1995-04-18: Active Philosophy


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Scene Title Active Philosophy
Synopsis The American ambassador and the Unspeakable trade philosophy over drinks
Location Leaky Cauldron
Date Apr 18, 1995
Watch For Nuthin, really.
Logger Whitmore

Joe enters looking for an empty table and a full pint

Whitmore sits at a table, already enjoying his meal and his drink. He's got a copy of the Daily Prophet in front of him, and he reads through it slowly. He takes a long sip of his drink and sets it back down, only glancing up from his paper every few minutes.

Joe strides over to the bar "I would like a pint of brown bitter and some nuts"

The tall Indian man has Whitmore glancing his way every few moments. It's not everyday you see the American DOM's liaison waltz into a bar. He gives a small smile and takes a bite of the sandwich beside him, waiting until the man gets his drink to approach.

Joe snag's his pint and drains it. "Hit me up with a 2nd" he asks, looking around the room sensing that someones eyes have been on him

Whitmore continues to watch, though it's longer gazes and fewer discreet glances. He realizes the man has seen him. After a moment, and draining his own glass, he stands, moving over to the bar. He sets his glass down, and waits for Tom to come back. When he does, he asks for a refill. "Thank you." He remains beside the tall man, falling silent.

Joe nods over at the newcomer "Good day to you sir, I do not believe that I have had the pleasure of making your acquaintance"

"Ah. I'm just another mindless ministry worker. But, my name is Whitmore. And I think everyone who's seen you around knows at least who you are, if not your name. I don't know the latter, though." Whitmore lifts his now full glass, holding it up a little to toast to the man before taking a slow draught. "From America, correct?"

Joe holds up his glass in toast "Joe Begay, I am the new ambassador from the American department of magic and a menber of the Dine. What department do you work in?"

Whitmore shrugs lazily. "Here and there. I investigate possibilities." He doesn't want to give the American more than he has to. "Yourself? I know you are an ambassador, but you don't strike me as the bureaucratic type." It's meant as flattery and a quest for information.

Joe Smiles I have never been accused of being a bureaucrat or some sort I am usually found on the pointy end of the stick if you know what I mean. Take it that you prefer to spend your time behind the curtin as it were?"

The only 'curtains' that Whitmore can think of at the moment are the ones covering the magical windows in his department, and the ones over the beds at Hogwarts. However, he gets the gist. He assumes it's a muggle metaphor, and inwardly sneers while outwardly smiling benignly. "Naturally. Isn't that where most of the important work is done?" He chuckles softly. "Have you enjoyed your time in Britain so far?" He does turn to scan the foreign face as he asks this question.

Joe giggles slightly "Well other then the weather and the fact that is seems that most of you prefer to live in areas as cramped as a sardine can. I am enjoying my self quite well, thank you. "Turning to look Whitmore straight in the eyes with a charming smile crossing his face" Now then what do you think of this pesky situation with your countrymen who keep donning bedsheets and harming one another?"

"He who must not be named is a real problem for our citizenry." Whitmore answers seriously. "As are his followers. I hardly think that taking them lightly will help the situation." He maintains an outwardly calm facade. Inside, though, he's fuming. This man just went on the List, if he wasn't there already. "Do you not have such occurrences in your own nation?"

Joe says, "from time to time we do. But I tend to take a more active approach. When some one starts to get to power mad some one finds them and then we cure them. Usually a hand trembler well diagnose them and then a few sings well be performed. From there we well help them be brought back into the community.""

Joe as if in after thought "and if that dose not work taking them out and shooting them usually tends to cure the problem"

This all sounds like pure rubbish to Whitmore. Unitl the last thing the man says. "You know, I tend to agree with that part." He may not agree on who ought to be taken out back and cursed dead, but he does agree that killing certain folks gets them out of his hair. "It does end the situation rather permanently." Another long, slow drink of his firewhiskey, and he smiles. He turns slightly, pulling his wand to levitate his sandwich wordlessly over to the bar.

Joe downs a nether pint and munches some of the nuts. "I would think that one such as your self would balk as the idea of ending life. So many of your countryman do even when they must violate there own ideals to avoid it" watching the sandwich float across the room "It often seems that most of you do not have any idea of selfpreservation"

"Or perhaps we place the value of the preservation of our ideals above that of our own safety." Whitmore certainly doesn't, but it's a common thread among those who aspire to the goals of the 'Light.' "It's not something one does lightly." Well, normal people.

A patronus form appears, whispering something low to Joe, then dissolves before the shape is clear. He stands, setting his glass on the counter, and nods to Whitmore. “I must return.” And he heads toward the floo.

Joe had to leave the scene. Discussion will probably continue another time.

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