1995-02-08: A Lesson Learned


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Scene Title A Lesson Learned
Synopsis Siobhan goes to Holly for some answers. Everyone gets far more than they bargained for.
Location Holly's Flat
Date February 08, 1995
Watch For Skeery Holly
Logger The BAD WOLF herself

Holly's had a lot to think about after her talk with Lupin. Something's still really getting to her about the whole thing, though, but she supposes that's normal for a newly-created werewolf. Who really wants to have to deal with this, after all? Even those who have supposedly 'embraced' the curse must have not always wanted it, except maybe those who were born with it. She has to imagine there are a few, if there are werewolf colonies out there.

But she feels better. More optimistic, with the nagging sense of something being horribly wrong on the side … instead of the other way around, there she wished she was dead, and could just barely see the light at the end of the tunnel. She's cleaned up the house, the windows are open, but there are still clues all over the place that something's different about her, like the cane she still walks with. The small pots of Aconite all over the house. The calendars with dates of the full moon circled… She might as well learn to deal with it.

It's been a few days since that party at the 'Sticks, and Siobhan's about had enough of this wondering business. Never before has Jack put her off, shut her out and not told her things. Never. Now she's not stupid, nor is she a Slytherin for nothing. She's observant and she's clever and when she looks at a different outcome, she looks at what in the situation has changed. This leads her mind to only one thing. Holly Maplewood. The barrister's house in Hogsmeade isn't hard to find. A few discreet inquiries point her right to the place. Shrouded in a black cloak - rather than her trademark magenta one - she tugs the hood up further to keep her face hidden from the street and knocks sharply on the door. It's a pattern quite similar to the one Jack uses. Then again, many of Sio's behaviors come from him.

Holly's just about to sit down when there's a knock at the door. There are only a few people that she knows of that would visit her - Jack included - but she's not assuming anything lately. The door opens a crack, and brown eyes fall upon the hooded figure on her doorstep.

She's taken to using that sense of smell lately, but there's really nothing she can sense from her visitor. She's more curious than she is fearful… Perhaps the old habits are shining through just a little again. Even if it's someone sent here to hex her, it might be fun to play with them, if only for a little while. Holly tries to peer under the hood. "Can I help you?" she asks.

Pushing her hood back a little to reveal her facial features - at least to Holly - Siobhan cracks a tight smile. "Yeah, actually. You can." Bright brown eyes shift left and right, the student shifting her weight nervously on the stoop. "Just…maybe not out on the street?" she grinds out quietly between clenched teeth. "'m not exactly supposed to be here, you know."

Oh, hell. "Siobhan, what are you doing here?" she hisses, looking out into the street. Surely, someone must see her. Holly should send an owl to Dumbledore and let him know that one of his kids has escaped! …But she won't. "Come on, get in here before someone sees you." …and accuses the big bad wolf of eating Hogwarts students. That would just be wonderful.

Once Siobhan's inside and the door is closed, Holly runs her fingers through her hair. She still thinks this girl knows what she is… It hasn't occured to her that she's jealous over the relationship with Jack. That's… a much easier thing to handle. So the first thing she says - which really could apply to either situation - is, "Look, I'm not going to hurt your brother."

Once inside, Siobhan wastes no time - it seems - in making herself at home, whipping off her cloak and tossing it over the back of the nearest piece of furniture at hand. This breach of manners may, however, be forgiven when she reaches down the back of her jumper and pulls out a small, white, winged snake. "Dammit, Q! I've told you a thousand times that you cannot do that." Draping the critter around her neck like a tailor's tape measure, she turns to Holly with a breezy sort of smile. "Sorry about that, still young yet, this one is." Just what 'this one' is, however, is left unsaid. "And that's not the bit I'm worried about, really. I mean, Jack's had more notches in his bedposts than Snape has given detentions." A phrase which might not mean much to the American, but that hasn't occured to Siobhan. It might be the saving grace which keeps her unwitting cruelty from wounding.

Okay, that's a little disturbing. "Just— Make yourself at home," Holly says helplessly as Siobhan does just that. And that's a snake with wings in her living room. "I— it's fine, really. I don't think he'll hurt… Anything, just keep him out of the plants." Because Wolfsbane is notoriously poisonous. It'll be going outside soon, but while it's in the house, she'll have to keep animals from chewing on it.

What the girl says next has her staring. Really, one of the questions you never ask is 'how many people have you been with before me.' It's just asking for hurt. Having met Professor Snape for the trial, Holly has a pretty good idea about how much he might like to give detentions. "Really," she says dryly. So much for him sticking around to help her through this.

"Thanks, it doesn't really go far." Siobhan gestures to the white, filmy eyes. "We've pretty much figured it's blind." So when it dos go anywhere, it bumps into shit. A lot. Reaching up with one hand to absently stroke the warm, smooth hide, Sio nods. "Oh yeah. I mean, he's never cruel about it, cause he's not like…a bastard or anythin'." Sio's love for her brother is evident in the fierceness of that statement. "An' he's the best of friends, but he just doesn't settle down an' do…domestic." And she says that word like it's something filthy.

How does anyone respond to this?

She's really considering wrapping herself right back up in her shell, locking her door, and just not letting anyone in ever again - Jack included. "Jack and I are just friends," Holly says eventually. And it's probably for the best anyway, given what she is. If she wasn't sure that Siobhan already knew, she would have tried to hide the calendars and the plants before inviting the girl in.

Slytherins, eh? They're supposed to be the cunning ones of the lot, and Siobhan knew exactly where to hurt Holly. Don't want a werewolf in the family? Just come up with something that will ensure it won't happen. She looks slightly angry now, dark eyes narrowed at the student just as Siobhan's looked at Holly at the party. "Was there anything else?"

The funny thing is that Siobhan had no idea. None. Really, that's what she came to see Holly about. Find out just what was going on that made Jack stop confiding in her. Glancing around the house, she spies one or two of those calendars and wrinkles her nose in confusion. The plants. Holly said to keep Q out of the plants. "Aconite." She's grown some, herself. Not booksmart, Sio; not at all. She is, however, clever. "You're a werewolf." It's matter-of-fact, that statement, no hysteria. Then again, Sio's never been given reason to fear Holly's kind. "You're a werewolf and you're sleeping with my brother." Hurrah for conclusion-jumping. There's a moment of tense silence then, Siobhan looking angrier and angrier. For the moment, however, she doesn't put voice to her fury, she just stands there, fists and jaw clenched, trying her hardest to calm down before she breaks something.

Holly gets to experience another aspect of this curse now. Anyone who tells her that the only time she has to worry about hurting someone is on the night of the full moon is wrong. She can't help it - her lip curls back. "Don't you think this is hard enough to deal with without people like you making it more difficult?" she asks. If Siobhan is as perceptive as she is with the calendars and the plants, she might also notice that Holly is still bandaged.

She's moved to block the exit. There's a little voice in her head that says it's okay to give the girl a little scare, and it never occurs to Holly that this is why people hate werewolves so much. Using the intricately-carved cane, she just goes ahead and upends the end table, sending books and a lamp crashing to the floor. "You— " She laughs. "You really think that after what happened, I would want to— to be with anyone?" Holly shakes her head. "Do you think I'm an idiot? Jack is a friend. Or was. You just ruined that. Is that what you came here to do? Huh? You want to try going through this alone? Because I can arrange it. Come back here in another week."

"People like…" For an instant, Siobhan is gobsmacked and dumbfounded. Then it hits her, the assumption Holly's made and - despite her own plethora of assumptions - that infuriates her. "How the bloody hell am I makin' this difficult? I only jus' put two an' two together!" When that cane comes into play, however, there is a spark of fear behind Siobhan's bright brown eyes. Her wrist slaps against her thigh, dropping her tiny wand into her hand. Gripping it tightly, she feels…a little more secure. "What the fuck is your problem, Holly? You can't be friends with my brother just because he's a little promiscuous?" She's getting really mad now, but those bandages kind of glare at her. "That's a little rich, don'tcha think? He's a good enough man to stick by you when Really Bad Shit happens, and you want to back out because you've found out he's got a loose zip? So bloody what?" She inhales sharply. "Unless you just wanted the excuse to push him away. Blame it all on the little sister and scamper away scott-free. Is that your game, then?" But then Holly makes her offer and Siobhan laughs, high-pitched and nervous. "You don't really mean that." She calls the bluff. She hopes. "You wouldn't hurt me." Somehow the bravado only goes so far. She's no Gryffindor after all.

This is going to get her into all sorts of problems, she knows it. And yet, she can't seem to stop! Holly does consider answering the questions, but maybe being menacing is more effective. There's a low growl that can be heard as she takes a couple steps toward the Slytherin student.

"Because I liked him," she finally says, and that's it. The rest, Siobhan should just know - you don't walk into a brand new werewolf's house and make them mad! …Especially because - at the moment as the Full Moon gets closer and closer - her temper is going far beyond what she's able to control, and she doesn't even realise it. She never would have done this before.

"Maybe I'll just see what happens if I scratch you now," she says, scowling, seeking to back Siobhan into a wall. The hand that's not gripping the cane reaches into her pocket where her wand is, and a moment later, she says, "Expelliarmus."

"You liked him? What sort of excuse is that?" Siobhan, evidently, does't know when to Shut Her Mouth. Then again, a nervous Sio has always been a mouthy one. Seems logical that you'd just ramp that up for Scared Shitless Sio. Backed up against the wall, she really starts to panic, swallowing hard and seeming to do her best to melt into the woodwork. That disarming spell is…completely unexpected and the small bit of willow flies out of her hand and waaay out of reach. Now completely unarmed, she takes a pot-shot, swinging her fist towards Holly's jaw in the hopes that it will buy her enough time to make a run for it. Q, draped around Siobhan's shoulders, hisses and growls in that adorably menacing way only kittens can achieve. It tries its very best to be helpful, but the poor blind beast only manages to fly smack into a nearby lampshade. Oops.

Anger does weird things to people - Holly included. It's crushing, stifling, and the only way to get rid of it is to act on it, so Holly does. She practically roars when that fist connects with her jaw.

Every werewolf is different. The curse has its roots, sure, but it adapts to the individual. Holly will eventually become a slobbering beast, but now, even before that, she's just angry. All that pent up emotion that Lupin was talking to her about before is all being directed at Jack's sister, which is probably something that would have been much better avoided. Lucky for the Slytherin student, Holly's injuries are still paining her, and the fist to the jaw causes her to lose her balance. One hand reaches out for Siobhan's leg, though, as the girl runs away. She's cut her fingernails off - just in case - but there's still enough there to scratch, if she can get hold.

Outside the cottage, an almost unheard of sound in the village is heard. A cranky old engine that sputters as the noise pulls up in front of the cottage door. Unaware of the scuffle inside, Sirius parks his bike, a muttered curse for the state of his precious baby. It still runs, but it's woefully neglected and he can't fault Hagrid for not tending to his bike. Vehicle parked, Sirius gets off, giving the seat a fond pat before knocking at the cottage door. His mood is still sour and has not improved. Why should it? Harry's missing and the start of the search thus far have been fruitless. The knock made, he scowls at the door, hearing a ruckus from beyond. Someone's home, and it sounds like there's trouble. A few spells cast, unlocking the door if it were locked, and the door is thusly knocked off its hinges. Standing in the door, he takes quick stock, fully prepared to see someone attacking Holly, not Holly attacking.. Siobhan!? Wand in hand, and arcing in snappy yet graceful movements, he's aiming to bring up a shield between the two witches. "ENOUGH OF THIS!," he roars at the pair.

Satisfied by that howl in a way Siobhan will be ashamed of later, she ducks around Holly. It might have bought her enough time to escape, but she can't very well leave Q behind. When she leans down to scoop up the baby 'kittysnake' it gives Holly just the opening she needs. This, children, is why one should never wear their uniform outside of school. Her bare legs are unprotected - damn skirt - and so it's without anything between Holly's nails and Siobhan's flesh that the contact is made. The fact that the contact was made as she tried to run makes it worse, forward motion digging those nails in deeper. Sudden, fiery burning in her left leg makes Siobhan cry out in shock and pain, stumbling towards the door in her haste to Get Away… and straight into Sirius.

It's just another average day in the life of Lupin, the friendly neighbourhood, not-so-angry or harmful (usually) werewolf decides another visit is needed after the previous day with Holly. He, like Sirius, wasn't expecting any curfuffles at the ol' Maplewood home. As he walks up the lane, he is surprisingly not surprised at the sight of Sirius' old motorbike. Now that he's free, he was bound to want to have it again. He walks up to the door of the home only to find Sirius there in the frame of the fallen door…with Siobhan running into Sirius.

She's been seeing through a red haze for the past little while. Holly couldn't escape it, couldn't rationalise through it, and the worst part is, it only started as the desire to scare the girl. At some point, it became very near murderous, and she doesn't even remember why.

The arrival of Sirius and his shield is the only thing that causes Holly to let go of the other girl's leg, but that red haze in front of her eyes doesn't immediately vanish. She stares at the man in her door, brown eyes narrowed, a scowl still frozen on her face… It's not until she sees Lupin that it really occurs to her what she almost just did.

The surprise on her face turns to horror. "Oh. Oh god. Siobhan." The cold feeling that follows the outburst is much worse than the warm anger that held her just moments before. "I'm sorry— I— " And her mouth just hangs open as she shakes her head. "I don't know what happened!"

Sirius moves to try and shove Siobhan behind him as she stumbles into him. "What in Merlin's name is going on here!?" No, he's not amused. In fact, he looks ready to throttle a few people. Namely Death Eaters, but there aren't any around. "I will restrain the two of you, and unapologetically too!" He barged into McGonagall's class earlier of all things! There's no telling what crazy stunt he'll pull next! Do not test him. Wand pointed at Holly, free hand trying to keep Siobhan back, "Holly, take a seat. Now." His voice rings with authority and impatience for this nonsense.

Numb with fear and seemingly unaware that she is shaking, Siobhan allows herself to be shoved back behind Sirius - mostly because right now there's no way she could have fought him. Twisting to try and land better, she brushes her leg on a rug and hisses out a pained breath. Her chest is heaving and her eyes are wide, adrenaline pumping through her body. That chemical rush is the only thing that gives her the courage to look at her leg. Or try. Though they are shallow, the scratches run from the back of her knee in a curved arc almost all the way around to her ankle. It's this distance that bleeds so, making the wound seem much worse than it actually is. Still, the sight of her own blood in that amount is enough to turn Sio's pale face green. Green is not a good color for skin; not even for Slytherins. She makes no answer to Holly's apology; it's as if she can't even hear it.

Lupin's eyes narrow slightly as well. When Siobhan is shoved behind Sirius, Lupin tries to help her down. He looks at the leg and shakes his head. He sticks his hand in his pocket and pulls out a bar of chocolate. Always prepared, this one! He shoves the chocolate into her hand. "Here." He mutters to Siobhan. "Eat this, it will make you feel better." He stands up and looks from Siobhan to Sirius to Holly. "What IS going on!?" He just has to act. His eyes go directly to Holly now. "What happened?"

The blank stare is back as she looks straight ahead at… The knocked over end table, the lamp rolling across the floor, her books sitting open, face down on her floor. Holly hastily starts picking them up - starting with the table itself - and rights things until Sirius orders her to sit.

She's already on the floor, so she just sits, legs folded under her, as she runs a hand through her hair. She's not certain whether she should be embarrassed or horrified or some other emotion. She's also angry at herself; she knows werewolves have a temper, and she let it get the better of her anyway. It all seems stupid now. This whole fight was about…

And no matter what she says, it's going to be her fault. Forcing herself to calm down, she looks at the floor. "She told me I was just another notch on Jack's bedpost," is her reply. "And I just lost it."

Sirius takes one look behind him at Siobhan's leg, "Remus, can you mend that for her?" Sure chocolate's good and all, but no dementors here, and sweets may not distract Sio as they would a small child. Wand still in hand, he strides forward to Holly, eyes narrowed, and anger still all over his face. At Holly's explanation, he simply growls. "Remus, can you escort Miss Noble back up to the school?" Yes, it's back to Miss Noble now. "Holly, I'm staying with you tonight." Just /try/ and argue with him. The shield he put up is ended, "You obviously are in no state to be alone."

Having been handed a bar of…chocolate, Siobhan clutches it in one hand. It's less a conscious action and more reflexive; she doesn't eat it or move to open it. She just stares at it blankly, as if it will somehow offer the answers to just what the hell happened here. Oddly enough, it is Sirius' voice that sort of shocks her from her numbness, but in the worst possible way. For some reason, hearing such a formal address from him after her repeated requests, demands and pleas for Sio… it hurts worse than anything, because it means that whatever happened… She did something Wrong. Pathetic it may be, but the mixture of fear, excitement, pain and hurt all culminate into just too much to be held in. Tears start to trek in silence down her face. The chocolate is dropped like a hot potato onto the carpet and she does her best to stagger to her feet. She can escort her own damn self to the castle, thanks! Well, she'd like to think she can.

Lupin nods slightly to Sirius. "Of course." With a few waves of his wand, a healing spell is cast… to no effect. It wasn't the most deep wound ever, but werewolf marks will scar. And if she needs more help, well…Madam Pomfrey is always willing to give one potion or another to help. When the chocolate is dropped, and Siobhan starts crying as she staggers up, he sighs, ducking down quickly and grabbing the chocolate. He shoves it back in her had. "Eat! You'll feel better." It works on shock too!" He turns back to Sirius and Holly. "I think it would be best if I stayed with Holly, Sirius! If anyone were to. It's getting close to the full moon. If anything is happening to her, it's because of that. It's her first time, remember. As I'm the one with the most experience in this matter! And I'm not taking no for an answer, Sirius Orion Black!" Oooh! His full name! He knows how to deal with angry Sirius best of all. "As for you, Miss Noble, I shall walk you to the school." And finally to Holly. "And you!" He points to her specifically so there's no confusion…not that there would be. "You stay put. I am going to come back and have a good long talk and no amount of anger or whatever else is bubbling underneath the surface. And you've not going to go about hurting me all that easily."

"Sirius," Holly squeaks. "I don't know what happened." She looks past him to where Siobhan is leaving. The poor kid… Now she has every reason to be afraid of werewolves. Nice going, Holly. It's just a good thing she doesn't want to be alone, and she makes no sound of argument when Sirius makes his proclamation that he's staying. "I'd never do that. She just— She made it sound like I was— And then she accused me of being a werewolf and, you know, being with Jack, and I just… She was angry that I'm… That I'm a werewolf." There, she's actually said it straight-up. No euphemisms or 'you knows' or anything else. She's admitted it, and there's no going back now. "Sirius, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt her!"

She grabs onto his shoulder, looking over it and toward Lupin. All she can do is nod… Holly isn't about to deny any help she can get. "I used to be so — " Strong. Confident. Able to stand up for herself. Now? "Now I'm just a wreck," she says quietly to Sirius.

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