1994-11-14: A Pleasant Exchange Of Rumors


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Scene Title A Pleasant Exchange of Rumors
Synopsis Jack and Tally discuss the trial and the music biz over drinks.
Location The Leaky Cauldron
Date Nov 14, 1994
Watch For Not a lot really.
Logger Jack.

Thalia is getting rained upon. Again. What is it with this bar and rain? Whenever she gets near it, the skies decide to open up. Her carefully selected and put together outfit isn't ruined, but it is most decidedly damp. Her wine red blouse clings almost obscenely to her chest, and the shapes of her legs are easily seen through the wet fabric of her skirt. Pushing the door to the bar open, she enters the murky room, breathing in the smell of smoke and alcohol. Tally walks to the bar, and perches on a spinny bar stool. "Give me something sweet, Tom."

Jack is also getting rained on, but he doesn't mind a bit. In fact, he tosses his head back, whipping water droplets through the air as he nears the entrance to the bar. He grins widely as he comes in, and when he spots Tally, his eyes light up even more. "Tally." He smiles, eyes drawn to the clothes sticking to her frame. "Would you like a drying charm, or would you prefer me to appreciate your … beauty more?" He gives a cheeky grin, twirling his wand and turning to Tom. "Give me a firewhisky, wouldya?" He's in a right mood tonight.

"My beauty?" Tally follows Jack's gaze and then, upon sighting the result of her wet blouse, she brings a hand up to cover her eyes. "Oh, blast. I look like a wet T-shirt contestant." Bringing out her own wand, she murmurs a drying charm, and after a few moments, it's impossible to discern that she was out in the rain to begin with. Then she smiles at Jack, "You look vivacious. What's up?"

Jack can't resist. "If I were judging, you'd win." He winks, and takes a sip of his firewhiskey. "I'm feeling…rebellious." There is no further explanation, but he sticks his wand back in his pocket and sits down on the stool next to the singer. "Rebellious, hopeful, and …" He pauses as he tries to find a third adjective. "And well, pleasantly pleased." He nods once, and swivels slightly to focus on Tally. "And you?"

Thalia purses her lips thoughtfully, turning briefly to the bar as Tom serves her drink. It is pink and bubbly, and this seems to please her deeply. She admires the drink for a moment, then takes a sip. "Mm.. passionfruit. Me? I'm feeling… hm. Rather good. Just got back from rehearsal, that's always satisfying." Tally lowers her voice and leans close to Jack, after glancing around. Conspiratorially, she tells him, "We're working on a new album. It's all hush-hush right now, though." Leaning back once more, the corner of her mouth quirks upward. "Does your mood have anything to do with a certain trial? Were you there?"

Jack whistles softly, a quiet low tone indicating he's impressed. "Congratulations," he whispers in the same vein. "I can't wait." He waggles his eyebrows, and then nods. "Yeah. I was there. It was…interesting. There is so much going on, I'd have to go through the transcripts and my pensieve memories to get all of the nuances." He chuckles. "It's taking quite a while, but I'd rather have it take a while and justice get done than for it to be speedy and not right." The wheels of justice turn slowly, indeed. "Is it just an after-work drink or does something else bring you out in the rain tonight?" He lifts his brows again, curious.

Thalia claps her hands happily. "Can you tell me anything about it? I tried to get in, but even my newfound celebrity status wouldn't grant me access. Quite a disappointment, I hear it's been quite the circus." She leans against the bar, taking a sip from her fruity conconction. "I took a walk to unwind, and came past the bar. I figured I'd stop in for a bit. What about you?"

Jack nods, his mood dampening somewhat. "I actually went to school with Sirius Black and his friends. Liam was the year behind them, and I was like four behind them. They were big fourth-years when I got there, and I thought they were the coolest thing…" Jack grins. "I was devastated when all that happened." He stops not wanting to ruin their good mood. "The American lawyer Sirius has is a very good one. And she's making Umbridge run things decently. Which I'm not sure would happen without that. I think Da made our family targets by making sure protocol was followed, but I thought we were headed that way anyway." He tilts his head sideways, in sort of nonchalant motion. "He revealed a couple secrets to us that I didn't know. I knew one of his big secrets, but I didn't know the others. It was a bit of a shocker. I'm sure it'll be blasted all over the Prophet tomorrow." He leans in. "He's an animagus, and so were the other guys. Pettigrew's still alive, and Peter was the one who sold Lilly and James out." He purses his lips. "If that's true, it changes a lot." He takes a huge swig of his whiskey, swallowing slowly, letting the liquid burn all the way down. "Is that what you wanted to know, or was there something specific you were interested in?" Like how unprofessional the Minister was acting, as well as that Hitwizard.

Thalia nods, taking a moment to process the information. "I never knew them. They graduated a year before I came to Hogwarts. An animagus? Really? All of them? For how long?" Her eyes widen at the bit about Peter. "That's.. that's quite epic. Wow." Tally takes a big gulp of her fruity drink. "I was curious about the bones of it, but.. I'm also interested in the gossip. The nitty gritty. What the Prophet won't print. I don't suppose you have any of that sort of information?" A single eyebrow quirks upward.

Jack has a sudden attack of worry, and gazes at the woman, realizing that he doesn't know her that well. She could be collecting information to sell to one of the other publications. He watches her warily for a long moment, and then sighs. "Well, there was a lot going on, but some of it's…" He isn't sure how much to say, where she finds herself on the spectrum of thought about the current 'difficulties.' "I'm not sure what you want to know. I'm not trying to be cagey or obtuse, I just.." Well, he's a Gryffindor. Honesty time. "I've only met you the once, and some of the things are about lines being drawn right down the Ministry. They won't ever print that, but anybody with half a brain and one working eye can see it." He rolls his eyes. "And there are some scary implications to that."

Thalia laughs a tad sheepishly. "I understand. I suppose there is certain, ah.. protocol to this sort of thing, yes? Well.. hm." She scrunches up her lips thoughtfully. "I could tell you a secret first, if you like. Something that's of the same ilk. I don't know any Ministry rumors, of course, but I have plenty of rumors from my world, the music world, that are major in their own way. We could trade," she suggests. "Of course, if you're still uncomfortable with divulging anything, that is perfectly alright. We can talk about something else instead."

"Well, it's not so much that that worries me, Tally, it's what happens when you know the information. Not that you'd use it … for nefarious purposes, or whatever, but that you'd be in trouble for knowing some of it…" He thinks. "There are general things I could tell you about. I just get protective of my family and also of beautiful ladies. I'm a bit outdated when it comes to that." In other ways, he's extremely modern. "We could do an exchange. I don't mind starting. I'll either tell you things that are fairly public knowledge to those who were there, or I'll generalize it so that if someone asks, you just heard the juicy bits, and not names." He frowns. "Well, at the trial, the most recent part, a hitwizard was quite rude to some of the defense team right in the middle of the trial. He's been scowling at everyone through the whole thing, which might be his normal face, but you'd think a trained hitwizard'd act better in the courtroom." No such luck.

Thalia chuckles at the compliment, then nods as he speaks. Absently, she twists a strand of dark hair around her finger, listening intently. "That makes sense. Alright, you've got a deal." Taking another sip from her drink, she lets it linger upon her tongue a moment before swallowing, the bubbles tickling the roof of her mouth. "Not a hitwizard we both know, is it?" Tally immediately thinks of Christian. "Oh, right, no specifics. Nevermind. But that doesn't sound pleasant at all. One of that station should know how to conduct themselves like a gentleman." Tilting her head to the side, she speaks once more. "My turn, then.. well, leaving out any important names… one of the major Wizarding bands is soon to be under new management. No one knows for sure whether the new manager will be a positive or negative influence."

There's a quick nod as Jack takes the information in. "Okay, so it could really be tough, or it could send them through the roof. Wow." He lifts his eyebrows again. "That is interesting." He thinks some more, trying to remember some of the other things. "Did you catch the Prophet article about the Minister opening her mail in the courtroom and the Dark Mark coming out of it?" That's not exactly a rumor, it's been printed. The rumor comes now. "She…" He chuckles. "She ran and tried to hide under things when that happened." Fairly common response, but when you're the leader of a government, it's not a good sign. "I'm sorry. I hope you aren't a fan of the new Minister. If I were in my father's place, I'd be moving to oust her as quickly as possible." He whispers this last bit, not wanting any of the other patrons to hear it.

Thalia nods her dark head. "Exactly." Her eyebrows raise slightly when Jack mentions Umbridge's cowardice. "Wow. I heard about the Mark, but that's.. quite a reaction. I'm not her biggest fan, no." Tally's nose crinkles slightly, showing her distaste rather eloquently. "I don't think many are. Not the ones that truly count." When her turn for information comes around, she takes a moment to think of it. "Well, another Wizarding band is going through some serious turmoil. The lead singer used to be hot and heavy with the drummer, but it turns out she's been seeing the lead guitarist behind his back for at least six months. The entire band might break up if there's not some serious damage control."

Jack considers her 'rumor', and strokes his chin. "I've been in situations like that, I mean, not exactly that situation, of course, not being a member of a band, but being in a situation where my relationship with someone caused severe problems. It's hard to deal with it, especially if there's betrayal involved." He gives a small half-smile. "I honestly don't really have much more to say about the trial. Not that I can say without either knowing you better or making things clearer." He shrugs. "I hope that satisfies your curiosity?" It's not a problem, he just wonders. "I do enjoy chatting with you, though." He'll continue to talk to the woman, turning the topics to things more inconsequential, like quidditch, weather, small things about each other that help them get to know one another more easily. It's a pleasant, enjoyable conversation, and when all has been said, Jack steps out from the bar into the rain again, whistling a happy tune before he apparates home.

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