Portrayed By Hayden Panettiere
House Gryffindor
Year Fifth
Position Student
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 15
Place of Birth London, England
Date of Birth January 1st, 1979
Mother Adelwin Ackerman
Father Anthony Ackerman
Siblings N/A
Marital Status N/A
Children N/A
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Aelwen Ackerman hails from London England, born shortly after her parents move to London on January 1st, 1979. The daughter of Adelwin and Anthony Ackerman, Aelwen is proud to call herself a Half-Blood through her mothers' side. Her father, generally accepting to this, has always taught her the things Adelwin has taught him through their marriage. With the relocation to London for her father's job as a electrician, Adelwin decided that her daughter would be home-schooled, with the thought that she might be accepted into Hogwarts or one of the other Wizarding schools. Their only child, Adelwin had a hard birth and it was a sad decision when they told their daughter that she would have no siblings.

As a child, however, Aelwen was very outgoing and comfortable with being social and in crowds. She was always a bit of a talker, and always loved hanging out with various people, if nothing more than to learn who they were or why they were. Learning was almost the one thing that her parents could count on her doing, no matter the season or the year. Shortly before late fall of 1990, Aelwen received her Welcoming Letter from Hogwarts! Excited and pleased, Adelwin took her daughter to Diagon Alley to get her supplies for her school years. Starting a personal acocunt at Gringotts, Adelwin got Adwen, her common barn owl, as a gift for her daughters' first year of school.

Arriving at Hogwarts, Aelwen closed her eyes with the Sorting Hat on her head, and was sorted into the Gryffindor House! Surprised, pleased, Aelwen closed her eyes that night, to enjoy her world. Armed with her 12' rosewood & phoenix tail wand, she swished and said her way through her first couple of years of school. During the flying lessons, she proved to bee quite z a 'wiz' as well, fairly competent, and when third year electives were opened up, Aelwen went for the Quidditch team as well. Set to the sub-list for a backup Chaser, Aelwen turned around and selected her electives; Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Care of Magical Creatures. Divination didn't interest her, and living wit ha Muggle, she didn't see the point of Muggle Studies, bringing up her full class load to ten.

Not everything is easy, and it was proven as Aelwen has done less than what she satisfactorially wanted to do on a few varying end of the year tests. Due to this, over the summer between her fourth and fifth year, Aelwen read her textbooks - it didn't help that her O.W.Ls were coming up either! Now, in the middle of her fifth year, Aelwen has found herself in the middle of cheering for the Inter-House Tournament, trying her hardest not to go completely insane, and also looking around as her age of accountability grows closer…


Aelwen is the set persona of a loudmouth. She doesn't know how to keep still, she's always talking, and more often that not, she's doing both at the same time! Why? Her parents aren't too sure. In fact, if anything, Adelwin and Anthony often wonder if their daughter got switched at childbirth. (She didn't. Honestly.)

Aelwens' smart. Perhaps too smart for her own good, as she's currently balancing ten classes, and her O.W.L studies as well.


  • Jan 1 1979: Born in London, England
  • Early summer 1990: Receives acceptance letter from Hogwarts
  • Sep 1 1990: Sorted into Gryffindor house at Hogwarts
  • Sep 1 1993: Started electives Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and Care of Magical Creatures. First tryout for house Quidditch team.

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