1994-09-01: Another Train Bump


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Scene Title Another Train Bump
Synopsis Zarina meets the Slytherin fifth year Prefect in the Hogwarts Express Corridor, made a few new friends as they 'stumble' into her Compartment, and Mei causes some mischief with a kiss mark on cousin Rupert's cheek.
Date September 1, 1994
Chronology Right before the train enters into the station and arrive at Hogwarts.
Logger Zarina

Hogwarts Express, Corridor and private Compartment

Rated PG. Nothing offensive happens

[HGM] - Hogwarts Express - Corridor

The hallway corridor of the Hogwarts Express isn't very big. Just enough room for two students to squeeze by each other if they turn sideways. Or for the trolly of sweets to go up and down. Paneled in beige and gray colors, it's rather quite plain. The corridor stretches between all the cars, and evenly spaced are exits into the compartments for students.

The door for the third compartment slides open, releasing the noonday light through the window of as it falls across the wooden floor for a moment. The robes of the young Slytherin girl slipping out as she closes the door behind her as Zarina lifts her brilliant sapphire eyes to look around the corridor. With a light breath, she reaches up and absently brushes a lock of snow white hair behind her ear, her eyes glancing up to the storage compartments as she finds her trunks. She smiles lightly to herself, a slender hand reaching up from the length of her dark robes to unzip one side and slide out a thicker book, holding it under her as she closes her trunk once more. Holding the text book in front of her, she smirks slightly with some satisfaction, her reading for the trip it would seem.

Having made his way down to the end of the train, Stephen St. Claire is off towards the Prefect's car once again, intent on showing Snape and Dumbledore that he was an intelligent choice for Prefect. He hasn't had to do anything yet, it seems that most of the students are with their own Houses, reuniting after the summer away.
As he comes back to the car where he had just talked with Crane and the others just a little bit before, he runs into Zarina, pausing for a moment as he watches her pulling a book out of her suitcase.

With textbook in hand, Zarina lifts a brow at the sound of the car's door slides open, her bright sapphire eyes glancing up to watch the Prefect from before enter from his own private car. The brow tugs some, though her full lips grow a slight, comfortable smirk. She tilts her head slightly, glancing to him for barely a moment before those full lips part slightly, "School isn't in session yet, though feel free to put those in their place that deserve it. We don't want our Housemates further tarnishing the name of Slytherin do we." she smiles, chuckling.

Stephen smiles awkwardly at Zarina. "Oh, I don't think that going out of my way will be necessary. Just to let them know that I'm watching will suffice for now.", he says. "They won't be tarnishing our name if I can help it.", he adds quickly. The black cat on his shoulder rubs up against the side of his head and he looks up and reaches at the same time to scratch it affectionately behind the ear. Then, he jumps down on the ground and comes up to Zarina and rubs against her shoe. "Charon!", he scolds immediately, reaching down to grab the cat.

Zarina returns his smile, though not as awkward as his as she lowers her chin in a nod, "If they deserve it. That's all." she smirks some. Her sapphire eyes glance to the black cat as it purrs and rubs against the side of his head, smiling to herself as it flicks at his ear for a moment before hopping down to the floor. She lifts a brow slightly as he approaches and rubs against her black mary jane shoes. Chuckling, she leans down slightly, enough to hold out her hand for the cat to sniff at before allowing her to pet him, knowing how to earn the cat's trust. "Charon probably smells my cat on me most likely, though Shadowfoot is packed away in her luggage right now."

Stephen is mortified. Charon usually doesn't go out of his way to socialize with other people. In fact, he usually feels like Charon is *his* owner instead of the other way around. He tries not to show his discomfort, though. "Obviously.", he says. "I'll definitely make sure people are following the rules. Especially Potter and his friends. You know how they are.", he adds on. He leans down and catches her glance as Zarina pets the cat, who responds favorably. "I know we've never had a chance to speak all that much…", he begins, smiling. "I thought I'd seen you with a cat before."

Zarina smiles some as Charon allows her to pet him, her slender fingers gently rubbing into one of his ears for a long moment or so. He isn't hers, after all. It's rather rude. She pulls back her hand, leaning up again as she looks up to Stephen with a brow lifted. At his comment about Potter, she shrugs a shoulder, thoughtful for a moment or two, "I have heard rumors, but I haven't met them personally so no, I wouldn't know. I think I would decide myself in regards to what I think of them." Glancing down at Charon sitting so comfortably between them, the corner of her full lips tugs, "Shadows has a mind of her own. Like most cats, of course." she chuckles.

"I've seen Hermione Granger quite often in the library when I've been researching advanced magic, and I've overheard some of their conversations. Plus, it's no secret that everything suspicious that's happened in school since Potter arrived has revolved around him in one way or another.", Stephen says, frowning. "Anyways. Don't need to know him to know his type. It's no wonder he is in Gryffindor."

"Charon is pretty self-directed, too.", Stephen admits, watching the cat with a small amount of amusement now. "You know how they say that dogs have masters and cats have staff. Charon takes his ownership of me very seriously."

Zarina arches a white brow in thought, pondering her words for a moment or two before the comfortable, light smirk returns to her full lips and she shrugs a shoulder. "No, it is no secret. Though it only proves that they can get themselves into mischief, just like the rest of us. Especially like the rest of us." Her smile grows some, shrugging a shoulder lightly again, "It doesn't say anything about them." As he continues about his cat, Zarina chuckles, nodding lightly in agreement, "True enough, though I like their independent, proud nature. Reminds me of us Slytherins." her full lips curl with a smirk. "And I am sure he is fond of you quite well."

"We have a noble history, with much to be proud about.", he says with a smile as he scoops the cat up into his grasp. After an irritated yowl, Charon goes back to his normal resting place upon Stephen's left shoulder, grooming himself idly. "I know we've never gotten a chance to talk much, Miss Zarina.", he says, gesturing with his hands idly as he speaks. "I always thought you were an ideal example of what Slytherin House should be, considering they all think we're in cahoots to serve You Know Who.", he says.

Zarina blinks at Stephen a moment with some surprise before she arches a white brow, the corner of her full lips curling with a light smirk. "You know my name. Interesting." the comfortable smirk grows just slightly before she shrugs a shoulder. "Pureblood, Auror linage, even further Slytherin linage." Zarina just chuckles as she lifts a hand to brush a lock of white hair from her face, smirking. "Yes, I guess I am. Only means I have to work harder."

Stephen shrugs. "Only if you're short of where you see yourself. I think you're just fine.", he says, grinning despite himself. "Well, I should probably get back to watching the corridors here. Lots of new first years this term. Have to make sure they're taught the rules properly.", he says, running a finger through his hair. "And of course I know your name… I always make sure to remember people of importance.", he adds before starting down the corridor towards the next car. "See you at school, then?", he asks, turning around and offering Zarina a smile.

Zarina arches a brow a bit, though shrugs a shoulder as she nods in agreement with him, her full lips curled slightly with a smirk. "Alright. Just don't wear yourself out on the first day," she answers, the smirk growing slightly as she chuckles. Then she lifts a white brow at him, considering his words as he starts down the corridor with Charon balancing on his shoulder. "I suppose so, our odds very good since we're in the same House." And with a grin, she waves a slender hand at him, winking lightly before turning to her compartment and sliding open the door, the hem of her robes disappearing within it.

[HGM] - Compartment 3

A standard train compartment, done up in matching beige and grey colors of the corridor. There are six seats total, along with racks for luggage above the seats. A small table just out from the outside wall where a large window allows one to view the countryside as the train rolls along.

The bright sunlight shines through the wide window of the compartment, the green grass of the countryside moving as the train creaks now and then, coupled with the comfortable silence that hangs in the still air. Leaning in one corner, Zarina rests the side of her cheek against her fingers, propped against the windowsill as her long, snow white hair drifts over her shoulders along her robes. Her bright, sapphire eyes move slowly, moving back and forth across the text book in her hand, her full lips curling with unspoken words as the focuses on one page for a moment or so before continuing on to the next.

Melissa opens the door to the compartment and comes inside, munching on a pumpkin pasty. She gives a smile and a nod to Zarina as she comes in and sits down.

Padding along the corridor, Mei is keeping pretty much to herself. As the train takes a curve, the coach lurches somewhat causing the girl to lose her balance. Reaching out to hold on, her hand lands on Zarina's cabin door. It would help if the door was latched, but either it's not, left open by Melissa as she entered. Taking a tumble, the girl enters the compartment, making a light spin before ending up sitting down with a soft squeak and thump. She starts muttering in low Chinese, apparently hexing the train, the ride, or the whole thing all together.

Melissa waves to Mei as she finishes her food. "Hi!" She looks at Zarina with interest… the oldest student she's met so far.

As Melissa enters, Zarina glances up briefly to her, lifting a white brow slightly to see the student in casual clothing, but only lightly returns the smile before returning her sapphire eyes back down to the text book in her slender hands. Its when Mei enters in with a tumble does her gaze snap up to her in surprise, blinking for a brief moment before frowning just slightly. Arching at Mei for a moment longer, the corner of her full lips tugs lightly, "Are you alright?"

Mei nods some and then smiles gently at Melissa before turning her gaze on Zarina. Nodding she reaches to pull out the chopsticks from her hair, holding them in her mouth while fidgeting with her hair. Whatever she says comes out as a "murphle gurple frnn". Getting her long hair back in order she sticks it before standing. Clasping her hands together and bowing the girl softly says "Ni Hao" before translating earlier. "I said, I'm sorry, and yes, thank you but I am fine. I just have come to the realization that my home and the United Kingdom share one common thread. Their railways suck."

Melissa gets a look of recognition. "Oh! Is it time to change yet? I figured it was about time…"

As Zarina leans back in her seat again, shoulders relaxing, the comfortable smirk tugs as her full lips, her free hand reaching up to brush a lock of long, snow white hair from her cheek. She lowers her chin in a nod of acknowledgement in return to Mei, smirking, "Don't worry about it. Though I agree, they usually do suck." The smirk grows slightly as she lifts a white brow, her bright sapphire eyes looking down at her book nonchalantly. "I had a problem with the latch earlier too, though it wasn't a girl that stumbled in that time…"

Melissa frowns, pushing her glasses up her nose. "Well, I like it here… there's a nice view, I think."

Mei looks to Melissa and then nods her head curtly. "Yes, we're about an hour or two out. You might as well change now." Smiling still she turns to Zarina. "Gryffindor?" The question is perfectly obscure, directed at Zarina and probably in reference to the earlier incident. "We had that happen two cars back. Kid nearly took out the sweet trolley."

Lifting a white brow, the smirk on Zarina's full lips grows as she glances up, looking out the window thoughtfully, "Yeah, he was." the smirk only grows, brow quirking, "I have to admit, he wasn't that bad looking… A little stiff maybe. Turned bright red…" she just shakes her head as she glances back down at the book again, not really reading anymore.

The door to the compartment slides open and a tentative red head pokes in, eyes blinking against the backlight of the windows. Rupert's brow is furrowed and little dots of perspiration give some gloss to the marred forehead. "Um…excuse me," he pipes, the high, reedy voice chiming like a little bell in the air. "Is there any room in h…Zarina!" As his eyes light on the girl, his face cracks into a wide, if crooked, smile. Pulling open the door more fully, he is revealed in all his four-foot glory. Over his left shoulder a cat is slung, its limbs dangling limply as if the animal is deceased.

Mei looks up curiously at Rupert and then grins. Looking over to Zarina she notes "Speak of the devil…" Sitting back in the seat, her hands resting daintily in her lap she just watches curiously. Rupert of course gets a glance or two before Mei settles in to watch the fun ensue. That or the nervous attempts of a young boy to being the same room with a couple cute girls.

Zarina blinks at Mei for a moment, suddenly laughing as she shakes her head, waving her free hand, "No no, this isn't him. This is my little cousin." she quickly corrects her, her bright sapphire eyes looking up to Rupert as he grins happily, seeing family on the train. "Come in, Rupert. Have you found a compartment yet?" Her brow tugs lightly, though the smile remains, "You may need to go into another one to change into your robes though."

One small step for man, one giant leap for Rupert and he is in the compartment fully. Only then does he think to take note of Mei. A flush suffuses his face as he blinks momentarily at her and stammers a hesitant, "Hu…hullo." Pulling his eyes away he scoots a bit closer to Zarina as if for protection. "I found a compartment but someone east something off the candy cart that made things…um, well, first they were noisy. And then they were smelly." He perks. "It was great fun! But then someone got mad that we were laughing so hard, so I came to look for another compartment…" He trails off for a second then beams. "And here I am!" The cat on his shoulder continues to hang lifelessly.

Looking to Rupert she chuckles. "Oh, but he's so ke ai…cute." Looking to Rupert she places her hands together in a kind of praying move, bowing her head. "Ni hao Rupert. I'm Mei." Looking at the boy longer she chuckles gently. "mind the third car's bathroom. Someone hexed it and I think the toilet exploded. Or imploded. Either way, don't go in there" she intones to the boy with a sage nod.

Zarina chuckles as she closes the textbook in her hand, resting it in her lap as its obvious she won't have a chance to read more until later. "This is your first year, isn't it Rupert?" she asks him out loud, encouraging him as the corner of her full lips tugs some with a slight smirk. A brow arches, "What House do you think you'll be sorted into? I think its pretty even between your dad's side of the family and your mum's."

If the boy was blushing before, he's now positively scarlet from Mei's opening remarks. Nevertheless, he tries to make a valiant reply. "Me How!," Rupert squeaks back at Mei, imitating her bow with a little jerky version of his own before practically leaping into the seat next to Zarina. His feet dangle from the heights and he kicks them idly into the seat front as he speaks. "I dunno. Mum said I shouldn't think about it, cuz If I get set on one thing, it might not be what I thought and it would bum me out. But I think she wants me to be a Slytherin. And Dad says ALL of the houses are good and that Hat will pick what's best for me. But I think he wants me to be a Gryffindor." His eyes dart down to her book. "Am I interrupting you guys?"

"No," Mei says quickly, shrugging. Looking to Zarina she winks and then smiles at the firstie. "We were just talking about…" standing the girl moves to sit right beside Rupert, looking at him curiously "finding a cute little firstie and kissing him. To see if he blushes or faints… though" reaching out the girl would move to playfully ruffle Rupert's hair, finishing her comment "I figured he'd get a nose bleed and then faint…"

Zarina arches a white brow, glancing up from Rupert to Mei as her small cousin takes a seat next to her, flushing hard before her question shifts his attention. For the moment. She lowers her chin in a nod to him, "The hat looks at a person and decides what is best suited for them. Though I have heard of some rumors when they have traits of a few." She glances back up at Mei, absently brushing her slender fingers through her long, snow white hair before blinking in surprise, the girl taking a seat on his other side as she pets his reddish hair. The Slytherin girl holds up a hand, covering her mouth as she tries to keep from laughing.

It won't take a kiss to make Rupert blush; he's already red as a beet. His leg presses slightly against Zarina's like an animal forcing its back to a reliable wall before he turns wide eyes on Mei. His heart is beating so hard and rapidly that the little pulses can be seen in his neck and he swallows several times to work moisture into his throat. "O… ok," he finally rasps. With one last fearful look, he closes his large eyes. Jerking his chin forward fearfully, his lips pucker, even as his hands go white at the knuckle with fear.

Mei giggles. Leaning down she kisses Rupert right on each cheek. Leaving a nice bright red mark from her lipstick that probably won't come off easily. Grinning she smiles at the boy, playfully touching his lips with her finger. "You're ke ai little Rupert. I Bet you'll make Slytherin have a cute little firstie." Winking she settles back in her seat before pulling one of her legs up under her. "Shame we won't be getting you in Hufflepuff."

Melissa comes back into the compartment, changed into her robes. "Hi again… I guess this means it's really about time to get there…"

Zarina shakes her silver white head as she smirks, "Alright, Mei, lay off of him. Might give him a bloody heart attack." She arches a brow as she glances back to Rupert, "Breath. She's just teasing you, not as bad as a Slytherin, but still…" she smirks, leaning slightly to Rupert to give him a light nudge. "We were talking about how bloody awful the railway system is. People stumbling into compartments and what not." The smirk grows just slightly.

Only after Mei has pulled away and there is no contact with his lips does Rupert open his eyes, releasing an enormous pent of sigh of anxiety as he does so. He is, of course, oblivious to the red lip-marks on his cheeks and they jump up as his cheeks bunch in a survivor's smile as Zarina's words let him off the hook…kind of. For a moment, he looks vaguely worried by the words from his cousin, but then, abruptly, he seems to get the joke and he takes her advice. About breathing. With a little laugh, he slides off of the seat only to come face to face with Melissa. "Oh! Hi!" He seems at a loss for words, then blurts, "I gotta change!" right into her face.

Grinning playfully, Mei leans over to whisper to Zarina. "He's a cutie. He'll break someone's heart if you're not careful." Looking to Melissa she smiles some. "You'll be going across the lake, so be sure to hold on ok?"

Melissa gives Rupert a bright smile and a wave. "Bye then…"

Smirking lightly, Zarina lifts a hand to wave to Rupert at he hurries off, apparently overcoming his blush long enough to return to his giddy self, hurrying to go change in his clothes. She just arches a brow, smirking as she shakes her snow white head, "Yeah, he is. If you didn't turn him into a tomato you could have had a chance too." she snickers, looking up to Melissa to give her a slight nod. The Slytherin just shakes her head again, "And I can't believe you thought that was him…"

Mei giggles and shrugs. "He was cute. Besides now, now matter where he gets sorted, he'll have a story to tell his mates. I bet…" she says settling back in the seat and smiling at Zarina and Melissa "that he'll remember this day all his life." Giggling gently she reaches out to playfully poke Melissa. "He's a cutie. I bet if you chased after him he'd give you a kiss too…"

Melissa laughs. "Y-you think so? I guess…"

Zarina chuckles, leaning her cheek into her hand as she settles back into her seat, smirking between Mei and Melissa as they gossip about Rupert. "Hm, there are quite a few handsome blokes in the school…" she murmurs in agreement, though her smirk only grows with a chuckle at Melissa's answer to Mei.

Nodding, Mei produces some lipstick from her pocket, refreshing what she left on Rupert before offering the color over to Zarina. "I just got this. I hate to admit it'll take him a bit to get that color off. But, he's cute so it's all good." Looking to Melissa she smiles. "You fancy him hmm? Well just tell him. I bet he'd love to carry your books for you…" Keeping it cute but innocent with the firstie, Mei goes at playing matchmaker. "To be honest, I haven't paid attention. I mean they stare at me, but it's more fun to act like I don't speak English." Winking she puts on a horrible English accent and says slowly. "I sorry. I no speak well."

Melissa looks a little embarrassed. "Well… I haven't really seen him that much… so I don't know…"

Zarina lifts a hand, waving it slightly in her silent, polite refusal to the offer of lipstick as Mei tries to play matchmaker with Melissa. She arches a brow at Melissa for a moment or so, watching her reactions for a moment, "Hm, I think it might be possible that she does have a fancy for him…" she just smirks lightly, chuckling as she shrugs a shoulder, looking to Mei then with some disbelief. It's a long moment before the side smirk grows on her full lips, "Oh you are terrible. I'm surprised you're not a Slytherin." she chuckles, shaking her head again. "It's kinda hard not to notice. And acting innocent only makes them more outgoing about it, so it does have its advantages some times…"

Mei giggles as she nods. "They often say I was mis sorted." Looking to Melissa she hmms and then grins. "Pucker up sweetie. Let's put a bit on you." Waiting for the firstie's reaction, she looks over. "I'm not terrible. I'm cute."

Melissa looks surprised. "W-what? I don't think I should do that…" She backs off from the lipstick.

Zarina smirks some, "I can see why." she chuckles softly, absently watching Mei and Melissa as one tries to put lipstick on the other. Lifting a brow, the Slytherin lifts a hand to brush through her long, snow white hair, her bright sapphire eyes glancing through the window at the moving countryside. "Interesting start to the new school year already. Boys stumbling on girls changing… an unsorted first year getting a kiss on the cheek…"

Smiling she ahs "Them stumbling in…that's a ploy. There were a couple boys talking about it when they saw me come on." Reaching into her pocket she pulls out a wizard photo of Mei in a long red chinese dress. "They were trying to pop in on as many girls as they could…" Pulling out her wand, its markings obviously not an Ollivander one she adds. "I reminded them that I know how to hex things off, and that anything hexed off…won't grow back."

Melissa frowns. "That's… um… mean…"

Zarina lifts a brow, watching the countryside quietly for several moments, "I'm not too sure about this instance…" she says slowly. "He instantly looked away and I've never seen someone so red before. With the exception of Rupert right now, I mean," the smirk returns to her full lips for just a moment. "No… I don't think it was a ploy this time…"

Nodding Mei laughs some. "And no one ever said Gryffindors were smart." Settling back in for the ride she grins. "So did you hex him?"

Zarina rolls her sapphire eyes, smirking lightly, "No. It was a mistake. I can't really blame him for anything." she makes an odd face at the window, thoughtful as her brow furrows just slightly. "What was odd though, after apologizes were exchanged. He sat down as we played a bit of wizard chess." She glances to Mei curiously, "Do you think he's a fairy?"

Mei ahs and then shakes her head. "If I had to wager…" She says turning to look out the window. "I'd say he fancies you. In fact, I bet that's it right there. He fancies you and wanted to pop in to talk, but didn't expect to catch you changing." Smiling, the Chinese girl looks to Zarina. "What's his name? If you mind not this simple ke ai girl's asking?"

Melissa looks a bit thoughtful.

Zarina arches a brow at the thought, though she just shrugs a shoulder, "I don't remember. Some Gryffindor, though I don't remember seeing him until today, so its hard to say." she glances back to the open window, sighing lightly as she shakes her snow white head. "Though I've also seem to be spotted by a Prefect and a fifth year Slytherin as well."

Mei chuckles and then smiles. "You know why don't you?" Reaching out Mei gently gestures to Zarina's hair and features. "You're like me. They've seen you around before, and never paid attention." Turning to Melissa she reaches again to remove her chopsticks from her hair, letting it out to her full length before asking the firstie. "Tell me, do you think we two are pretty?"

Melissa looks between Mei and Zarina. "Hmm… yeah, I think so… I wish I could be like that."

With her cheek resting in her cheek, Zarina lifts a brow as she glances to Mei and Melissa, smirking lightly, "Yes, though it doesn't really matter to me." she answers, shrugging a shoulder as she looks to Melissa, her smile growing. "It wouldn't be that hard to be. Mostly its in the attitude you have."

Mei smiles softly and then nods. "She has a point. I'll tell you a little secret lil bit." Leaning in close she smiles, ruffling Melissa's hair. "For all my flirting, I've never broken a heart. They all know though, well most of the boys do, save maybe the Gryffindors…that I'm just playing with them." Looking back she adds to Zarina. "your cousin is an exception."

Melissa giggles as her hair is ruffled, then pushes up her glasses. "That's good… I guess."

Zarina smiles lightly, her cheek resting in her hand still as she glances out the window. "There is plenty of time for chatting up during the year. Soon enough, anyways." she smirks. "It is fairly entertaining, isn't it…"

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