1995-05-14: Almost Wonderland


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Scene Title Almost Wonderland
Synopsis Meeting Padfoot, and a last visit to Wonderland to rescue Luna.
Location Hogwarts - Hospital Wing/Wrackspurtland
Date May 14, 1995
Watch For PUPPY, wrackspurts, nargles.
Logger Jax

[HGW] - Hospital Wing

The hospital wing is a long, rectangular room, antiseptically clean. An aisle proceeds down the center of the spotless floor, with rows of beds to either side, their linen sheets soft and immaculately white. Curtains are attached to the wall in between each one, and can be drawn around for privacy if desired. Each bed also has a small table beside it, topped with a porcelain basin and water jug, though frequently cards and gifts for the ill are put there as well. A row of tall windows on one wall allows both sunlight and moonlight in, depending on the hour, while moving portraits with a healing theme adorn the other walls, including one of a young and pretty nurse tending to a sleeping patient just about above the door leading outside. Another door at the far end of the ward leads to the nurse's office.

Sleep hasn't come easy for Jax since returning to Hogwarts, and though he didn't fall asleep till late at night, he is awake again fairly early. He is quiet as he wakes, rubbing his eyes and looking around to the other beds with a hint of nervousness, as if afraid his companions might, perhaps, have vanished again overnight.

Angelina hasn't been awake more than a few moments herself. Like Jackson, she didn't sleep well the night before, waking up at least twice only to be unable to get back to sleep. She's sitting propped up on her pillow, book open in her lap. When Jackson stirs, it gets her attention. She gives him a smile and a small wave. "Morning Jackson."

Sirius hasn't left the castle. He has no plans to leave until Luna's returned and everyone is accounted for. The animagus decided to stay put at the hospital wing, but for several reasons, chose to sleep in his animal form. (Despite that it would surely raise protests from Pomfrey.) He's curled up on a bed, across from where the students have been put, still asleep. As Angelina wakes up and speaks, an ear twitches.

"Morning," Jax replies, answering Angelina's smile with a sleepy one of his own. The smile brightens a moment later as he spies the dog, eyes getting huge and wide. "OHMYGOSHPUPPY." Please ignore that Siris-dog is bigger than he is. He scrambles out of his bed to move over to the side of the bed that Sirius is asleep on, looking utterly delighted. He reaches out to pet the dog on the head, scratching behind one ear.

Stirring from sleep Fred grumbles under his breath about loud kids and pulls the pillow over his head, "Jax…" He starts and then raising an eyebrow looks from under the table, "Oh yeah…/puppy/." Hair a disaster and pjs to small Fred Weasley is a sight to see in the morning. Everyone does get a sleepy smile though, but it's a little crooked.

Ginny has still refused to leave. She'd had her books brought out to her, and was currently spread out on one of the beds, trying to decipher her transfiguration notes. Jackson's exclamation makes her look up, and she grins. "'Lo, Padfoot," she says in a low tone. Rising from her bed, she grabs a piece of leftover bacon and joins Jackson in lavishing attention on the dog-Sirius.

Angelina raises a brow at Jackson, and opens her mouth to stop him. "Uh..Ja…" Then she looks at the dog, and back to the boy..and the dog. She hides a grin behind her hand, looking down. Nope Sirius. You're on your own. Have fun!

Ears go up, eyes fly open, and the large dog raises his head. There's a faint look of alarm at the reaction he's gotten from Jackson. Rather than alarm the kid, and realizing he just went through a lot, he stays put and allows the scratching. He even goes so far as to wag his tail. (Even if he's a bit indignant about being called 'puppy', and amused at the same time.) Merlin's beard. Ginny too. His grey eyes give a look of long suffering at the pair.

"Padfoot?" Jax echoes Ginny, looking down at the dog. "S'that your name?" He climbs up to sit on the bed beside Sirius, still petting him happily. "I didn't know dogs were allowed in here!" He sounds most definitely happy about this, though.

Fred waves to his sister lazily and then gives Angelina a shy smile before trying to flatten his hair back down onto his head. About to lay back down the boy instead lowers his eyes and peers towards the dog, "Wait…Padfoot?" He says a touch to loudly.

Angelina clears her throat, finally getting herself under control. "Ahem. Okay. So. What do we want for breakfast? Anyone?" She is still being the mothering one. It's hard to break the habit in the group. "Padfoot, hmm?" She raises a brow at the dog, saying nothing more.

Ginny simply grins at Padfoot's woeful expression. "Here, boy, you want some bacon?" She waves the somewhat stale strip under his nose. "Yup, that's his name," Ginny says to the group at large, directing a smile at Jackson. It's good to see the first year looking so perky. She's not going to be the one to out Sirius to Jackson. Instead, she simply rubs a patch of fur on the dog's neck.

Oi, no! Don't do that Jackson! He'd like to get up… oh very well. The large black dog issues a heavy sigh as he stays put. The dog turns to look at Fred quizzically. Great. The nickname spreads, but this may or may not be a bad thing. Ginny's eyed again, so is the bacon. Fine. He can play this game. He snaps at the bacon, making sure to do so as slobbery as possible.

"Is he yours?" Jax asks Ginny, patting the dog on the head once more and then returning to his own bed. "He's /so pretty/."

Shaking his head Fred looks a touch confused as he says, "But that can't be Padfoot…he's not a dog, Padfoots one of the best wizards to ever set foot in Hogwarts!" He says adamantly and then scratches his head still a little groggy, "Maybe just a coincidence…" He admits before sighing heavily and answering Angelina, "Bacon please and um…tea, could really use some nice black tea."

Angelina groans softly at Fred, then rises and goes to his bed to lean over and whisper to him. She rises, then. "Alright. Bacon then. And waffles, I assume, and cocoa? And tea. And I want eggs.." She starts making a list, then looks toward the group on the bed. "If what everyone wants is listed in that grouping somewhere, can they nod their heads please?" Angie waits for the dog to agree, yes.

Neville rolls over, blinking his eyes open. "Oi," the boys mumbles, stirring into a yawn. "Can't a boy get some—" he is interrupted by a yawn. "Some sleep, mates? Who's here?" Neville wants to know. "Orange juice. An' potatoes 'n' hash." He sits up as the topic of food comes up.

Ginny makes a face of disgust at the slobber. Below the belt, Sirius! "Good puppy," she replies to retaliate, putting an emphasis on 'puppy'. With another grin at Jackson, she shakes her head. "No, he's not mine. Padfoot is his own dog." As Neville wakes up, she smiles at the boy, waving from her place next to a bed containing Padfoot.

Maybe this was a bad idea in some respects. At last Jackson seems immensely cheered up, and they can all have a laugh over this later. Padfoot wags his tail once before Jackson returns to his own bed. When Fred speaks again, he can't stand it, and changes back. In all seriousness, he gives a bit of a bow and states to Jackson and Fred, "Why thank you. I'm very pretty yes, and quite right you are. I do happen to be one of the best and most clever wizards this school has seen." Then he starts to laugh and settles back to sit next to Ginny.

"One of the best wizards at Hogwarts? Why?" Jax asks Fred, but then Sirius changes back and the boy's eyes open huuuuuuge and wide. He /stares/ up at Sirius, startled and more than a bit awed. "That was /wicked/ awesome."

Blinking as Sirius changes back to himself Fred raises an eyebrow and looks to Angelina as she whispers to him. An expression of dawming relization crosses his face, "Wait you are Padfoot then! /The/ Padfoot! Blimey! Who's Moony, Wormtail and Prongs then?" Oh my a sleepy by extremely excited Fred Weasley can be a bad thing. He throws off his covers and just peers at Sirius like the man is gonna disapear and he'll never get his answers, "You're really Padfoot? Really?"

Angelina draws a breath. Well, it's all out now. "Alright, breakfast is on the w.." She stops and looks at Fred. "What are you talking about? You finally go completely mental?"

Neville leans, eyes wide as he barely has time to look at a dog before it morphs into a man. Neville Longbottom squeaks, toppling right out of his bed in a tangle of sheets and pajamas. "My Gran had lectured me for an hour about never becoming an unregistered animagus because of what the Daily Prophet said 'bout you! Not that I ever would. I'd imagine I'd be unlucky enough to be a toad or a worm or something equally nasty." Neville attempts to wiggle out of his awkward position while chattering at Sirius. "Fine way to wake up," he grumps.

Sirius smiles over at Jackson, "Thank you." Fred gets another odd look, "I think some things might better be left to the imagination. Gives it a bit of a mysterious air." Is he deliberately teasing Fred? Perhaps so! "Neville, I think if your grandmother ever found something to /not/ lecture you about, it would be an opportunity lost."

Ginny looks positively delighted as Sirius changes. Her gaze is riveted on him, and her jaw drops open. "Okay that was bloody cool." As Fred starts talking, though, she looks most decidedly puzzled. "Huh? Who?" Her gaze goes from Fred to Sirius and around again a few more times. This is definitely something to ask Sirius about later. When Neville tumbles out, she looks concerned and goes over to his bed to help him back into it. "I bet you'd be something awesome, Neville. Like a tiger," are her words of encouragement.

"/The/ Padfoot?" Jax looks as puzzled as the rest of them. "What are you talking about, Fred?" His gaze skips between Fred and Sirius — still looking rather awed at the transformation. "How /do/ you /become/ an Animagus, anyway?" He sits cross-legged on his bed, the wariness he'd been feeling about Sirius the previou day replaced by utter delight in his expression.

Fred looks to Angie like she is the mental one and wordlessly indicates Sirius, "It's Padfoot!" He says finally and scrambles out of his bed looking a touch shocked at Sirius' answer to his question, "Wait no, not fair!" He stops himself from moving any closer to Sirius and jokingly bows towards the older man, "You are my bloody hero mate." He waves his hand to Jax's question, "Tell you later mate." Of course Jax can know everything, you don't get stuck with someone 24/7 for 2 weeks and keep them in the dark.

"A lot of study, regardless of doing so in a legitimate manner or sneaking about." Sirius gives Fred a rather amused stare, and then gives the teen a lofty sort of wave. Then, he drops the silly pretenses and looks at Fred with some degree of scrutiny, "Hmmm… Did you find the map then?" He's being a bit vague in the presence of so many.

Angelina nods slowly to Fred, looking to Sirius, then back to Fred. "Yes. I get that, Fred. But what are you…what was that list of names?" She looks around at everyone, then at Sirius. "Map? What are you all talking about?"

Neville clambers up with the help of the youngest Weasley. "Thanks," he says cheerfully at Ginny. "A tiger? I hope not. Stripes make me feel a bit dizzy. M'great aunt used to wear a rather ratty tiger skin robe. Gave me fits as a child." He brushes himself off, balling his sheets and tossing them back on the bed. "Maybe a lion. Like Gryffindor!"

Sirius's mention of a map stirs something within Ginny's memory. She frowns thoughtfully, trying to remember, but she's having trouble pinpointing it. With a grin at Neville, she perches on the foot of his bed. "Alright, no tigers, then. How do you feel about spots? You could be a leopard, or a cheetah.." Her tone is slightly playful - clearly she's glad to be talking about a less serious subject.

Nodding his head a touch to quickly Fred smiles brightly and pushes hair back from his face, "Yeah nicked it from Filch's office our first year. Gave it to Potter last year though." He adds as explanation for not having it anymore. "Took me and George bloody forever to figure it out mate." Fred is all smiles now and gives Neville a thumbs up, "Lion would be brilliant Nevler." He smiles to Angelina and whispers, leaning over towards her.

"/I'm/ gonna study," Jax announces, determined. "I want to be a pretty dog, too." He lies down on his stomach on his bed, folding his arms and resting his chin on them. "I think Neville would make a pretty awesome lion. What map are you talking about?"

A grin is made towards Neville, "I think you sell yourself a bit short. You come from good stock and I'm sure you do them proud." Sirius's words are not just kind, he sound quite honest about what he says. Most questions are deliberately ignored. It just won't do for everyone and their mother to know the particulars! "Ah, then my hat's off to the pair of you for working it out. We put a lot of time and effort into its creation." He's quite proud of the map, thank you very much! He looks to Jackson and smirks faintly, "It's not all being a pretty dog, I assure you. While it saved my life a few times, the fleas? They can be murder."

Angelina leans toward Fred, listening, still looking confused. His whisper doesn't help much. Until it starts to sink in…slowly..slowly. "M.." Everyone see the lightbulb there? "I seeeeeeeeeeeee." Angie clears her throat. "Alright. Breakfast then. Mister Black, you'll be eating with us? What would you like? And what do we think I would be? I'd likely turn into some small flying thing that would be eaten."

Neville thinks on this, patting Ginny on the shoulder. He peeks at Sirius, cheeks flushing with a bit of color at the compliment. His gaze darts away. "You've got it figured I'd be a cat, huh Gin? It's too bad you can't choose. Until they figure that out, I'll stick to being just a normal wizard." Neville slips past Ginny towards the sink for a glass of water. He returns, sipping at it. "Potatoes 'n' hash," Neville repeats to Angelina.

Fred grins and nods his head quickly to Angelina, "Yeah…the best!" He says and jestingly bows to 'Padfoot' again, "Thanks Sir, you four did a brilliant job, though you missed a few places." He grins and sits back down on his bed looking over Angie carefully with his hand on his chin, "You'd be a butterfly of course." He winks.

"You can't choose?" Jax's brow furrows. "It'd still be fun to see what I'd be. I think I could deal with the fleas. An' being a butterfly wouldn't be so bad. You'd be tiny an' pretty an' everyone would love you!"

"Sure, I could eat." Since Sirius is staying put, he's got to eat something. He'll definitely not say no to any meal prepared by the elves of Hogwarts. "Scrambled eggs and bacon, I think that'll do me." He gets up from the bed and uses his wand to clean up stray dog hairs, lest Pomfrey have a heart attack. "Mmm… Not sure the animagus spell as it is will ever allow for free choice in what you become. Mostly we discovered it's based from personality and a need. James and I were large animals to help with Remus, and we needed a small animal too.." He sees no harm in repeating what came out during his trial. "Hmmm… a mere oversight in missing a few rooms," he says with a quick wink to Fred. Sure they found out quite a bit about the castle, but it's a bit bold to presume to find every secret Hogwarts holds. "Don't forget hitting the windscreen of muggle cars," he adds to the commentary about butterflies. "That'd end you right quick."

"Got yours Neville. And yours, Mister Black." Angie wrinkles up a nose. "Already seen what that feels like, oncoming car and the whole thing. Let's not do that again. Not to mention, some mean kid squishing me, or some bigger critter catching and eating me. Likely not a good idea for me." She turns then, moving to the door to raise one of the mediwitches. And puts in the whoooooole order.

Ginny is in heaven, listening to this talk about animagi. Her grin covers her entire face, and her eyes are lit with interest. "I guess it depends on a lot of things, Neville, but maybe you would be a cat. Hard to know, especially when our personalities change so much." Ginny's eyes don't leave Sirius, and she makes a mental note to corner the man and make him tell her every single detail about animagus study.

Neville taps his chin. "I bet you'd be something neat, Ginny. Like a… a…" he appears stumped for a moment. The boy sits on the edge of his bed, tapping his foot. "A fox, maybe. They're red, after all." He bobs his head to Angelina happily.

Fred chuckles as he leans forward, chin propped in his hands. The boy keeps looking to Sirius questionally every few moments and then just gives up and shrugs as he flops back down onto his bed, "Well you'd definetly be something pretty Angie." He says without thinking and then his ears go a touch red and he distracts everyone from his stupidity by yawning and just shutting up, wait that's not distracting.

"'course she would," Jax says, not seeming to notice Fred's embarrassment. "I mean, /she's/ real pretty as a human. An' so is Mister Sirius, so he's a pretty dog." That's clearly how it works, right? "Oh, no, then I bet I'd be something tiny and skinny." His nose wrinkles.

"I think I'll step out, I won't be gone long," Sirius says as he pushes up from the bed. The questioning looks from Fred go unanswered. Sorry, not about to spill /everything/ with a largeish audience! He's going to see if Dumbledore has returned, and what's been found out since yesterday.

Angie shoots a look at Fred, then at Jackson. "Oh, stop you two. We're out. No reason to keep sucking up to me. You don't need me for water anymore." She grins at the two of them as she returns to her bed. "See you soon, Mister Black. Breakfast will be here shortly. Can you check on Luna? See if there is word? They aren't exactly telling us anything."

Ginny grins warmly at Neville, and nods. "Maybe I would! It's interesting to think about, for sure." And it's been one of the main things on Ginny's mind, lately. A considering look is given to Angelina, and she ponders. "I'm not sure what you'd be, Angie. Maybe some sort of bird." Ginny lifts a hand in a wave to Sirius.

Fred chuckles as he looks towards Angelina again, "Am not sucking up lovely." He winks and flops his head back down covering a yawn that escapes, "Bye Pad…I mean Mr. Black." He lifts a hand lazily to wave to the outgoing adult and looks over towards Jax, "Nah you'd be something coddly and huggy Jax."

"I can do aguamenti on my own now," Jax reminds Angelina cheerfully. "Without getting all soaked, too!" He waves to Sirius, too, then turns over onto his back, looking up at the ceiling. "Y'think he'd teach me about being an animagus?" he wonders of the students still in the room.

Neville throws his hand up to Sirius as the man leaves, his other still cupped around the cold glass of water. "Some fierce bird. A falcon. Those are neat." The boy shakes his head. "I don't know, though, Gin. Fox are supposed to be tricky an' cunning. Sounds like your brother over there," he tips his head to Fred. "Maybe you'd be a… gosh. I'm stumped!"

"A falcon?" Angie settles in on the foot of Fred's bed, folding her legs. "I think that might be okay. A falcon. Some predatory bird. Problem with that is, there is always a bigger predator."

Ginny grins at Neville. "Don't worry about it, Neville." She nods to Angie, seeming to agree with this verdict. "A falcon would be cool. They have great eyesight." With a stretch, Ginny rises from Neville's bed, and heads back over to hers. "I need to get some more studying done." She picks up a rather hefty tome on Potions, and begins to scour it for information.

Fred grins and sits up as Angelina settles herself on his hospital bed. He just pulls his legs up underneath himself though and behaves himself, look good Fred. "Maybe a dragon? They don't have much in the way of predators, but then you'd be a touch scary." He suggests and shrugs his shoulders again. Jax gets a thumbs up from the older boy, "Yeah our Jax is a maker of water all by his lonesome." He sits on his hands after this and doesn't seem to be able to sit still, like a 4 year old at a fair…but he's 17.

"I don't think I'd want to be something predatory." Jax's nose wrinkles. "Just something small and pretty, then I'd be happy."

"Small an' pretty?" Neville asks with a small laugh. "Like a mouse? Or a bunny?" His head shakes. "I'm still pretty settled on a lion." He sits back in his bed, kicking his feet up.

"Small and pretty can be eaten. Dangerous to be small and pretty." Angie looks at Fred, raising a brow. "You alright there? Squirming like a little wiggle worm."

Fred raises an eyebrow towards Angelina and nods his head quickly, "Perfectly satisfactory…yep." He grins to her brightly and nods to NEvler, "I'm sure you'd be a lion Nevs and JAx might be a bunny…yep. Though I'm not tricky…straight forward me?" He chuckles.

"Like a mouse or a bunny," Jax agrees. "Or a dragonfly." He laughs at Angelina's worm comment. "— Oh, man, wouldn't it suck to be a worm Animagus? Or a slug or something. Small and squirmy."

Neville looks amused. "I'll stick to being just a person," he tells himself, settling back and closing his eyes. "Someone wake me when breakfast is here, hm?"

"Alright Neville." Angie shifts on Fred's bed. "Ginny..you talk to your mum? She was worried about you." She kicks at the blankets a little. "When will they let us out of here?"

Fred shrugs at Angie's question and slumps a touch forward, "I'm busting out of her tommorow if I have to." He informs the other students, "I want my own bed for once, not the floor or this hospital stuff that feels like it ought to be the floor." He says to the others, "We could just tell them we're leaving."

"They'll probably let us go tomorrow," Jax says with a shrug. "I doubt they want us to miss any more class than we have already. /'sides/, I'm kinda digging the room service!"

As the kids all drift off until breakfast arrives, Angie leans in closer to Fred, whispering with him.

Angelina is sitting on Fred's bed, the two with their heads close as they whisper and plot back and forth, sneaky sixth years that they are. Finally, breakfast arrives, rolled in on a cart laden with food. "Hey..breakfast finally."

Fred leans back from Angelina with a touch of red ears he gets in a sutto blush. Looking towards the food he grins, "Yay eatings! Have to thank some house elves later." He then gives Angie a questioning look, "Wait what about Professor Lupin?"

Angelina shakes her head. "I'll tell you later. It's no big deal. You already know…Mister Black just told you." She bounces off the bed and moves to get a plate and pile it high. "Bacon..I love bacon all the sudden. I don't remember every liking bacon so very much."

Fred shrusg at her answer and just nods his head, "Sure thing." Don't press you're luck Weasley. He gets up after she does and heads for the food, taking a plate filled with mostly hashbrowns and basoc, plus eggs, you can't forget the eggs. Manouvering himself he manages to pour a cup of tea two and then heads back to his hospital bed, "It's so good, could eat it with every meal. Though I think my mum might protest."

Jax stirs as breakfast arrives, hopping off his bed to go get a plate of his own. "I just like these waffles. An' potatoes." He frowns slightly at Fred's words. "House elves?" He sounds a bit confused.

Angelina settles back in upon her own bed this time, folding her legs and munching on bacon. "House elves. Uhm…Fred can explain them." Let him handle it. Angie doesn't know a whole lot about them. Her family never had one or anything.

Fred says in between mouthfulls of food, "Well house elves are little creatures that alot of wizard families have. They cook food and whatnot for you and you give them a place to stay. Hogearts has ton of them down in the kitchens, how else does the food get into the great hall." He shrugs as he takes a to big bite.

Jax blinks and looks down at his food uncomfortably, a frown creasing his forehead. "So they — work here? Do they get paid?"

Annnnnd..yeah. That is why Angie didn't wanna tell him. Sneaky, ain't she? "I'm not sure, Jackson. Maybe you should talk to Granger about it. You know her, right? Fifth year?" She shoves bacon down her throat, watching Fred.

Fred shakes his head to Jax, "Well no, they're houseelves." He says matter of factly, "Yeah go bug Granger, she'll tell you all about it mate." A slightly sneaky grin on his face. He looks over at Angie and waggles his eyebrow towards the girl.

Jax's frown deepens. "They work here /without/ getting paid? So they're like — /slaves/?" He eyes his plate for a while, chewing on his lip thoughtfully, and then looks up at the other students. "Granger — she's in your House, right? Helps people with tutoring a lot?"

Angelina thinks a moment then. "Yeah…Our house. My mistake, though. She's fourth year, not fifth." Her shoulders shrug. "I'm worried. No Luna yet." She looks at Fred pointedly. "You gonna distract them so I can get out?"

Fred ohs at Angelina's requests and then salutes her after nodding his head, "Yeah I sure can butterfly." A grin on his face and he says, "Just tell me when. Got a plan already." Of course he has a plan for this, who wouldn't.

"Get out where?" Jax goes to sit down on the edge of his bed, but he doesn't eat yet. "I mean, are you gonna find Luna? We've gotta go find her if they aren't getting her back, right?"

Angie lowers her voice, nodding to Jackson. "The adults don't want us to. But they have been in there forever. And Luna still isn't out. She saved me. I'm not going to leave her in there." She munches on more of the bacon. "I'm going to go in and face…whatever…and get her.

Fred shakes his head at this idea and then frown slightly, "I don't like it, maybe I should go back in Angie?" He asks her and adds, "I just mean…well…yeah." Shut up Fred Weasley.

"Not without me." Ginny looks up from her notes - it looks like she's moved onto Herbology, but she puts it aside. "If you're going back in there, I'm going with you, Angie." Her tone is firm as she looks at the older girl.

"I think there's strength in numbers," Jax says, setting his plate aside. "If you guys are going — I'm going to help, too. We should stick together."

Angie shakes her head. "Oh no. I am not taking any Weasley back in with me. Your mum is here! And I'd like to live after I get out. And Jackson, you need to stay out here too. I…I'll get Mister Black to go back in with me, if I have to."

Fred shakes his head at Angelina and raises an eyebrow at her, "Oh come on, you're already dead in me mum's eyes anyways." He winks and standing up downs the rest of his tea, "So just suck it up, not like I'm gonna let you go in there without me anyways." It's not ordering her, just matter of fact.

Ginny also rises to her feet. "Mum will forgive us, and you. We're helping a friend, that's something she'll understand. You're not going in there without me, and Fred, and," Ginny gives a nod to the small boy, "Jackson. It's just not an option."

"Being there for each other helped us get past those creepy-twins last time," Jax says determinedly. "It'll be safer if you have friends with you."

"And if we all sneak out, who is going to stay here and cover for all of us, and distract the adults?" Angie raises a brow. "I mean it. I need you guys here. If we all go, they are going to know."

Fred looks at Angelina and then at the rest of the room, "But they'll jsut know when we come out with Luna anyways. Why bother with an elaborate distraction?" He asks, "We're gonna be in trouble either way."

Almost as soon as these decisions are made.. Sirius has returned and is striding down the center of the hospital wing. Looks like he's back just in time. "And where are you lot planning on going?"

"They're going to notice whether one of us or all of us leave, Angie. We're going to get into trouble no matter what. At least this way, we have a better chance of rescuing Luna." Ginny's stubborness is showing. Sirius's arrival throws the girl for a loop, but she recovers quickly. "We're tired of being in the Hospital Wing. We want back in our dorms."

"We're not sick anymore," Jax tells Sirius cheerfully. "Well, not that we ever /were/. An' the room service is nice an' all but —" He shrugs.

Well. Angie is smart enough to know you can't con a conman. Instead, when Sirius enters, Angie rises, folds her arms across her chest, and looks at him. "I am going back in after Luna. We aren't going to leave her in there another night. Now, Mister Black, are you going to go with me, or let me go alone?"

Fred looks up as Sirius comes back into the room, "Well you have to bring me to." He grins and is stubborn on this, no Angelina getting lost in the bloody green void without him.

Lying to Sirius would be very bad. He was once upon a time, a prince of pranks. It's not easy to get one over on him. "Hmmm.. Mr. Holland, I'm sure Madam Pomfrey would take offense if you were to leave before she gave her consent. She can be quite persistent in that respect." Taking into account what they all have to say, he pulls out his wand. "Alright then. Rest of you stay put. Dumbledore'll have my head for this otherwise… Fine. I won't stand here and argue with you lot and continue to waste time. Come on then."

Ginny puts on her Molly-voice. "Absolutely not. You are bringing me with you." There are no two ways about this, and before they can argue, Ginny's drawing her own wand and standing next to Sirius. She gives him a look that speaks volumes - it's very clear she won't budge from this decision.

"She's our friend," Jax says resolutely. "We were all in there together. We're all getting her out, too." He pulls out his wand, getting out of bed.

HA! Angie doesn't even care she's in her pajamas. Wand out, she pads over to Sirius barefoot. "Ginny! Look. I have something in there I need to face, alright? And I owe Luna one. Will you please just listen to reason and stay behind?"

Fred can't argue with Ginny on this one, he inseisted on going himself. He looks ot Sirius and shrugs saying, "Better do what she says mate, she's exactly like me mum on these things." He gets up and heads over towards where the others are. Then Angelina talks and Fred frowns again. He knows she feels bad about the place and asks her, "You sure you actually want to go back in there? I mean last time…" He shuts his mouth and is just confussed now, protect the girrly or let her just go on her merry way? Girls are confusing!

Being a very impatient person, Sirius has two choices here. Knock out the kids and go alone, or take the lot with him. "So be it. Come along if you're going to. I don't want any crying about scraped knees or bruised egos." With that, he turns and heads back for the door, muttering, "Molly's going to kill me." Then louder, he says, "Move it or lose it."

Ginny looks at Angelina, and listens to everything she says. In reply, she says simply, "No." A look of triumph crosses her face as Sirius finally okays her presence, and she straightens. In a low voice, she says to Angelina, "Luna's a good friend, I can't let you guys go without me, and we all have demons we need to face." She touches the girl's arm briefly, before quickening her pace to catch up with Sirius.

Jax trots along with the others, wand held tightly. He is barefoot and in his (Care Bears) pajamas still, too. They do not really help make him look any fiercer.

Angelina peers at Ginny, a hard look in her eyes. When the girl touches her arm, she jerks it away, but she's right on Sirius' heels, heading out the door.

Again, the wrackspurt detector whirls up, the green field of energy expanding after the incantation, and then, with an explosion of energy to wash over everyone… they are elsewhere again. This time, however, as the neverscape comes into being - they manifest atop a green grassy hill, overlooking a forest. A rather beautiful one, pristine - smelling of fresh woods and wet soil. The sort of smell that outdoorsy types may equate with 'untouched wilderness'. There did not seem to be in life in the forest, although, way, way off in the distance, one could see the black of the void again, although the green flashes would be hard to make out from this angle.

Keeping his wand at the ready, despite having a feeling that if spells didn't work before, they surely will not work now.. Sirius is on edge and alert. This time he's got kids in tow to look out for. "This is a bit different, it was all foggy before, then solidified."

Angelina has her wand out as well, looking around. "This is…this is how things changed, before we got out. Only we were in London. Not in the country." Peering around, she points her wand toward that dark void. "There. That is what leads to where we were before. See the green flashes?"

Wand out as well the taller Weasley looks about blinking, "Well blimey. This seems a ton more peaceful then our little scene though." He points out stating the rather obvious. Moving to stand near Angelina he nods his head, "So just call her name or something?"

Ginny looks around warily at the scenery. She clutches her wand firmly in one hand, and moves closer to Sirius. "At least we didn't get separated this time. Maybe that'll confuse whatever power is here, like groups confuse a boggart." Ginny scans the area, looking for anything that resembles a human habitation.

"Someone made the ghost-world /pretty/." Jax seems entranced as he looks around the forest, breathing in deeply. He sticks close to the others, though, wand held ready and his gaze darting around alertly. "Luna?" he calls cautiously, squinting off into the distance towards the void.

The first thing that they may notice is the waving of some trees, off in the distance. Then, there is a loud huffing. Something /big/ was out there. Something terribly big. And it would be seen in the next few moments. Springing out from the treeline, a great creature unfurls its dragon-like wings. And while it may resemble a dragon in general build, it was something entirely different - perhaps a bit bizarre looking. Four legs, long, but ending in stumps like an elephants, and a long, whip-like, feathery tail. Upon its long, flat head, it had a series of horns jutting out and back away from itself, the horns baring a number of kinks and twists. But all in all, the thing's head had a gentle look about it, with large, soulful eyes, and a herbivore's muzzle. The thing flaps its wings, its course carrying it overhead the group gathered on the hill.

But faintly, oh so faintly, they may hear the rolling giggles of a girl from the forest, from the direction that the thing flew away from.

"Hmm… Everyone stay with me. Absolutely no splitting up. Unless you want to be transfigured into a tea cozy and stuffed into my pocket for safe keeping." Sirius's tone sounds as if this is more promise than threat. "Come on then, let's look for Luna." Making sure the students are with him, he sets off towards the green flashes. "Alright, definitely stand behind me," he utters, throwing out his arms as the beast appears. He's not sure if it's tangible or capable of hurting them. Just because it /looks/ gentle..

Angelina nods her head in agreement to Sirius. "Yes sir." She can follow orders, yes she can. When the beast appears, Angie tips her head, watching it. "I .. don't remember ever seeing pictures of that anywhere. What..is it?" Her steps pause and she looks around. "Did…is that my .. does anyone else hear like…windchimes? Or something?"

Creature one, Fred zero as the red head takes a step back and says, "Whoa…another picture right?" He peers trying to not look like such an idiot and then tilts his head to the side trying to listen, "Not quite wind-chimes…Luna?" He says the name a touch louder.

"Windchimes? I think it was laughter." Jax tilts his head curiously, his gaze fixed on the beast as he listens. He stays behind Sirius, but his expression is curious. "It has such lovely eyes," he muses, a faint smile on his face. His grip on his wand doesn't slacken, though.

Neville Longbottom did not want to come. But, he is loyal, and such feelings extend to Luna. Hesitantly he had come along, peeping and whimpering every now and again. But until now, the young Gryffindor hadn't protested even once. "Oh no," he breathes, backing up enough that he nearly loses his balance on the far side of the hill crest. "No no no. What /is/ that?" Neville doesn't note the eyes or the expression. It's the size that has him in a deep, terrified trance.

The giggling does stop as Fred's voice lifts over the sound of huge wings flapping. Flying over the group, the creature dips to one side, and slowly curves around until it is pointing pretty much in the direction it came from, rustling the trees as it comes along. "Oh, come here, come here!" a voice sounds, a bit serene sounding in spite of the fact that it was pretty much yelled. It sounded suspiciously like Luna's voice.

"That's no beast I remember from my studies," Sirius says as he leads towards the audible giggles. "Luna? Luna Lovegood?," he calls out after Fred. Frowning, he continues towards the source of Luna's voice, moving quickly, but not so fast as to leave the kids behind.

Angelina redirects herself along with Sirius, reaching her free hand for Jackson. "Stick with me. And remember the rules. If I say run, you run. All of you." Like the others, she calls out to the girl. "Luna! Is that you, Luna?"

Ginny follows along with the group, wand out and at the ready.

"If that's a wrackspurt it's going no where near my ears." Fred comments and follows after Sirius saying, "Definetly Luna, would recognize that voice anywhere." He says to Angelina and nods his head at her 'rule'.

Jax takes Angie's hand in his right, his wand clutched in his left. He nods at her instructions, still looking with a bit of wonder at the creature, at least until Luna's voice sounds. "I think it's a bit big to fit in anyone's ears." He looks towards the direction Luna's voice came from, peering hopefully off into the distance.

Neville is still frozen, missing the running start of the group. "Hey!" he squeaks, belatedly scrambling after the group. The boy huffs and puffs after them, eyes straining to keep on the odd creature and the others all at the same time.

As they run through the forest, they may notice a bit of wildlife otherwise entirely unnoticed. What looks distinctly like muggle pigeons could be spotted in the branches, although, as the sunlight hits them, they shone, multicoloured like a rainbow. Assuming they still ran towards the sound of Luna's voice, as she says, "Hello?" she says. As they come into a clearing, they would find far more life than likely expected! Glittering things, perhaps reminiscent of fairies, flutter to and fro, swooping through the newcomers, likely. Floating about Luna's head - or what looked like Luna - was a series of red… frogs, pretty much, blocky and earthy as if made out of stone. But instead of forelegs, they had long, grabbing fingerlike pincers. The girl herself turns towards the newcomers, canting her head to the side, "You aren't going to say terrible things, are you?" she asks, her gaze faraway, but a brilliant smile on her lips, regardless.

A dark glance is shot over his shoulder at Angelina. Hey, Sirius is the adult here, he said stick together! As he closes in on where Luna is, he takes in the surroundings in his peripheral vision. "Miss Lovegood?" he asks, looking at the girl carefully. "No, we aren't going to say terrible things. We're here to take you back to Hogwarts."

Hey! She was just reminding them that they aren't to stay and fight if they are told to run, that's all! She wouldn't yell it unless Sirius did, after all! Angie meets his gaze, supportive and nodding. She's got yer back! Looking around at the things they pass, a brow raises. And then, the girl. "Luna..it's really us. Look. We're in pajamas. We promised not to leave you behind, remember?"

Fred raises an eyebrow at Luna and asks her back, "You gonna start calling me an uncaring prat? Cause if not, no nothing nasty coming from me." He smiles to her and steps forward to try and put a hand on her shoulder, gotta check if the Lovegood is solid.

"No, no terrible things, we was jus' worried about you," Jax says. He looks around with wide eyes, his smile brightening. "Only except this place is /way/ prettier than the hospital wing now, it got a serious makeover. You're alright, aren't you?"

Neville pads heavily through the forest, nearly losing the rest of them. He's panting now, eyes wide and greedily attempting to look all about him. Neville nearly runs into a tree, but in fear of hitting it or worse— running through it, Neville skirts around it, his wand bobbing with each heavy intake of air. "Luna!" He says, attempting to push through the group to get closer to her. "Luna!" Neville repeats desperately.

Luna was in the process of bringing a hand up to wave through the floating froglike creature, when Fred taps her shoulder like that. Turning her expression towards him, a wide smile touches her lips. She was solid, but didn't quite understand the touch there. "Oh, yes. I'm quite alright." she says, looking towards Angelina, then Jax. "You know, the nargles and wrackspurts are really very kind once you get to know them." Glancing towards Sirius, she then says, "Do you mind if I stay a little longer, Mr. Boardman?" she asks, serenely. "I haven't had a chance to talk to the Snorkack, yet - it has just been flying about." A pause, then, as she then looks towards Neville, "Oh, hello, Neville. You're all wearing pajamas. Should I have brought some too?"

Everything about this just smacks Sirius of it all being incredibly wrong. He's familiar with the Quibbler and knows that it's completely out there. He met Luna briefly, and could tell she was on the spacey side. This could all be very well and normal, shaped from her imagination, but on the other hand, it might not be. "I.. who? Oh. Right." He remembers the Quibbler articles. "Miss Lovegood, we really should be getting you back. Everyone back at the castle has been frantic and you lot have been missing for some time."

"Your pajamas are waiting back at the castle. We have missed you! You really should come back with us now, Luna. When you come back, we can have a party! In the Hospital Wing." Angie keeps a hold on Jackson's hand. "I'm so very glad you found your wrackspurts here. You should help your father write articles about it, when you get back."

Yep real Luna there, no one else would ask a question like that. Fred actually hugs her quickly and then looks at her like she's a tad nutters, which he really thinks she actually is, "Stay here? Ah come on Luna you're dad is problly worried about you by now." He says to try and convince the girl to and takes his hand off her shoulder.

Jax's attention drifts off to the pigeons, his eyes lighting happily. "Are those the wrackspurts? Everything here is so —" He stops, shaking his head abruptly, and looing at Luna instead. "Everyone's been worried," he says instead. "You know, we've been gone weeks already."

"You like it here!" Neville exclaims, sounding amused, relieved, and brilliantly happy all at the same time. "I knew you were all right. I told everyone. But I'd be awfully happy if you came back to Hogwarts with us." Neville says to her honestly, starting to stow his wand. "Best leave the wrackspurts their world so they can come visit us in ours, right? Or who's head would they have to fuzz up?" He holds out a hand to her.

Luna did seem terribly hesitant. But all the little arguments, from both Stubby - who really couldn't be here - after being freed, she could have sworn he was supposed to go on another world tour, and the rest of the people she had grown fond of over the past few weeks do nudge her from wanting to stay with all the lovely creatures, to returning back to drab old reality. Towards Jax, she points up towards the branches, towards the multicoloured pigeons, "Oh, no, /those/ are wrackspurts. These…" a gesture to the frogs, "Haven't quite been discovered and named yet." The hug seems to take her by surprise, but she turns her curious glance and smile up towards Fred. Glancing down towards Neville's outstretched hand, she looks up to the face of the lad, reaching out to take his hand gratefully. Reaching out her other hand to take Angelina's - or try to - she then allows herself to be led back.

"I must insist we head back," Sirius says in firm tones. No telling what he might do. He may even go so far as to tossing Luna over his shoulder and carting her off! This whole situation may make him quite keen on never having kids. "C'mon, let's go back, no arguments," he says, trying to round everyone back up. It feels to him a bit like trying to herd cats. There's a faint sigh of relief as Luna seems to be agreeable to return. Making sure everyone's close, "Alright, everyone hold hands, let's go back."

Angelina quickly slips her wand away so she can free her hand to take Luna's. "Alright then! Back we go." She squeezes the girl's hand, giving her a gentle smile as she walks back between her and Jackson. See? Easy schmeasy! Doing as instructed, Ginny reaches out a hand to take Neville's, ready to head back to the real world.

Fred keeps his wand out until they are out of this place. His ears a touch of red from his spontanious huggy, he's starting to act like Ginny for gosh sake. Just nodding his head the Weasley boy follows Sirius whereever he wants looking a touch bored, this was to easy.

Jax puts his wand away and reaches his free hand for Sirius's as they get ready to go. His gaze is a bit wistful as he looks around at the scenery once more, a dreamy, wondering expression on his face. "I /have/ to paint all this."

Neville hovers close to Luna and despite his height against her, looks comforted as he looks around the world. "It really is pretty," he tells Luna as he takes Ginny's hand and breathes in solidly.

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