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%r%t%t%t[ansi(wh,The calm before the storm…)]%r%r%tWe were children once. We were innocent and guileless and happy. Some of us still could be - if only given the chance. For most of us, it's a pipe-dream now. We lost our childhoods when heads much older and 'wiser' than ours declared war on each other and upon our world. Last year Hogwarts - our sanctuary, our home - was proved to be unsafe. Students were taken from its halls; one survived, one was cursed … one died. The evil of which our parents spoke in hushed whispers is once again on the rise. Darkness is falling again, the shadow of it moving slowly, but without ceasing.%r%rDarkness and Light; Death Eaters and the Order; Voldemort and Dumbledore.%r%r%tLines were drawn last time because two old men took extremist views and called war upon each other. Those lines are being drawn again, but this time there is a new player involved. Only the faintest of whispers have begun so far, but the Dark Lord has laid aside plans to attack the school and given orders that no wizarding child is to be harmed in raids elsewhere. It started as a mere rumor, one that has been trickling ever so slowly through the backs of minds and the quietest of whispers, a name only - nothing more. The Grey Lady. Has yet another Heir risen to do combat with the other two? %r%r%tDumbledore is losing control of the school - or so many say. With the events of the previous year, the Board of Governors has allowed the Ministry to place a representative within the hallowed halls. His position is one of observation - for now. Only time will tell what his true role and purpose will be. %r%r%tThere is a rising star within the ranks of the Death Eaters, as well… Known only as 'Shadow', he is not the most fanatical of followers, but he is incredibly intelligent, completely in secret and unpityingly cruel. There are some who fear him even above the Dark Lord… His twisted research has already created and re-discovered some valuable weapons. Will he be satisfied with aiding in his Lord's conquest or will he make his own bid to seize control? Only time will tell…%r%r%t%t%tDarkness, Mist and Light… %r%r%tThere are [ansi(wh,choices)]] now, my children. It is time to make yours…%r%r%tFind us at: %t port 8005%r

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