Addica Howell
Portrayed By Missy Peregrym
House Ravenclaw
Year 1986
Position Hit Wizard
Sex Female
Race Half-blood
Age 26
Place of Birth Gwynedd, Wales
Date of Birth 13 March 1968
First Appearance the-pink-terror-strikes
Last Appearance

Character History:

The Howells are very old blood, not but particularly pure or wealthy blood. They haven't been prolific since the First World War, but the family keeps on kicking. Addicia grew up in their ancestral castle with her parents and younger brother. This is not as fairy-princess as it sounds, because an entire castle is extremely hard to keep up with just four people, even with magic. Addie's family lived mostly in the west wing, and by the time she went to Hogwarts had completely abandoned the rest of the house.

Addie was sorted into Ravenclaw after a particularly long deliberation, a move which puzzled her family. When questioned, Addie claimed the hat put her there just to round out the Ravenclaw quidditch team. She did more than round it out, as in her fourth year she was named Captain and starting seeker after years of holding down the second line and lead her team to the Cup. They didn't have a monopoly on the Cup after that year, but several times Addie brought them close. Off the field, she proved to be a good student, being enthusiastic and unafraid of failure. Academics never held her attention as well as the noble sport of warlocks, and it surprised few that she went professional after school.
Once again, Addie found herself paying her dues. She spent three seasons dutifully warming the bench for the Appleby Arrows. She saw a fair amount of play, and was already a popular player when she moved out of the reserve team at the opening of the 1989 season.

That year was a miracle year for Addie and the Arrows. Although she didn't captain and they didn't win the league, they won more matches that season than in any season in recent memory. Addie's uncanny knack for spotting (and catching) the snitch early in the match ended up a detriment to the team, as it left them with a very low point total at the end of the year. Despite gaining huge popularity with her daring playstyle and total unfear of bludgers, at the end of the season, Addie was traded to archrival Wimbourne Wasps. She would never finish the season.

It got off to an excellent start. Addie just clicked better with the Wasps and learned to entertain herself by faking out the other seeker while her chasers racked up the points. It looked like this time she could go all the way, and might even have a shot at playing for England in the Quidditch World Cup. Addie went from the top of her game to rock bottom during one pivotal match against her former team. Many Arrows fans were still nursing seething resentment at Addie's perceived betrayal, and saw her better play as salting wound. One fan apparently took it more personal than most and fired arrows from his wand at her when it became clear she had not seen the snitch and was only toying with her replacement so the chasers could chase. The trials that followed were a long and messy affair. No one was happy at the end, least of all Addie who saw her attacker walk free with a slap on the wrist and herself banned for two seasons for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Addie knew herself well enough to know that she could not wait out her suspension. Missing even one season would mean she would never be as big a star as she was, and attempting to be would be pitiful. Always a bit impulsive, a trait that had served her well when dodging bludgers, put her name in for the MLE Hit Wizard program. Her dusty school records fell slightly short of the expected, though she had at least taken the right electives, but her application was bolstered by her combat-like experience on the pitch and one hell of a personal essay. Yeah, she's still a little bitter that @#$% walked away with his hands clean.

For the next three years, Addie was at the bottom of the totem pole again. The training did not come as easily as quidditch had. Addie had to work for every inch she gained and while she was in excellent shape, she was a truly awful dueler. Her lightning reflexes and an almost preternatural ability to sense danger were the only things that kept her in the program. After three hard fought years, Addicia earned the nameplate above her bed in St. Mungos. She chose to keep her trusty Firebolt over the Ministry-issued model.


Addie is flip and amused by nearly everything. She thinks she's hilarious, and tends to drive people who don't up the wall.


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Other Information

Full Name: Addica James Howell
Patronus: Rooster
Wand: A 14 3/4" bright wand made of cottonwood with a dragon heartstring core.
Theme Song:
Description: Addie is tall and sturdily built for a young woman. She is long limbed, but doesn't give off an impression of lankiness. Rather, her bearing tends to stay rooted wherever it is planted. Her face is widest at the cheekbones, but not by much, and feature analytical sepia-colored eyes and a straight nose that looks like it has been rotated back into her skull a few degrees. Chestnut brown hair is tamed rather than pampered, and Addie keeps her wavy mane in a messy bun.

Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

  • The Howells are very lazy when naming their children. Traditionally, the first name is James with Latin as the middle name. They like to reuse middle names as well, leading to members of the house with large numbers after their name. Even though the formula is usually followed regardless of gender, Addica's mother intervened and at least got her husband to reverse the order.
  • Though not particularly outspoken about them, Addie doesn't hide the fact her politics generally line up with the official Ministry stance.
  • Addie is one of the hit wizards assigned to guard Sirius Black before his trial.
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