anything else exciting going on, since I"m here?" Hey, Tonks is good for a spot of gossip now that she's offered her peace-keeping capabilities. Which Sirius'll probably ruin if she doesn't warn him about it first.

As for the gossip, Jilly shrugs. Her leg is finally better. She's not limping and all the wounds from that fight in the Inn have healed. But, she's not about to admit that to someone who'll let the information funnel back to Sirius. She has her pride, after all. "I heard those two witches weren't Death Eaters. I can't imagine why anyone would attempt such a stupid plot. They'll rot in Azkaban for life, that's for sure."

Hey, she's trying to help him out! And she wouldn't be here if he didn't have it in his heart to help /her/. See how it goes 'round? About the girls? "Well, the one definitely. An Unforgiveable's a straight to Azkaban thing. The other, not sure." she shrugs. "Probably aren't aware of how bad it is? Rebelling, thinking it's 'cool' as opposed to the goodies the rest of us are, or something. Or they're just mental."

"I can't imagine anyone thinking joining You-Know-Who could think it was what the cool thing to do." The very thought makes Jilly shiver. "They were both working together, it seems only fitting that they both do the same punishment." Whatever that may be. Anyone working for Voldemort and wanting to join up with him doesn't deserve much mercy in Jilly's mind. "Death Eaters aren't for rebellious teenagers."

To this, Tonks smiles wanely. "I'm an Auror. I know that full well. But something I had to learn," Which as she pointed out, Sirius also needed to learn, "The people out there, the average witch, probably don't. Something about the notion of You-Know-Who attracts them. And then we get a couple of bints thinking they're the next hot thing blowing up tables. I think it's the ones who /don't/ advertise that are what you need to watch out for." And yes, she's full aware of 'if they don't advertise, then how do you know where they are'.

Yes, Jilly is aware, at least, of the fact that the dangerous ones are the quiet ones. But, that doesn't mean that she knows what to do in such situations when she finds herself among them. Luckily, she still thinks that's not going to be something that happens often. If at all. To her, Voldemort is still dead. "I've never understood the desire to blow up tables. Honestly, it seems like a waste of a spell. And what did the table ever do to them?" It's her attempt to inject some humor into the conversation. There's only so long she can go talking about such serious stuff.

"WEll, You see…" Tonks pushes the bouquet to the side, though putting it in a nice aesthetic postion. Out of the way, but still somewhere where it'd look nice. For all of the fifteen minutes it'll be there, especially after she leaves. "The pattern on the table was a particuarly offensive brand of code that they understood. so, obviously, it had to be punished."

At least Tonks isn't under any delusions that Jilly will keep the lovely bouquet. They're from Sirius, meaning they must die. "I see. That must be a bit of Death Eater Apprenticeship I never heard about. I would say I should study up, but that's nothing I'd desire to do. I doubt the table meant it, however."

Tonks just giggles with that. "Eh, I just say their aim was bad." She holds out her hand, "Well, I think I should probably go back to pretending I'm working. Thanks for humoring me. We should grab a cuppa sometime."

Taking Tonks' hand, she shakes it warily. There is an agenda here. Jilly can sense it. But, she' snot just totally sure what Tonks is after or why it would matter to her. "I guess I should, too, though there's not much to do when there's nothing to post." Maybe she'll post the flowers to Timbuktu for the fun of it. "I'd like that." As long as they don't talk about Sirius over the cuppa. "Thanks for stopping by, Tonks."

The Agenda really isn't as bad as what Jilly would think. But Tonks really needs to post a note to Sirius, and not from the communal post, where she'd get even more suspicious. "Perfect, I'll Owl you sometime then." And just as she came in, Tonks is slipping out. Well, at least the flowers didn't combust upon arrival!

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