1994-10-15: A Wolfish Reaction


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Scene Title A Wolfish Reaction
Synopsis Lupin visits Tonks in the Ministry, and she takes the opportunity to inform him of some possible unwelcome changes.
Location The Ministry, Magical Law Enforcement floor.
Date 15 Oct, 1994
Watch For Lupin losing his cool
Logger That half-blooded Freak.

The environment, as one could attest, is very busy at the moment. What with it being known that Sirius Black is back "in custody", they've a lot of work cut out for them. Keeping an ear out for vigilante activity, both outside and inside the Ministry. The Werewolf Attack have several squads of Aurors and Hit Wizards scouring the countryside for the group responsible, and who knows if they'd actually /pay attention/ to any evidence and not just go harassing random werewolves and blaming them for the crime. And the proposals sent by Umbridge seem to be having mixed results. One would have to wonder if the gossip's leaked outside of the Ministry yet.
And Tonks, Tonks is at her very cluttered desk, opening up an envelope who she hopes is from Kingsley. Several pieces of parchment in ungodly shades of pink are crumpled up on her desk. If one looks closely, it seems that they might've been hung up in the office's walls at one point.

Werewolves of all sort have been harassed since for info since the attack not too long ago. Lupin is not an exception, being a registered werewolf. It's as such that he hasn't been able to visit Sirius. Not that it matters much now, with Sirius being in custody of the Ministry at an undisclosed location, no doubt. But, today's visit will probably end up being only in part about Sirius. He's off to visit one of his current favourite Aurors…Tonks. See if he can talk to her for a few minutes.

Poor Lupin-at least he isn't jumped on the moment he enters the Auror's office. He gets a few looks (as probably to them his condition is anything but secret) but no harassment. And one of them actually will ask if he has any business with them-in a rather decent tone of voice too! Should Lupin actually voice that he's there to see someone, he'll be pointed in the right direction. (Don't mind if a couple suddenly begin whispering, as if the reasons for Tonks' outburst have suddenly become /oh so clear/). Tonks, nose deep in whatever was in that envelope, is clueless right now.

Being that he has had this condition since quite a young age, he's used to having people look at him strangely, and not like him. Lupin, though he does not like it, must grit his teeth with as much dignity as he can muster. He does indeed as where he can find Nymphadora Tonks (and yes, he did use her full name), he's pointed in her direction. Approaching her desk, he clears his throat. "Got a moment, Miss?"

"Hm? Yeah, just a mi-" It takes a moment before she realizes the voice is actually one she recognizes. Her head snaps up from the envelope and she blinks. "Oh.. Yeah, just a minute…" She sets her stuff down and just randomly pushes things around before she glances behind her. She'll snag a random chair (Sorry Agnes) and pull it over. "Unless right here's not a good idea?" See, she's flustered you've visited her! Sort of. Sort of flustered.

Lupin chuckles lightly at Tonks and accepts the chair given, keeping an eye on the other, avoiding still gazes from other people around the office. "Well, we'll see if we need to find an empty office soon enough." He grins and chuckles. His voice lowers however. "First, I can understand why the Ministry would be asking werewolves about the attacks, but…I've got a feeling there's more to it than that, isn't there? I've got an odd feeling about it. I've been questioned numerous times."

Tonks looks decidedly not happy that Lupin's been harassed. She doesn't even need to ask him whether or not he puts himself in a safe spot each full moon. She might've initially distrusted him, perhaps a little because of the werewolf bit—but only because of the question he had asked her on their first meeting. She thought he might've been a Dark Wizard! But that is long past, she knows better now. "You…have no idea. Do you keep an ear to Ministry gossip much?" She begins trying un-crumple one of the pieces of paper. She hands it over. It's Umbridge's first 'draft' proposal that got sent around. Hopefully, he doesn't react too badly.

Lupin does try to keep his stance pleasant, however. Though for those who know him, he does find a safe spot each full moon, away from anyone, even with the Wolfsbane Potion. With a soft snort, he shakes his head. "With the people who run this place, I wouldn't exactly be surprised though." He mutters. "I try to keep my ears open for anything that happens, but it's hard to get everything through." When passed the paper, he flattens it out some more and reads it over. There's obvious anger flashes behind the cool gaze of his eyes. "Greater segregation…further restrictions towards jobs…specifically designated areas for residence?" He looks up at Tonks. "Is she trying to make is so we can't use wands, either?"

A finger's lifted to her lips in a quick hint that he should try to keep quiet, at least here. The fact that she didn't exactly hide her showing Lupin the missive's already likely going to get her yet another talking to from Umbridge. She doesn't care. He has rights, and one of them is the right to know he's about ready to get a hefty smackdown in regards to those rights. "Seems so," she says quietly. She does hand over the counterproposal Ichabod had sent through as well. It might nto be a consolation but… "I'm… not surprised. You should see how she regards me. Hell, she put me on review just because I didn't tell her I had actually met Ms. Maplewood."

Lupin shakes his head. "That woman…that ghastly woman." He murmurs quietly, so that perhaps only Tonks could hear. This might just be the first time that she has seen him angry. It shows on his face. He's angry, and he wants to do something about it, but he can't…hardly anybody likes nor trusts werewolves as is. He takes in a deep, shaking breath. He glances around. "Is there an empty office nearby where we could perhaps speak more privately?"

She glances around and then she nods. "I know of one not being used." Tonks stands up, grabbing the contents of the envelope she was reading and leads him not into one of the obviously empty offices they pass, but to the lift. "Lunch break," she says to one of her superiors when he raises an eyebrow at her as she passes. Once in the lift, she first calls for the atrium, letting the Lift go there. Then once it's emptied and refilled, she'll call for the second floor of the MLE department, and then head for an empty office. And by empty, it seems to be in the process of switching owners as there's only bare bones in here.

Lupin follows Tonks but does not speak until they are alone in said office. He doesn't feel he needs to…what could he say now with other people around? One they are in the office, he closes the door behind him, whipping out his wand for a moment. He points it towards the door. There is an obvious clicking sound of it locking and he swishes his wand again, and a small buzzing sound can be heard. "Good, now no one will be able to hear us."

There could be so many things said, but Tonks seems to be still in a bit of a business mode. "I'm sorry you had to see that. But I thought you'd want to be prepared for it, should it actually gets put into action." She /hopes/ there'll be some resistance. After all, it's not exactly a person's fault if they become a werewolf right?

Lupin is in fume mode. "I knew she was a foul woman, I knew she'd put into legislation other anti-werewolf and other anti-magical creature laws, but this!" He's angry alright. "This is my last straw with the woman!" If it hadn't already been snapped, that is. "We've got to stop her. We've got to do something to stop it! It's not right. It's not fair. At least some see that. Not all of us are horrible criminals!"

Holy cow, the man can display other emotions. Tonks' brows just arch upward for a moment, her eyes widening slightly as he sets in on his rant. She takes a quick glance at her paperwork before she looks back at him. "Well, there was the counter proposal….," Too bad it's from a vampire, so Umbridge is likely to ignore it. Or drag Ichabod over the coals. "If you have an idea that doesn't involve assassination…?"

There's a laugh, though there's no humour in it. In fact…it is very much a Sirius type laugh. Lupin shakes his head. "Well, there is that counter-proposal. But will she listen to it? She's Senior Undersecretary to the Minister!" He glances to Tonks once more, eyes flaring. "Assassination? No, I'm afraid that would be a waste on her. That would just confirm with her supporters what she'd been saying! I just…I wish…I wish she could know what it's like to be a werewolf!"

"You'll never get the taste out of your mouth," Tonks replies in a dry tone. She steps forward, resting a hand on the man's shoulder. "Take a few deep breaths, okay?" She's trying to be calming, but the subject matter is… Needless to say she can see why he's upset. Definitely understandable and on some level, something she can sympathize. "Fudge is on rocky ground with her, unfortunately. Sirius' trial was something she was trying to prevent. She wasn't pleased when the Wizengamot approved the motion to go ahead with it. I think she blames Fudge for it." She takes a deep breath, "Unfortunately, she might have a faithful backing on this werewolf legislation. You've mentioned it already, they're not exactly 'popular'."

Lupin snorts heavily. "That'd be a worthy price to pay, I'd say." He's surprised at the hand on his shoulder, though his own hand moves to rest on top of it. He looks at her, for a moment his angered eyes soften. "Look, I'm sorry. You shouldn't have to hear me rant and rave. If Sirius weren't being held, I probably would have gone to him to do so. Goodness knows Dumbledore's heard it too. Not many people around who actually know what I've been through in my life." He tries to smile, but fails miserably. He shakes his head. "Will fight this. We'll fight it and we'll win." Though he doesn't sound confident in this, either. "Now, how is Sirius doing? Does he need someone to keep an eye on Buckbeak?"

There's a blink, but she doesn't pull away. Not immediately. She moves to pat the shoulder first, giving him a slight smile, then she'll step away, giving him his space back. "Hey, what're friends for if it isn't to listen to them rant and rave in relative safety, right?" Tonks says with a grin and a cute little shrug of her shoulders. "Honestly, I'm surprised you had it in you. You seem so…quiet otherwise." Ah the layers of a person's personality. Still the subject does shift to Sirius. "He's…well, he's Sirius. I haven't' visited him since they agreed to the safe house. Buckbeak's back with Hagrid I believe." Again, she's not sure, she hadn't been paying much attention. "Holly's with me for the moment. Gotta teach her the Patronus." She lifts up the envelope and shows him the top page; An approved request of visitation to Azkaban.

Lupin chuckles, shaking his head, though his mind is still on the new legislation being proposed. "Oh, you'd be surprised I'm sure. Sirius would attest to my darker side any day, but that I hardly ever let it show." He says quietly. "But he's seen it on the full moon many a-time. That is certain." He nods. "Are you babysitting the lawyer then?" He nods. "She'll wanna talk to me. I've met her once already." He frowns. "Do you think there might be a way I could visit Sirius? I'd like to see him before the trial."

Tonks will leave talk of Lupin's other side alone. curious she may be, it's not a can of worms she's willing to deal with and definitely not within an office in the Ministry. "More or less," she says about babysitting. "It's to prevent 'accidents'. Kingsley's trying to see to it I can get time away from here so I can keep an eye on her more often." As for Sirius, "I'm sure it can be arranged. I'll see what I can do before I leave today. I'll send you a message if I hear anything." Again, Kingsley can likely work some magic for it. "Hopefully, Holly can handle Azkaban. Let her actually see the conditions we keep people in. It'll hopefully up Sirius' chances of not going back."

Lupin shakes his head. "The Dementors…never fun. I hope you can teach her the patronus well enough. She'll need it, especially if there are any problems had while visiting." He closes his eyes for a moment. "Being around a Dementor, even one, is not for the faint of heart." He smiles softly at Tonks. "Just remember, this isn't a family visit. You probably won't have time to visit Bellatrix." He says with a light shrug. Was that a joke?

There's a blink when he makes the crack about Bellatrix. She opens her mouth to protest, then she just gives him a funny look as if she's trying to figure out whether or not he /did/ make a joke. Finally, though, she comments, "But she'll need to see what the norm in the Black Family is so she has something to compare Sirius too." Tonks beams an obviously fake smile. "but, no, seriously, I"m not going to show her Bellatrix—unless by chance, we pass her cell on the way to Sirius'." Tonks does shudder a bit about the dementors, but she's long since learned how to steel herself against them on a temporary basis. Thank Mad-Eye for that. Stuffing her approvals back int he envelope she regards Lupin for a moment. "Will you be alright, Remus?"

Lupin smiles and chuckles. "Ah, Bellatrix is the finest example of the Black Family norm as pertaining to their stay in Azkaban." He sighs. "Honestly? I don't know. If this new legislation passes, then no. I probably won't be. I am not now, really. I am angry. There is a hurt that I feel so deeply in times like this that cannot fully be expressed. But thank you for your concern, Tonks." He smiles softly, a genuine smile.

There's a pause. "Dora." It comes out rather quickly, but Tonks is already busying herself undoing the charms that Remus had done. Unless he stops her that is. "You can call me Dora. S'what my parents do, anyway. My dad more than my mum." She gives a shudder here, as Andromeda insists on the Nymphadora. After all, she /did/ choose the name for her daughter, so why not use it exclusively? "Though if you want to keep using Tonks, I won't object to that either." As for the Werewolf stuff, all Tonks can do is offer him a wry smile. She wants to tell him it'll be okay—but that'll likely be an outright lie. "We'll get through." She states instead.

Lupin smiles slightly at Tonks, nodding ever so slightly. "I'll see you soon…Dora." He may just continue to call her Tonks in the future. It seems strange to call her anything but that. "We'll see." Is all he responds to her. "Have a good day now…and if you have any more troubles with a certain Ministry high-up, just let me know. I'm sure something can be done."

Tonks, at the moment, doesn't care, though he seemed like the kind to deal with a first name as well as her surname, so she tossed it out. She's also bustling forward. Her hand lifts up and gives a salute to the man, both acknowledging what he says, and letting him know she heard him despite already working on a departure. She's got some things that need to be doing, and only a little time in which to get them done.

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