1994-06-30: A Scale Of One To Ten


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Scene Title A Scale of One to Ten
Synopsis The two fifth years meet up at a joke shop, eventually go for ice cream and discuss London.
Date Jun 30 1994
Watch For Cho rating Cullen's looks
Chronology ????
Logger Cho

Zonko's Joke Shop

//You want pranks, we got 'em! Zonko's is a haven for would be mischief makers of all ages! Along with Honeydukes, this is easily the favorite place for Hogwarts students to shop at. The shelves, racks and cabinets are filled with items that would delight any student seeking revenge upon a classmate or unsuspecting family member. Many walk away from this place with their robes and pockets bulging with dungbombs, hiccup sweets, frog spawn soap and other assorted items. //

Today Cullen has managed to escape the herd of Hufflepuff the boy usually travels with, having taken shelter in one of the shops that line the streets. He's buried amongst shelves, hands currently playing with several shiny metal spheres a little larger than a marble. He rolls them between hands, allows them to click and collide with a dim smile at his lips.

The door bell jingles and jangles as Cho heads in, letting out a slight huff and a puff. "Bah Marietta, she got me good..so how to get her back?" she muses to herself, not yet noticing Cullen as she makes a beeline towards the hiccup sweets, wrinkling hernose the entire time. "Hrmmm, I could put some of these in a box from Honeydukes.."

The boy with the marbles examines them like one would diamonds, pinching and raising them to eye level, squinting before working at the next. At least, until he's distracted by chime of bell. Eyes make a quick sketch toward the person that enters, pausing when there's recognition. Lips twist into a dim smile after, Cullen making slow shuffle toward Cho, elbow nudging against hers once he's close enough. "What's the fuss?"

"Marietta gave me a box of Bertie's Beans that were all boogie flavored.." Cho quips as she sticks her tongue out in disgust before letting out an impish giggle of amusement. She bumps her hips with his own as she looks towards him, "So naturally, I have to get her back. What are you doing here?"

"This is one of my favorite places," The nudge again him causes only minor wobble, feline sort of grin before he leans to peek over her shoulder. "That's not nice of her," He decides that relatively quickly, asking, "You need help? I wouldn't pick you for the kind of person that'd spend a lot of time in here."

"Normally I dont, but one good trick deserves another, right?" A soft chuckle escapes from her lips as she grins in a coy fashion before running her fingers through her hair. "I'm afraid I'm not good at this pranking thing, so if you have any pointers, I'd be more than happy to listen."

Cullen gives nod, sagely motion before finger wags once, making gesture for the girl to follow along with him. "How big do you want? You could do a lot worse than giving her nasty things to eat." The prospect is an almost gleeful one, bright smile cast back toward Cho as he attempts to coax her further into the shop. "I love to help."

"Well I dont want to be too mean, but mean enough.." she quips with a soft mirthful chuckle as she motions for him to follow and lead the way. "You sure you're not just doing this cause you think I'm pretty?" she asks, offering a toothy and a cheesy grin just to get a reaction out of him.

"If you give her these," Small objects are pointed out, fingers wagging to indicate the things. "She'll probably be blowing smoke for a few hours." A nod, another thing gestured to after. "You could put this under her. She'll do a backflip or two." He knows, apparently, what he's talking about. There is a slight pause at the question, bright smile tossed back. "Wellll. That's not the only reason."

Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red, only joking around for the most part as she peers curiously towards the small objects. "Considering she's going to be spending the night, I dont think having her blowing smoke for a few hours is good, though the backflip could be amusing..but I dont want her to get hurt too bad in case she lands wrong.." she says matter of factly before raising her brows as she looks him over. "So that's the other then?"

"I like this stuff," He clarifies, "It's fun for me like books are for you, I guess. Not that I don't mind a book, just-" A helpless sort of shrug is made, gesture toward a few more items. "These taste really bad. Oh, and this one just makes a really loud noise." He trails on, leading on tour, pointing out this and that.

"Ahhh, so you are a bad boy, my mother warned me about hanging around boys like you.." she quips, snickering softly as she looks over and keeps in mind which ones taste really bad. She grabs a few and hrmms as she grins wryly. "This would be good I think, considering I had a bunch of boogie flavored ones!"

"Not bad!" It's a playful sort of tone he takes, mock-offense at the girl's words. "I'm just," Fingers wag, as if trying to pluck word from the air, "I like games." That works, another nod coming before jab of, "What, are you perfect all the time? Doesn't it get boring?"

Her cheeks coninue to burn brightly as she looks down for a few moments, glancing around furtively. "Me, perfect? Hardly.." she says with a soft chuckle of amusement. "But I do have high expectations of myself.." she says firmly and resolutely before bumping her hips with his own. "But liking games is good, as long as you have your serious moments..but considering you like games, it makes me wonder if all this is just a game now.."

"I kind of wonder the same thing." There's a tiny laugh in response to the bump, elbow knocking gently at the girl's back before he shuffles backward. "I'll show you the games I like sometime, though. Like I said, I'm not all bad." He gestures for her to follow, tips head over at the counter.

"You wonder what? Whether this is a game or not?" Cho asks as she cants her head to the side before following, there's no harm in it afterall, right? She shakes her head a nlittle and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath, "But I'd like to see what games you like..might be educational.." she says teasingly.

"Educational games are the worst." Teasing words are tosses back, another nudge given at the girl when she draws close enough. "I've got a few things," He chimes, "You go first. Trust me, that stuff'll work great."

"All right, if it doesnt I'll have to change my mind about your pranking skills.." Cho quips, grinning wryly as she brings it up towards the counter and pulls out a few coins to pay for her purchase. "But I see you're a gentleman, letting me go first..isnt that sweet.."

"Have to remember where I put my money." His excuse is a simple one, punctuated by a quick round of searching. He pats here, there, finally finds coins to clatter to the counter. He'll wait until Cho finishes, chiming, "I have other skills to try if this one goes south."

"And what other skills are those?" she asks, still intrigued as she steps to the side and puts her purchase away into her bag, snickering the entire time.

"I'm a motivator," He explains, lips never seeming to loose that sly smile as he speaks, "I can play cards. Sometimes I play music. I can lift heavy things." Items are ticked off on a finger, head arcing at the door after, train of thought changing to abrupt question of: "Want to walk?" He doesn't really wait for an answer, just starts to move with or without her.

"Well it seems like I have no choice.." she replies, shaking her head a little as she speeds up just a bit to catch up, soon walking alongside him, grinning the entire time. "Those are all very valuable things, especially the lifting heavy things, but I didnt know you played music. What instrument do you play?" she asks, now quite interested.

One hand snakes outward, palm flatting to the door and giving the thing a push to allow the two students out into the street, fingers swinging it back after. His own bag is looped through fingers, warm tone never leaving his voice. "A guitar," He explains, "I'm pretty bad." A glance, "Do you play?"

"I'm sure you cant be that bad.." she says matter of factly, smiling as he opens the door for her. "But I play the violin myself, it's something my parents wanted me to pick up…" she says with a soft sigh while turning around, walking backwards as she offers a warm smile. "I'd like to hear you play sometime, if you dont mind."

"We could play together." The suggestion is just a tiny bit hasty, coy sort of grin offered after. "I mean, it's not a band, and they don't match, but it'd be fun, right?" Eyes trail her when she starts move again, mention of, "I need things to do, anyway. I can only stand to be around my family for so long."

"Well, I suppose you can pick up some classical guitar or I can pick up some rock violin.." she quips, laughing heartily as she continues to walk backwards until she lets out a yelp and balls backwards onto her rear, laughing the entire time. Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red, "Ha! Me and walking backwards have never been good friends.."

Cullen doesn't even really try to hide the laughter that bubbles up when the girl takes a dive, loud guffaws before he moves toward her. He tilts downward, arcing back and extending arm with fingers spread wide. "You looked a lot more graceful in the air," He mentions, hand arcing back and forth, offering to help haul her back to her proper standing position. "Got to be careful."

"What can I say, I think I'm meant to be flying instead of walking on the ground like normal people.." she replies as she lets her fingers entwine with his as she pulls up and starts dusting herself off. Cho doesnt seem to mind being laughed at as it was her own fault anyway. "I promise I'm not this much of a klutz normally, and this just proves I'm not perfect!" she quips, poking him playfully in the chest.

"That's pretty lofty of you." It's a joke, wry smile given before he releases her hand. He does it a few seconds after he should, but he does release. The finger at his chest just draws a fey smile to lips, head arcing back along the street. "Anywhere you want to go? I've got a bit."

Her cheeks burn a slight tinge of red as she notices that her hand is held a litle longer than it should've been. She glances around furtively before shrugging her shoulders in a nonchalant manner, trying to keep it cool for now. "Gentleman's choice. If I were to lead I'd probably get the both of us tumbling around.." she quips before suddenly realizing what she just said. "I mean, cause you know, I fall and stuff..and yeah.." she says, scratching the back of her head as she chuckles softly once more.

"Food." The conclusion is come to simply, abruptly. There is small pause at her choice of words, infectious grin and raise of eyebrows at the girl. No comment though, just step and flick of wrist toward building out across the street. "Ice cream? Allen'll give me a lashing if I don't bring something back for him anyway."

"Ice cream is always good.." Cho quips, letting out a soft sigh of relief at the abrupt change of subject. "Food is good though, so shall we then?" she asks, motioning for him to lead the way while peering towards the ice cream shop.

He leads, playing conductor, escorting his companion off and across the street. It isn't much trouble, and soon hand is shoving at the door to the sweets shop, back pressing against the surface to hold it open for the Ravenclaw he accompanies, "So, you like music, right? Have you been to London proper?"

"Once or twice, to take in a few concerts of the London Symphony Orchestra.." Cho says matter of factly, not minding being lead as she bows herhead as the door is opened for her once more. She steps in first and waits along the side as she smiles warmly. "But other than that, I havent had much time to really explore it..daddy is terribly protective.."

"Ah, lucky," It's an idle few words, attention more preoccupied with surroundings upon immediate entrance. Cullen wags here and there, examining the things around, turning attention back to Cho after. "Can't do that," He chides, "It's the best place in the world. Or, the only place I've been, besides Hogwarts." A grin, "Should try the louder music, there's plenty of that too. Sneak off sometime."

"Me? Sneak off? Why you are starting to become a bad influence.." she replies with a dismissive wave, letting out a soft pshaw. "I would never sneak out by myself.." she emphasizes. "Now if some boy were to ask me, I might be persuaded to go..if he's cute enough.." she says with an impish giggle before beelining towards the different flavors.

"Say, on a scale of one to ten, how cute?" He just sort of shadows along after he's finishes his own examinations, tipping to raise head over Cho's shoulder. A cursory glance, then down toward the girl again. "One being, I don't know, Dumbledore, and ten being, say," Consideration, "Me? I'll take seven and up, even, really."

Cho lets out a hearty laugh at the mention of Dumbledore being a one and grins wryly as she turns around to face nhim. She cants her head to the side while giving him a good look over and hrmms for a few moments. "Well, cuteness is just a factor in determining whether I like him or not, but if you're a ten, then I guess I'll take a ten.." she quips waggling her brows before looking back towards the ice cream flavors once more.

"I was hoping so," He confides, finger reaching to tap against display. "Whatever you like." He's flitting past then, moving to select his own treat, something extra for whoever he'd mentioned before. "It's really not bad," He offers back toward Cho, "London. I mean, the normal parts. If you can stand the crowds, and all the folks. I know it drives some people out of their to be that enclosed."

There's a wry grin curling onto her lips as she orders a bit of the mint chocolate chip before looking over towards him, deciding to follow. "I dont mind crowds at all. And it'd be interesting to people watch, I think it'd be different from having everything be done by magic. Besides I do like muggle music, perhaps something of a different flavor will broaden my horizons some.." and then she pauses and hrmms for a few moments. "But then again, that's assuming you're asking me..I still dont know what I'd say, but then again, I havent been asked.."

"You'd like it," He assures, moving to counter, fishing out money again. There doesn't seem to be much left, though he does make gesture to Cho, questioning, "Okay if I get it for you?" Afterward his brows furrow, concentration before chiming, "Alright. You want to go? I'll figure out what'll be going on there, and see if you're interested."

"Well, if it's not too much trouble.." she says with a bright smile, her cheeks still bright red as she lets out a soft giggle. "I'll get you next time though.." not quite sure if that'sproper protocol or not before nodding enthusiastically. "I'll definitely want to go, especially if you'll be my tour guide.."

"It's fine." A bit extra is fished out, nudged to counter before he clears the way for next customer. His chosen poison is a frozen, baseball sized ball of choclate, teeth sinking into the top for just a moment before he draws back. "I know my way around. Worst case I'll get my brother to help." He starts back toward the door then, mentioning, "Should get back soon, though. Come along, if you're going my way. Just for a bit."

"Arent we the demanding one.." Cho replies, snickering softly as she shrugs her shoulders and decides to follow. He did pay for her ice cream afterall, and she digs her spoon into her cup while taking petite bites every now and then. "Sounds fun though! Now I have something to look forward too other than the All Stars Cup.." she chirps happily.

Like before he'll hold open the door, wait to usher his companion out before hitting the street again. From there it's a short walk, idle chatter made here and there, and eventually he parts. There's a cheery sort of wave, brazen smile toward the girl before Cullen is vanishing off and on his way. "I'll let you know!" And then he's gone from sight.

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