1995 03-07: All Apologies


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Scene Title All Apologies
Synopsis The Solicitor comes calling in order to apologize to Holly. However, Horatio finds Chase instead.
Location Casa de Holly and Chase
Date March 07 1995
Watch For Prophet slamming, Twitching
Logger Horatio

Chase has tidied up Holly's place, deciding to keep it clean and ready for the Boss' eventual return to the Land of Humans.

Well, as tidy as she can.

Parchments and ancient tomes fill most of the living room, making great towers and fluttering about - pages opening and closing before a seated Chase. If drinking a lot of coffee and reading one book at a time is power studying, then this is … something else.

Admittedly, the cottage is not that hard to find. The gentleman in question knows the street well from his student days-when one would come off from High Street if only to are his or her compatriots to going into the Hog's Head Tavern. Walk was brisk and now, Horatio finds himself simply on the doorstep. Robes adjusted, and his briefcase held, before a hand moves to rap upon the door. Thrice.

"Miss Maplewood?" He starts in his rather clear and crisp accent. Educated, and London being the two words that would best describe, even if the man himself is not quite the picture of it. "Miss Maplewood, are you home?" Or did Monkshood just shuffle himself down here for nothing?

From within, a voice calls out - muffled by the door.

"Hang on … …" Thud thud. "Frick! Just a second … … " The rustling of papers. " … Double Frick!"

She is already speaking as she opens the door to confront the man, all of a sudden completely professional in her tone and manner, "Miss Maplewood is currently indisposed for the foreseeable future. I'm her aide, Miss Chase - may I help you?"

The sounds of rustling, and even the double frick, do bring a small smirk to the wizard's lips. However it all but disappears when the door opens and he is looking towards the blonde. Odd he could have sworn that Miss Maplewood was a brunette.

But the message given causes a brow to raise from Horatio, before he is looking down to his briefcase, and unsnapping the the flap to rifle about within. "My pardons for interrupting Miss Chase." Horatio clips, "But my name is, Horatio Monkshood. I am a Solicitor and member of the Wizengamot..Normally we don't make house calls mind you, but this bears a bit of importance." Well, to be matter of fact it is a matter of justice for him. "Do you know when she will be returning home?"

"Foreseeable future," Chase repeats, frowning slightly at the thought, "She's having some personal problems you're probably aware of." Hint hint. She blames this Ministry wholly for Holly's condition.

"I'm going to be acting in her stead until she gets home."

"Yes, I am." Horatio adds, with a reach in and finally a sealed envelope is pulled out. "It is that very reason I have come here today-while I am between London and here…I was hoping to deliver this in person, but I could leave it with you and then meet with her at a separate time if that is alright?" The frown earns one back, even as the Envelope remains there in his hand for the blonde woman to retrieve.

"Also-given her treatment..I am going to inform you about a bit of legislation that has been passed. Nothing formal has been sent out. Just an announcement to the press…" and a sigh there as the Solicitor looks down. "But, if you can send word to her about it- it will make things easier for her when she returns."

"I read about it in your local rag," Chase answers, referring to the Prophet with her eyes narrowed, words dripping with sarcasm, "I'm glad to see you're all so progressive over here. Who needs pesky things like humanity and privacy when you can have order and registries?"

She reaches out to take the envelope quickly; drawing it close to her as though it may be very precious, "Is that all you had, Howard?"
GAME: Save complete.

A slght twitch in the Solicitor's mouth. "That is a formal apology there- so don't lose it Chase. It took me a lot of work to get that pushed through-and I would rather that not go by the way side." Or be lost. "You'll be getting forms in the post-regarding the other bit." Yes Monkshood was a fine Auror-but this politics and courtroom antics? He never quite feels at ease with despite his own knack for it.

"I wish I could have given her that and all apologies, she deserves in person." A hand comes up filtering through his robes to pass over a small business card. "When she does return. Please have her contact me."

Chase frowns more deeply at the idea that she might lose the letter. She goes so far as to put it in the breast pocket of her robes to prove that she can be trusted, "I'm sure she'll contact you as soon as she's back. She wouldn't break the law … " The way she says the last bit seems to infer that it should have ended with 'unlike some people.'

"I never thought she would." Horatio responds. But then, he likes to believe most normal people would not even dream of breaking the law. "Your Miss Maplewood is a fine lawyer, I might add. From what little I have seen. Whatever has her away.." he won't even presume to know or guess on that matter "I pray does not keep her." And his own frown remains "Have a good day, Miss Chase. I am sorry to have bothered you."

"She is," Chase returns, "You're lucky to have her here." If she's still here. Hmm. Chase closes the door after a brisk nod of her head and goes back to her research.

A bit of a sigh as the door closes, and he turns to walk off down the street. Ruffled, but not down by any total means. One hand rises up to smooth his hair, as Horatio mutters, "Yanks.."

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