1994-07-22: Alley Marks


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Scene Title Alley Marks
Synopsis Two Death Eaters have a Super Seekrit Meeting in an alley to discuss their Dark Marks. A dog is a not-so-innocent bystander.
Location An Alley in Hogsmeade
Date July 22, 1994
Watch For A dead bunny.
Logger Edwin

Hogsmeade is one of the few places where wizards can actually congregate without much worry about muggles, as there are no muggles here. In a dark alley of this village, where there usually is nobody seen, a woman stands in the shadows. Perhaps she is waiting for someone, biding her time until said person arrives…perhaps. She seems out of place, regardless. She wears a long black dress with a hand back drooped over her shoulder, the top of her wand sticking out slightly in case she needs to use it. She brushes some of her wavy blond hair that usually covers part of her eye as her pale blue eyes gaze about. A small jacket, which matches the dress, covers her arms and upper body. This woman…is Septima Falton. Socialite of the wizarding community.

At least the other half of the pair meeting in the alley is prompt - it comes with the territory when one lives in the town chosen for a shady conversation. Edwin has chosen to go with his usual dark and drab wardrobe, simple and efficient as ever, and the man turns into the alley with an easy and comfortable stride as if it's the most reasonable and natural place for him to be. As arranged meeting places go this one isn't too bad, though he would certainly have preferred somewhere indoors. The man lifts a hand to tip his cap as he draws nearer to the woman already in the area, lengthy strides each ending with a nice click of shoe on cobble. "Evening."

Pale blue eyes peer at the man as he walks down the alley. Septima gives the man the slightest of nods. "Good evening. I hope if fares you well." She says quietly. A small sight emits from her lips. "You…you know why we're here. Have you heard anything? Anything at all from the others?" She is curious. "It has started to appear, and I know nothing of what is going on."

The tall hit wizard comes to a stop and tucks his hands into the pockets of his overcoat, easing his stance into a comfortable one that isn't quite at attention. "It finds me quite well, Septima, thank you - but no, I haven't heard from anyone else. Obviously someone's decided to get clever and act out without first discussing it with the rest of us. I don't like it, and the Ministry's going mad." Oh, yes. These last few days at the office have been long for Edwin.

Septima shakes her head. "Whoever they were…I can't help wonder if they actually received orders from the Dark Lord himself…it seems possible that his return could be imminent, could it now?" She pulls up her sleeve, to show an outline of the Dark Mark showing. "It grows slightly darker and more prominent each day. Surely you have noticed as well."

Confident though Edwin may be, there are certain things that push the boundaries of comfort; showing off the Dark Mark is one of those things. "Bloody- put that away, someone could see it!" Never mind that there's no one else in the alley. He edges a little closer as if to shield the mark from prying eyes with his own bulk, casting glances up and down the alley at its mouths. "Yes, I've noticed. But he'd have called us all if he was back, wouldn't he?"

Septima is quick to hide the mark once more. She lets out a soft sigh, fingers running through her hair as she ponders it all. "Yes, he probably would have called us back. But…what was with the who thing in Diagon Alley? Which of us were they? Surely none of us would be so careless. Not after thirteen years…would they?" She asks quietly, looking out the entrance way of the alley.

"Surely I wouldn't be so careless, and surely you wouldn't be so careless," Edwin corrects with a note of warning in his tone, adopting a rather grim expression and leaning back to give Septima her personal space once more. "But I wouldn't put past, say, Lucius, to get bored and have a little fun at the expense of the ignorant."

Septima sighs softly, shaking her head. "I should hope Lucius isn't that careless. He never seemed to be. Not too much so. Always a bit more…on the intelligent side, that one." She shakes her head once more. "Needless to say, I was completely shocked when I heard about it. It had been so long…" She says quietly.

Keeping on the down low, the large black stray approaches the part of the village that Septima and Edwin are conversing in. It's by sheer accident, as the most luck he's had with conversations in this village have been the usual gossip. With a dead rabbit in his mouth, the dog has nothing more on his mind than getting back to his cave.

"Intelligence has nothing to do with common sense. I've heard tell from a few other Ministry blokes that there was some mess gone on with some Dark objects a couple of years back. He should be more careful." Apparently that is the bottom line. At least the Dark Mark is now safely out of sight. He frowns and rubs his chin with one hand pensively. "One can only hope," Edwin allows a moment later. "Keep your eyes peeled. There have been some… interesting reports."

Septima sighs softly once more, rubbing her eyes as though tired. "Yes…I heard about the raids that have happened on his home. But I don't know if anything ever came of those, did they? Never found any objects of worth?" For a Socialite, she surprisingly doesn't know too much about that. "I'm keeping my ears and eyes open. We need to keep in touch…all of us. Discreetly, of course. No doubt after the attacks, they are keeping a closer eye on all of us who were suspected the first time around."

Dark objects? What the? Part of the conversation reaches the dog's keen hearing. Rabbit still in mouth, he slinks into the alley to hide amongst the dustbins. Interesting.. and it's taking a good deal of willpower to keep quiet and not give himself away. Possible dark supporters in Hogsmeade? It makes his hackles raise.

At that, Edwin can only offer a shrug. "Not sure if they found anything, but I'm sure he doesn't have anything there now if he knows what's good for him. I trust you'd be wise enough to do the same." Lord knows Edwin got rid of all his little toys almost immediately after hearing of the Dark Lord's downfall. He lets out a long sigh to counter Septima's, nodding along with her suggestion. "It wouldn't be a bad plan. Obtaining a secure meeting place is in order… one that can be easily gotten to by all. Hogsmeade might not be a bad location, now I think of it."

Septima shakes her head. "The worst they could get on me is books on the Dark Arts. But that…well, anyone could have those. I could merely be wanting to be able to properly prepare and defend against them." She says in a light, mock tone. She shakes her head at the very last part of the statement, however. "I do not think that Hogsmeade would be wise. Too close to Hogwarts. And during the school year, it may be even more difficult. We might not be able to know when the Hogsmeade visits are…though I'm sure our dear old friend Severus would, if we chose this quaint little village, be able to provide us with those dates. But regardless, I still think it's much too dangerous."

That's what /you/ think sir. This is Hogwarts's backyard, not a smart move. Although it could be advantageous to certain parties. The large dog settles in to continue listening from behind the dustbins. Huh. At least the female seems smarter on the suggestion of Hogsmeade, although, the information that could be garnered might be worth it. Ears perk up at the mention of Snape, and a soft growl forms. That greasy git, Dumbledore still trusts him after all these years..

"Snape and I are both located around Hogsmeade, though I'll grant that we might catch some unwanted attention. Maybe an Unplottable region of the northern forests. No need to be flashy, and creature comforts can be done without for the time being." There will be plenty of time to laze around in cushy armchairs after things get figured out. Edwin runs a hand through his hair rather nervously, glancing up and down the alley again - but there's still no one in sight. Seems safe enough. "Right, then. I assume you can get in touch with Lucius?"

Septima nods a little. "Though over the summer, Severus is located elsewhere…but of course, that is only for the summer." She thinks for a moment, but then shakes her head. "No…the so called 'Forbidden Forest' is, while unplottable, is also, like the rest of Hogwarts, enchanted so that no one can apparate in or out. It would be most inconvenient for most of us." She explains. She sighs and nods. "Yes. I'm sure I can get in touch with Lucius. We run in the general same circles. It shouldn't be too hard."

Much to his credit, Padfoot keeps quiet as he listens in. The growling that form is squelched as he forces it down. He wants to hear the list of suggestions as to where they could congregate.

A grunt. "By 'northern' I meant Scotland. If we're to do this subtly, we might as well do it right. There's all sorts of nonsense in that forest-" Edwin waves an arm in the general direction he knows it to be "-and I'm certainly not going to go stomping around in it to be food for a hungry werewolf." No, that is an encounter that would be very well missed.

Septima nods firmly in understanding this time around. "Well, Scotland is a place I know all too well, having grown up there. There's a family home there…on my parents side, where I grew up. My parents don't live there any longer, opting to live closer to my children. Perhaps there?"
The comment about werewolves has Padfoot laughing on the inside. Although the werewolf he knows, he wouldn't pay his entire fortune to bite Edwin. Remus might need shots afterwards. The risks outweigh the laugh factor.

"Scotland it is then. A home is preferable to the wilderness, provided we aren't discovered." Things have apparently been decided, and Edwin turns slightly on his heel to point a foot in a homewards direction. "We should probably arrange a meeting soon. I want to know who's gone and started to play around with the Ministry without letting the rest of us in on it."

Septima shakes her head. "Small, out of the way town. Nay…it doesn't even constitute a village, really. It's just a collection of a few homes, my parent's being the largest. We should all be able to go there just fine. You get in touch with some, I'll get in touch with others. Including Lucius and I'll try to get Severus to come as well."

Padfoot lays on his belly, and scoots forward from where he is, still behind the dustbins. He tries to get a peek at the two conversing, to see if either is recognized. Something is familiar, vocal-wise, but a face, a name, that might click. Over a decade locked away from the world can dull certain memories. Head tilting some to the side, his pale eyes are directed at Septima, something naggingly familiar.

"It should do. We can't afford to be picky, and it sounds out of the way enough to be discreet. Do take care of yourself." And that's that - it's been long enough lingering in a dark alley, and there's no reason to provoke fate as far as getting noticed goes. Edwin takes a few steps towards the alley exit and then pauses. Something seems a bit out of place, and one of his shoes is rather close to the edge of Sirius' dustbins.

Septima nods firmly. "Yes. Quite. We shall talk details a little later." And that is it with that conversation. She starts to follow Edwin out the alley when he suddenly stops by the bins. "What's wrong? Why are you stopping?" She whispers, almost insidiously. "We can't keep dawdling." If she looks familiar at all to Sirius, it may be because she's been to a function or two at the Black Manor, or they've been to another similar function elsewhere. Sirius would have, of course, no doubt be forced to such an occasion by his mother, whereas Septima loved such events.

Rabbit still in his mouth, Padfoot pulls back as Edwin gets too close. His pale gaze eyes the shoes then up to the owner. Hrm.. nah, this is no time for crudeness. Ears laying flat, he issues a threatening growl, which could translate to 'my kill, get your own rabbit', or you're in my territory! Either way, warning is given and he darts through the dustbins, creating a bit of a racket and knocking one over.

Edwin has stopped because his senses haven't failed him yet, as evinced by the sudden ruckus caused by the big black dog that has apparently been lurking nearby. The sudden movement sees the hit wizard's wand drawn in an instant and pointed at the creature's head, but no spell is forthcoming even after several moments of tension. "…just a mongrel. Pity it wasn't Potter."

Septima startles slightly at the ruckus before watching the dog run off. "Oh…" She takes a few breaths in. "I thought it was something worse for a minute there." She shakes her head. "Oh…if one of us could capture, and even kill, that little brat, the we'd be honoured more than anyone." She mutters. "Can't even claim to be a pureblood. I hear his mother was a filthy mudblood." She says quietly.

The temptation is strong to return and take a bite out of the wizard's leg, after the comment about his godson. Yet, Padfoot finds it in himself to keep moving. Despite wanting to rip each of those two to pieces.

"A pity I haven't been put on guard detail for him. It could make life much easier." But now the farewell seems to be of a more definitive sort, and after another tip of his hat Edwin sheathes his wand and starts out of the alley again, soon turning down the street to head to his humble abode.

Septima offers another small nod to Edwin as she watches him walk away. She has her own things to do now. And with no more thought on the subject, she takes her wand from her hand back, grasps it firmly, and with a twist on the spot, she disapparates.

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