1994-07-12: Alibis And Owls


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Scene Title Alibis and Owls
Synopsis Unexpected trouble's afoot.
Date July 12, 1994
Watch For N/A
Chronology Takes place during the Quidditch All Star Cup
Logger The Frame-ee

Hogsmeade - Post Office

With a full meal on his belly, thanks to his cousin, the large black dog is out and about again. This time not looking for food, but for the daily paper. This of course could just mean trouble for him, of course. But hopefully not /too/ much. He doesn't need it.

Sweeping the front of the Post Office, Jilly eyes the big black dog wandering the streets again and raises an eyebrow. "Now where is your owner?" She sighs. That man certainly doesn't seem to take care of his dog. "Off in London again, leaving you all by yourself? Poor thing." Kneeling down, she puts out a hand for him to sniff.

Oh hey, this could be better than a newspaper. Padfoot lets out a bark and trots right on up to Jilly, bold as you please. He even noses his muzzle towards the inside of the post office.

The door gives easily, as it's meant to so that the elder wizards and witches don't have to shove or pull too hard in order to get inside. Jilly stands up quickly and quickly follows the big dog. Inside the post office, the wireless is on and she has it tuned to the Cup game. Though not really a big follower of the game, customers who come in are and she was tired to having to tell everyone she didn't know the score, no, it hasn't even started yet. "Hey!" She chastises. The owls all twitter at the sight of the predator-like animal. "You'll scare the owls, you don't know how scary you look to them."

Tail wagging, the dog just marches boldly into the shop. The rustle and restless owls aren't paid any mind to. His ears perk once at the radio, Harry was supposed to go to the cup with his friends. Well. He'll just be staying put and just try moving him. Leaving the owls alone, he plunks himself down out of the way, tail thumping against the floor.

Frowning, Jilly really could move Sirius if she wanted to. But, she's against forcefully moving animals and people as a rule. With an exaggerated sigh, she sits down on the stool behind the counter, doodling as she waits for customers. It's been a rather dead day, as everyone is glued to their wirelesses, listening to the game. A few harried wizards all but fly in to send off a dispatch, eying the big dog warily before running off again in an attempt to not miss a moment of the exciting game.

Padfoot tilts his head aside, watching people coming and going with a curious look. He's being quite well behaved. Except for when he gets up to follow after Jilly behind the counter. What'cha doodling? Paws up on the counter and standing on his hind legs, he tries to get a look at the doodling.

Tapping Padfoot on the nose with her pencil when he attempts to see what she's doodling, Jilly reprimands him. "Bad dog, no being up on furniture." She will give this dog manners yet! The doodle itself is of an owl. Wide eyes, it looks startled to be there. As the score racks up against the British League, the witch clucks her tongue. "There'll be drunks at Three Broomsticks, no doubt, if they don't pull out of this. Wailing and blubbering like babies because of a game."

Padfoot whuffs softly at the tapping on the nose. He has yet to actually get down. He's still looking at the drawing, so there! (But no arguments about the crowd of drunks later. He'd like to join them, but y'know.)

That would be a bad idea, dropping cover. Tapping him on the nose yet again, Jilly tells him firmly, "Off." She'd lose a shoving match with him, but she can keep being annoying and tapping on the nose while she can.

A soft whine issues from the dog before the dog finally gets down. There. Happy now? Paws off the counter, he moves to rest his muzzle against it instead, peering over at the rest of the post office.

Pleased with herself, Jilly nods at Padfoot. She doesn't really have much in the way of snacks for him, though, so she just scratches behind his ears as a reward. However, all of the sudden, on the wireless there seems to be screaming and chaos. Stopping right in the middle of the petting, her mouth drops open. 'It's Sirius Black!' someone shouts through the crackling. Gasping, the witch stands up without thinking.

Padfoot could bite you, and give you the scare of your life y'know. But he has a cover to keep you see. Just as he's relaxing with the scritching, the fur on the back of his neck is on end and his ears perked. 'Not good', rolls through his mind. He'll puzzle over just what is going on later. For now? Find Remus, or someone who knows his secret. A threatening snarl is heard from the dog as he ducks away from Jilly's hand and bolts for the door.

The growl that escapes from Padfoot is enough to catch Jilly's attention. "I don't like him, either, Padfoot," she tells the dog with a deep frown on her face. "That horrible Death Eater." She knows the story of Sirius Black killing poor Peter Pettigrew and those Muggles on the street and thinks of him as a monster. Ironically. As the dog bolts for the door, Jilly chases after. "Hey!" She's not sure why she's chasing after a dog that seems to come and go as she pleases, but she does. Paled by the information from the wireless, she stops right outside the door, the cast filtering out onto the street.

It doesn't even really cross his mind to keep up the act. He's just a dog, stay calm, listen for more information. Padfoot is more of an act now think later sort you see. Which explains why he's not keeping his head about this situation and takes off down High Street, disappearing off towards the woods.

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