1994-11-05: A Particular Brand Of Class


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Scene Title A Particular Brand Of Class
Synopsis After class, Julian lets Rene know about some plans, and the two discuss stairs and favorites.
Location Hogwarts Halls
Date November 5 1994
Watch For Easily misconstrued responses.
Logger Frenchie

Transfiguration is over, and Bean is thinking about the stuff McGonagall taught in class. He pauses to let some older students pass him, and leans against the wall. With a frown, he reaches up to pull on one of his curls in a nervous gesture.

"Do not pull your hair, it will fall out." Comes the very helpful tip from Rene, emerging from the classroom and spotting Bean nearby. He sidles closer to lean on the wall as well, quiet in his observing of students passing by. "My pincushion still had eyes." Ouch.

Julian turns to face his friend, giving him a patient half-smile, and nodding. "I think I got mine almost all the way turned. The coloration stayed, though. That tan. I was hoping for a red one." He shrugs, still playing with his hair. He turns to watch the students passing by. "I had an interesting discussion with Houlihan the other day." He speaks softly.

Every time that Rene hears that name, his mind goes straight to one of his stepmother's favorite television programs- MASH- but the thoughts are quick to be shoved away. "Many discussions with older students can seem interesting…" Until they stab you in the back! Or at least until you learn better.

With a small tilt of his head to acknowledge Rene's words, Julian continues. "Yeah. I made sure he knew I wasn't some …" He tries to think of a way to word this. "I'm not new on this corner." He leans against the wall. "He just wants some help with a couple 'projects'." He rolls his eyes. "I told him I would do so, in exchange for him keeping the prats off my back." He gives a slight shrug. "We're still working out the details, and I'm not going to let him run rampant. It's too important to me to be here."

Rene sighs in response, his expression unimpressed. "And do you think that he will keep his word? What manner of …projects?" His blue eyes alight at Bean's last words, understanding and at the same time apparently sympathetic.

"If he doesn't, our House champion will take him to task." There's a brightness to Julian's gaze as he says this. "And, if the projects are too…crazy, I will just take the whole scheme to our Head, who will berate him for not protecting us as a matter of course." Or so he perceives. "Well, I think he wants to use the unrest the Tournament is causing to …" He grins, a feral grin he learned watching predators on the street. "To set the other Houses against each other."

A raised brow is given to Julian and his grinning. "I know it is a competition, but I do not see the lasting purpose of doing such a thing. There is enough animosity as it is, so why must we breed it?" People are silly like that. Rene, personally, could not care less who hates who- he is a painfully neutral party, and has been from the very start.

It's been impressed strongly into Bean's psyche that you pave your own way as quickly and as decisively as you can. However, he can't explain this to Rene, at least not with clear words yet. "Because you can." There's more to it than that, but it's a large part of it. "I'm willing to help because it's those other house members who've made things more difficult for me, and Houlihan can ease the way somewhat." He chews on a nail idly, then lowers his hand.

Rene paves his own way skillfully- but in a more subtle sense. Julian seems to be the more outward of the two, in any case. "True. Revenge is rather fitting for a purpose." The blond smiles for a moment. "But there are always those that do not deserve it." Older students that have done nothing wrong- and have even helped the first years in some cases.

Julian shrugs, still keeping the nonchalant manner that he wears like a mask at times. "True. I intend to keep some sort of control on the types of things I do for him. And he might reciprocate by lessening the protection or whatever, but I'm not really gonna hurt anybody." Bean doesn't want to lose too many points for these 'fun plots', as Oscar named them. "And, if they help me, then…" He shrugs. "Maybe we can work something out. But as it stands, there haven't been many who've helped this little snake.”

"Perhaps it could even be fun, as long as it was not too much. Taking advantage of the spirit of competition, yes?" Rene is confident in his survival, but Bean not so much- at least, that is what he has gathered so far. So, to lessen the sinking feeling, Rene idly grabs at some straws that might give him a reason to join Julian in this little plan. Sure, it might be a mess, but as long as they don't get hip-deep it will be safer, right?

Julian shrugs. "Yeah, it will probably be fun." That's another part of the reason he's wanting to do this. He's at pace or ahead in pretty much every class, and is needing something to occupy his time. He's already explored the castle fairly fully, and has found some interesting things, but nothing to keep him busy. He turns toward Rene again. "I could use a willing helper. I told Houlihan I'd sound out some of the others and see what they think. He really doesn't have any definite plans yet, or at least none he'd share with me." He shifts his weight, the better to bear the load of books in his bag. "We could just see how it goes."

"If I do not like where it is going, I will simply stop participating." One way to handle it. "It sounds very interesting, to begin with, but there is no telling if he may actually have something else in mind…" Rene's gaze settles on Bean as if to say 'and you know that as well as I do'. "But if you are looking for others, Julian, I will try it."

And if it starts to get too dangerous, or gets in the way of our classwork…" Julian adds a couple more caveats. They aren't foolish Gryffindors, you know. He nods, and frowns as the weight of the books starts to pull on his shoulder. "What do we have next?" He asks, though he's pretty sure he knows. He's attempting to remember to connect verbally, even over trivial things.

Rene takes a deep breath next, his eyes blinking awake and eyebrows lifting as he steps away from the wall. "Herbology." If it is possible to put a smile in a word, he does. "Do you have your gloves? We are learning about magical fertilizers." Can Rene do sarcasm? Was he trying? It is hard to tell if he is actually excited, or simply making a joke.

"Sparkly shit, then?" Bean slings his bag around, reaching in, and rifling through it to make sure he does have his gloves. He pulls them out, and scowls at them. "They've still got some of that goo from the last lesson." He starts to try to pry it off, not really caring much that Filch will have to clean it up. "Well, it takes the longest to get out there." Since first-years don't take Care of Magical Creatures.

Rene begins to sidle into a walk, making sure and expecting Bean to keep up. "Yes. I suppose that it could be worse. We could be collecting it." Point made.

Julian laughs, agreeing wholeheartedly. "Or it could be a potion ingredient." Oh, the minds of small boys. He easily keeps up with Rene, as the French boy is one of the few with whom he can keep up. "I wonder if we'll have to put it on some plants." He shrugs, rather inured to things like that. "Which class is your favorite, D'Allemange?"

"I cannot quite choose. My Herbology marks are slightly above the rest. Not to say that the others are not high themselves." Cue peacock mode. Rene seems to puff up, his chin lifting as they walk. "I cannot even find much fault in History of Magic…" Which sounds strange, and he knows it, judging by the puzzled expression that melts onto his small features.

"Other than it being bloody boring." Bean stays awake, but by sheer force of will, feeling like he'll miss something extremely important if he dozes off. "My marks are pretty good, as well. I just enjoy Charms and Transfiguration most, I think." He likes seeing the practical magic at work. "Defense is good, too, I just never know where Professor Moody is going with his lesson.” Which is saying something for the logically-minded boy. "I heard one of the upper years say they've not had the same Defense teacher for more than one year. That's a mite scary." He continues to walk down the hall, and opens the door to the staircase to make his way down.

Despite the last part, Rene smiles. Somebody has a favorite teacher. Moody's nicknames and abuse of trust have made an impact for the better. "It is. So I plan on making the most of each one, provided it keeps going that way! Can't be caught off guard, you know-" And then, an elbow goes to nudge at Bean's arm. "Constant Vigilance!" Snicker.

The combination of elbow to his arm and the heavy bookbag on his shoulder causes Bean to wobble slightly as he steps on to the landing of the staircase. "Frenchie!" His tone is mostly teasing, with a hint of annoyance. "These staircases drive me nutters." He isn't sure he likes moving staircases. "You like Moody, huh?" He grins. "I like Professor Snape." He likes Potions well enough, but he has an appreciation for their Head of House that goes a little beyond his class.

Haha, almost knocked Bean over! Rene looks like he might be ready to catch Julian when he wobbles, but it passes. "I love these stairs." To drive a point home, he hops over the next step onto the one below. "Professor Snape has his own variety of class." And Rene respects that all the same; but favorite teachers to him are the ones that you enjoy learning from, and also happen have a great deal of respect for. While Potions is interesting, Severus Snape is not the most likeable person.

And that particular brand of class is what Bean understands. "Yes, he does." There's a swift nod, for that, and a slight scowl as he steps down the stairs at a practiced pace. Fast enough to get down the things before they move, but slow enough that he's not feeling like he's gonna just roll down to the bottom. "They should put some sort of automatic magical barrier when they shift." He looks over at Rene, curiosity on his face. "Is such a thing possible? I mean, there when you need it, and gone when you don't?" His mind is thinking up weird uses for that kind of a spell.

"Probably. But do you not watch your step closer for fear of falling?" There's a point to this stair switching, you see. Rene stays a step ahead for just a little bit.

"But I watch my step anyway, because if I don't, I'll fall over carrying these books around." Carrying books around is something new for Julian. "Well, let's get to class, or Professor Sprout will take points, and then the older kids'll yell at us again." He rolls his eyes. "C'mon." He steps down into the Entrance Hall, and crosses it more deftly.

"On fait la course?" Rene pipes up, quite suddenly. At first, there's nothing signaling what he said so quickly, but as he darts a few skips ahead it becomes clear. Race you! And whether Julian does or not- it is off to class they go.

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