1995-09-13: A Spot of Tea


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Scene Title A Spot of Tea
Synopsis Lupin has a brief talk with Aberforth
Location The Hog's Head in Hogsmeade
Date September 13, 1995
Watch For How a goat can be like a wife
Logger Moony

The Hog's Head…not the most prestigious of pubs, and it certainly doesn't compare to the Three Broomsticks. It's darker, the mood is more sedate rather than lively. Wizards, witches, and those who have a different ilk, such as vampires, goblins, and hags, mill about. Most look seedy, or otherwise suspicious. However, it is a seemingly quiet day, though that may be partial to the fact that if there are any seedy happenings in the pub, the are being taken care of in dark corners and in whispers. The pub's proprietor, Aberforth Dumbledore, is found at the bar, slowly cleaning a dirtied glass with an equally dirty looking cloth.

Perhaps it's because of what the Hog's Head is and who it caters to that Remus Lupin sometimes wanders by as time allows, today being one of those occasions. Given what he is, sometimes it's best to lay low and slip into a place even most witches and wizards avoid. Hands tuck into the pockets of a long overcoat after the door opens and closes, fingers slipping off the doorknob before he inspects a couple of them, rubbing them on the side of his coat a moment later. A glance to either side of the tavern comes before he approaches the bar itself, and the man behind it.

A glance toward the door is given as it opens, and a grunt is given at the sight of who enters. Aberforth doesn't show any immediate sign of recognition toward the man as the door finally closes and he walks toward the bar. That doesn't mean, however, that the man is not recognized. Rather, that Aberforth doesn't deign to give any recognition at the given time. Takes too much effort sometimes. "What can I get for you?" He states clearly as the other man approaches.

The art of subtlety is a useful one, Lupin giving Aberforth just enough of a glance and nod to indicate a greeting as he settles in atop a barstool. Something creaks. Could be the floor, a joint or two, or both. "How's the tea today? Safe?" he asks quietly, a bit of a twinkle in his eyes.

Aberforth eyes the man before him. "It'd be safer if you ordered it with a shot of firewhiskey in it." He grunts. A joke, perhaps? "Preference to kinda tea, or do you want me to take a guess at it and hope that I'm right?" He pauses to look down at the cup he's cleaning. "Bloody dirty thing. Ruddy well never get clean." He raises an eyebrow, looking at Lupin as if to prompt him to answer.

"Not today, I think," Lupin answers, shaking his head at the suggestion of liquor added. "The basic Earl Grey and cream ought to suffice, thank you." He shares a sympathetic look toward the cup, offering, "I might think so, especially if you've had it since I was a student."

Aberforth shakes his head. "Well, it was worth a shot, wasn't it?" He murmurs. "Well, boring tea as always, I see." He states quietly. "Just like my brother." Shaking his head and hiding the cup and cloth away under the counter, he muddles his way back to the kitchen, only to return a moment later with the tea in hand. Placing it in front of Lupin he says, "Still a comedian, I see. Like that little group of friends of yours. Always cracking jokes, having yourselves a rip-roaring 'good' time. Caused a few bloody nuisances up at the school, you did. Or so I heard."

Lupin glances toward one of the darker corners, squinting briefly before focusing his attention back on the other Dumbledore brother. "I reckon I'm not among your most interesting customers, but that suits me just fine. I have enough of my own in other ways," he explains, which Aberforth no doubt knows on some level. He touches a couple fingers to his brown in acknowledgement of the tea, blowing at it before sipping. "I do try to keep my mood light. Sometimes I miss those days, though. Simpler times, no less important than they are now though."

Aberforth snorts. "Oh. Ya think they're 'interesting', do you? I think you'd fit right in with some've 'em, you would. Like take that pair." He point to a couple of pale looking men in the back. "I bet you'd find some sort of commonalities with them. Maybe you'd not find you're exactly the same, but similar enough to not want to rip each other apart." He shrugs, bringing back up the cup and cloth from before.

"All of us are interesting in one way or another," Lupin replies between further sips of tea, rolling his neck this way and that to work on some stiffness. "You may be correct, of course," he adds as he looks toward the pair of men off to the side. For a moment he squints, seeking to determine whether or not he actually knows either of them before his voice lowers as he returns his attention more fully to the barman, voice quieter. "I was wondering how things have been around here the past few weeks. Reasonably quiet, I hope?"

Aberforth shrugs a little bit. "'Course we are. But I wouldn't bet money on how interesting each person is. That's best left for the imagination…and rumours, of course." If the two people in the back had looked familiar to Lupin, the bartender would have been surprised. Furrowing his brow he tilts his head at Lupin. "Nothing's changed here in the last few decades." He states quite firmly. "'Cept for maybe new clients." Of course, he knows what Lupin means, but even if there was any news, he wouldn't speak it in such an open place.

Lupin would speak carefully in a place like this either way, but he nods once to the man's response as his brows furrow. Having been..occupied with certain things, it's kept him away from some of the more common goings-on. "Of course," he says, leaving it at that. "Rumors do have ways of taking on lives of their own, I know that much." He grows quiet in order to focus on his tea, looking thoughtful.

Aberforth shakes his head. "I never give no credence to rumours. They're almost never true, leastways. Or…not always true anyway. Like I've been hearing rumours about how certain…dark friendly people have been causing havoc and that their friendly neighbourhood leader has returned." He mutters quietly to the man who sits at his bar. "But I know that can't be true." He pauses thoughtfully. "If you ever happen to talk to that old headmaster of yours, be sure to tell him that however cushy his office is there at the school, it's good to get out in the world and see people face to face."

Now that's a piece of news Lupin keeps very close to the vest. A tattered vest, in his case. "Let us hope /that/ one is false," he murmurs, though he doesn't look all that confident in his own words. "As for the headmaster, I do think I'll pass the message along to him and see what he says. He does enjoy people."

Aberforth snorts. "Well, we can always hope. Though hopefully the truth of the matter shows itself soon, one way or another. People don't like them sorts of rumours. They're not the nice kind. Never have been." He murmurs. "You just do that. That headmaster seems to have gotten lazy. But what do I know. I haven't talked to him myself for quite some time."

"Nor have I, which is why it's about time for me to rectify that," Lupin says, draining the last of his cup after swishing it around briefly. "As for that particular rumor, I'll have to ask him directly. Ones like that need to be cleared up one way or the other. Fine tea, I should add." He lifts the now-empty cup.

Aberforth nods gruffly. "Now, would you be caring for another cup of tea? Or is the conversation enough to satiate you?" He asks casually, lifting up a tub of dirty dishes and putting the empty cup in it as well as the dirty one he'd been working on. Taking out his wand, and flicking it, the tub starts to float toward the kitchen.

Lupin shifts in place and reaches into a pocket to fish out some coin, nudging the cup along so it might be added to the tub just as Aberforth takes care of it. "The one ought to be enough, Aberforth. Thank you. I trust your goats are also well?"

Aberforth shakes his head. "Of course one'll be enough." Though what he means by that is probably anyone's guess. "The goats are a bloody nuisance is what they are. Annabelle keeps figuring out how to open and close the gate! No matter how I lock it up, somehow she figure out how to get out! Ruddy well almost wanna lock her up in a cage, I do!"

The amusement returns to Lupin's eyes as he shakes his head. "Excuse me if I'm presuming, but have you tried a locking charm? Or, perhaps Annabelle has figured out how to use a wand herself, of all things." He stops to consider, "Of course, you might have a prankster about."

Aberforth sighs and shakes his head. "It's always a hassle, using a locking charm. Ya gotta cast it, then you've got to remove it when you want to open the thing you used it on. It's a ruddy annoyance!" He says with a firm nod. "I wouldn't put it past Annabelle, having some sorta magical talent. Bought her off a bloke in Diagon Alley, I did."

"Same as a normal lock," Lupin replies as Aberforth complains about the locking charm idea. He puts up his hands as if to concede the issue to the barman, however. "Just a thought, that's all. For all I know she could be a witch in disguise, just looking to drive you mad each night."
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Aberforth shakes his head. "A witch. That's rich!" No rhyme intended. "Well, maybe she's an animagus. You never know with all the crazy people out there! They'd turn themselves into an animal just to play a prank on someone, they would! Or to hide from people. It isn't right, I say! It's ruddy cowardly is what it is!"

Lupin chuckles. "Stranger things have happened, enough that such a scenario would not surprise me. All the same, I think the answer is much simpler: you just have a very clever goat."

Aberforth shakes his head. "Well, that much is obvious, isn't it? Clever or not, makes me wonder why I keep her around! Maybe I'm just too ruddy used to her!" He says in a gruff tone. "One way or another, I'm sure she'll prove herself useful eventually, she will! Or I can hope, anyway!"

"Hold on, hold on..we /are/ still talking about the goat, right?" Lupin smiles, finding the matter easy for him to take lightly. After all, it's not his. Along the way he adjusts his coat as he prepares to stand.

Aberforth nods firmly. "Of course we're still talking about a goat! What else'd we be talking about? Hippogriffs?" He shakes his head. "She's the best goat around, she is! And don't you forget it!"

Lupin's answer comes with a wider smile. "I've heard of wives talked about similarly." Then he does get back to his feet and, after leaving payment for the tea, he adds, "Good to see you again, Aberforth."

Aberforth grunts. "Oh, so you're going to go that way with it, are you? Well it's not funny. Would've thought that headmaster of yours would have taught you to at least know a joke in good taste! But then, he never quite had that great of a sense of humour to start off with!" With a shake of his head, he waves to Lupin. "Be off with ya, then. And be sure to pass on my message! I'll know if you haven't!"

"I've learned a great deal of things from him, but you remember who /my/ friends were," Lupin answers, and for just a moment he looks sad about something. It passes quickly enough and he returns the gesture. "I will, and a good rest of the day to you." Then the tavern is short one werewolf once more.

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