Alexei Taliesin Demeter
Portrayed By Robert Downey Jr.
House Slytherin
Year Graduated
Position Clerk of the Court to the Wizengamot
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 32
Place of Birth Swansea, Wales
Date of Birth 13 June 1962
Mother Aledwen (Eggleston) Demeter. Deceased
Father Jakob Demeter, Deceased
Siblings None living
Marital Status Seperated
Children Son Andrei 13 (Slytherin, Second Year),Daughter: Katina 11 (Ravenclaw, First Year)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Alexei, though born in Wales, can trace his family's history all the way back to a Barony located outside Kirov in what became the Soviet Union.
His family came to the UK when his grandfather found himself unable to leave. At the time, Baron Alexei (for whom Alexei himself is named) was acting as an ambassador for the Russian Wizarding Government. With the overthrow of the government by the Soviets, Baron Alexei and his family found themselves unable to return home. Raising a family in his now adopted country of Britain, Baron Alexei went on to have sixteen children; of which Alexei's father was one. Alexei himself studied at Hogwarts, sorted into Slytherin house, where he did well enough. Upon graduating school, he attempted to join the ministry; and after a few failures found himself accepted as a trainee Auror, where he served quite well for the next two years. Around the fall of 1983, spring of 1984, Alexei received his first promotion. Alexei was tasked and appointed as an adjunct to the British Ambassador to the Soviet Union. Since he (Alexei) spoke fluent Russian, and was a well trained Auror, the decision only seemed to make sense. Over the next five years, until the spring of 1989, Alexei served in that position quite well, though he often commented that there wasn't that much to do. With You Know Who gone in '82, the biggest threat the Ambassador had was that he might choke on his caviar, or insult the Russian minister at dinner. In 1989, the rules changed. The Soviet Union, after suffering on life support for the past twenty years, finally crumbled under its own massive weight. At first, the Ambassador and his team (Alexei included) were recalled back to London. Around the middle of 1990, Alexei received an owl at his home in Swansea. The owl carried with it a letter, instructing Alexei that he was being recalled back to the ministry, and was to return as soon as possible; prepared to travel. Arriving back at the Ministry, he was greeted by the Minister himself and informed (rather unceremoniously he noted) that Alexei was being given a very special appointment and task. In light of his service for the Ministry, as well as his work with the Ambassador, He (Alexei) was being appointed as an advisor to the Russian Magical Law Enforcement. His job was to advise the Russians on Magical Law, as it related to their country and its develeopment; as well as provide security details for their own (the British) Ambassador and his teams. In 1994, after having served in his position for four years, a change of minister and the loss of Fudge caused everything to go up in the air. Many of the ambassadors were recalled, some reinstated, others fired, and still others shuffled places in the ministry that they never knew existed. In some ways, Alexei managed to get off lucky. The acting Minister didn't shuffle him off or do anything too horrible for the man. No, she just simply fired him. At first, Alexei attempted to take a position at Hogwarts teaching, before being informed that the position he sought had already been filled. It was by pure chance that that Alexei received his new position. It just happened that one day while at the Leaky Cauldron, he was asked a question. That question was whether or not he thought Black was really innocent, as the pardon said. Alexei found himself persuing this question, looking left and right at it before offering a rather curious answer that stated that he (meaning Black) probably wasn't guilty, and he started listing reasons. All of them being evidentiary. The person he spoke with seemed impressed, and that was the lucky part for Alexei. The next day Alexei received an owl instructing him to come in for an interview. This one he actually made it to, and upon leaving found himself in a new position with the Wizengamot Administration Services, serving as Clerk of the Court.

(very shortened synopsis of his 4 page background)


Alexei is rather easy going with nothing ever seeming to phase him. In fact, the man seems quite unflappable, letting every insult, every problem just roll off his back. He loves a good laugh as much as the next person, but also has a decidedly mean streak when cornered.


Other Information

Though born in Wales, due to his recent life abroad, Alexei speaks with a faint clip to his words, hinting at the edges of a Russian accent. Over time it will fade somewhat, but since his time there was quite recent, it's quite evident.

Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

Alexei's pet is a "Fox Dog." Though the name suggests canine, the animal is actually a tamed silver fox.

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