Antigone "Tig" Eve Atherton
Antigone "Tig" Eve Atherton
Portrayed By Lucy Hale
House Hufflepuff
Year Sixth Year
Position None
Sex Female
Race Pureblood
Age 16
Place of Birth Warwickshire, England
Date of Birth 1 April, 1979
First Appearance Pet Shop Party
Last Appearance

Character History

Abbreviated history. Most of this would be known ICly by any who care to pay attention to the pureblooded families.

Antigone is the eldest daughter of three, born to a British wizard and a Greek witch, both of pureblooded lineage. The Athertons, on her father's side, are "old money" and keep a large home in their native Warwickshire. The Petras, on her mother's side, still reside in Greece, where they own one of the tiny islands of the Dodecanese, so small that it's thought by Muggles to be uninhabited. From there, they run a wizarding resort.

When she was 11, she got her letter to Hogwarts, just as expected, and was content to be sorted into Hufflepuff. She's always been a mediocre student, tending to focus more on the social aspects of school than her studies, only really getting serious (and stressed) right before big tests and exams when she spends all her time trying to cram it all in within a few days.

By all appearances, the girl leads a fairly charmed life, spending at least some time each summer in Greece, and residing in the family manse in Warwickshire the rest of the time she's not at Hogwarts. Being the eldest, she enjoys a fair amount of freedom, while her parents have their hands full minding the younger ones.

However, there have been some indications that all is not entirely copacetic in the Atherton home. The family has been getting into bad investments for some time, and there are murmurs that they might not have as much money left as Mrs. Atherton would like to let on. And then there's the fact that Mr. Atherton was admitted to St. Mungo's for an extended stay last year, after suffering a nervous breakdown due to stress.


Antigone tries hard to be easy-going, and though she does have a family tendency to tend towards stressing out over things, she works on keeping this in check or at least not letting on when she is worked up about something. This does mean that when she gets worked up about something enough that she can't keep it under control, she hasn't developed a lot of coping mechanisms and tends to become quite stressed, snippy, and prone to snapping. It's a rare thing though, and most of the time, she's relaxed and happy to chat easily with almost anyone. She tries to keep an open mind and accept everyone, but can't stand to let a perceived injustice go past without trying to fix it. She has a tendency to speak before she thinks and can sometimes get herself into trouble that way. She picks up far more than she lets on and will often 'play dumb' because she's found it's easier that way.

Other Information

  • Name: An-TIG-oh-nee (it's Greek). She goes by "Tig" for short.
  • Pet: Moth (short for Behemoth), a huge Ragdoll cat, most often found lolling around the common room in the most unconventional positions. He's exceedingly easy-going and loves attention from pretty much anyone.
  • Wand: 10" dark wand made of hornbeam with a pegasus hair core
  • Patronus: Tortoise (order, creation, patience, strength, stability, innocence, endurance, protection)
  • Electives: Arithmancy, CoMC, Muggle Studies
  • Best Class: Charms
  • Worst Class: Potions



Antigone has black, wavy hair worn long and usual loose, to fall to about mid-back. Her complexion is slightly olive, darker in the summer when a few freckles can be found to spot the bridge of her nose. Though she's only a few inches shorter than average, a slight build makes her seem smaller.

In the summer months, she favours bright colours of dress, loose and flowing, but well-made and flattering. Her eyes are lined to make them stand out more, and a pale gloss is a sheen on her lips. She wears several metal bangles around one wrist which chime together in a different hushed, dulcet tone each time she moves her arm.


Coming soon…

Logs & Events

1995-09-30: Where's Wolly? antigone artemis daine egbert macgregor ron
1995-03-26: Investing In Excitement antigone jackson kelti
1995-03-25: We're All Mad Here antigone egbert melissa neville
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1994-09-05: Snape's Mean (And Other Obvious Truths) alton antigone danny derek hermione julian
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Significant People

Name Relation Notes
Riley Good question The Slytherin boy tends to get Tig all huffy, but like a good Hufflepuffle, she keeps trying to befriend him.
Cullen Housemate Tig hasn't spent too much time with this housemate yet, but they get on well enough.
Cho Friend Though the Ravenclaw seems to go out of her way to embarrass the poor girl at times, Tig's becoming good friends with Cho.
Bertrum Ask Cho, hmph Tig is never entirely sure what is going on here and spends a great deal of time flustered and confused.
Stephen Friend-ish person As a friend of Bertie's, Tig has spent some time with Stephen, and she's grateful to him and his family for helping her out during the Quidditch Cup.
Pansy Friend-ish person Another Slytherin, gasp. But other than the occasional questionable comment about Muggles and the like, they get on fine, and Pansy makes a good shopping partner!
Hermione Friend-ly person Tig doesn't know Hermione super-well yet, but she helped Tig avoid poisoning her whole family, and for that, Antigone is grateful.
Alton Housemate Another housemate Tig is only really just getting to know, but he seems cool.
Ashley Housemate Antigone looks up to the older prefect a bit, and he certainly seems to know an awful lot. Must be nice!
Nigel Cousin Second cousin to be exact. They aren't exceptionally close, which only means Antigone never sees it coming when Nigel pulls another fast one.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Anything is possible, right. Even kamikaze crickets."
  • "I mean, some of those books with the handsome pirates on the covers with their shirts half-open, now those could be fun. Arithmancy is best left for term."
  • "Are all these sorts of things like that, then? If I buy discount nettles am I going to end the world?"


Happiness Runs - Donovan

Happiness runs in a circular motion. // Thought is like a little boat upon the sea. // Everybody is a part of everything anyway, // You can have everything if you let yourself be.

These Days - Nico

I've stopped my dreaming. // I won't do too much scheming // These days, these days. // These days I sit on corner stones, // And count the time in quarter tones to ten. // Please don't confront me with my failures, // I had not forgotten them.

Life is a Song - Patrick Park

Well is this why you cling to every little thing, // And pulverize and derrange all your senses? // Maybe life is a song but you're scared to song along, // Until the very ending.

Anthem - Leonard Cohen

Ring the bells that still can ring. // Forget your perfect offering. // There is a crack, a crack in everything: // That's how the light gets in.


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