1994-12-16: Just Another Work Day


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Scene Title Just Another Work Day
Synopsis Tonks tries to work, Edwin succeeds in disrupting her.
Location Auror Office, Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Date Dec 16, 1994
Watch For Attitude!
Logger TonkTonk.

So far so good. Tonks returned to work /the very next day/ and her gambit, so far, seems to be paying off. None of Umbridge's goons have harassed her, and the only ones who've questioned her have been people who are more interested in just doing their jobs than trying to, well, do whatever Umbridge's goons would want to do. Of course, she's been questioned, frequently, but having returned to work, in the maw of the lion, seems to have shaken suspicion in her involvement a bit. After all, if she was guilty, why would she return? She's been exceptionally quiet, keeping her nose clean and her head low. Right now, she's at her desk (still not around long enough for her own office), working on a bit of paperwork unrelated to whatever's going on. It's training stuff, processing people's applications and reviews for the auror program. Yup, quiet little tonks here.

Quiet little Tonks will be interrupted by Big Bad Edwin in just a moment, since the man is strolling towards her with a cup of tea held in his hands. No, it's not for her. It is his tea, and he will be enjoying it during the interrogation that is sure to occur in just about ten seconds. He stops behind the Auror's chair and unsubtly leans over her shoulder to take a detailed look at the papers on her desk, a slight smile on his face. "Well, now. If it isn't Nymphadora doing paperwork. I thought we'd never see the day."

You don't' just sneak up on Moody's protege. It's the fact she's trying not to get into trouble that Edwin isn't facing a rather angry Tonks. "I've been doing paperwork for some time," she says casually. "Please move back before I accidentally roll over your foot should I need to get up," keep it casual. She continues reading the reviews and making notations. Oh look yet another person who didn't even make the initial review. "Can I help you with something?"

"Of course you can. You can tell me where your delinquent convict escapee cousin is hiding his mangy tail. Or you can report to Azkaban to serve your own jolly sentence. Either way, sweetheart." Edwin takes a sip of his tea with all the pleasantness in the world, not bothering to stop his looming or even to take a step back. It's only because he needs to drink his tea that he's straightened up his spine. "If you make my life easier on this I'll even have a word with the Minister on your behalf. I'm sure it was all just a misunderstanding. He must have intimidated you."

There's a quiet breath taken, and she sets her quill down. "/Mister/ Gifford," Tonks is well aware that she's the one at a disadvantage here. "My statements, all of them, are viewable to any one of the Department who wants access to them. So I'm sure someone who has the Minister's favor would have no problem to read them. Everything I know has already been written down. I don't know where Sirius went to after the incident."

There's a chuckle from the Hit Wizard. "We both know that's absolute rubbish. Do you recall that memo that went out from the Minister? The one naming me to her task force? The one that authorizes a certain spell in any interrogations related to your dear cousin's whereabouts? Oh, I have a copy right here, don't I." Edwin reaches into his waistcoat and pulls out a short roll of parchment, uncurling it and taking a careful look at it. "Ah yes. The Cruciatus. You sure you don't know anything? I'd hate to have to resort to extreme - if authorized - methods." The man takes a step to the side and then seats himself on the edge of the desk, dropping the paper in front of Tonks and on top of her paperwork. Just so she can look at it better!

A lip curls as if a very unpleasant odor was deposited under her nose. At least now she can scoot her chair back away from the Death Eater (supposed, of course). "I'm aware," Tonks replies in a neutral tone. She glances around the area, and some are watching, but others are Dutifully Working (tm) as if trying to ignore what's going on. Traitors. She then just lifts her hands and works on wrapping her hair up into a tidy bun. "I've said all that I know. Besides, I believe there were studies done that torture is an ineffective method of gaining information," this is said very pleasant and very conversationally.

There's no evidence against Edwin! Not a shred! No Death Eaters here, no sir. The man takes another delicate sip of his tea and then lets a smile curl across his face - there's nothing like the many and varied pleasures of traditional English tea. "I don't believe you've said all that you know, Nymphadora. I think you're holding something back because your cousin is making you do it. It's alright, you can tell me what it is. If not, we may make this chat a more private one, that's all."

"/Tonks/." She corrects. "If you'd rather, Ms Tonks. But no one calls me Nymphadora," the tone is acidic. No. One. that doesn't already have leave to do so (her mother for instance,a nd practically the entire staff of Hogwarts. And Moody). Least of all this Umbridge bootlicker who's sitting on her desk and getting Death Eater cooties all over it. "I'm an /Auror/, despite what my current tasks are. I'm not 'made' to do anything, I don't get 'intimidated' into silence. I don't know where Sirius Black is." She picks up her quill, shoves the memorandum off her table and returns to notating reviews. "And that's final."

"Really." Edwin settles his teacup between his fingers neatly and then bends down a little more, arching an eyebrow at the woman sitting there. He may be a bootlicker, but he's an intelligent bootlicker. "I don't care if you're an Auror. I don't care if you're getting buried in so much paperwork you'll end up dying of blood loss from papercuts. I do care that you tell me the truth before I make you." Since no one in the office seems to be paying attention to what's happening (likely out of fear), the Hit Wizard promptly reaches down with his free hand to casually make an attempt to sweep the entirety of the paperwork off the desk. It's petty and probably not going to be much more than an inconvenience, but that doesn't stop it from being hilarious.

There's a flurry of noise as papers flutter here, there… some getting caught up in some of the flying missives and getting whisked away to parts unknown, others actually getting caught in the hurried feet of people /trying/ to be nice and get out of the way, while a good chunk just scatter under other peoples' desks and sit there, waiting to be collected on. "Good luck," She says as she stands up. The sarcastic comment is in reference to him making her tell him the truth. He'll even get an eyeroll for his trouble as she gets down on the floor and begins working on gathering up whatever papers she can grab. Some do find their way in piles within easy grasp, as a few people have gathered what was under their desks and sent it the Auror's way.

While Tonks is up and about hunting down her paperwork, Edwin promptly slides off of the desk and starts searching it, rifling through anything remaining on the desktop and then opening drawers with all the efficiency of a Hit Wizard on the job for too many years not to be good at it. At the end of his swift investigation he's left holding a small book, which he is now flipping through casually. A moment later, noticed or not, he tucks it into an inner waistcoat pocket and smiles. Bingo!

She'll kick herself later for not keeping that desk locked at all times, but shew as just recently in and out of it due to her load of paperwork. She's sitting up just as he's tucking something away. There's a frown, and she's setting the papers on the desk. "What did you take?" The top drawer's yanked open, then the next which is lacking… /shit/. "You'veS not the authority to search my personal belongings." Well, he /does/ but she's still thinking the law /works/ the way it's supposed to here.

Edwin beams happily and gives the slight bulge in his waistcoat a gentle pat, just to accentuate the fact that ~he~ has the book and ~Tonks~ doesn't. "Of course I have the authority. I'm on the Minister's task force and I'm confiscating evidence that was once owned by your cousin and is suddenly, inexplicably, in your possession despite your claimed ignorance of his whereabouts." The Hit Wizard is just freeballing here, but he thinks it's a safe bet. Mostly because he's pretty sure Tonks' family wouldn't keep a list of friends and pals like that.

"And the thought that I was using that to do my job in investigating Dark Wizards hasn't crossed your mind, naturally." Tonks stiffens a moment, as if she's about to say something else. But common sense, for once, steps in. Instead, she just yanks her chair back underneath her, grabs her quill and a new bottle of ink and pointedly goes back to work. "You've your 'smoking gun', regardless of the fact it's shooting blanks, so leave me alone already."

"I'll see you in a meeting after work hours in a couple of days, Nymphadora. Do keep your schedule free. It's mandatory. And you'd just have to cancel any engagements you had planned." Because part of being a loyal Ministry dog is making life miserable for everyone else in the office who doesn't toe the party line. Edwin lifts his teacup in a cheery salute, beams a bright smile, and then starts strolling back towards his own office. Because he actually has one.

Allow her to cast a spell here: Fingerus Flippidoffus. That'll be Tonks' response before she returns to /real/ work that doesn't involve a bunch of stupid smoke and mirrors.

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