1994-12-27: Anyone Home?


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Scene Title Anyone Home?
Synopsis Angelina pops in to visit Ginny (or the twins??), but finds Bill instead.
Location The Burrow
Date Dec 27, 1994
Watch For Nada
Logger Weasley Scion

For once, it's fairly quiet around the Burrow. There are chores to be done for those still living under this roof. Bill is relishing in the privilege that being older and have moved out brings him. That is, he's sitting at the kitchen table, a copy of the Prophet in front of him as he reads and picks the stories apart. You pretty much have to read the paper with a fine toothed comb to catch what's not being said.

It is a quiet day, indeed. Even in the Johnson household. Being that she is climbing the walls with nothing to do, Angelina has decided to use her fairly open invitation to come to the Burrow. She loves the Weasleys. So open and warm and friendly. POOF! The sound comes from the direction of the living room as she lands in the fireplace. Wow. Empty house! "Uh….knock knock? Anyone home?"

The familiar 'woosh' of someone traveling via Floo has Bill's attention and fast. He's on his feet and going for his wand. Sliding back his seat, he frowns just a bit as he gets up and heads into the living room. Seeing that it's the housemate of his siblings, the wand goes away. "There's a few of us present and counted for," he says with a faint grin on his face.

At seventeen, Angelina is of the age to always have her wand on her, being she's allowed to use it. When Bill comes around the corner, wand in hand, it is her instinct to reach for hers as well, though she doesn't pull it out. Thankfully, he puts it away soon enough. "Uh..hey. Expecting someone else? Hope I didn't disappoint." She gives him a grin. "I just came to see Ginny." Yeah. Ginny. Uh huh.

"Sorry about that, no one said anything about expecting visitors today. You caught me a little off guard," Bill says as he leans up against the doorframe, arms loosely folded. "Mum's working Ginny like a house-elf at the moment. She should be done soon enough, if not, I'll try and rescue her for you. Or would you rather I see about finding Fred or George?" Just a lucky guess really, the three being much closer in age.

Angelina steps further into the livingroom, brushing herself off. "I can hardly wait to learn to apparate." Her head tips, and she glances at the clock that lists where the family is. "If..if they're around, that's fine. You know. If they aren't busy." Her hands are shoved awkwardly into her pockets. "What are you up to, with the house so quiet?"

"Come on into the kitchen and get comfortable. Do you want a cup of tea or some cocoa?" The offering of food or drink comes as naturally to Bill as it does his mother. (Who would probably smack him if he didn't remember his manners.) "Just reading the paper and enjoying having time to sit around and do nothing. I've also been banished from helping out with regular chores."

"Ooh. Cocoa. I love your mother's cocoa. Yes please." Grinning, Angelina moves to follow him into the kitchen area. "Reading the paper? The Prophet, you mean? I'm not sure what I think about that, these days." She ducks her head, still smiling. "What I wouldn't give to be banished from helping out with chores."

"It's full of some interesting codswallop, and that's without Skeeter's help." Bill says with a small amount of amusement as he sets to heating up cocoa for Angelina and heck with it, a mug for himself. "The paper has had enough information to make my head spin. The things I've missed out on while being out of the country." He laughs a little, heating up the cocoa to a proper temperature. "I try to help when I come back, but sometimes I get swatted away."

Angelina settles herself in at the table, getting comfortable while she watches Bill make the cocoa. "My parents quit sending it to me at school. I borrow from other students though. I talked to..one of the professors about it. They suggested I ignore it, since it's all rubbish. Things are going on, worrysome things, but The Prophet won't be telling the truth about them."

"Most of it is rubbish, and would go over the head of the average reader." Now ready, a mug of cocoa is slid over towards Angelina as Bill settles in with his own mug at the table. "But it makes excellent cage liners." Warming his hands around the cup he shrugs a bit, "I would say don't worry about it, you're still in school.. but that's not going to stop you, seeing as your friends with my brothers and sister."

The cup is grasped tightly between both hands as she watches the big brother of the clan. "Do you think any of it is true? If you read closely, is there a grain of truth anywhere? Is there any way, other than the Prophet, to know what is really happening?" The mug is lifted to Angelina's lips and she sips, brown eyes on him. The last, however, causes a sly grin. "Well. Yeah. We are all friends. And I imagine they are just like you. Would you have just not worried, when you were in school?"

Bill shrugs his shoulders, hands still warming around his mug. "You have to sometimes ask yourself, what are they /not/ saying. Mum and dad have caught me up on a few things. Plus, with dad working at the Ministry, he's got a firsthand account of a lot of the changes." Which have him curious about the state of affairs in the UK. Time will tell if it's enough to make him come back to stay." Grinning, he lifts his mug finally and takes a sip, "Nah. I /vaguely/ remember the details of You-Know-Who, more emotion than actual events. That was enough to give a kid nightmares the rest of his life."

Oh. He said the magic words! Immediately, Angelina pounces. "What kind of things has he told you? And what do you remember about…You Know Who? I have to write a paper for Advanced Defense Theory. I am still waiting for Professor Moody to give me a pass to the restricted section so I can see what is there about patterns of dark wizards gaining power."

Bill can't say that he's comfortable exactly with chatting up about current events that he's a bit shakey on. So when Angelina asks about You Know Who, he decides to stick with that topic. "Not much I'm afraid. I was eleven when he was defeated. It's all a bit foggy, the details anyway. I remember mum worried and damn near having kittens at the news all the time. She had all of us and Ron was just a baby, the twins were still in diapers. She had a lot on her mind, worrying if we were still going to be there when dad got off work… or if he would even return from work. There's only so much you can keep from kids really. Charlie and I probably remember the most, which isn't to say a lot at all." As he thinks back and prods at his fuzzy memories, he takes a few drinks of his cocoa. How much can anyone remember about when they were 10 or 11, several years down the road? "I remember nicking the paper when mum wasn't looking. There were a lot of stories about people going missing. After I got out of Hogwarts, I found out about all the muggle disappearances that never made it to our paper. A lot of what went on never made it to the Prophet. Moody could tell you some stories.. I can remember him and dad talking a fair bit about people at the Ministry under the Imperius."

He certainly has a rapt audience. Cocoa forgotten, Angelina leans forward on the table, head tipped to the side. "I haven't asked Professor Moody about it. I talk to .. someone else. They made some suggestions. People going missing? Muggles? Or wizards? Just…disappearing? Did they ever find them?"

"All of the above. Sometimes I wish I remembered more specifics about that time, but in a way I'm glad I just recall what I do. Wizards and muggles alike disappeared." To keep his hands busy, Bill fiddles a bit with his mug before taking another drink. "Some were found, some weren't. A lot of this came back to mind when I saw an older Prophet issue from this year that mentioned a Ministry employee going missing." He shifts slightly and looks up at the ceiling, as if pinpointing where his mother might be. "People could come home to finding the Dark Mark hovering over their houses, already knowing what sort of disaster they'd find inside, waiting."

This brings a frown to Angie's face, brow wrinkling as she considers the man beside her. "It..was like that? You'd just go out for groceries? Or for dinner? And come back to it over your house? And they would have killed everyone home?" She licks her lips, finally remembering the cocoa sitting before her and taking a sip. "Do you..I mean…is there a pattern this time?"

"So far? Not so much. I mean only one disappearance that's been publically announced, but the paper hasn't made a big deal of it." Bill sighs just a little as he drains his cocoa, "I'm sorry, but if there is, I can't see it. From a lot of what I'm seeing here, a power hungry pink demon has usurped the Ministry for her own twisted reasons. Evil exists in different forms and styles. The acting Minister has a lot of hateful ideas and doesn't seem to like it when she isn't getting her way." He spins the now empty mug between his hands, "There's always been rumors that You-Know-Who wasn't gone for good. But right now? I see the attack at the Cup, which could have been random, and the whole messed up attempt at the Black trial? None of this passes the smell test to be honest."

Angelina seems to be carefully considering this, taking several sips of her cocoa before answering slowly. "I'm..not sure what I think. I think the fact that Dumbledore chose someone like Moody to teach Defense this year…that he picked an Auror..I think it says something. It says something about what /he/ thinks. And I have to think that someone who has seen the things he has seen have their ways of knowing. And ..well…Professor Lupin.." Her voice trails off.

There are some things a kid doesn't miss or forget and one of those memories Bill retains is his mum's reaction to the death of her brothers. While that's a memory Angelina might like to hear, it's one he's not sharing. It's rather.. private. "That does make sense." In a way, he envies those at Hogwarts in this time of coming trouble. Dumbledore seems to be setting out his own chess pieces. "and keep in mind, Moody's not just /any/ Auror." Instead of trying to dissuade Angelina of any notions or feeding her /too/ much information, he gets up from the table. "I'm going to go see if I can't take Ginny's place and send her down here. Okay?"

Angelina smiles up at Bill, nodding. "Okay. Thanks for the talk. I didn't mean to be pushy. I'm just trying to … figure things out for myself." She lifts her cup to drain it before pushing the empty mug to the center of the table.

"No worries, you're in Gryffindor for a reason," Bill says with a cheeky grin before setting off up the stairs, calling for Ginny.

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