Amongst the Gardens


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Scene Title Amongst the Gardens
Synopsis Nessa catches Luna prowling in the gardens, and conversation ensues
Date July 6, 1994
Watch For Grimous Underscurrers. Forward all sightings to the Quibbler.
Chronology N/A
Logger Loony Lovegood

Ottery St. Catchpole

A neighbors garden, in Ottery St. Catchpole

A lovely summer afternoon, in the wizarding community of Ottery St. Catchpole. The sun was shining, only blocked somewhat by the presence of clouds. Birds and so forth sung and flew from tree to tree, and a fair few animals were out and about in the warmth. Along one of the roads that wind through Ottery St. Catchpole, there was a home. Luna wasn't quite sure who it belonged to, but what it had behind it was a lovely garden, and pens for cows, chickens and pigs. Where Luna was at, however, was in the garden. Sneakers sinking a bit in the rich soil, the girl had a little smile on her face as she steps carefully through the vegatation, her eyes on the ground, but darting this way and that. She seemed to be looking for something.

Looooom. Snooping through the neighbor's garden? Having precious little else to do but stare out the window or wander around, Nessa has combined the two by spying Luna and then slipping out of her house to inspect what the girl might be doing. So it comes to pass that Nessa quietly steps up behind the older girl as she walks slowly, looking around — Nessa has a faintly quizzical expression on her face for a brief moment. But that soon melts back into an impassive expression as she suddenly slips forward a little more quickly, and — rather than make any indication of her presence through noise — she instead quite suddenly grabs at Luna's arm from behind.

Luna jumps. There wasn't quite a scream, but a sharp little breath drawn in through her nostrils, and a stiffening of her back. The smile falls away from her expression with that. Still, there was a certain slowness to her movements as she turns her head around to espy the younger girl, blinking her bright blue eyes once as if confused. A moment, and a slow smile spreads across her lips, "Oh, hello there." she says, her voice soft, feminine, airy - those qualities perhaps giving it a daydreamy sound. "Is this your garden? It's rather lovely."

Lifting her eyebrows faintly, Nessa holds onto the grasped arm firmly and quirks her chin up to look up at the older girl. She meets that bright blue gaze with her own dark stare, staying silent for several moments rather than answer, at first. ".. No, it isn't. I live next door." She murmurs in a quiet voice, ".. I thought maybe you were going to do something sneaky. So I came to stop you if you were." She continues, slowly lidding her dark eyes half-way in an expression that looks half appraising, half sleepy. How she thinks a little whisp of a girl such as herself would prevent SNEAKY EVIL is anyone's guess.

If Luna was opposed to her arm being held like that, she didn't even show it. Letting that serene smile stay on her face as Nessa stares at her, Luna cants her head just a bit to one side as the little girl begins to speak again. "Well, I do have to be quiet and a sneak a little bit." she says, turning just so, so she can lean a bit closer to Nessa, and lower her voice appropriately, "If they hear us, they won't show." she says, drawing back up again. "May I have my arm back, please?" she asks.

Listening quietly and patiently, Nessa stares up at Luna with an unblinking expression. At the end, her head slowly tilts to the left, and she quirks an eyebrow — she finally releases the older girl's arm, her own slipping back to her side idly. ".. Who won't show?" She asks finally, after a long pause. She turns her head a couple of times, glancing around before once more returning her gaze to Luna.

With her arm released, Luna lets that fall back to her side, and she turns towards Nessa, the smile growing a bit gentler. "Well, I don't know just yet." she admits, her eyes going a bit distant for a moment, before she lowers her chin to focus her gaze upon Nessa. "My father suggested that one of the reasons some plants go bad is because an animal poisons their roots, to eat the rot. It's rather simple, really." she states, "He suggested we call them Grimous Underscurrers, but if I find them, then I will get to name them…" she says, her smile growing a touch wider at that.

Nessa stares at Luna for a long moment after listening to the explanation. A lo~ong moment. And then.. ".. Are they dangerous to people?" She asks, in a rather earnest tone. Ah, the joys of impressionable youth. She tilts her head just a little, her lips curling into a faint frown in reply to the smile; she is, perhaps, not overjoyed about the idea of some unknown creature(s) attacking her neighbor's plantlife. ".. We should drive them out if you find them, don't you think?"

That concept seemingly didn't occur to Luna, "Drive them out?" she asks, sounding a touch confused in the first moment. Her smile likewise falters with that momentary flicker of confusion. Another beat, as she processes what had been said, "Well, I don't ~think~ so, but it is an undiscovered animal. Perhaps with fangs." she muses, her expression turning thoughtful as she cants her head to one side. "Why would we drive them out?" she asks after a moment's thought, sounding genuinely curious.

Squaring her shoulders a little bit — although it probably doesn't look terribly intimidating due to her small size — Nessa lets out a quiet little huff. "To protect my neighbors, of course." She murmurs quietly.. her quiet tone very much not matching the words she's trying to convey. "My brother said that doing things like that is important." She replies, glancing around briefly. "..I don't think he thinks I can do that sort of thing."

The smile returns to Luna's face, as the girl makes a happy sort of sound - as if she intended to giggle, but never quite followed through with it. "Well, of course you can protect the neighbors." she says serenely. A moment or two, "But I think we should try to learn a little more about the Grimous Underscurrers, before thinking they are dangerous. Perhaps they are even friendly!" she says, her voice lifting a little with the thought.

Nessa's frown grows a little more pronounced! ".. It's better to just attack first before they see you, isn't it?" She says, returning her gaze to Luna's. "I mean, before they have a chance to see what you can and can't do." .. Might be neccesary for a little girl like her! She pauses for a long moment, and then blinks, quirking up slightly — as if she just remembered something she'd forgotten. ".. Oh. By the way. My name is Nessa. Who're you?" She asks, tilting her head faintly.

Luna pauses a moment, her expression starting to mirror Nessa's as she frowns slightly. "Well, I don't think so." Luna says, although she doesn't quite go further as to explain why. "Oh, yes. My name is Luna Lovegood. I live in… well… the house that way." she says, bringing up an arm to point vaguely in the direction of her home. It really wasn't visible from here, sadly. "The great big stone tower." she says, lowering her arm as she returns her gaze to Nessa's, her features decidedly neutral, now.

Nessa's head turns to follow the directed arm, her eyes lidding half-way. Obviously, she can't actually see. However — "The Lovegoods? I've heard of your family from my brother." She says, turning on her heels to once more bring her gaze up to Luna. "Do you know the Weasleys? I met a boy the other day who was going there.." She murmurs vaguely, slipping her hands around behind her to daintily clasp together behind her back.

"Oh, the Weasleys? I do not know them, but I think my father knows their father." Luna says, looking down as she turns about. With the hunt for the creature at a temporary halt, her concern now was not to ruin the garden she found herself in. She pauses a moment, thinking further. "My father and I keep to ourselves, some - not that we stay in the house often. He's always investaging this or that for the magazine, and I am always trying to help him with his stories." she says, her smile growing brighter at the mention of her father.

Turning slightly, Nessa glances back over toward her house — a rather unassuming house to be sure, just like any other in the village. "We live there. My brother and sister, and my parents." She murmurs, lifting her arm to point. "But they're usually busy." She adds, glancing back to Luna once again. "I don't really come out much." She slowly lids her eyes for a moment, and then blinks them open to stare flatly up at the older girl. "You're the second person I've talked to this summer besides my family." Her tone is rather neutral, lacking the normal.. energy a young girl might have.

Luna straightens and turns towards the house, her little purple sweater shifting on her shoulders. Bringing up her hands, she straightens the way it sits upon them. The house is given a little bit of consideration as Nessa talks, but a little before Nessa stares flatly up at her, Luna was looking back at the younger girl. "You are a very pleasant person to talk to, Nessa." Luna says in her dreamy tone, smiling again. "Do you normally like to do things inside your house?" she asks.

Nessa shakes her head briefly — "Oh, not particularly, but I rarely have anything else to do. I'm not very good at meeting people." She says, scuffing her heel a little bit. "My brother said I'm not going to be in the same house as him at school if I don't learn to be more open." She says, squeezing her hands together lightly behind her. Well, she /did/ kind of meet Luna by accusing her of possibly doing sneaky evil things.

A nod from Luna at key points during Nessa's explanation, and a brighter smile at the very end. "I do hope you join Ravenclaw. It would be lovely to have more friends at school." she says, her eyes going distant again. "I think I need to get on to home, though. My father makes pudding about this time, and if I do not get home, he will eat it all. Goodbye, Nessa." she says, wasting no time in turning to step away, carefully picking her way through the garden.

Nessa seems.. vaguely reluctant to let Luna go, perhaps. She even steps a little into Luna's way when she starts to leave! — she soon relents, however, as if realizing what she's done. ".. Oh. I'm going to try to join Gryffindor, you see.. my whole family has been in that house." She says, slipping her arms back from behind her. ".. I'll see you again some time?" She says, more as a question than a statement. She even offers Luna a faintly hopeful expression.

Luna had stepped outside of the garden already. Turning her head about as she pauses in her step, she favors Nessa with a bright smile, and nods her head fervently again in response to the perceived question. Another moment, and Luna turns her head forward again, moving again - this time with a girlish skip, however, swinging her arms to and fro as she bounces her way across the lawn to the road proper.

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