Portrayed By Adrianne Leon
House Hufflepuff
Year 4
Position Quidditch Chaser
Sex Female
Race Half-Blood
Age 15
Place of Birth Pembroke, Wales
Date of Birth 12 December 1979
Mother Sharon Matthews
Father Joseph Matthews
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
First Appearance Ray-Bees

Character History:

Sharon and Joseph Matthews were the proud owners of a theatre in one of the homier town areas just outside of Pembroke in Wales. It had always been their dream to run a community theatre, and they brought Amber up from birth with the sights and activities of theatre production. She was in her first play at the tender age of seven months, when she played Baby Jesus in a local production of the Christmas Story.

Joseph Matthews had a bit of a dark secret regarding his own past. Namely, he'd run away from the magical world for fear of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Wanting nothing to do with magic - and being a poor wizard besides - he had little contact with that world. Of course, he knew early on that his daughter would have magic, given the fact that she had little 'accidents' now and then - flares of wild magic that proved she was a little witch in the making.


Out of all the people in the world to be cursed, Amber was one of the nicest. Of course, maybe it was the curse that made her so nice; keeping her tongue in check was easy when she couldn't rattle off a curse or insult without a pen and paper. Sure, there were some particularly rude gestures she could have used, but never did. Essentially, the girl is happy to be alive, almost always has a kind word for everyone, and can't stay upset for more than five minutes, except in extreme circumstances.

Unfortunately, she's a bit naive. Seeing the good in everyone honestly makes her see the good even in the bad they do. And unless someone directly wrongs her, she'll just keep forgiving them.

She loves hearing rumours, though, and, despite the fact that she believes a lot of them to be untrue, she holds onto the sillier ones. And in a castle where anything could happen, she can't help believing that the Slytherins house snakes in their underwear drawers to keep them on their toes. This makes her a little bit of a dreamer with a good imagination, and occasionally, her head gets up into the clouds.

On that note, sometimes her head ends up in the clouds quite literally. She's a jock, and catches onto anything sports-related with decent alacrity. She's on the House Quidditch team, for example, and used to play football back at her muggle school. Active, Amber doesn't like to be still for too long, and running, walking, taking the stairs for no reason, and sneaking a football into the library to kick around under the table while she's reading are all things she's been known to do.

As a student, Amber is average. She'd likely be worse, except for the fact that magic is so intriguing to someone who's never had it in her life that she's actually decent at it, and not failing. Her first choice post-Hogwarts is to be a professional Quidditch player, but, failing that, she'd really like to be a mediwitch. Magical maladies seriously intrigue her, and healing them is a challenge that keeps her on her toes.


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