1995-05-03: ...And What Alice Found There


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Scene Title …And What Alice Found There
Synopsis Wonderland is getting creepier.
Location ?
Date May 3, 1995
Watch For The Dark Mark, Angelina's Patronus.
Logger Jax


No change. The world is just the same, save for the ghostly images that surface and fade away all throughout it. No one has come and no one has left. The fog is still thick, still green, and still bothersome for anyone who has lost their book bag. That would be Neville Longbottom, professional forgetter. He stumps around the smog, disrupting it and causing it to scatter as he searches for his bag. "It's useless," he mutters himself, not knowing if anyone else is awake or listening. "Been three… four days? Five? Don't even bloody know. Missed at /least/ four homework assignments."

"Mmm?" Jax looks up from his sketchpad, which he has once again been busily drawing on. He is surrounded by a halo if his brightly-hued bubbles, that he has managed to freeze in place. "What'd you lose? Can I help?" His brow creases and he looks around. "Hopefully the teachers'll give us a bit of time to make up all the work we've missed." He chews on his lip worriedly. "Cuz I really don't want my Potions grade to drop any more."

Neville stops, looking up. "Huh? Oh. M'bookbag. I got up without it and it's somewhere under this blasted blanket of fog." He kicks at said fog. "It's not over by you, is it?"

"Oh." Jax frowns and looks around, stretching his arms out to wave his hands through the thick fog. "Nooo. It can't be far, though, we ain't moved much." He closes his pad, slipping it into his bag — which he keeps securely slung over his shoulder as he stands. He starts walking in small circles, feet shuffling over the notreallyground to try and feel for Neville's bag. "D'you think getting your books disappeared into another world counts as a proper excuse for not turning in your work?"

"Knowing Hogwarts?" Neville prompts, looking up at the boy after another few seconds of searching. "Not in a million years, mate." This causes a laugh and he crouches, running his hands through the green mist.

Jax grins, head shaking as he peers down into the fog, slowly increasing the radius of the circles he is walking in. "Best we find it, then. Do you have lots of homework left?" He pauses a moment, looking thoughtful. "You know how it made it appear if we all focused on the same memory? D'you think that'd work if we all focused on — thinking about something we /haven't/ all seen? But something that's happened by now. Like the Hogsmeade weekend you guys missed while we've been here. Or classes happening today, or something."

Waking up is not the easiest thing to do according the Fred Weasley. The young man yawns, rolls over from his spot next to Angelina and yawns loudly. Looking at the two boy looking for something he rubs his eyes and waves a hand lazily at them.

"There was a Hogsmeade weekend? Bloody hell, I forgot about that." Neville slumps to a sit, looking distraught. "All those butterbeers an' ice mice gone." He mourns, half heartedly patting around at the ground. "I'll die if I don't get a butterbeer soon. Mark my words!" He pokes at his cheeks which, yes, are a bit thinner than normal. "M'wastin' away."

"There's plenty of chocolate and fruit," Jax says wryly, though after this long he doesn't seem particularly eager to eat any more of it himself. "Please don't die, though, that'd be real sad. I think I'd cry and anyway if you die how are we going to tell everyone about this adventure?" He looks up as Fred wakes. "Mornin'! Or evening. Afternoon. Something. Tell Neville not to die, please. 'sides, Nevs, if you die you'll /never/ have more butterbeer. Or the walkman I've ordered for you, an' what m'I gonna do with /two/ of them? I only have one set of ears."

Fred blinks as Jax asks him to do something odd, "Sure…" He turns his head to Nevler, "Nevler if you die, I'll kill you…wait that doesn't work. Neville don't die." He says trying to hold back a laugh as he attempts a stern voice, "Besides no need to die Mr Longbottom. Teachers will be looking for us I'm sure and if not…I'll get us out of here. Trust me." He winks.

"A figure of speech!" Neville hoots laughter, leaning back and grinning at the other two. "I'm a Gryffindor with /needs/ and those needs ae butterbeer and a big pile of shepards pie!" He glances between them, still amused. "A walkman, really?" Neville looks to Jax. "Oh, brilliant. Did you get the… the, what was it called? Fred, it's a pretty amazing little muggle device…"

With Neville's laughter, Angie finally stirs. Well. Neville and Lupin were sorta all over here about sleeping. And now. She's sleeping lots. So it should make up for it, right? She wakes, opens her eyes, and heaves a heavy, heavy sigh.

"Maybe you can try turning some water into butterbeer." Jax starts walking again, slowly, still searching for Neville's bag. "And yeah! Walkman. My ma's sending it so it should be here soon — or now. Maybe it's at Hogwarts already and /I'm/ just not. Then that'll be like a nice welcome-back-to-real-life present for you!" he says cheerfully. "Mornafterevenight, Angie!" Best to keep all bases covered.

Laughing a little to loudly since he's still right next to Angie Fred covers his mouth quick and looks back towards the sleeping girl. "Oh shoot, sorry." He looks to Jax, "Oh you got a walkman thing? My da had one, never could make it work though." He turns back to Angie and grin to the waking girl, "Morning Butterfly…well it might be morning. What Jax said."

"No, the things you need for it. Those square things…" Neville wonders, thinking hard. "Toops?"" He shrugs. "Hullo, Ang. Sleep well?" he asks causally. "Mine will work right?" he shoots back to Jackson.

In answer to all this cheerful greeting, there is only a groan, followed by a pathetic whimpering whine. "HOW are we still /in here/?? Are they even looking?!"

"Toop— oh, tapes! Yes. No. Well the new ones play CDs, now — little flat round discs with music on them." Jax holds up his hands, fingers making a circle about the size of a compact disc. "It's totally neat! And your's'll definitely work. You can borrow some of my music 'till you figure out what you like." Jax tilts his head curiously at Fred. "Did your dad try putting in batteries? They won't work without batteries." He turns on his heels, looking at Angie with concern. "M'sure they're looking. They gotta be looking. Do /you/ need a hug now too?"

Fred reaches over to rubs Angie's arm lightly and tries to assure her, "I'm sure they're looking really hard. Just this place must be a bit hard to find." He shrugs and tries to give her a reassuring smile, "Just enjoy the soothing green luv." He shrugs to Jax, "Probolly, he collects batteries."

As very interested Neville is about Jackson's walkman things, Angelina's voice causes him to look over. The boy frowns, taking in a quick breath and holding it awkwardly.

Angelina grunts, pouty, and kicks at her school bag near her feet in frustration. Oooh. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the wrackspurt dimension this morning. "Fine." She lays there a moment, then fights to get out of Fred's robe covering her, only tangling herself more in the process.

Jax drops down to sit on the ground, cross-legged. He watches Angie for a moment and then looks up at the images around them. "Angie, d'you think we could make images appear if we focus on things we /haven't/ seen, the same way we did focusing on things we all have?"

Fred reaches over to help Angie escape the evil robe of his, "Hold on, getting you out butterfly." He says calmly cause she's in such a lovely mood. Looking to Jax as he does this the older boy shrugs, "Might be worth a shot."

"Maybe," Neville wonders. "Then we could see if they are looking for us? If it works. I mean… it seems that for us to summon an image, we have to be able to remember it as we were there." He pauses. "But if they're not… I don't know if I want to see that. Better some hope, eh mates?"

"I don't know Jackson." Angie lays still, letting Fred untangle her. "Thanks.." He gets a tiny smile, despite her mood. "How, if we all focus on something we've never seen, do we know if we're actually seeing that thing that none of us have seen?" Finally freed, Angie sits up and reaches for the glass, cleans it, and gets herself a glass of it. "I'm…feeling a little off today. Tonight. Whatever this is. Sorry if I snap at you.'

"I don't mean something we've never seen /ever/. I mean like — something we know is happening but we're not there for it. Like a class from today. We'd know what we're supposed to be studying and who's supposed to be teaching and which students should be there, at least, so that would help know if we're seeing the right thing or not." Jax shrugs. He gets back up and starts searching for Neville's bag again. "I mean, if we're not allowed to go explore /here/ we might as well try focusing and see how much of what's going on back home we can explore."

Fred leans over to whisper in Angie's ear quietly before shruging to Jax, "Don't know mate…I'm been in Dumbles office maybe we could focus on that and see if he's noticed we're missing." Fred suggests.

Neville stands, following suit with Jackson as he looks for his missing bag. "I'm still thinking that we should start to shove off from here." He bends down to inspect a jump of fog, but it's empty of a book bag. "Of course they've noticed, Fred," Neville says. "If time goes by here the same as it does at home… Students just don't go missing for a few days without notice. Not at Hogwarts."

Angie looks over as Fred whispers in her ear. Her eyes close, and she sighs, then nods yes. "I'll try. Sorry." Her glass of water is finished, then the glass put back in place before she stands up. "We can try it, I guess. I'll try. Might work. You guys tested for me. I'll test. And I still think we should stay right here. When you're lost in the woods and don't know they way out, and have no idea which way is north, you don't just wander and make it worse. You stay put."

"But when you're in an exciting new world, you totally explore," Jax says cheerfully. "It's not getting more lost, it's just — discovering new things!" He rocks back on his heels, looking around thoughtfully. "We could try something familiar, like Herbology classes?"

"It isnt as if I disagree completely," Neville says, walking in a little figure eight. "It's that when you wait in the woods for days or weeks, eventually it's walk or… not," he finishes lamely, but runs a finger across his neck with a shy chuckle.

Brightening as Angie says north, "What about the four points spell…works like a compass to make your wand point north." Fred nods to Angie's words though and nudges her shoulder lightly with his own before putting his robe on again. He doesn't seem to be in the best mood and just shrugs ta Jax's suggestion, "Sure I'll focus on whatever you guys want. My brain is yours."

Angelina rubs sat her head. "You can try it, Fred." She doesn't look up. "Neville. When you're in the woods, you can tell if you're getting toward the edge and civilization. Tell me how we tell that in here? If they.." Heavy sigh. "I'm not going to argue this any more. If you all want to go wandering off, fine. Have at it. There it is. Just…tell me what to think about and I'll do it."

"But if we mark our path we can find out way back, or anyone who comes in here can find us." Jax shrugs, and leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "We could focus on the greenhouses? In Herbology nowabouts we're s'posed to be learning about bristle-bushes and tanglevines. If anything like that shows up with Professor Sprout an' a bunch of people in my class we'll know we're seeing the right time, anyway."

"All right, Angie. All right. But even if there isn't not a single thing out ther—" Neville's thought is cut off as he squeaks and topples right over something in the fog. He pushes himself up almost immediately. "My book bag!" he exclaims happily. The boy grabs it, pulling it into his lap and closing his eyes. "The Greenhouses. Easy."

Fred shrugs and lets out a heavy sigh himself, so much for being all peppy and brave faced today, "Sure thing Jax, green house it is." He says and rubs his eyes, "And no Angie, no ones going anywhere…well I'm not." He says with another sigh and rubs the bump on his head that's still there.

Hearing Fred's sigh, and looking at his face, Angie closes her eyes. "I'm sorry guys. Look. I woke up in a bad mood. I'm sorry. Just..let me wander off over here and sit for a bit alone, and I'll be okay. You were all laughing when I woke up. I didn't mean to ruin it. Just give me a bit, and I'll be back. And I'll think Herbology from over there. I promise." Without waiting, Angelina walks a bit off into the darkness.

"It's okay," Jax says reassuringly. "We've been here a long time. You don't have to be cheerful all the time. It's kinda stressful here, a little bit." He hugs his knees to his chest and focuses, staring off into the fog, brow creasing faintly with concentration.

Neville doesn't comment. Instead he's off in a greenhouse daydream, humming happily at the image. Lush plants, the smell of soil, even the familiar form of Professor Sprout bobbing about through the canopy of magical plants. He sniffs, very quietly.

Fred watches Angelina storm off with a havy sigh and a complete down look, "Alright greenhouse…" He thinks hard on the greenhouse to see what he it will do.

Jax keeps thinking of the greenhouse, focusing off into the green. His eyes widen as images take form — the verdant greenery of the Herbology classroom, first-years gathered, focused on Professor Sprout, pointing out various parts of a plant with very knotted-looking ropey vines. He bounces in place, hands clapping together once. "Lookit — she's in my class. This's gotta be recent."

Neville peeks, smiling brightly at the scene. "They they are!" He chatters leaning forward. "Look, you can even see the Snap Jaws!" The young herbologist seems delighted. "Oh," he says suddenly. "I miss my plants."

Fred smiles as he looks towards the scene, "Well I'll be damned." He says and chuckles lightly, "Good idea there Jax." He watches Neville perk up a little and Fred seems a little happier for this.

Jax sighs happily as he watches the pictures, seeming heartened by the appearance of the plants as well. "The Snap-Jaws are almost as fun to watch as cats when they start going after shiny things." He watches the class for a bit longer before looking away. "We'll be back to them in no time," he says optimistically to Neville. "Y'know, I don't think I'm even going to mind the backlog of Herbology work. — History essays, on the other hand…" His nose wrinkles.

Neville rubs his hands together fitfully. "I hope," he says, watching hungrily at his favorite place in the world. "But… if not, they'll be well taken care of them. I don't worry about them." He simply snort-laughs at Jackson.

Fred blinks and shakes his head, "Ah man first time in my life I think I've ever been worried about homework." He admits and getting up heads off in the opposite direction Angie went, "Be back…just…yeah." He looks a little depressive.

"D'you think they'll be okay?" Jax looks in the direction the older kids went. "I think this place is starting to get to everyone," he confides to Neville. "Ain't nobody happy today."

Neville looks over, not noticing until now that the other two had shoved off. "Oh," he says slowly. He scoots closer to Jax in order to have a lowered conversation. "They're tryin' to be brave for us, mate. Being older an' all. But… we're in a pretty bad situation. I won't lie to you, mate."

"Yeah." Jax bites his lip and looks down at his hands, fingers fidgeting with the hem of his robes. "S'easy to see why they're scared an' upset. I'm a little scared an' upset, too." His voice is hushed on this, as if it is Very Secret. "But there's nothing to be done, really, so I usually try to smile anyway. It's better than the other choices."

Neville nods quietly, watching the greenhouse scene. "You're a pretty smart kid, you know that?" He crosses his legs and puts his hands on his knees. "Do /you/ need a hug?" the older boy wonders.

"Really?" Jax looks surprised at Neville's first question. "One kid said at the beginning of the year that Hufflepuff is where all the dumb kids go so I've been working extra hard all year to make up." The second question makes his head bow, and he nods slightly. "Maybe one. We've been here a long time now an' I kind of miss my friends. I mean you guys are real great too but…" He shrugs one shoulder awkwardly.

Neville looks down on Jackson. "Professor Sprout was a Hufflepuff and naturally Professor Flitwick was a Ravenclaw. Brilliant, both of them! There isn't a thing wrong with your house, Jackson. Good folks, most all of you. Better than Slytherin can say." He throws his arm about the boy's shoulders, tugging him into a half hug. "I know. There is an age difference and bond that makes it a bit rough for you. Luna and I are in the same year, Ang and Fred the same s'well, and us three are in the same house." He squeezes again. "But you're doing well for it."

Jax brightens at the hug and the encouragement. "M'getting lots of studying done, anyway," he says with a laugh. "An' I'm sure with just a bit more practice I'll manage that aguamenti spell, too! So this ain't been so bad. And it's kinda an adventure, yeah?" His gaze drops briefly before he adds, "The thing about adventures though is 'ventually it's nice if they end an' you can get back to real-life."

"Very true," Neville agrees, leaning away and taking his arm back. "Look, I've been at Hogwarts for four years now an' every year something happens. It's just… what it is. You've got to learn to roll with it. Better wizard for it an' whatnot."

"Something happens like fun something, or like scary something?" Jax's gaze drifts back to the shifting scenery around them, focusing on some images of formally-attired students dancing at the Yule Ball. "Either way, I guess somethings are good. I mean, if they make you better. /You're/ a pretty awesome wizard so it's gotta be worthwhile."

After some time away, Angelina does return. She seems to be her normal self as she rejoins the group, giving a gentle smile. "Sorry about that, guys. Just…needed an attitude readjustment. I'm good now. Really. So did the herbology thing work?"

Neville looks in time to see himself, and the boy flushes. "Ah, depends. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Sometimes both at the same time." He takes his hands behind his back, propping up on them. "Oh well, thanks Jackson," Neville muses happily. "I've been in the Forbidden Forest, caught wearing a rotted newt tail because of the Chamber of Secrets, been banned from Hogsmeade," he stops at that. "Which was complete bollocks, if you ask me. See—" his story stops and he glances up to Angelina. "It's all right. We all have our moments, mate."

"S'okay," Jax tells Angie with a cheerful smile. "We're jus' talking about adventures. Apparently Hogwarts is chock-full of 'em! — What were you banned from Hogsmeade for? An' what's the Chamber of Secrets?"

Neville shudders at the name. He is sitting right next the boy, having had to be close enough to hug the boy. "It's… don't really know much about it actually. Some… deadly monster snake thing. I wore rotted newt for a week, but m'pureblodded, of course. So everyone said I didn't have much to worry about. I.. uh… lost the passwords for the common room I had written down." Neville looks a bit embarrassed at this.

Angelina has just returned to the group and rejoined those chatting. "Thanks for understanding." She pauses, looking around. "Hey… where did Fred go?"

Having stormed off in the direction away from Angie Fred Weasley comes back towards the group looking a little less down then he was before. The young man plops himself down on the ground and looking to Angie as he heard her speak says, "Right here." A touch on humor in his voice, "Just needed some space."

"There's deadly monster snakes at Hogwarts?" Jax looks more intrigued than frightened. "Does newt help keep 'em away?" Jax turns to look in the direction Fred left. "I thought he went to — oh. Hi, Fred." He leans back, legs stretching out in front of him. "Feeling alright now?"

Neville chortles. "I believe it was taken care of," he says with wink and a leaned whisper. "It was Angelina on a bad day, you know. We survived." His head cranes up. "Wotcher, Fred. /You/ two seem in better moods."

Angelina glances over as Fred returns, mouthing a silent 'I'm sorry.' before answering. "Good. I'm glad you feel better. Sometimes, I just need to go and be alone and think a bit, and then I feel better. I just had a bit of a bad dream, and I woke up grouchy and took it out on you. It wasn't fair. I'll try to be sure it doesn't happen again."

Flashing over Neville's head, an image of a crisp and bright green knut flares into being. First being tossed one way, and then the next, the knut then fades away - like most of the images in this creepy place.

Fred shakes his head as he leans back on his hands and says, "No big deal Angie, everyone has their moments." Alright he did storm off over it but let's just forget that part. "Oh was trying that four points spell…it can't find north but I think I got it to constently point in one direction." He was at least a little productive.

"We're stuck in crazy green memory-world, I think everyone's allowed to have bad — hey look, flying money!" Jax's head tilts to one side as the knut flies over Neville's head. "Too bad we can't keep it."

Neville glances up, nose twitching at the sight of the knut above his head. "Why would we need it?" the boy wanders. "These wrackspurts don't seem to have any shops. One way, you say?" he says with a look to Fred. "Which way?"

Angelina smiles and moves to sit next to Fred, just barely managing to catch the very clear image behind Neville before she settled in. Still standing, she looks at it, then looks at Fred. "Well. Let's try it." She pulls out her wand, points up.."Expecto Patronum!"

Fred nods his head to Neville and pulling out his wand says the worlds and the wand points left away from the group, "It'll point that way no matter where we are now. We could move around if we wanted…" He trails off knowing Angie doesn't want this and looks at her questionly.

Luna hadn't quite left the main group, however - the girl had remained quiet, oft spending hours just watching the flashing images dance across the 'sky', so to speak. But at the moment, noting the sound of 'Expecto Patronum', Luna turns her head away from the sky, looking over her shoulder towards the others with her usual vague little smile.

Jax appears excited at the thought of moving, bouncing in place where he sits, eager (and very fidgety.) He turns a hopeful look on Angelina.

Neville sits up, eyes widening. His mouth closes and he slowly picks himself up, watching after catching Luna's attention towards them. He motions her over silently.

Luna picks herself up off of the ground, and dusts off the front of her robes, giving Neville a cheery little smile as she steps back over towards the group. "This is such a happy place, really." she says, in a serene tone of voice. "… there's so much going on, all the time."

Angelina doesn't speak. This isn't her best spell. It's hard for her to hold onto, sometimes. All of her focus is there, circling her hummingbird over them, around and around and around. She's likely not really even hearing what they say.

Fred looks to Angelina with a touch of concern, "Want me to use my llama?" He asks suggesting the larger creature and he is alright with the spell, "I can show you the directional spell." He offers and smiles at Luna's voice, "Yeah brilliant ain't it…" Sarcasum tinging his voice.

"It's definitely fascinating, Luna." There's no sarcasm in Jax's tone. He gives Luna a thoughtful look for a moment, but then just smiles and watches Angelina's patronus.

Neville doesn't reply at all to Luna, but offers her a smile. His attention swings back. "What are you up to?" he asks, eyes slipping to Fred in case he'd like to answer on her behalf.

"Although - I sometimes wonder if daddy knows where I've gone. It's a pity we can't quite get messages out, isn't it?" says Luna, crossing the last few meters between herself and the others with a few skips. "So - what has everyone been up to?" she asks, canting her head a touch to one side.

Finally, with a heavy sigh, Angelina lowers her wand. "Nothing. No reaction. I..I thought maybe..maybe they could see things in here. The white patronus in the green mist. But I guess not. There.." She just stops talking, holding her wand in her hand, so disappointed.

As the last lights of Angie's patronus fade away, a sharp crackling sounds all about them, like perhaps the echoes that happen after a boom of thunder. Green energy seems to play all around them, little crackles and twists and forks of green lightning arcing from the 'ground', across the sky, and otherwise.

"Do you suppose they've told our parents we're missing?" Jax's brow creases. "My ma'll be so worried." He chews on his lip and looks at Angie. "No reaction from who?" He waves a hand towards his brightly-hued bubbles, still glimmering colourfully in the air where he froze them. "Those'll make a visible enough marker, won't they? Plus they're nice and colourful in the middle of all this gree— woah." Jax's eyes widen. "Hey, Angie, maybe someone /did/ notice!"

Neville jumps, looking around as the lightening starts to sketch the void around him. "Whassit?" he squawks, snapping close to Luna's side. His wand is out and the boy points it around.

Angelina frowns, turning and looking at the streams. "Maybe….maybe they just needed to know exactly where we were? Maybe they were watching all along for a sign?"

Fred scrambles to his feet as the air goes a little nuts. Wand still out he casts the patronus spell and a large, bright looking but surly llama appears, "Maybe it didn't like the disapearance…" He suggests and sits back down slowly, llama still hanging about lazily. He puts his free hand on Angie's knee and it's obvious he's a little stressed by the sudden lightning.

The green lightning arcing all over all seems to be headed upwards, ever upwards, in the black 'sky' of the void. Spinning around, the electric-like energy all arcs towards a single point - and then explodes horizontally. The energy nearly covers the entire sky with a sheet of green - but there were details in that green. By the sheer scope of the thing it may be hard to tell - but with a little staring, it could be understood as a dark mark.

"Maybe they were. Maybe they are!" Jax cannot conjure a Patronus. Instead he blows more of his bubbles, letting the brilliant orbs waft around. He startles when the energy explodes, though, dropping the little wand from the bottle and looking upwards. His brow creases, and he bites his lip nervously. "Is that — um — good? Last time things exploded it was definitely ungood." He squints intently at the image in the sky.

Neville 's eyes are squinted, his head tilted. He's still close to Luna, frowning and ducking a bit as he glances around, flashing green finding deep worry lines in his face. "Is it?" he wonders too.

The scene in the sky animates, showing a snake slithering out of the open mouth of a skull. Luna looks up at it placidly, canting her head to one side, owllike and thoughtful. "That's the mark that was at the Quidditch match, that once. It got everyone all excited - but look, it's really very large - you have to just… take it all in at once." she says, turning her head to look towards Neville with a serene smile.

Angie's head tips as she watches the explosion, considering it. Suddenly, her mouth falls open. She swallows once, then sits down very hard, her knees giving out. "F..Fred. Tell me I'm not seeing that.."

Fred's llama disapears as his mouth opens wordlessly and then he snaps his jaw closed tight as he stares up at the dark mark, "Blimey!" He cries out and looks around into the foggy haze quickly. He reaches out for Angie's hand out of habit and shakes his head, "Can't do that love." He admits.

Jax looks confused — and then worried — at the others' reactions. "I don't understand," the mostly Muggle-raised boy says, staring up at the skull. "What is it? I don't think I like it at all. It looks mean."

What is met with Luna's smile is nothing the same. Neville's expression is lined with heavy fright. "Oh my god," he gasps. "It's the bloody… bloody Dark Mark!" And with this verbal confirmation from himself, Neville scrambles backwards, threatening to brush up against Luna hard.

Something akin to an earthquake rolls throughout the neverscape, vibrating every one of the students as the Mark looms overhead. Luna, caught off guard by the shaking, and doubly offbalance Neville runs into her, falls to her behind with a little squeak, the smile falling from her face as she looks up towards Neville, then over towards Angie, her faraway gaze bearing a bit of confusion. "Oh." she says, sounding a little bit surprised, as well.

Angelina is silent for a long moment, squeezing Fred's hand. Suddenly, she jumps up. "Jackson! Over here by me. Neville and Luna. Get over here too." Just that quickly, she steps into Captain voice. Unfortunately, that is when the shaking starts. For all the firmness in her voice, her knees were goo. She falls off balance, smacking her head this time, hard enough to put her out.

Still holding onto Angelina's hand Fred beckons the other students over letting go of her hand for one second. And then she falls and he tries to grab her buts fails miserably. As she hits her head he looks totally freaked, "Angie!" He bends down, forgetting the dark mark for a second and looks over the girl quickly.

"Oh!" Jax's blue eyes are wide as saucers and full of fear at Neville's explanation. The shaking puts him off balance, falling to his rear, a startled yelp escaping him. His gaze is still locked on the symbol overhead. "… doubleplus ungood, then," he says in a very small voice. He gathers all his things and starts scooting towards Angie, but freezes when he notices she's out. "Oh. Oh, no." His face falls. "I don't think I like it here anymore." He takes off his cloak, folding it to put it under Angie's head for a pillow.

Neville spins to flee, his feet hitting the ground hard. Yet… "Luna!" Looking very torn, the boy screeches to a stop and returns to the Ravenclaw. "Sorry, sorry! Get— get up!" he begs, glancing to the fallen Angie as he holds out his hands for Luna. If she doesn't take them, he'll attempt to heft her up on his own.

Fred just looks beyond worried now, "Angie!" He shakes her shoulder and then smiles thankfully at Jax since he didn't even think about that. The boy is having problems thinking at all now, "Bloody hell!" He says loudly and then a sigh escapes him, "She isn't bleeding…alright…" He looks to Neville with nothing but worry on his face, no more humor there. Plopping himself next to Angie he grabs her hand again and still has his wand in the other.

Luna was only dazed for a moment. Lifting her hand to his, she gathers herself to her feet… but the rumbling comes to a sudden stop. Little by little, the Mark in the sky begins to fade away, the edges shivering away before, bit by bit, the bolts of lightning drip from the mark like rain, taking on flashes of other images before fading away entirely. Slowly, the neverscape started to return to normal - at least, normal for it, Luna asking quietly, "What just happened? Is everyone alright?" Luna says, her eyes then falling towards Angie. "…oh."

Jax sits by Angie's other side, knees pulled up to his chest and his arms wrapped tight around them. "You hit your head and you were okay, right?" Jax says hopefully to Fred. He looks up at the sky again, not relaxing even once the image has faded. "They're gonna come for us soon." His tone sounds like he is trying to reassure himself, more than anything else. "They've gotta come get us soon. Do you think anyone there saw /that/? They can't leave us here now."

Neville clutches at Luna, not thinking of releasing her as he watches the mark fade. He's shivering now, nearly uncontrollably. He tries to speak, but just makes small, high noises instead.

Fred nods his head to Jax, "Yeah I was fine." The dark mark slipping away gets a sigh from the oldest boy and he looks to NEville with concern, "Come on Nevler…it's gone now." He tries to reasure the boy and putting his wand so it's sticking out of his pocket takes his robe off and covers Angie up with it, "She'll be fine…" He says to reasure himself more then anyone else though his face still looks worried, "And no JAx they won't leave us in here…they'll find us. Neville have some chocolate mate."

Luna turns her head down from the Mark, admittedly feeling a bit nervous herself. Not that she showed it, beyond the faraway look in her eyes growing even further away. A little thought to imitate the noises he was making runs through her mind, but she, thankfully, stamps that down. "It was just a picture. It might mean He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but we've only been seeing pictures here so far. It just was an unpleasant one." she says, looking back up towards the sky as she was clung to.

Jax swallows hard and looks up at the sky again. "The other pictures didn't have earthquakes."

Neville finally is able to pry himself away from Luna. He looks at her, breathing quickly. "Or lightening," he adds along with Jax. "If You-Know-Who has anything to do with this place…" Neville grabs at his hair, turning. "/Fred/," he demands of the boy. "Wh-which way was your w-wand pointing? For that four point spell."

Luna gives her head a rather solid shake, although there was a bit more farawayness to her voice, as well, "No, no, no. This is the world of the wrackspurts - unless He's made a deal with them…" she says, her brow furrowing deeply at that.

Fred shakes his head at NEville, "I made it point that way…when I tried the spell it just spun and didn't want to point in any specific direction to I tweaked it a little." Good old inventive Fred Weasley, "We can't go anywhere now…unless you want me to carry her?" He suggests to Neville and looks again to Angie worried.

"I don't know if we should move her while she's unconscious." Jax fidgets, looking at Angelina, and then Luna. "I think there's more here than just wrackspurts, Luna. Unless Wrackspurts make earthquakes and V— You-Know-Who's sign."

"Wasn't born yesterday, Fred." Neville snaps. "Which way. Don't make me pick. M'not staying here. You lot can, with Angie, but I'm not just /sitting around/ anymore."

"Well, if you are going to stay here, with Angie - can you tweak the spell so that it points back to you, perhaps?" Luna asks, a bit of the uncertainity draining out of her tone at that. "I think I would like to explore some, with Neville, otherwise."

"I can make us a trail back here." Jax hops to his feet, slinging his bag over his shoulder. "So's we don't get lost for sure."
Blinking at Neville Fred raises an eyebrow and then glares at the younger boy, "Fine…I'll get it to point back to me." He lets Angie's hand go finally and pulling out his wand again starts to try and figure out the spell with his brain still fuzzy. Trying to show Neville what he is doing the sixth year looks annoyed and slightly angry. Fred tweaks the spell just right and after wandering around Angie in a circle and it points to her each time he smiles, "Can't lose her now."

"/You/ are not going," Neville tells Jackson. "Stay here with Fred. Luna, maybe it's best if you do, too." He fiddles with his wand, mimicking Fred. "All right," Neville says, obviously agitated. "See you… soon."

A little cant of her head to one side, as Luna regards Neville. But then, with a little nod of her head, she settles herself into a sit by the other two. "I think Neville is upset about something." she says, in a whispered tone like she was sharing a secret.

"But it might not be safe to —" Jax doesn't finish his protest. He sighs as he watches Neville leave, his eyes worried. "I think we all are," he tells Luna.

Fred sighs and shakes his head. Tucking his wand back in his pocket the boy grabs Angelina's hand again and traces the back of it with his thumb, "He's just being a bloody prat. Thinks we're all just gonna die or something and really not what we need to think on. Not anyone fault Angie hit her head…lots of head injuries lately." He touches his own bump with his free hand and tries to chuckles lightly, but it comes out a little skewed.

Luna arranges her skirts about herself, glancing from boy to boy, then down towards Angelina. "Well, I think I would like to look around, too - although I don't quite think anything will be different. This world is so chaotic in some respects, but so ordered in others - just like wrackspurts tend to be." she says.

"I don't think he's being a prat," Jax says loyally. "I think he's scared an' stressed, and for good reason." He hugs hus knees closer to his chest, looking in the direction Neville left. "Maybe once Angie wakes up we can all look around together. I'm tired of sitting in one place, too."

Fred shrugs his shoulders at Jax's assesment and runs a hand through Angelina's hair, the girl doesn't once respond. "I don't know Jax. I think Luna's right about nothing much being around out here. It's all bloody green, green, green." He looks up towards the boy, "But if she feels up to it yeah we can explore sure, I just don't want to leave her anywhere."

"Yeah. I don't want to leave her, either. Not after —" Jax's eyes flick briefly up towards the sky and then back down. "Well, just think it's best to stick together. We don't hardly even know where we /are/."

"Of course, well… I don't quite think there's a door out, as well. I don't think the wrackspurts ever want to get out of this place - they can squirm into someone's head very cozily like this." says Luna, "I wonder if we are seeing like the wrackspurts are."

Fred looks up as JAx does, half expecting the mark to still be there, "Well yeah…not gonna leave anyone anywhere. Don't even like NEvler out on his own." He looks out towards the fog. The expression Fred Weasley is wearing constently now seems to make the boy look years older, "There ought to be a door, that would be so much easier."

"I don't suppose we could squirm into someone's head from here?" Jax considers this a moment and then shudders. "Not that I'd want to be in someone's head, really." He rests his chin on his knees, eyes squeezing shut. "I don't like him gone alone, either. How will we know if something happens to him?"

Luna thinks a moment with a cant of her head to the side, a conversation in hushed tones springing up alongside an image, behind Fred. Luna ignores this, and says, "I suppose we could listen for him to shout for help?"

Fred blinks at Jackson and hums, "Maybe that's what all these visions are…we could be in peoples heads." He suggests and frowns slightly, "IF he isn't back in a few hours I'm going go look for him kay. You two just gotta promise to stay with Angie." He chuckles at Luna's suggestion, "Yeah sounds like a plan. Maybe I can make my wand point to Neville."

"Do you think?" Jax's lips purse thoughtfully. "But we wouldn't fit very well inside someone's head if we tried moving from here into the other world."

Luna tilts her head to one side, looking from boy to boy. "Well, I could stay behind with Angelina, if you both would like to go look for Neville - or a way to get into someone's head! Just don't make their brains, fuzzy, please. It wouldn't do to be labeled a wrackspurt and a pest ourselves."

Fred looks to Angie and squeezes her hand lightly hoping for some kind of response, "Can you two go look for him? Luna you saw how I did that spell right?" He asks her quickly and his ears start to go red, "I just don't want Angie to wake up and I'm not here." He admits in a sheepish voice, Neville would understand, were is he when you need him.

"I don't plan to make nobody's head fuzzy. It'd jus' be nice to be able to talk to someone." Jax gets to his feet, picking up his wand. "We'll find Nevs. You stay. It'd be terrible to wake up all /alone/ here."

"Lovely." Luna says, rising to her feet and again brushing off her robes. Although they didn't tend to get dirty considering there was actually no ground. "Although I'm not sure Neville really wants to be found, at the moment."

Fred shrugs his shoulders, "Well you can explore too I guess…Neville he's a good mate but can get in trouble." Fred chuckles lightly to himself and pulls his knees up to his chest. He stays with Angie and waves to the others with his free hand not holding the unconcious girl's.

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