Portrayed By Catherine Tate
House Ravenclaw
Year 1978
Position Ministry Secretary
Sex Female
Race Female
Age 32
Place of Birth London, England
Date of Birth 5 Dec 1961
First Appearance Miss Information
Last Appearance

Character History:

Adelaide Jones grew up in what one might call a strange household. Her mother was a strict sort of woman, always disappointed in her only child - her daughter. Adelaide never seemed to do well enough in school, have the right kind of friends, the right kind of looks. It might have stemmed from the fact that everything in Sylvia Jones' life seemed to go wrong in one form or another. Her husband - Geoff - was a little odd. He always seemed befuddled by the most normal things and found things like television and Tubes to be distinctly hilarious. Preposterous, even. It was awkward to bring him to social events and left the Jones' at home. Things were strained in the Jones household for at least a year before Adelaide was born. Geoff was always out of the house by that point, loving his daughter, but never really being engaged in her day-to-day activities. No one knew where he went, just that he was 'out' and no one could find him once he was gone.

To help poor Sylvia out, Geoff's father, Wilfred, came to stay with the family. If it were possible, he was even more eccentric. He never seemed to wear normal clothes and talked about things like Floo powder and the Ministry of Magic and things that everyone knows don't exits. However, Addy loved her Grandpa Willy's stories about magic and Quidditch, flying and casting spells about. Because, unlike her mother, she believed her grandfather when he said that he was a wizard, her father was a wizard and one day she may be a witch, too.

It's one thing to believe such things as a child, but at a grown up age of eleven she had mostly grown out of her Grandfather's stories. Her father was still an absentee dad and her mother still always nagging her to do better in one thing or another, but she was still an outgoing child who didn't take crap from anyone and always knew the gossip from everyone in school. When her letter to Hogwarts arrived, it knocked the socks off of her. By then she'd classified her grandfather's stories as fanciful and beautiful, but nothing real. Her mother nearly had a heart-attack from the shock. For once, her father was excited about her, as was her grandfather. They took her to Diagon Alley and bought her the best of everything they could find. Now, Adelaide understood where her father disappeared to for most of her life. A world more wonderful than she could have ever imagined without the help of stories.

When the time came for Sorting, her family - those in the know - assumed she would be a Hufflepuff, much like the rest of the family. When they found out that she was Sorted into Ravenclaw, everyone just scratched their heads. Addy never was very found of reading - unless it was teen girl magazines, or gossip columns in the newspaper. She knew everything there was to know about soaps and the latest Royal Family debacles, but she certainly wasn't book smart. However, as her years at Hogwarts went by, she proved why the Sorting Hat placed her as it did - she was resourceful, good at remembering just about everything she heard, and had an almost investigative mind (as long as it was something she was interested in). Most of her Housemates didn't understand her and didn't understand why she was in their House, but that didn't stop her from making close friends - mostly in other Houses. She graduated with a few NEWTs, but nothing to really crow about.

Once she graduated, Adelaide didn't know much of what she could do. She drifted from one job to another, eventually ending up at the Ministry. Her background was a little to scattered to pick one department, so she applied as a secretary. Bounced about from one department to the next, she's slowly picked up a Jack-of-all-trades sort of mentality. She knows a little about everyone and everything in the Ministry. She has a keen ear, likes to know the gossip, and has an elephant's memory. Friendly, yet sometimes abrasive, she doesn't take any nonsense and wouldn't let anyone get away with something she considered wrong. You'd never guess it by looking at her, but she probably knows the most about goings-ons of the whole Ministry than anyone else.


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