Portrayed By Tiana Benjamin
House Gryffindor
Year 6th
Position Prefect, Quidditch Team Chaser and Captain
Sex Female
Race Mixed Blood
Age 17
Place of Birth Cornwall, England
Date of Birth October 28, 1977
First Appearance Book 1
Last Appearance Book 7

Character History:

Angelina was born into the small family of Jennifer and Douglas Johnson. When she was born, she already had a two year old brother named Tremayne. Four years later, the family was joined by her younger sister, Fiona.

The three children grew up together in a small town on the southern coast of Cornwall, due to their father’s job working with the Falmouth Falcons. After he graduated from Hogwarts, House Gryffindor (where he /of course/ played Quidditch), he became a trainer for the team. Angelina’s mother, who graduated from Hogwarts, House Hufflepuff, worked only part-time as a mediwitch, as she was responsible for the home schooling of all three children. Their lives were mostly carefree and happy. Of course, the children fought, as all children do, but they really did love one another and get on well enough. As they grew older, on days their mother worked, they were allowed to go with their father to work. This meant meeting the players, playing on the pitch, running about in relative freedom. It wasn’t long before this all began to have an effect on little Angelina. Cute as she was, the players all gave her attention, chocolate frogs, let her fly on their brooms with them. They even went together and got her a small robe made, matching the team uniforms. She developed a great love for the game. And all the competitiveness rubbed off on her. She wanted to WIN, just like the other players wanted to WIN. They taught her to play, the rules, the tricks. She showed some skill for it, a fact her father did not fail to see. While her father was thrilled with this, her elder brother, who was not much of a sports fan, was not thrilled with the attention Angelina got; both from the players and their father. He turned his attention to his studies instead, and when he went off to his first year at Hogwarts, was sorted into Ravenclaw. This left Angelina to have all the attention of the team, as her younger sister had already shown more interest in watching mom at work than dad.

She finally shipped off to Hogwarts herself two years later, and was sorted into House Gryffindor. Of course, she didn’t make the team her first year, but she did her second. Her father, and her adopted team, couldn’t have been happier. They even sent her a brand new broom as a congratulatory gift! Her father was a bit pushier about things. He sent owls inquiring as to what she was eating, was she going running to keep her stamina up, was her captain training them hard. Angelina has always been daddy’s girl, and while she found all his questions annoying, they did indeed push her harder to strive for competitive perfection. It wasn’t long before she learned that if she was working so very hard, she should play hard too, to relax and make up to herself for it. She found a set of pranksters she could laugh with in Fred and George Weasley. While she could be, and was, serious when it came to sports and competition, she was also cheerful and fun-loving, and liked relaxing with them. When her third year came, she chose to add as her electives Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures. This is also the year that Harry Potter joined the school. This brought much excitement into House Gryffindor, and when he was made Seeker, the prospects for winning in Quidditch were greatly improved. Happy, Happy Angelina. Sure, some drama came along with having Harry in the house. He was the House Star, but that was really okay with Angelina because they were kicking butt in Quidditch!

Her favorite class, she has discovered, is Defense Against the Dark Arts. She finds the competion in the room thrilling, trying to see who can get the spell off first, correctly. Astronomy also has become something of a guilty pleasure. She enjoys laying in the Astronomy Tower when others are downstrairs studying and it is silent, and she can simply enjoy the blackness and tiny pricks of light. The worst of her classes, as it is for most Gryffindors is Potions. Whether it is the dungeon it is set in or the professor that teaches there is unsure. But she surely doesn’t like it much.

Loyalty Loyalty is one of the things Angelina values most in her life. Growing up as she did surrounded by people working as a team, loyalty to the team has been drilled into her. That ‘team’ can take on many forms: House, Family, Friends. But it was one of the primary reasons the Sorting Hat placed her within Gryffindor.
Confidence Angelina is confident in her abilities, both as a witch and a Quidditch player. She is quite proud of herself and her successes, though not to the point of being arrogant. It would take more than a few smart Slytherin comments and some losses on the field to drag down her self-esteem.
Leadership Along with confidence and loyalty comes leadership skills. She enjoys encouraging her teammates and those around her, and helping them learn as well as mentoring them. She is there for the younger students, always willing to listen and be a big sister when they are homesick.
Stubborn Likely the greatest of Angelina’s flaws, she has a rather large stubborn streak. Once she has in her mind what is right and just, or how things should be, she will work to make it that way. Only showing her true evidence of why it should not be, or why she should change her view will make her back down. When she feels she is right, she will dig in her heels and not budge.
Competitive Along with loyalty, she learned to be competitive from her upbringing around the team. Sometimes, with her closer friends, she can take things just a bit too far. This usually involves who can do fancier stunts on a broom, or who can dodge a bludger more times than another. But she wants to win. Always, to win.
Fun-Loving She is very driven towards her goals, but at the same time, one can’t be friends with the Weasley Twins and be entirely serious. She would likely even assist them in playing practical jokes on team and house mates, trying to hide her laughter when the trick finally occurred. While she may, at times, chastise others for their lack of focus on the goal, she plays just as hard as they do when it comes right down to it. Her ultimate desire: To play a prank on the Weasley twins. And she will succeed. Oh yes she will. And when she does, it will be absolutely epic.
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