1994-12-16: An Inconvenient Fit


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Scene Title An Inconvenient Fit
Synopsis Tiana sneaks into the Alley after a new wand. She finds one, but it's not an entirely comfortable relationship.
Location Wandlore and More
Date December 16, 1994
Watch For Not much really
Logger Tiana-rama

The first thing a person would notice at entrance to this shop is that it's not the biggest shop around, though it is as full as most wand shops are. Perhaps for those who are used to Ollivander's, it's not that full, but it's got it's fair number. In the back, past the shelves, can be seen a door that would supposedly go to the workshop, or 'laboratory', for the owner of this shop: Dexter Rowland. That is, supposedly, where he is now as he is not in the front. However there is a bell that would alert him to person's entrance.

Having snuck into the Alley behind a gaggle of gossiping women, Tiana - shrouded in a plain, black cloak that manages to hide her body and features - manages to finally locate the shop pointed out in Lupin's directions. There were several failed attempts - for a former Auror, she's pretty pants at directions - but in the end, she makes it. The tinkling of that little bell startles her into a small jump, though she quickly settles herself. "Hello?" she calls out gently, her accent heavy as ever. "Is anyone here?"

A few seconds after after the bell rings and Tiana calls out, Dexter opens up his back door and strides out to the front with a wide smile on his face. He gives her a look and looks around her, as if trying to see if there's a child with her, as most adults have one to get a wand for them. "Might I be of service to madam? A wand repair, perhaps?" He realizes then that he hasn't introduced himself. "My name is Dexter Rowland, the owner of this shop."

Stepping closer to Dexter, Tiana pushes her hood back just enough to let him see her face; complete with the usual glamours. "I need to purchase a wand." Her voice is soft, sweet and heavily accented with a Slavic flavor. "Mine has been…lost." Her lips curve up in an eerily perfect facsimile of a smile. "A pleasure to meet you, Mister Rowland. I have been told that you would be the person to approach for a discreet purchase?" She looks around them pointedly. "I do hope your selection is good. I was notoriously hard to match the first time."

Dexter bows his head in response. "Ah, a lost wand. That is a sad day when one loses their wand, is it not?" He sighs lightly. "But that is why there are people like me, to help those who are in need of such an acquisition." Yes, he can be a tad long-winded at times. "And of course, discreet is one of my middle names. Or it would be if I had had any say in the matter." He nods. "What was your previous wand? Length, type of wood, core. All those shall help me select a proper wand for yourself."

"Thirteen inches of whippy plum with a core of Thestral hair." Dexter may indeed be long-winded and rambling - and Tiana will not protest, so long as he proves useful - but she, however, tends to be short, sweet and to the point. "It is not a core one usually finds in British wands, I have been told." Or in any wand for that matter, but who's counting?

Dexter shakes his head. "No, British wands don't usually contain Thestral hair. And I don't I carry any either, but let us see what we can procure for you." He goes back to one of the shelves and moves a hand down a row before taking a case down and bringing it to the front. "Here we have a…ten and a half inch cherry with a veela core. Now, veela is very rare here as well. Pretty well non-existant, but let's see how it works for you, shall we?" He opens the case and hands the wand to Tiana. "Give it a flick and tell me how it feels."

Letting him continue to speak, Tiana tunes Dexter out for the most part. She knows what Veela is and is fairly certain that it truly is nearly nonexistant on this tiny little island. With an economy of motion, she accepts the wand and grasps it firmly. Swish and flick and… oh my! She had intended to levitate that chair, not explode it. "I think not." Very quickly, the wand is returned to its owner.

Dexter frowns deeply as the chair explodes. He whips out his own wand and repairs the wand quickly. He smiles again to Tiana and takes the wand, putting it back. "No, that wand doesn't work. Let's find another one then, shall we?" He moves to another shelf and pulls out another box, bringing it to the front. "Nine and a half inches, rosewood, with dragon-hearstring core."

Take two, ladies and gents. With this wand, Tiana finds she can - and does - cast a lacklustre Lumos, but in the process ends up with a feeling like a thousand pins and needles shooting through her hand and arm. Startled by the sensation, she loses her grip, dropping the wand. "No, that one will not do." She frowns, glancing towards the doorway. "Perhaps this was a bad idea… It took three days of searching to find the first fit."

Dexter shakes his head ever so slightly. "No, no. Never a bad idea, ma'am. It can be difficult, but we'll find it for you." He's not an intelligent wand-maker for nothing. He summons the dropped wand and floats it into it's case to and puts it back. He takes even more consideration this time. What is the best wand he can find for her? He pulls two wands down. "Here, try this first one." He opens it up. "Fourteen and one quarter inches, phoenix feather, willow."

There's something about the phoenix feather wand that causes the hair on the back of Tiana's neck to stand on end, but she dutifully plucks the wood from its case and gives it an experimental flick. Red sparks dutifully fly from the tip, but she is quick to replace it in its case. "And in the other box?" That's an option if need be, but there's just something…eerie about that wand.

Dexter seems to catch wind, as it were, of Tiana's feelings. "Something…wrong with the wand? It didn't blow anything up." He says calmly. "Did it…give you a strange feeling?" He shakes his head, though, and moves on. "This other wand," he starts, opening the box, "contains an eleven and a half walnut wand with a unicorn tail hair."

"Yes… I do not have words in your language to explain." Tiana tries the second wand, only to get absolutely no response. Placing it once again into its case, she turns sharp blue eyes on the phoenix and willow. "It is not how my first wand felt, but perhaps that is normal, yes?" She looks up to Dexter for her answer, fingers hovering inches over the fourteen inch wand.

Dexter nods ever so slightly. "Don't worry. I work with wands all the time. I'm sure I can understand somewhat how you feel." He watches her with the second wand and shakes his head as it doesn't work. He shakes his head a second time to the question. "No, there is no wand that will ever feel like your first wand did. You first wand was the best fit for you. You and it were the most compatible of most any wand. Any wand after that, should the rare need arise, would never feel the same."

Brushing her fingers along the length of the wand, Tiana shudders. It's sheer force of will that allows her to grasp the wood firmly in her hand. This… will be an adventure and a half. "I understand. This one, I will keep." Her free hand slips into the confines of her cloak, pulling out a small bag of coins. "Your price, Mister Rowland?"

Dexter smiles ever so slightly. "Well, for you I think we can manage a good price, since you've had to replace yours…four Galleons. That's cheaper than most places I'd say. Even Ollivander's charges seven usually."

Tiana nods, setting the small bag against her upper arm and counting eight golden pieces into her palm. Placing them into Dexter's hand, Tiana smiles winningly. "I will not underpay. You have been a great help." Lubricate those pockets enough and the man might even forget she'd been in.

Dexter looks at the double pay he's given. He smiles and gives her a small bow. "You are very kind, ma'am. And I assure you, not a word of your arrival here will be noted." He bows once more. "Have yourself a pleasant day, and if you have any difficulties or questions in regard to the wand, just come back and I'll be more than happy to help."

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