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%r[center(ansi(xh,Where once was light, now darkness falls…),78)]%r%r[center(It was supposed to be getting better.,78)]%r%r%tDumbledore's death rocked the nation, but the death toll seemed to stop there almost as if by magic. Few (if any) truly knew why, but there was peace for nearly five years… more or less. There was movement in the Ministry - there is always movement in the Ministry - with one political party rising slowly to prominence on quiet promises of restoring the Isles to Her former glory. Little did the Knights of the Grey know how quickly they would run out of time to make good on their promises.%r%r[center(D-Day.,78)]%r%r%tThat's what they call it now, some Muggle reference or other. It's as good a name as any - nothing's going to capture the enormity of having your entire world crumble down around your ears. No one saw them coming. Not a whisper, not a word. A quiet Monday morning by all accounts… and then they were there in numbers no one… no one knew was possible. The Ministry was the first to fall, rocked by a devastating explosion. Diagon, Mungo's, Gringott's, Hogsmeade, Azkaban… the staples of our world tipped over like a line of dominoes. Only Hogwarts was able to hold them off. Only Hogwarts was able to keep them out.%r%r%tAnd so Hogwarts is all that's left, held against the darkness by virtue only of people willing to work together for survival - whether they like each other or not.%r%r[center(--,78)]%r%r%t[ansi(ch,Harry Potter: Into the Fire)] is a Hogwarts-centric role-playing game which first opened its doors in 2008 and lost traction a few years later with the loss of our founding wizard, [ansi(gh,Avada Kedavra)]. Re-built by several of the original staffers and given a fresh start with a five-year timeskip forward and a much more centralized grid, HP:ITF means to take a slightly darker angle on the beloved Wizarding World and provide players with an environment in which to explore what it's like to survive when the odds truly are against you.%r%r%tWe are now open and underway for main story plot picking up nearly nine months after D-Day. Both Adult and Student concepts are welcome, and there are slots for Original Characters, Feature Characters (from canon), and Leadership Characters. Game mechanics are a stripped down d10 system which will look familiar to World of Darkness players.%r%r[space(5)][ansi(h,Wiki:)] %r[space(5)][ansi(h,Connect via telnet:)][space(5)][ansi(h,Join our Discord server:)] %r

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