1995-02-27: Apollo and Daphne


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Scene Title Apollo and Daphne
Synopsis It starts as a fun date in Florean Fortescue's…
Location Diagon Alley
Date Feb 27, 1995
Logger Holly

It maybe cold and snowy out there, but Florean Fortescue has mastered the use of warming charms around his ice cream parlor. So, when Jack brings Holly in for ice cream, he pulls his greatcoat off and slings it over the back of a chair, and pulls another one out for Holly. "Here you go, luv. Sit down. Any particular flavor you like?" Florean's tastes in icecream can be a bit different at times, but for the most part, everything is good.


What would the world do without warming charms? Probably buy more coats, that's what. In fact, that's what Muggles do. Heating bills, and coats, and blankets… But not in the wizarding world. Here, they live in style.

And somewhere between the stone age and medieval times in some cases, but that is beside the point.

The point is, who doesn't like ice cream, even in cold weather? It didn't take much for Jack to convince Holly to come here, but before she sits down, she takes a look at the menu. Wow, there really are flavours that appeal to all kinds. Chocolate-blood chip? "Wonder if he gets many vampires in here…" Holly wonders to herself, tilting her head for a moment, shaking off the thought, and then going to sit in the seat Jack so kindly pulled out for her. "I dunno. I'm kinda in the mood to share a good ol' banana split."


A wide grin crosses Jack's face. "In that case, I know just the thing." Jack goes over, and whispers to Florean then comes back, seating himself in his chair, waiting to see the response Holly gives when the proprietor comes back with their treat. It only takes a moment or so, and then Fortescue returns, holding out a huge banana split, complete with slightly enlarged bananas and several scoops of different flavors of ice cream. Jack grabs a spoon, and starts waving it as he talks. Bad habit, really. "So, how are things going?" He smiles at her and waits for her to take a bite first.


Holly arches her eyebrows as Jack goes off, resting her head almost delicately on her hand. She's in a good mood today. Then again, she's trying to push herself to be… The power of thought is actually pretty darn strong! And all this depression is making her… Well, depressed. She knows this is just another one of those mood swings she's been having, but, hey, she'll ride the wave while it lasts.

AH, THE ICE CREAM COMETH. "This could feed fifteen people, at least," Holly says, looking over the ice cream at Jack. Still, it looks like the best thing ever, and she digs into something that looks like chocolate. Turns out to have a vaguely turkey-like flavour. That's weird, but she likes it. "Going okay. Been doing some thinking about what I'll be doing with my future here. I mean, I'm staying, definitely." …She's pretty sure. "And I started Rowena on some research."


"Well, it depends on how much ice cream you want. I mean, when we were younger, Mick, Pete, Brian and I used to split one…and it disappeared kind of quickly." Four teenage boys? Of course it would. "That's good. It's good to know…" His voice trails off. "So, is Rowena getting settled in, then?" He heard that the woman would be living with Holly, but hadn't heard how that was going. "What kind of research, exactly?" He isn't prying, just curious. He digs into one of the nearer scoops of ice cream, and eats it slowly, savoring the taste.


"Yeah, she is," Holly says of her aide. "Seems a little nervous around the floo, though. I helped her move out of her room in the Leaky Cauldron, and she… Well, she shoved her trunk into the fireplace before she tossed in the powder. So it caught fire."

Unable to hide the smile with her own willpower, she uses the opportunity to take another spoonful of ice cream, this one from a pink scoop that looks like strawberry and actually is strawberry. "Oh, you know. Busywork, mostly. Getting her acquainted with wizarding Britain, having her take a public opinion poll on… You know." She doesn't want to say it here, because there are people around.

What else. What else. "Oh! I went and saw Thalia again. I gotta tell you my idea for my tattoo. I already got the first charms done."


Holly's words bring up a couple questions in Jack's mind. So, he voices them as he scoops out another slow bite. "What were the results of the poll?" He's interested in that, just because he has always felt the same way about things, regardless of public opinion. But it's now an important point.

That's the harder question. The more fun question gets asked secondarily. "Really? What was your idea?" He smiles, considering it. "Did they hurt? Or tingle or…" He's very seriously considering getting a tattoo. So, he's curious about how the process goes.


"I dunno yet. Gave 'er a week to do it, while I relax!" Holly says cheerfully, rapping her spoon on the edge of the bowl. "But I'll let you know. I don't expect the results to be too good, considering. But it'll give me a starting point. That's when the real work begins." Because changing the opinions of antiquated people with antiquated ideas is extremely difficult. Holly leans in a little, so she can actually talk to Jack about it. "As much as I dislike Fenrir Greyback from what Remus told me about him, he did have a good idea. I just don't know if it's ethical to talk to children about stuff like this… Even if they're gonna be the generation that'll really start changing things."

It's a dirty tactic, even if it's for a good cause. Does the end justify the means, though? Parents could fight back. Ruin all the work Holly does.

Still close, she says, "It'll start out as a bear paw. As the month goes on, and gets closer to the full moon…" The next part is whispered: "It'll become a wolf paw. Like a clock, kinda. And no, it didn't hurt at all. I felt it, but there wasn't any pain or anything."


Jack thinks it's a great idea. "That was your house symbol in school, right?" He thinks he remembers seeing the design on some of the paperwork that he helped her sort through the night she was obliviated. "I like it. That gives me an idea." He grins widely." His might be somewhat similar, and probably not on display for everyone to see. Enjoying the fact that Holly has leaned close to him, Jack whispers back. "Well, it sounds more like Greyback didn't talk much." He shudders, and pauses to take a bite of the ice cream before continuing to express his thoughts. "You're right, though. The kids'll be the one to change things. How it worked in our family." He starts to say something about Rosie defending Lupin to Sir Michael, but only gets so far as opening his mouth. The words won't come. He frowns, and takes another bite of ice cream. This is not the time for such thoughts. He leans a little closer to Holly. "That's good to know." That it didn't hurt.


"Yeah. I have it on a lot of my robes still." Holly shrugs, rolling her eyes a little. "I was really proud to be in Bear Claw. It was kinda the place where — Well, you know how houses at Hogwarts all have certain qualities? Like," she nods to Jack. "Bravery? That's how it was at Salem. Except our House was the even-tempered ones. So we had all kinds of people in there with all sorts of different talents, and we all got along." It's more than just a crest for her. It's kind of a statement of who she is.

The key difference between Holly and Greyback is that she just wants to talk. Even so, "I don't want people to see me as another Greyback," she says. "And I really want people to see me first."

She doesn't lean back. She's actually quite happy where she is, and takes another bit of ice cream - along with the cherry on top. There's a long pause, then, seemingly out of nowhere, she says, "I really like you."


"Bravery. Right. Bold as a lion, me." Jack nods quickly, careful not to whack his head against Holly's. He grins a rather stupid looking grin, and leans in to whisper in her ear. "And I rather like you, as well." He snakes his arm around behind her shoulders to keep her close, and stabs at the banana with his free hand. Noticing which ice cream has been drawing her attention the most, he takes a small scoop of the strawberry and holds his spoon up to her mouth. "I think it'll be very hard for people to see Greyback when they look at you, luv."


She wants to stay with him.

After talking to Siobhan, she knows what she has to do, but she can't do it. She can't. He makes her happy. It's kind of silly; she always told herself that relationships got in the way of work, but Jack hasn't, and the only thing he's done is help her. Holly can't decide if it's more selfish to push him away or keep him close now.

"Strawberry. What are you doin', spying on me?" she asks, before she accepts this gracious offering. There's something in her eyes that hasn't been there for quite awhile - or rather, something missing from her eyes that's been there for too long. They don't seem quite as empty or lost as they usually do.

She hopes it lasts.

"Jack, I wish it was that easy," she has to say. "Soon as people know what I am, though… I mean, look at Remus. He's lived most of his life right on the edge of poverty. What if the wrong person finds out and … And … See, I can't get this image out of my head of torches and pitchforks!"


"I call it 'being observant.'" Jack gives her his cheeky grin before taking the spoon back and taking another bite, this time of the turkey-flavored ice cream. "Bit odd, but when you grow up on it, it's not so bad."

"But that's just it. If people can see that you and Remus — " He pauses as he considers whether to say what he's thinking, then barrels on. " — And, really, my uncle Ichabod have feelings and hearts like the rest of us, then it starts to happen slowly. Something big like this doesn't …" He takes another bite and holds it in his mouth for a moment. "It doesn't happen over night. But it does happen." He smiles. "And I think you're the kind of person who can make it happen." Optimism. Present and accounted for. Jack turns toward her just a little, gazing directly in her eyes. "And as for pitchforks and torches….well, wands and the like are somewhat superior." There's a twinkle in his eye. "I don't know. All we can do is live day to day, and do our best."


"You know what's funny? I wanna do it for people like him." Remus. "It's not fair. He's lived his whole life with… And he's the nicest person. I won't lie. It's for me, too. But maybe he can live a good life, at least for a little while." She snorts, shaking her head. "I hate charity. But this is more about basic rights." Maybe it's not quite the same thing.

Sighing, she finally leans back, though not before digging her spoon into the strawberry again. "Yeah, it'll happen. It happened in the U.S., but there were a lot more people behind it even when I joined. I just gave it a good push. Here… If there are any supporters, they're well-hidden." But she'll try.

Now that she's sitting back in her chair, the conversation topic of werewolves is abandoned for the moment. Sometimes it seems like it's all she can think of to talk about anymore, and it's starting to sour her mood again. "You know what we should do? Apparate into Muggle London and see a movie. Sit in the back of the theatre and totally ignore the screen."


Check please! Jack is all for that idea. He grins his winning grin and takes a couple more bites of the ice cream. "Do you want to take this with us, or should we just get snacks there?" He lets the topic of werewolves slide as well, having nodded to her as she spoke. He is attempting to understand. He squeezes her shoulder again, and takes another bite of the banana split. "We could put a preserving charm on it…" Like Jack uses for the cupboards in his flat. "Any real preference on what kind of movie?"


"Yeah, we'll just explain to the people at the theatre that someone used charms on these bananas," Holly says with a chuckle. She pokes her spoon onto one and takes a bite. Then she takes the rest of the scoop of strawberry ice cream and shovels it.


She squeals a couple seconds later, uselessly fanning at her face, because she's got the classic 'brain freeze' effect that comes from eating ice cream too fast.


"We'll put a notice-me-not on it." Jack suggests, and then Holly gives herself a brain freeze. "Oh, dear." He can't help but chuckle softly, since he's done that to himself a million times before. "Ouch." He attempts to be empathetic, though the chuckling might be detrimental to the overall effect. "Besides, if it's in one of our jackets, they won't notice it. And if they do…" He grins. "They won't believe it. It's February. No one in their right mind would want to eat ice cream now, would they?" At least those of the Muggle variety.


Once she's recovered - though not without some tears in her eyes - Holly laughs out loud. "You're gonna put ice cream in your coat?! she asks." It might be worth it just to see Jack walking around with a to-go box full of ice cream stuffed in his jacket. "Okay, I have to go home and change first. I'm not walking around Muggle London in my robes — let's get it to go. We'll finish it at the theatre. Don't think it matters what we see… How about Apollo 13? Came out last month. It's got Tom Hanks."


Shrinking charms, baby. He grins, and stands up, moving to get a box from Fortescue. "Watch this…" He puts the ice cream and spoons in the box, closes it up, and casts a preserving charm on it, then shrinks it. It's now itty-bitty ice cream. "Apollo 13…" Jack thinks for a moment. He, too, thinks Tom Hanks is good looking, but he's not about to say so. "Alright. We'll pop over there, and then pop back." He loves being a wizard sometimes. "Are you ready?" He holds out an arm to help her up if she needs it.


"He's a show-off," she whispers to Fortescue from behind a hand, while nodding at Jack. Then pointing. "He is."

And at least they have a tiny box of ice cream to take with them into the theatre. It's a handy trick, really. They'll make everyone else jealous, and no one will know how they managed to sneak giant ice cream in.

Reaching out, she takes his arm. "Let's do this, then," she says as she stands. Going to Muggle London, dressing up a bit, forgetting about her problems for just a little while? Yeah, Holly can handle that.

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