1995-02-17: A Matter Of Numbers


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Scene Title A Matter of Numbers
Synopsis After a rather rough evening, Professor Moody checks up on Angelina.
Location Astronomy Tower
Date Feb 17, 1995
Watch For Moody being comforting. Really!
Logger Angelina

Having herded all the little ones silently back to the castle with the teachers, hand holding her wand so tightly her knuckles were white, and having since vomited twice in the bathrooms nearest the Astronomy Tower, Angie is now in said Astronomy Tower, out on the observation deck. Despite the cold, she is without cloak, just sitting there, knees drawn to her chest, back against the castle wall. She watches the sky over Hogsmeade, as if waiting for something.

"If you're looking for a Dark Mark-they won't show it." comes a bark of a voice from the winding stairs. Eyes focused in on Angelina before the stumped steps become more pronounced as he comes up further along the way. One hand reaching out to catch th' girl's shoulder. It seems the old professor can be silent when he wants to. A tilt of that scarred face as the blue eye whirls about, ever moving, and ever vigilant. "No-There's no victory right-not for them.." not for us either Moody bites back from saying. They were lucky only TWO students got wounded. "Have you been to the infirmary?"

Angelina tips her head to look up at Moody, silent still. Of course that is what she's looking for. She knows how this goes. She read the books! Her gaze turns again to the sky, as if verifying again it isn't there, before she shakes her head no. Definitely has not been there.

"Not everything is as we expect it to be." Moody mutters for a moment before he's reaching in for his flask and popping the cap for a swig of the drink. His face screws and looks back towards the young woman. He was much older when he was hit with his first Cruciatus curse. However that never shakes from the skin. Or how one's bones feel. As if they have been turned in on themselves and ripped apart before being forced and melted all together. Fused perfectly.
"We all think some battle will be as we read it in the books-How we see it in bits of dramer..or have it recited to us on the stage and in song" Moody starts, "What we forget is how it feels-and that nothing is clean or certain. And the good-guys do not always win." and his hand smooths down the back of her robes, much like how a father would do with his child before coming over to stand at her side. Staring out to the sky. "That was your first?"

Angie nods her head slowly, yes. It was definitely her first. She swallows hard, standing there. At least she's letting him touch her. She wouldn't even look at George earlier. And he's her boyfriend! Finally, she speaks in a whisper, "I knew it wouldn't be pleasant. I figured it would feel like behind hit by a thousand bludgers, all at once. But it didn't. It felt like a million of them. Two million, maybe. Only they had sharp edges, and were ripping me open." She's not moving though, almost stoic. "Why didn't we win? We had more people. I don't understand why we didn't slaughter them. Some of us were only students, I know. But there were adults there fighting too. And only four of them. I don't understand."

"You know why, it feels like that?" Moody muses before that grin of his turns a shade cruel. However he is not looking towards the girl-There's no need to, for as much as he has used the Crucio curse-he's never really enjoyed it. Not entirely yet-There was once, but that day is long back and gone. "Because they mean it that throw it." And he is silent for a second. A glance back towards her "Because numbers never matter in battle like that-Sometimes skill can take out numbers." And the Professor turns, so that he is entirely facing the young woman right there, his flank exposed to the night sky. "I myself have taken on more than five wizards in my day." Of course by the looks of Moody- he's not won every time. But a damned fine number. "You're also still learning what you can do, where as they know what they can do."

The young lady isn't quite sure what to say to that. "So, it is because they are so ruthless, and they really meant to hurt us…and we students don't know how to fight like that…because they are not only more skilled, but actually meant to really cause pain and death..that is why they were stronger than us? That is why her crucio came through my protego? Because I have one of the best protegos of my year…" She pauses, then look at his face. "I threw up. Twice."

"It is part of it. As you get older your protego will get stronger.." Just as will your magic. Look at Dumbeldore-the man is ancient and he is one of the best wizards out there, but then some are just naturally powerful Wizards. Magic-being a fickle thing with wizards. If everyone was a natural at it and great-then they would not need school or echelons of higher learning. "Twice is good." Moody states with a chuckle before he is looking away and moving for the stairs. "When I tell you to run-Its not because I am trying to be a hero- its because I don't want things like that t' happen. No one should be tortured…even when protecting a friend.."

"And when I don't run — It isn't because I'm trying to be a hero or defy you. It's because you told me last night. Don't let them change who you are. Don't let fear of them change you, or they win. I wasn't going to run. If I run, a scared child, they win. If I stand and fight, that is me. I don't run. And I don't let friends get hurt. Longbottom, Merlin bless him, has no sense of balance. I knew he was taking her down. I couldn't let them be unprotected. I didn't even think about it." Angie's gaze lowers to look at the observation deck below her feet. "I'm going to talk to McG about changing my classes."

"Next time" Moody intones as he looks back over to her. "Run, and get everyone back safely. That's your job Miss Johnson. Because there will come for a time where I'll need you to stand like you did. Next time though make sure to get people like Miss Weasley and mister Longbottom home." And he starts down the stairs, pausing for a moment. "I am going to go and check on Noble- as you both were hit with th' worse of all curses…" a sniff there "Before you find Professor McGonagall, please go to the infirmary. I want madame Pomfrey to look you over." And with that he stumps away.

"I'll promise to get them back next time..as long as you let me be your student assistant." Pushy little whelp, ain't she? Regardless, she pushes off the wall and turns to move a bit stiffly behind the professor. "Yes sir. I'm going to stop and throw up again on the way, I think. But I don't want to leave up here, really. I keep watching for it."

"It won't come when you expect it to.." And that is all Moody has said before disappearing

This occurs after the Hogsmeade Incident of the same date.

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