1994-12-25: A Weasley Christmas


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Scene Title A Weasley Christmas
Synopsis There is Christmas! At the Weasley's!
Location The Burrow
Date December 25, 1994
Watch For The PRESENTS!
Logger Ginny

Christmas morning dawns, bright and early, and Molly steps down the stairs to put some tea on. She's still in her dressing gown, and she walks into the kitchen with a yawn. She smiles brightly at the tree which seems loaded with presents, and pulls out the pot to set it boiling. With a flick of her wand, she levitates the tray of pastries down from the shelf where she'd hidden them, and then, with another few flicks, the stockings appear again. THis time, full.

Being somewhat of an early riser, Bill isn't too far behind his mother in rousing and coming downstairs. He too is in his pajamas and dressing gown, stifling back a yawn, he's at least tied his hair back into its trademark ponytail. In slippered feet, he comes downstairs and enters the kitchen. "Happy Christmas mum," he says cheerfully, leaning in to give Molly a kiss on the cheek. "What do you want me to help with for breakfast?"

Ginny is anything but an early riser, being almost as difficult to roust from bed as Ron. However, it is Christmas morning, so as soon as she hears footsteps downstairs, she rockets out of bed. In record time, Ginny shoves her feet into slippers, yanks open the door, and runs down the stairs, not bothering to change out of her pyjamas.

Arthur has managed to get himself up and mobile, wrapped in his dressing gown and his nightcap still on. He's stifling a wide yawn as he makes his way down the stairs, keeping to one side to make sure he's out of the path of any youngsters in such a thundering hurry to get to the gifts. It's not his first Christmas, after all. "Happy Christmas, you lot," he greets with a grin as he steps off the last stair. His glasses are polished with the sleeve of his robe and then set upon his nose, so that he can admire the sight of Christmas. Having everyone here again has him in an excellent mood.

This being her first Weasley Christmas, being she accepted an invitation from Ginny to stay the night, Angelina is much more timid about this than any of the family is. She heard Ginny get up and go out, but it takes her a few moments to wake up a bit herself. The noise of the twins is finally what makes her realize it is Time. So, up she gets, and heads out the door and down the stairs, quiet and watchful.

"Boys!" This is directed at Fred and George, and as the pot whistles, Molly levitates it to the hotpad, and brings down some mugs. "Tea?" She looks over at Bill. "Well, dear, I figured these would be enough, what with the treats in your stockings." Is this a subtle hint? No. Surely not. "Good morning, dears, Happy Christmas." She notices Angelina on the stairs, and tries to include her among the rowdiness that is Family Weasley. "Come on, dear, help yourself to some pastries and tea. And you've a stocking up there, as well." She gestures to the mantel above the fireplace.

"Happy Christmas dad," Bill calls out as Arthur enters the room, then he's grinning widely at Fred and George. "Morning you two," he greets, getting out of their way. "Fair enough mum," he says as he settles in at the table and helps himself to a cup of tea. He's enjoying watching everyone's enthusiasm about the holiday, and is patient about tackling presents.

Ginny beams at her mother as she spots her, waggling her fingers in a wave. "Hi Mum, hi Dad, hi Fred-and-George, hi Bill, hiiiii Angie!" Ginny greets everyone enthusiastically and in just one breath. "Stockings!" She cries, overhearing Molly's comment. "What's in our stockings?!"

"All right there?" Arthur returns to Bill's greeting, laughing a bit at the enthusiasm of the youngsters. Deciding to get himself out of the way, he moves over to take a seat where he can enjoy all the action, passing by Molly on the way to give her a quick kiss and snag himself a pastry. "Everything looks splendid, dear. You've truly outdone yourself."

Pastries? George goes to the mantle and leans over his stocking, peering inside and snatching a cookie out before shoving it in his mouth, eyes moving across the family. Fred helps himself to a cup of tea and brings one over to Angelina, holding it out to her as he takes a sip of his own, George watching them both as he chews and swallows, eyes going to Bill. "Hey, Bill. How's Gringotts? Busy this time of year?"

"Happy Christmas." Angelina greets everyone quietly, giving a tiny wave. She is about to do as Mum Weasley says when Fred brings her tea. There is confusion on her face for a moment before she glances at George, almost like she is checking to make sure she hasn't gotten the two of them mixed up. "Thanks for letting me stay, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley."

Grinning as he sweetens his cup of tea, Bill greets Ginny and Angelina. "Cheers dad," he says, raising his mug. A drink is made of his tea before he gets up from his seat and moves over to the twins and whispers aside to them, "Don't let mum get too close a look at your present from me." Just a little warning. Unless everyone wants Molly to have a fit on Christmas. He claps George on the shoulder, "It's always busy. Since I rarely ask for time off, I'm glad I got the extended time."

"Just the usual, dear." Molly replies to Ginny, and then she blushes ferociously as Arthur kisses her cheek. "Oh, well…" Luckily Arthur has completely distracted her, and so she misses the exchange between Bill and the twins. "Well, I do try." And this year, she found some neat things at good bargains. "Eat up, and we'll open presents shortly, I think."

Ginny bounces over to where the stckings hang, beaming and peering into hers. "CHOCOLATE!" She cries, deeply excited, as if this was her first sighting of chocolate, ever. She grabs up the chocolate bar, breaks off a piece, and pops it in her mouth. That done, she wanders over to get some tea.

George oifs as Bill claps him on the shoulder, grinning. "It's a shame Charlie can't be here. He's off in Romania now, isn't he?" he asks, sidling away from Bill towards the plate of pastries. Suddenly, there is a whine. "Muuuum, can we open presents now?" Pause. "How about now?" He glances at the presents. "Now?" George turns and grins at his brother, taking a handful of pastries with a full mouth and taking them over to Angelina, now that Fred's moved away from her.

Arthur gives Molly a grin before absconding to an empty seat with his pastry, there to lean back and watch with a satisfied smile at the maelstrom of Weasleyness going on here. Bill's toast is returned in kind, and then Ginny's excited shriek gets a laugh from him. "I'd say the stockings are a hit, dear," he asides to Molly in a voice loud enough for the room. He munches on his pastry as he takes it all in, unable to keep from grinning a bit at at the eagerness over the presents.

Bill laughs at Ginny's reaction to her stocking's contents, then the twins. Oi. Christmases just aren't the same when he's away from home. "Yeah, George. I think there was a new dragon they brought in, along with some other commitments." Parties most like. Bill settles back in at the table and helps himself to a pastry too before they disappear.

Angelina accepts a pastry from George with a bit of a smile, watching as everyone gets so excited. This is so much different than Christmas morning at her house. More chaos. More insanity. Isn't it /great/? She grins at everyone before choking down her pastry and taking her tea with her to get her stocking off the wall like everyone else.

Molly does hear George mention Charlie. "I sent his gifts off last week. I do hope he likes them." She frowns. "He usually lets me know." There's a moment of silence as she thinks about the son not here, and then she shakes her head quickly. "Fred!" She frowns a little more. "Do calm down." She chuckles, then. It is Christmas, after all. "We could. Ginny, would you like to pass out your gifts first?" She moves to find a seat, grabbing a pastry of her own. "Oh." She pauses. "We'd better get this one out of the way, first." Before she sits down, she moves to get a large box with holes in the side.

With all the early risers, it's only fitting that someone slept in and didn't make it on time. Ronald Weasley is up to the task. the sound of slow footsteps from above is heard, followed shortly by Ron as he appears by the stairs, barely dressed for the fesitivities, and rubbing both of his eyes with his fists. "Happy Christmas," he says, taking his hands away from his eyes and jumping a little bit at the sight in front of him. "Whoa," he says, looking back up the stairs, after which he moves over to take a seat near his dad. "Am I the last one to get down there?"

"We have to wait for Gin to post them out? Awwwww, come on," Fred whines some more, salivating over the pile under the tree. "Let's all collect the ones that are ours and open them at the same time— RON, YOU'RE SLOW." He yells, making sure everyone knows that the slow-ass is up and about. George is oddly silent as Angelina moves away, moving after her a little and making a production of the stuff in his stockings. "/Oranges/, mum? Really?" Okay. He digs more. Chocolate! Om nom nom. He turns to Angie, "What did you get? Same thing?"

"Except for Percy, but I think he buggered off to the Ministry. Some report that needed to be handed in," Bill states to Ron in all seriousness. "Glad you could join us sleepyhead," he adds good naturedly at his youngest brother.

"Happy Christmas," Arthur replies, reaching out to give his youngest son a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "You haven't missed much, don't worry," he says by way of confirming that Ron is, indeed, the slugabed today. "Just in time for the presents." That's said with a conspiratorial grin. He seems oblivious to the razzing that goes on between the siblings, just turning his attention to see who's opening what now. He hides it a little better, but deep down, he's probably just as excited as the kids right now.

Ginny has her mouth full of chocolate when the twins mention presents. She does, however, nod quite vigorously in agreement. "Yes, presents!" She said muffledly, then washes down the chocolate with some tea. "Sure, Mum, that sounds good!" Then she turns as there's a bit of a moving box. With holes in it. Uh-oh, what did the twins do this time?

"Well, Ginny, we figured…" Molly doesn't know why she's having a problem with it. "You haven't ever had a pet of your own, and we saw her, and we thought she'd be perfect for you." She holds out the box and waits for her daughter to take it.

Angelina grins as she looks into her stocking, glancing at George. "Yep! Same thing as you. We don't have stockings in my family, just the presents. This is…so much more exciting. I'm going to make mum do this next year!" She isn't as pushy as the twins to open their gifts, turning, instead, to watch the others as she stands next to George.

Bill watches Ginny being handed her present with a small smile behind his mug. Finishing off his pastry, he pulls out his wand and summons the group of wrapped presents from him. The gifts then stack themselves in front of him on the table.

Ginny eyes the present warily. "Is it going to explode?" Yes, she's wary after 13 years with the twins. She does take it, though, and is surprised at its weight. "What's in this?" And then the box.. meows. It meows? With a girly squeal, Ginny places the box on the table and wrenches it open. "KITTY! IT'S A KITTY!"

George leans his head down to nudge Angelina with is elbow, muttering something to her before grinning to the rest of his family. "Oh great, mum. You got her a /pet/?" Let's hope it's an owl. Please be an owl… it totally isn't an owl. Dang. Fred just sits and mutters about not being able to open their presents all at once, then mutters something about a litter box when Ginny opens her present.

Arthur glances over at Molly with a beaming smile as Ginny gets so excited over her gift. He pops the last bit of pastry into his mouth, brushing off a few crumbs from his robe. "I'm sure you'll take great care of it," he notes, both compliment and sage advice. As Ron falls asleep on his shoulder, he looks over with a quieter laugh, before settling to keep still. Apparently they never grow out of that.

Molly gives a benign grin. "So glad you like her, dear." She flicks her wand, and the presemts start making piles in front of each of them, all labeled correctly. "Well, since you're all a bit older, I thought we'd take turns." She frowns. "It might take a little longer, but that way we can all see what each person got."

Angelina leans to listen to George, lowering her head to cover the darkening of her cheeks. She only nods at him, smiling shyly when she looks up. Her attention goes to Ginny then. "Oooh! A kitten! That is great!"

Bill leans in his chair, resting an arm against the backing. He's grinning like a loon at Ginny's reaction to getting a pet of her own. It's more fun just watching his family enjoy the day. He glances aside at his dad, then oi's at Ron dozing off. There could be some fun to have with this.. and he can't resist flicking his wand again. Some of the tinsel floats off the tree and entwines itself in Ron's hair.

Leave it to Ginny squealing about her new cat to rouse Ron out of his impromptu 'I'm not awake enough' nap, and he awakes with a start. "What— who—" he begins, before realizing that he's still home on Christmas morning. Spotting Ginny's new pet, he lets out a groan, although there's a grin behind it. "Great. Now we're gonna have two Crookshanks running around."

Ginny bounces up and down, clapping her hands and reaching into the box to scoop the kitten up. "Issa kitten!" She coos to it, pulling the creature close against her, and it begins to purr. "Purring! Eeeee!" Ginny goes almost speechless with joy.

"Jumpers, mum? Again?" Fred sighs, having about sixteen of these in their closet. He tosses George a package, which presumably has his own jumper in it and also.. "YEAH! The sparkle powder!" Commence explosions, everyone! "Alright, alright," George says, moving away from Angelina long enough to move under the tree and pass out presents from the twins. Most are fairly small, and their dad's is book-shaped.

A lazy flick of his wand and each of the gifts Bill has to dole out land in front of their designated recipient. That done, he tears into the gift from his parents, and isn't surprised about the jumper, as he doesn't mind them. He's wearing it later with pride once he gets out of his pajamas. Laying the jumper over his shoulder, he digs into the book that's with it, 'Craziest Curses in Caatalan', "Nice choice, mum! Thanks!"

Since everyone is passing out their presents, Angelina moves in to do the same, dropping small packages before everyone but Ron. Instead, he gets a whisper that his is outside the kitchen door. She settles in then, on the floor, and opens her present from the Weasley parents first. She actually squeals as she holds the sweater up. "I got a letter jumper!" Apparently, these are a hot commodity in the Gryffindor tower.

Molly looks down at her pile of presents and grabs one. She opens one, and smiles brightly. "Oh, thank you, Ginerva. I was looking at this book at Flourish and Blotts…" Her voice trails off. "Gardening through the ages. How lovely." She doesn't say that she decided to spend the money elsewhere that day.

Arthur doesn't rush to immediately open his own gifts, though he looks tickled even at the wrapped pile of them. But he's having so much fun watching everyone else, that he's slower to start. Once he sets in, first up is the traditional jumper, of course, which he immediately pulls on over his head, losing his nightcap in the process. He holds up the tie that was in with it, admiring the little stars and moons on it. "Oh, I'll be the most dashing in the department," he says with a little laugh.

Bill tucks into the gift from the twins, and boy is this gonna go over with mum! It's a pair of earrings that change colors. Since he left his fang upstairs, having taken it off for the night, he promptly puts one of them in, "Thanks Fred, George! I may have to get another piercing so I can wear them all the time!"

The twins dig into their presents, George grinning to Angelina as she opens her jumper from Molly. George opens his present from Angelina first, Fred soon after - jerseys from a quidditch team with their names and a number on the back. WOOT! "AW YEAH," they say simultaniously, grinning. From Ginny, giant jawbreakers that change the colors of their faces; Fred licks his and his face turns blue with a snort. Bill's gift is opened next and the box is hovered over with huge grins, but they don't exclaim about the contents… it must be something mum would hate, and the same can be said of Ron's gift, which they tuck into the box from Bill with yet another grin. "Like yours, Ginny? Bill?" George returns to standing near Angelina, watching the rest of the family.

Molly looks up, and gives Bill a bit of a frown, but says nothing. It's Christmas, and grace goes a long way. She opens the twins' present, and immediately shows it to Arthur. "Look, dear. This is how muggles clean themselves, I think…" She hands the box to him and lets him read the instructions. "Thank you, boys." She opens Bill's presennt. "Oh, how lovely." He must have noticed her apron getting a little frayed around the edges. "Thank you Bill." She pulls out the purple apron. Angelina's present is openend, and her smile widens, and her eyes are wet. "Dear. This is grand." It too is passed over to Arthur. "Look dear." It's tickets to a quiddich game and restaurant. "Oh, my."

Starting with the present from his mum and dad, as he always does, Ron tears off the paper, unable to suppress the grin as he pulls out his brand new jumper. It never fails. Slipping it over his head (and getting the tinsel Bill put in his hair all the more tangled up— and yet he's still oblivious), he moves onto the next present, which happens to be from the twins. And… what comes out of the wrapping is a pair of sky blue pajamas that look like they're for a toddler, only large enough for Ron to fit into, and right in the middle of the chest is a big happy face sun. It even has feeties. "T— thanks," he says, looking over at the twins as if they were mental to think he would ever wear such a thing. "I can use it to pull a prank on Harry one of these days."

Going through the rest of his gifts, Bill finds Quidditch tickets from Angelina, "Nice, thanks! These'll come in handy!" He's been itching to see a game in the home country. From Ginny, he's got a handmade frame containing a picture of the family from the previous Christmas. "Aw, thanks sis, this is going on my desk at work." On proud display no less. On the frame are scraps of household objects too. The frame is carefully set down so that he can guffaw at the footie pajamas Ron's given.

Ginny is distracted from opening Angelina's present by the presence of The Jammies. Her eyes widen, and then… then she cracks up laughing. She literally cannot get air into her lungs, so hard is she laughing. Tears come to her eyes, and she doubles over. "Those.. they.. quite your style, Ron!"

Completely innocent, Bill summons the camera from wherever it is lurking in the house and hopeflly snaps a picture of Ron with the footie PJ's before it disappears.

Arthur has been busy putting the tie on, whether or not it looks right with a jumper worn over a dressing gown over pyjamas, so he's missed a bit of the excitement. Looking around, he blinks to spot Ginny with different coloured hair, but the rest of the gifts get a grin from him. At the mention of Muggles, his interest perks even more, and he reaches out to give the box a look. "Fascinating. We'll have to try it out!" he notes, as he hands it back to her so that he can start on the next gift, which contains a book about Muggle computers. "Thank you boys!" he enthuses towards the twins, beginning to flip through it eagerly. "Those're nice," is noted distractedly as Ron holds up the jammies; he clearly didn't get a good look at them.

Angelina slips her sweater over her head and tugs it on with a grin before turning to her other gifts. A box of sweets from Honeydukes from Bill, a smile given to him as she opens one of the hard candies and pops it into her mouth. And then, a worn book from Ginny. One of those romance novels she reads. Only, when she spots the title, and Angie groans, making a face at Ginny and then sticking out her tongue with a laugh. Finally, she gets to Ron's gift, a book on Chasers! Woo! "Thank you Ron. I've been wanting to read this one. Thank you Ginny, and Bill, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.."

The last present in Molly's pile is small, and she opens it up, turning to Arthur. "Thank you, dear." She holds out the locket, and fastens it around her neck. "It's lovely." She turns to see Ginny's hair. "Oh, my. I do hope that's not permanent." She is being rather laid back. It's once a year. She does, however, notice the pyjamas. "Oh, Ronnie. You used to have a pair just like that when you were a wee one." The expression on her face is nostalgic. "It was brown, though, I think, and the picture was of a broom." So, not just like it.

"I remember them like it was yesterday," Bill says helpfully towards Molly. "He was so cute, scooting across the floor in them." Sorry Ron, he doesn't get to tease you much, but thankfully he stops at that as he starts snapping a few more photos of the family and their Christmas guest, "You're practically family, Angelina, and you're quite welcome!"

Sifting through the rest of his gifts, Ron opens them one by one, extending a grin and thanks to the bearers of each. New edition Chocolate Frogs from Ginny, a new Cannons shirt from Bill, which only leaves one left, which is Angelina's. With a roll of his eyes towards his mum and Bill as they get all nostalgic, vehemently denying he wore anything of the sort, he heads towards the back of the house. All is silent for a moment.. before there's a shout of glee. "No way!" he exclaims, and he comes rushing back in, a Quidditch broom held in his hand, one that far outstrips the old ones they have at Hogwarts. "Thanks, Angelina!" he says, grinning as he fondly admires the broom.

Arthur manages to tear himself away from his current present to get on with the others, giving heartfelt approval to the Quidditch and dinner. He hasn't seen live Quidditch in far too long! Unwrapping the next one, a working Muggle walkman simply thrills him, though he clearly has no idea what it does or how it's meant to be used. "Thank you, Bill." He passes a few moments opening and closing it once he gets that bit down, murmuring about how clever these Muggles are. Molly gets a smile as she thanks him, and he's quite pleased at her reaction. And finally he gets to the smallest gift of the bunch, unwrapping a genuine Muggle ballpoint pen. "Goodness, look at this. It's brilliant, Ginny." Again, no idea what it does, but that doesn't lessen his enjoyment at all.

When Ron comes back in jubilant, Angelina makes sure to clarify. "That isn't new, Ron. It is my older brother's quidditch broom. But he hates the game, and he never used it, except when my father made him. It was in the basement, collecting dust, and I knew you wanted one…for…reasons. So I asked if I could give it to you. My parents were glad to be rid of it."

George isn't on Angelina's thank-you list, aww. That's because he hasn't given her his yet! He tries to duck out, tugging on Angelina's shirt sleeve, and pull her out on the back porch. Fred is too involved in looking in the box Bill gave them to notice, fortunately.

Ginny finally stops giggling long enough to open Angelina's present. "Oooh!" It seems to be a rather big stack of romance paperbacks. "Thank you, Angie!" She bounces, putting them off to the side to get to the next present. It seems to be a small Bastet plush. "Awww! Bill, it's so cute!" She beams at her brother, then opens the next gift - a kitten toy, full of feathers and bells. "Did everyone know about this cat before me?!"

Bill doesn't notice George and Angelina slipping out. Nope. Not at all. He does however look impressed at the generous gift from Angelina towards Ron, even if it's not a new broom. "Have fun with it dad," Bill then states as he gets up from the table. (He doesn't know what it's for either. He just asked his friend for something interesting!) Both Ginny and his mother are given kisses on the cheek. "Glad you like it Ginny." The romance books are given a /look/ before he heads upstairs to get out of his pajamas and to look presentable in his new jumper.

Molly purses her lips as George and Angelina leave the room. Her thoughts turn only one way with this circumstance, and he's way too young. "Well, your father and I knew, and we may have mentioned it. After all, we had to care for her until…" She's not going to tell them that she found the poor little kit outside of the Burrow. "And you know how difficult it is to keep a secret around here." She rolls her eyes. "Well… I better go check on the ham." The smell is starting to waft their way. "It should be done soon."

"It's okay," Ron responds to Angelina, waving a dismissive hand. "A broom is a broom, and it's better than the schools, so I should be able to—" Whatever he's able to do, however, is left unsaid, and he turns towards the door. "I'm gonna go try it out! Happy Christmas, everyone!" he says, before practically bounding out the door in excitement to try the broom out.

Arthur has sort of tuned out of the conversation again, now that he's discovered that the pen can click! It may get old fast, but right now, he keeps clicking the end of it, looking amazed at how the little tip goes in and out and in and out and- "Gosh, those Muggles can think of anything!" he muses to himself, shaking his head.
Molly watches the owl swoop in, and has her hand on her wand. "Well…" She frowns, and notes the owl. "Is that Hedwig, dear?" She notices the white owl. "What did you get, Ginny?" She watches her open it, and her eyes widen slightly at the gift. "My, those are fancy, dear."

Just a moment after stepping out, George and Angelina return. His cheeks and ears are red, surely from the cold. Her own face is tinted a bit red as well. It was cold out there in pjs, yes it was. Angelina is examining some charms on a bracelet at her wrist.

"I'm not sure, Mum." Ginny examines the earrings, holding them up to her ears. "They're so pretty!" Finally, she discovers the card hidden within the wrapping paper. Opening it up, she smiles. "They're from Sio." Turning to face Angie and George, she grins at them. "Nice bracelet, Angie."

"Right, 'cause if Harry's sending you jewelry, I'm gonna have some words with him," says George as they come in, spotting Ginny unwrapping a package. As his sister mentions Angelina's new bracelet, his ears redden again. Gee! It's awfully warm in here! Fred just narrows his eyes.

Molly says, "Oh, my." She stands, pushing the wrapping paper off her lap, and letting it fall to the floor. Moving over toward her daugher she examines the jewelry. "Well, that was quite nice, of her, dear. You really ought to send her a proper thank you." She smiles, and turns to George and Angelina. "Oh, the Nobles are such nice folk." A little on the odd side, Molly thinks, but she won't say that out loud. "And …" She notices the bracelet as Ginny mentions it. "That is lovely."

"Ooh. Those are pretty, Ginny." Angelina smiles at her friend, but the mention of the bracelet makes her drop her gaze. Ooooh. So caught. "Thanks Ginny." She fingers one of the little charms and sets it off so the music plays and the lights flash. A glance at Momma Weasley, then down again.

Ginny blushes at the notion of Harry sending her jewelry. She coughs, rubbing her forehead self-consciously. "Yes, Mum, I'll send her a card," Ginny says obediantly. "A handwritten one." With a smile at Angelina, she latches onto the subject change, seeing an opportunity to embarass her brother. "It plays such pretty music. Is it charmed?"

Oh no, now the family is focusing on Angelina's bracelet. Fred takes their boxes upstairs and stays there, George looking around. "Where did Bill and Ron go, mum? Did poor Ronnie go back to sleep? I hope he puts on the PJs we gave him."

Molly shakes her head as she stands to go into the kitchen. "No, dear, he went outside to fly on the broom Angelina gave him." Ron had a pretty quidditch-laden Christmas. She checks the ham, and then flicks her wand to start the potatoes peeling. "That'd be perfect, Ginny." She looks down at her locket, and reaches down to open it. It surprises her by opening not to show one space, but seven. "Oh, this is wonderful," she gushes again, not having noticed that Arthur's slipped out of the room again.

"Charmed? I..don't think so?" Angelina looks at George questioningly, waiting for him to give the answer. "Let me help you in the kitchen, Mrs. Weasley. What do you want me to do? I can set the table? Or start doing…something.."

Ginny rises from her chair, gathering wrapping paper up in her hands. "I'll go set the table, Mum." The kitten trails after her, mewing noisily. She tosses a look over her shoulder, unsure of where the sound's coming from, and spots the kitten. Crouching, she murmurs to it, "I think I'll name you.. Sabrina." The kitten mews again. "You like that, huh?"

Molly watches the twins run off, and nods. "I believe you could. Would you like to cut the beans, Angelina?" She holds out a brown bag of fresh green beans she's found somewhere, or bought, and a knife. "Thank you Ginny. I think that name will definitely fit her." She smiles, and continues to bustle around the kitchen, getting the Christmas dinner ready.

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