A Wizard, A Witch, and A Mirror


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Scene Title A Wizard, A Witch, and A Mirror
Synopsis Harry receives a package from Sirius containing a mirror and a letter. Hermione arrives in time to watch while it's opened.
Date Sep 2, 1994
Watch For Casual conversation
Chronology Sirius provides Harry with a mirror for communicating with him.
Logger Harry

Gryffindor Common Room

The portrait hole behind the painting of the Fat Lady leads into a large round common room where the Gryffindors spend much of their time when not in class. It is decked out in beautifully-kept rugs of maroon and gold, with various wall hangings depicting the fact that, yes, indeed, this is the Gryffindor House. There are squashy armchairs everywhere, some of which are arranged around a fireplace which boasts the carvings of lions on either side.

It's near the time that most students have headed off to their dorms to turn in for the night. Ron included. A few linger momentarily, but eventually drift off up the stairs, leaving Harry to himself. Sitting in one of the large armchairs by the roaring fireplace, a small package sits in his lap.

It's not down the staircase that Hermione descends from to the Common Room. Instead, the painting of the Fat Lady swings open and the young bushy haired witch slips in with a full armload of books. She's already gotten started on anything and everything that may relate to their school subjects. That's just the way she is. Dropping them with an unceremonial thud onto one of the tables, she glances over to see Harry and greets him in a normally cheerful manner. "Hiya Harry."

Harry looks up from where he is sitting. Odd, he thought everyone was up in the dorms. "Hey Hermione." he replies, smiling slightly. "Rough first day of classes?" he asks, it being kind of rhetorical to ask her since she's load smarter than him. Right? The package is shifted off to the side a bit, causing the paper to make a crinkling noise.

"Rough? It was brilliant! I had to put some books back on the shelves because I couldn't carry them all." Hermione gestures behind her at the tall stack that she just brought with her. While many people might be out at the dorms, she can practically live at the library until she gets kicked out. "What's that?" Without moving forward any, her eyes dart to the package in Harry's lap.

And it probably took Mrs. Pince's full power to kick her out too, Harry bets. His green eyes jump to the stack of books and then back to her with a grin. "At least you waited a day this term." he jokes, darting a glance to the package as she mentions it. "Sirius sent it. It was waiting for me on my bed after classes." The small rectangular package is held up for visual inspection.

"Only because I didn't know what exactly I'd need to get." Hermione shrugs her shoulders. This is a serious topic for her! When Harry says Sirius' name, she nervously looks around and up toward the stairs of the dorms. "We should use Padfoot, I think," she reminds Harry gently. "Just in case." They're only part of a small crowd that believes Sirius' innocence. "And he sent you something? Isn't that dangerous? He could have been caught." But her curiosity has caught her and she sinks onto the floor right by Harry's chair so she can shield the package from anyone coming down the stairs in case they're surprised. "You haven't opened it yet."

Harry hadn't thought of that. But then again, that's why she's usually the brains of the Trio. "Yeah, you're probably right. Padfoot." He doesn't know if he'll ever get used to using that name, but for safety reasons (as Hermione pointed out) he'll use it. "I don't think he used Hedwig. Usually she brings things right to me unless I'm in class and then she'll wait by it. This was just…sitting there." he adds, shaking his head and causing his unruly hair to fluff a little more. "I figured I'd wait until everyone was in bed." He fingers the twine holding the package closed.

"Then how did he get it here?" Hermione frowns. "I can't imagine him able to just go to the post office and drop off a package." That would surely give him away. "Well, it's just us now, I think. Unless you want to be even safer and get the invisibility cloak. We could open it under there. That way no one would be able to see us." Glancing around, she adds, "Or we could just be careful."

The cloak is hanging out up in Harry's footlocker in the dorm, so that's not counted as an option. "I'm not sure, but he sent me a few letters while he was…out of the country." For lack of better words. "I think most everyone's in bed anyways." He starts to open the package, taking care to not crinkle the paper too loudly. Inside the package, is a letter set atop a small mirror with handle.

Hermione keeps a lookout to make sure no one else is going to come down the stairs or through the portrait while Harry unwraps his package. Her eyes dart back to the object in question every once in awhile to see the progress that's been made. Once the wrapping is off, she leans forward to look at the small mirror. Not nosy enough to read the letter, she mostly keeps her eyes on the glassy surface. "What's it say, Harry?" Because, while she won't read it outright, that doesn't mean she won't ask about it.

Harry gingerly picks up both the letter, and the mirror. The latter is tilted around so as to be examined not only by himself, but Hermione as well. "I don't know…" he says, offering her the mirror while he gets the letter open. "Harry - Your father and I used these to communicate. - Sir…I mean…Padfoot."

Taking the mirror from Harry gingerly - it wouldn't do to drop it - she flips it over and then over again, studying it. It doesn't look very out of the ordinary, but that doesn't mean anything. Most Wizarding objects that look ordinary aren't. She shoots Harry a bit of an 'I Told You So' look at the signature, but doesn't go so far as to vocalize her feelings on the subject. "To communicate?" She brightens at that. "They must have worked a charm on them to be able to communicate two ways! It's like a visible walkie-talkie!" With even more interest, she peers at it. "I wonder how you activate them."

Looking the letter, or note for that matter, over again, Harry shakes his head. "It doesn't say." he replies, folding the letter and watching Hermione with the mirror. "I bet he has one exactly like it. Might have to look into it and speak their name." he adds, knowing full well he won't be able to do that now. Too dangerous.

"There has to be another one. He says 'them' in his letter," Hermione tells Harry, matter of factly. "And I can't imagine it working without something else to anchor it to." That's the only way she can think of. "Hm. You should probably ask him. Though that could be just as dangerous. I wish he would have told you how to activate them in the letter so you wouldn't have to risk another letter. I'm glad he thought of a way to communicate without owl, though. That could get suspicious."

Harry nods his head as he looks between the letter and mirror. He has that look on his face like he's formulating a plan. "I could send it using a school owl. Something that couldn't be traced back to me." That could work. Hedwig is obviously too easily recognized. "Maybe I could try using it in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. Nobody hardly goes in there." Except the Trio.

"Except for Myrtle. And she can be a bit of a gossip. If you use Padfoot's name there, it'll spread around the school like wildfire." Hermione is well versed in the tendencies of that ghost. "And definitely don't use Hedwig." That bird is almost as recognizable as Harry is. "If you can figure it out without sending a letter, all the better. We don't want to attract too much attention to ourselves." She pauses. "Well, no more than usual."

See? This is why Harry keeps Hermione around! Well, that and they've been friends since like…first year. Drama and danger does that. Good for building character and friendships. "I'll give that a shot first. Maybe it's something simple." he nods, looking towards the stairs as the sound of a door in the upper part of the dorms rattles. "I think I could stand with a little less attention this year for sure." he grins, nodding.

"We all could." Hermione gives Harry a smile. "But we both know that won't happen." Standing up, she hands the mirror back to the messy haired boy. "And we won't do anyone any good without getting a good night's rest." There she is, sounding like Mrs. Weasley again. "I'll see you in the morning. G'night, Harry." Taking her large stack of books, she teeters up the girls' steps and toward her room.

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