1996-08-17: A toast to the Wreckage


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Scene Title A toast to the Wreckage
Synopsis Bourbon and gossip.
Location Jack's Office
IC Date 08/17/1996
Watch For Jack being an enabler!
Logger Maura

After his discussion with Harvey and Kee, Jack spent a good portion of his office hours for two days in thought. He rearranged a few things, started a few more in motion, and took on a couple new projects. He had also been trying to decide which of Harvey's two options was the best for him this time, and hadn't come up with anything at all. He realized it was getting late, so he stacked the paperwork together, ran a hand through his hair, and grabbed a cookie from the plate that Janet had left.

Forget sending an owl ahead to have liquor ready. Before coming over, Maura found a bottle of something good all on her own. And when she shows up at the office after the day's events, it's the brown lab that sticks her head past the door first to sneeze a greeting. Followed, of course, by the woman herself with a bottle of bourbon in her other hand that she sets on the desk near the stack of paperwork. "Hmmm. You look like you could use a shot of this. And I -know- I do. Who should share details first?" The smile she flashes is full of warmth before she leans over (because she can DO that now, with one hand on a balance bar) to give Jack a kiss on the cheek hello.

"Isn't it the same paperwork as last time?" Maura's head tilts, curious. And still glowing over the endearment. "Go on and sit back down." Well, maybe after she's leaned back away. "Shot glasses? I'll get those if you can open the bottle? I really can't open a bottle one handed, no matter how much effort I put into it." Which she makes a face about. "New artifacts!? Do tell. You know I get a kick out of hearing about those." she adds, eyes popping open. Buuuuuut when prompted for her news, she just gets one of those looks. It's an 'OMFG this is blowing my mind' type of look. "Doctor Brennan had another verbal vomit. And it was alllllllll over Jake and Harvey." Her lips quirk a little at first then, but then they tug downward. Because it's Maura. "I'm not sure who I feel worse for, actually."

Jack flicks his wand, executing a charm that he learned for opening wine bottles, and listens to Maura speak. When she asks about the artifacts, he considers. "The first one was an old teapot. Someone put a notice-me-not charm on it, but coupled it with a heat sensor charm. So, it'd only be unnoticed when the tea was ready. I think it must've been a cranky old wife whose man told her to fetch tea one too many times." He shakes his head. "Glasses should be in the usual spot. Janet stopped by. She made sure to chide me. 'Master Icarus, you isn't eating enough.'" He rolls his eyes. "I'm eating plenty." Maura's news gets a blink and a tilt of the head. "All over Jake and Harvey. How so, exactly?" And is this something he's going to have to worry about protecting Rosie from?

Maura's face screws up in a comical expression when considering the teapot charm. "Why would anyone -do- th… oh. Well, I suppose." Clearly, she doesn't understand the impetus behind such a thing. She does understand Janet though. And the imagery makes her giggle as she grabs one of the cookies and pretty much sits herself right on Jack's lap so she can let go of the dog. And, pour the bourbon. Her shot? Taken right away, before she bothers to speak. "Harvey's in love with Jake." It's a rather blunt re-telling, so she elaborates. Because obviously it needs elaboration. "I mean, I guess he was sending off signals she picked up on. But she described it as the most unusual courtship ritual she'd ever seen. And she's seen some strange ones. And was Jake ignoring it on purpose?" Her voice lowers. "He had no idea. It's like the train to the castle went hurtling through the bullpen at top speed, Jack. And Siobhan walked through at just the worst moment and made an innuendo joke on the way out and Harvey didn't even have a chance to recover."

It's a really good thing that Jack hasn't taken a drink yet. "Wow." He blinks, pouring himself some drink and taking a large gulp. "I really feel for him. Guess that explains some of the dirty looks he's been throwing Rosie. I looked at him once during the thing," the 'thing' being some of the discussions and everything surrounding their wedding, " and it looked like he would have wanted to completely eviscerate her. I didn't understand why." He feels for the guy. Completely. "So, Rosie was there, at least for a bit, and Jake and Harvey, and Brennan. Who else?" Never let it be said he won't listen to his girlfriend's gossip.

"Right?? Wow." Maura agrees, nodding somewhat solemnly about all the dirty looks Siobhan has gotten from Harvey in the times they've been in the same room. "Jet was there. And Mike. 7th year Ravenclaw. The one who lost his parents." Which makes her wince to consider. "Have I ever mentioned how glad I am that I don't need to hide the fact that I love you? That would kill me. I don't know how he does it." She really does sound horrified at the thought, the wheels in her head spinning like there's little hamsters in there working overtime. "And Jake looked like the train that went barelling through hit him smack in the chest. He told us all to keep our mouths shut and led Harvey out so they could, uh, talk. I guess. It was kind of surreal. You could hear a pin drop - after Jet said a word on Harvey's behalf because you know Jet - when they walked out." Now she needs another drink.

Jack is slowly sipping at his drink, listening to the whole story. He nods and hmmms in places, because, yes, he is interested. When Maura mentions Jethro, Jack speaks up. "Yeah." If someone was going to speak up for Jake, it'd probably be Jethro. Before Maura can pour herself another drink, Jack sets his hand on hers, preventing her from pouring. "I love you too, sweetheart. Um, I've been thinking about this for a while, and I have to ask, especially before you take another drink. Are you … are we . . ?" He can't get the words out, but it's been bothering him. "You're okay health wise? No new concerns, or aught?" The brogue in his voice shows how worried he really is.

When Jack is concerned, so is Maura. So her eyes grow troubled when the brogue appears. But she meets his gaze anyway, and then smiles reassuringly. "I'm okay. Perfectly healthy except for the effects of the disease. But it hasn't gotten worse." He knows her well enough by now to be able to tell if she were hedging. And she's not. "I've gained all the weight back that I need to. There's still the, you know, nightmares. But that… I mean, it's not causing any health problems. Why? Are you okay?" Trust her to think he's asking because he's sick with something now. She squeezes the hand he rested on hers, waiting to see if she should start panicking.

"Well, he said it wasn't this year …" Jack mutters more to himself than to Maura. "Alright, lass. I'm sorry for scarin' you. My wee cousin Saw somethin' and I wondered if it was somethin' we needed to be worried about. It wasn't a bad thing at all, but it might take a bit of plannin'." He smiles. "You and Rosie were …" He bites his lip, unsure how he wants to say it. "You and Rosie were near to burstin' with child. At the same time. And well, I'd worry about your health a bit, and this would not be a good time for Rosie to be havin' a baby, not if it's gonna come into the world with a bigger nose than the Morgan line can claim. " He grins at that. He likes his sister's mate, but he does have some very distinguishing features.

"Oh." Maura. Surprised. "Oh." Maura very surprised. "I.. well…" Maybe she should clear her throat, and then continue. "Both of us at the same time? Could your family even deal with that much raging hormones and estrogen? Sure, your mum could. And Janet… Janet would be the one to go to for all the cravings, hello. But your brothers might try and find a safe place to hide." That thought right there makes her smirk. The thing about the Morgan family line? That makes it muuuuch less funny. "Oh dear. That could put a wrench in all their plans. Maybe you need the second drink more than I do." she decides, and then takes a breath. "Would it bother you if it happened? I mean… me. I'm being careful, I promise. I woldn't let that happen on purpose unless, obviously, we'd decided that's what we wanted. I mea… you know what I mean. Oh man, I'm already babbling and I've only had one shot."

"Wouldn't bother me a bit, luv. Might make the old starched robes a bit worried that we weren't married, but I'm alright as we are. More is for us to decide." Jack snorts at her admitting to babbling. "I know we've both been careful, but magic and fate have a way of makin' their own way." He curls her close, pressing a kiss against her soft cheek. "Wouldn't bother me a bit." He's repeating himself, but it's worth repeating.

"Certainly a few raised eyebrows." Maura agrees, letting a giggle escape as she likely considers some of those very expressions and clutched pearls. Relief is obvious in the way the tension flows out of her shoulders and her smile easily curves upward at the kiss. "That's good. Really good. It wouldn't bother me either." she admits, perfectly content to remain nicely curled up where she is, please and thankyou. "Bet I could fall asleep like this. So I should probably get up. But I don't really want to. Think you can close up for the night, now?"

"I think I could manage." Jack flicks his wand again, and there's the familiar buzz of the wards. The papers are all pretty much stacked in place, and the artifacts in their safe spaces. There isn't much else to do. "Do you need something to eat, or should we just fall asleep?" He will lift her up and carry her up to his (now their) bed if she wants him to.

The familiar buzz of the wards is like a security blanket, now. As synonymous with home as it gets for she who has little in the way of memories to go on. "Perfect." Does she need anything to eat? That'd be a nope, her head shaking a negative. "Remmeber to tell Janet the cookies were awesome, though." Because that's just what you do, is remind people of things like that, in Hufflepuff land. "Sleep, on the other hand, sounds absolutely divine." But only when it's beside him. Being lifted and carried just means she'll have a disgustingly cheerful smile the next day at work.

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