1995-05-19: Afternoon In The Park


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Scene Title Afternoon In The Park
Synopsis A meeting between in-laws over a picnic lunch.
Location London - Hyde Park
Date May 19, 1995
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Logger Marmaduke

Spring is a popular time for the grounds of Hyde Park, and today is a fine example. The weather behaves itself beautifully, a blue sky dotted with soft cloud. Late morning finds a somewhat portly fellow walking along one of the trails towards the more secluded picnic tables, a basket slung on his arm. At his heels trots a cheerful looking basset hound. Ted Tonks glances at his companion, clicking his tongue. "Now Boe," he says to the dog seriously. "There is barely enough for two in here. I shan't think of the mess I would be in if Andromeda found out I gave Mr. Black's lunch to you." The man nevertheless chuckles at the thought. He rounds about the path, coming onto the tables with his head turning about to see if his lunch partner is already there.

Sirius does a bit better than most at muggle attire.. but not by much. He still gets some odd looks for his old fashioned suit. His robes have been swapped out for something that looks more like a trench coat. Leaving his motorbike back at number twelve, he apparates into the park a short distance away from where Ted is setting up. "I take it Andromeda's at work?" he says by way of greeting as he approaches. "Good to see you again, Ted," he then adds with a grin at the man.

"Sirius!" Ted greets, flashing a smile to the younger man as he chooses a table and starts to lay out lunch. "Yes, sadly. She says hello and whatnot." Ted seems rather comfortable in his own muggle wear, broken in loafers, slacks, and a long sleeve button up with a vest over. Boe, catching smell of Sirius, begins to wag his tail with excitement, begging for attention. Ted seems delightfully amused at it. "Of course I couldn't leave Boe. He'd not let me pet him for a week if I had left him behind while going to see you."

Sirius crouches down and scratches Boe behind the ears, "Good boy," he says. "Maybe we'll play catch or something in a bit." Ha ha! Giving the dog another pat, he then moves to assist Ted. Brows raise slightly at the spread that's been packed, "I take it she's wound up again. I think she sent enough for a small army."

There is no arguing Sirius' last statement. Lunch is not fancy, but it is well done, and plentiful. Small sandwiches of turkey and ham, two sorts of potato salad, marinated cherry tomatoes with olive oil and pepper, a plate of butterscotch chip cookies and even two graciously large bottles of honey cordial charmed to stay ice cold. Boe breaks attention off of Sirius only enough to sniff at the food. "When isn't she?" Ted wonders, sitting himself down and handing out napkins and silverware. "I've eaten like a king ever since Dora decided to become an Auror. Of course, I wouldn't mind if it was over something that wasn't potentially harmful to my daughter, but food is food! Let her do what she loves, I say."

Sirius laughs just a little, "Of course, I can't blame her for staying worked up." It's a family thing, you see. He settles in across from Ted, and takes in the surroundings. "Hmm.. can't say I've ever taken time to enjoy Hyde Park. Definitely a better choice for conversing than oh, the Leaky Cauldron." If you don't want to be overheard that is. "Tonks is a damn fine Auror," Sirius says, sticking up for the younger witch. "I've seen her in a couple of sticky spots. She thinks fast and on her feet." Which isn't to say that he doesn't worry. He does, he just focuses on trusting Tonks to be able to take care of herself. Yet, parents will be parents, right? "You two doing alright? You /are/ taking precautions the Order's suggested? As well as Ministry protection?"

Ted helps himself to a sandwich, pulling the top from his cordial bottle. "Used to come here as a boy. Before Hogwarts," he explains, sipping the fizzy drink. The father of Tonks gives a glance up, sneaking his loyal basset hound a bit of cheese. "Of course she is," he agrees. "I'd love to meet a witch or wizard who disagreed." The sandwich's life does not linger long, and Ted is already selecting another along with a heap of the tomatoes. He looks a bit guilty. "We've put on a few. Though honestly, Sirius. I don't see what the fuss is over. As if /she/ would have any business coming to our house. I don't see the point, really."

Sirius digs in as well, spoiling Boe with bites of sandwich too. "The point? The point is you want to live and keep /her/ out. She was mad before Azkaban, you never heard her when she really gets going. Now that she's out, they're all returning to their favorite sport of killing just because they can." He manages to keep his tone and volume level, but there's an urgency in his words. "The slaughter at Batherton Hills.. where was the point in that? None from a rational and sane mindset."

Ted scratches his chin, sighing a bit. "I suppose I could bring it up with Andromeda. It isn't as if she's against it," he points out quickly. "But the subject puts her in such a mood. Any mention of her sisters and…" Ted shakes his head fitfully. "I do seem to remember a commotion when she found out about Andromeda and I. I believe I ended up getting turned into a slug at some point around then. Still don't care much for salt." Ted's attempt at a joke is ended with a small frown. "What a thing, Batherton Hills. The ministry is a madhouse these days."

"And I understand her position and her feelings quite well," Sirius points out. He's in the same boat as Andromeda is. The only remaining family members would love to have them offed. "I can try talking to her too. Of course I think she's still mad at what I put her through." Rightly so, too. Ted's little joke is met with even less humor on Sirius's side. Still. Moving on. "I can just imagine, even if they are putting up a quiet front." He helps himself to some of the tomatoes, still handing bits of sandwich under the table to Boe.

"I think," Ted comments after a few bites, "That Andromeda needs any family she can get. Even if she has to settle for you, my dear cousin-in-law." The man grins over his bottle. "Honestly. After that trial of yours, I think she's a bit more cheered than she has been in a while. Always spoke well of you, you know. Even with the… whole situation." Boe doesn't seem to care much for such serious conversation. The dog lets out a woof and wiggles around under the table, happy with his sneaked snacks. "Hush, Boe," Ted murmurs.

Sirius snorts a little as he opens up his own bottle and takes a drink. "Can't imagine what a shock it had been for her." The only good member of the family, suddenly outed as a Death Eater and a murderer? "We've all got to stick together, more so these days." Seems he's not too keen to talk about the trial business. "I think I should have you lot over for dinner soon. Andromeda might like to see the redecorating Tonks has been helping me with. I'll probably need to do the cooking myself. Kreacher still isn't listening to me, stubborn elf."

"I believe her emotions over the ordeal could be described somewhat as a windy broom ride, yes." Ted shovels some potato salad into his mouth. "What a terrible creature," the muggleborn says honestly. He's likely had first hand experience. "But I think an outing like that would do her well. Nymphadora always can get a smile out of her mum."

Sirius laughs, and aims his fork at Ted, "That's one way to put it, yes." Six years older than him, he's familiar with how Andromeda can get.. or did in her youth. He's sure that hasn't changed, just based on the brief reunions they've had. "I'll throw as many silencing charms as I can around the house at portraits. I'm sure mother will scream her ridiculous head off, and Phineas will have a several opinions he'll want to share." Oh number twelve, house of Black family horrors! "Even if the outing is to a nightmare of a house. 'Dora has convinced me to change it up as much as I can."

"Oh, I look forward to it. It's almost comical, really." Ted does in fact seem to think it's funny. Another sandwich bites the dust. "And why shouldn't you? Dreadful place, no offense of course. Could do with a vast amount of remodeling. Still, I do hope you're not just chucking out the valuables. I'd like to take a look at them, before Mundungus does." The collector-enthusiast hums at the thought of it. "Half of it's dark magic, I'd assume. But interesting none the less."

"If by comical do you mean shouting back at paintings, kicking an elf from a room and all sorts of chaotic arguments?" It's a bit rhetorical. Sirius shrugs, dispatching more food, "No offense taken. I hate the place down to its foundations. It's just incredibly useful to keep around, and it does give me a bit of joy to make the family roll over in their graves at the changes I'm making." He flashes a look across at Ted, "You, Tonks, Jack Noble, you all want to see the horrific things that were collected. I haven't started throwing everything out yet. I do need to, before the house fills up. I offered to let the Weasleys stay over the summer as well as Harry, it won't do for someone to get hurt on accident. I'd be surprised if there were items that /weren't/ dark magic."

Ted leans back, tapping his fingers on the wood of the table. "It's like a Borgin and Burkes warehouse," he says eagerly. Once he's had his fill of lunch stuffs, he starts on the cookies with vigor. "Sounds like a full house, but I would imagine you're pleased?" Ted reaches under the table to pet Boe, who is busy attempting to sleep on Sirius' feet. "I'll come by next week to see it, even if Andromeda can't pull herself from work. It's madly busy, from what I hear. The Pupp's, you might know them, I think Edward Pupp went to Hogwarts with you. Attempting to cast protection spells on their house and something went wrong. They were speaking pig latin for a week in St. Mungo's."

"And what a comforting thought that is," Sirius grumps in regards to the comparison between buildings. "Of course I'm pleased. No better way to brighten the place than to have a real family under the roof. It won't feel crowded or full at all. The house is too damn big… ha. I'll help drag her out if you need the assistance." A cookie is eaten as he quiets down to listen to Ted, "The name's familiar.. and he must have really botched the spell for /that/ to happen from a protection charm."

"Not a particularly bright boy," Ted admits with a laugh. "Not the first time someone's blown a tongue-lock spell. The Weasley's are a good lot. Arthur and I are get along well. Just a few years apart at school." His head turns, watching a family of muggles wander nearby. "And I'm positive Harry thinks the idea is brilliant."

"It's not like it's a difficult spell to cast," Sirius says with a small amount of humor. "Mmm.. they're solid. Molly and I have our differences, but Arthur's nice enough." Don't mind him, he's just having a difficult time re-integrating. "I hope so. Since Molly and Arthur will be doing a fair bit of work with us, might as well have everyone stay under one roof for the summer. I'll even invite another of Harry's friends to stay."

Ted digs into his bag, pulling out an old muggle tennis ball. His fingers roam over it. "The lad deserves a nice summer with his god father." Boe, dog sense tingling, pads out from under the table. "Brace yourself," he jokes to his cousin, turning and tossing the ball a ways. Boe bounds after it. "Careful, now. You'll have all of Hogwarts at your house. Can't say I don't envy you. Our house has never felt quite right after my Dora went off."

Sirius chuckles, "Hardly. Just Harry, the Weasleys and their friend. Got to keep the numbers small for a variety of reasons." It will do him some good to have pleasant company staying in that gloomy house as it's transformed. "Can't imagine what that was like, sorry." Empty nest syndrome, it's not something he's familiar with at all.

Ted receives a slobbery tennis ball, wrinkling his nose and patting his rather proud dog on the head. The messy toy is offered out to Sirius. Boe sounds his enthusiasm. "Take a joke, Sirius. Take a joke." Ted beams a large grin. "You had it worse, so don't bother apologizing, my dear boy."

Sirius takes the ball from Ted, and tosses it for Boe to chase and retrieve once more. "Sorry. I've never had a problem with jokes or displaying a sense of humor. I suppose I'm just a little rusty some days." Which is understandable. Goes with those vicious mood swings he's guilty of having. "I'll have to pop in, surprise Andromeda this week. Thank her for the lovely lunch."

Ted glances around, poking his wand out of his pocket and cleaning up the lunch with a bit of magic. He sits for a few minutes, watching the game of fetch. "You'll get back in the game," Ted says with promise. "I'll see you soon then, Sirius. Take care, won't you? And keep an eye on Nymphadora." The man stands up, tugging on his vest and gathering up the basket.

"Cheater," Sirius says good naturedly about the use of magic to clean up the lunch. "I'll keep an eye on her. I'm rather fond of Dora." He pushes up from the picnic table and holds out a hand to Ted, "If you and Andromeda need anything, just say so. If I'm not at home, I'm doing work for Dumbledore, or keeping an eye out in Hogsmeade." He's still bothered by that look Edwin was giving. Sneaky bastard.

Ted takes the hand, shifting the basket to pat his in-law on the shoulder. "Of course. You're family, Sirius. The same goes for you." The hand and shoulder are released and Ted taps his leg, calling Boe to him. The dog seems hesitant to leave Sirius, but eventually he follows his owner, ball still stuck in his floppy mouth.

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