1994-12-09: A Is For Ache, B Is For Bean


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Scene Title A Is For Ache, B Is For Bean
Synopsis Snow is falling, and there is a rendezvous between sudden adults on the grounds, only a short while after Potions Class.
Location Grounds/Clearing
Date December 10, 1994
Watch For Magical Creature Feature
Logger Rene

Though it is later in the day, the effects of Snape's latest potions class have yet to lose novelty for Rene, at least. The grounds have been covered in a new, light layer of snow, and the students outside are generally more bundled because of the cold; winter robes, and house scarves in striped patterns. Rene, despite being happy about today's shenanigans, is still complaining about the cold. At first, when it began to freeze at night, we would pile on blankets in bed. At this point, it is at the stage where he seems to have worn a couple extra layers down under his robes; the adult version of him is easier to find clothes for, so he is taking advantage of such a thing to bundle up and take a stroll outside to find and meet Bean again, not having seen him since the Hospital Wing had a few sudden elderly visitors.

Speaking of which, the result of the class seems to have gotten him a little fanbase- more than once already he has found himself face to face with a (technically) older student. Almost all of them girls. Oh, bother.

Julian is outside, sitting on a rock. He's wiped it free of snow, even going so far as to levitate it, shake it around a few times, and set it back down before sitting down. He's looking out toward the lake, resting his head on his hand. These longer limbs are a pain, literally, though the potion the medi-witch gave him is taking care of most of the pain. He hears the giggles of girls, and turns, long, black wavy hair coming loose from the small elastic he had around it. "Hey, Frenchie. Looks like you got some fans." He rolls his eyes, glad to see someone is enjoying the strangeness.

And skipping from the entrance to Hogwarts was Luna. She was still in her school robes, of course - the only bit of clothing that fit her still, but she had her lavender and yellow scarf around her neck, and a vacant smile upon her face. Humming a merry little tune as she skips along, kicking up snow with each kick of her legs, her path suggesting that she was intending to go to the Lake. However, the adult Luna comes to a sudden halt, rumpled hair kept out of her eyes by the presence of the earmuffs. Canting her head to one side owlishly, she gives both Rene and Julian a smile. "Oh, hello." she says, although one would suspect Rene was a little busy to answer. A pause, the woman looking from Julian to Rene, her head canting the other way now. "…hmm." she says, her dreamy tone sounding fairly thoughtful.

Usually, giggles would be met with a steely little stare- but right now, Rene is feeling rather free, so he actually turns his shoulders to wave at the sources once he is standing beside the not-so-beanish Bean. "I will never be able to get away from this, will I?" He says this as he closes the wave and tucks that hand back to his side, now suddenly faced with Luna as well.

He smiles to Julian, features somewhat unfamiliar, but at their roots, the same Rene. "None of them have bothered you as well? I am surprised. Are you well, Luna?" He abruptly switches tracks after asking that of Bean, blue eyes moving to the Ravenclaw instead.

"They tried to, I think." Bean shrugs, rolling his shoulder to get a kink out. "They haven't had much of a chance to. I just barely got away from the hospital wing and the screaming oldsters." He rolls his eyes. "It's really, really weird being this tall." He stands up, just testing it out again. Nope, still weird. "I can't believe I'll get this big. Surely there's something…" He doesn't voice his worry. "Probably not." This to Rene's question. "Hello, Lovegood. Ran into any pigeons lately?" He's in pain. He's sarcastic.

In fact, while Luna was escorting Kyrie to the medical wing, it was likely her and Julian saw each other. Although, at that time, Luna was engrossed in telling the nearly-deaf newly older woman about the dangers that the Ministry posed. A quick stop to the dorms, and here she was. "Oh, yes. It's a bit interesting to be this tall." Luna says, but the, with a glance towards Julian, she leans closer to Rene and lowers her voice. "I don't think the nargles like it. I can reach much higher places, so they will have that much more trouble finding good spots to hang my shoes." she says, straightening up again. Towards Julian, she looks next, and says, "Oh, no. I don't think I've seen pigeons in my life, actually. Why? Do you think they are around?"

Rene cannot help it, but he does watch Julian stand up and sit back down again. 'Something what?' says his face. "Can you feel the cold fronts coming in?" How's the weather? Classic. "Perhaps you are stunted normally. I am naturally…not very tall. My father is about this height…" Rene lifts his hand to make a gesture, unsure about how tall his father actually is. When Luna leans in, the blond man leans closer to listen, nodding. "Surely. Perhaps you can find the higher hiding places in secret- when the potion wears off you will know where to look first, yes?"

"It's nothing." It's nothing, if not an attempt to brush off the other boy. "Just stupid worries." He snickers at Luna, but the snicker turns out as a low-voiced chuckle. "Yeah. I've seen them." He brushes the rock off again, and sits down again. "Weather's the same up there as down here. I like it down here better, though. I know it more…" He smiles.

"Oh? I wonder - the wrackspurts, I have been told, look very much like them. But there are subtle differences you have to look out for." Luna says, turning her unblinking stare upon Julian now. "I will have to write daddy and see if he will put that in the next issue of the Quibbler!" she says, her tone, although distant, sounding a little excited at the prospect. Turning towards Rene, her eyes widen as if she had never thought of that idea, then speaking to the man, "I did not think about that. I was going to go to the lake, and try to see if Gulping Plimplies are fond of ice - but that may be a good thing to try instead!"

If Bean knows anything about Rene, it is that if there is something wrong somewhere, chances are that he won't stop until he finds out what it is. At some point. Not right now, however. And oh, that laugh. Hah, puberty! "More Oxygen down here, I suspect…" Rene laughs at the thought, and just like the other Slytherin, his is lower- but only enough to be obviously masculine this time around. "That is the key, Luna. You must find out the enemy strategies, and make sure that they do not know that you know. I doubt that will be a problem for you."

Julian chuckles again. "Yeah, more oxygen. Maybe a bit warmer, too, with the wind…" He leans back a bit and looks over at Luna. "Plimpies?" He regrets the question as soon as it's out of his mouth, but as it's out, he'll deal with it. He schools his face into an expression of mild interest and waits to hear about this particular creature. Maybe it's mackerel or something.

Luna treats Rene with a small brightening of her vague smile, although what draws her attention to Julian next are his questions. "Oh, yes." she begins, "I suppose its somewhat like wrackspurts and pigeons. Everyone knows about plimplies, but I think there are gulping plimpies here, in the lake at Hogwarts. I know there are some in the river behind my home, but…" there is a pause, the smile dying in an instant. "Are you hurt, Julian?" she asks, sounding vaguely concerned.

As soon as Julian asks, Rene knows that he suddenly needs to pay attention too. He wiggles his shoulders to burrow his neck further into his scarf, listening. "Some manner of fish? Amphibian?" Plimpies sound like they might fly, though. Hm. He turns his head again when Luna seems to catch onto Bean too. She can be sharp if she has to be, huh?

Julian nods slowly. "Yes. It feels like someone poured hot molten steel into my joints." He shudders, and wraps the borrowed cloak around him more closely. It's not just the wind and the snow making him shiver. "What makes a plimpie a gulping one, then?" It's something to divert him from the pain.

Luna cants her head to one side, her unblinking gaze regarding Julian. "That is why you were in the medical wing." she says. A pause, and if one stared into her eyes, they could almost visibly see her mind switch tracks arduously. "Oh, yes." she says, turning her eyes back towards Rene. "Most plimpies look like fish, with legs… the merpeople don't like them much, they'll pluck them from the bottom of the lake and toss them at the shore sometimes." A pause, and she leans forward towards both boys… well… men, at this point, and whispers conspiratorially, "I like to put them back into the water, and watch them swim back in. It's really quite lovely to watch." she says, straightening up again.

"I do hope the merpeople do not see that. They probably think that you are undermining pest control, Luna." She may be making some enemies, of course. Rene glances back to Bean, then to the rock he is perched on. If they were still tiny, Rene probably would be nudging him over for a seat by now. "Are you sure that being outside in the cold is the best idea?" Perhaps there is some sort of arthritis-easing spell lying around- that might help, right?

"No, you're probably right, Frenchie. It's probably not smart to be out here in the cold with old joints." Bean rolls his eyes. He did think of that, but was enjoying the open space so much, he just let it slide. He gives Luna a slightly incredulous look, but it's only there for a moment. "Merpeople?" Yes, Julian is a bit unaware of things. "There are Merpeople in our lake?" His recent experience with Red Caps makes him a little wary of Magical creatures in general. "What are they like?" The Merpeople. If Rene believes in them, there's a strong chance they're legit.

Luna pauses at Rene's suggestion. "I'm sure they are quite friendly." Luna says. A pause, glancing between Rene and Julian. "When I am feeling a little down, I go down to the kitchens, and ask for some pudding." she says, lifting her brows and a finger as she beams a smile. "They will always give you so much, and…" A pause. "… …merpeople, well, you can sometimes see them out on the lake, although they don't stick their heads up much. And they have the grindylows, which are a little dangerous, all told." she says, her gaze growing distant as she grows thoughtful.

"Yes. Merpeople, among other things, of course. Merpeople are not like the muggle mermaids. The real thing- they are humanoid on the top halves, yet do retain aquatic features and languages. Waterborne creatures frequent the lake because it is so close to a magical place. Like the creatures in the forest." Rene lifts a hand to gesture towards the big shadow of the woods connected to the grounds. "We have a squid down there as well, have you met him yet?" Then, distraction. "Oh, goodness, yes- the house elves would feed us until we burst if we were to let them."

Julian is actually interested in hearing about the merpeople. But his continuously growing body does require more food than he had as a tiny eleven year old, so he's game for the kitchens. "House elves?" Here again, he's not sure they're not just pulling his leg. "What are house elves?" He might've seen one or two, if he was lucky, but he tries to avoid people on his prowls through the castle, so probably not.

Luna looks towards Julian rather oddly at that. Shaking her head from side to side, but whether that was an admonishment of Julian, or an answer to Rene's question was anyone's guess. "Come on, then. You can see them." Luna says, turning back towards the castle, and starting at a slow sort of walk, crossing her arms in front of herself as she expects the other two to follow her. Even if they didn't, she likely wouldn't notice until she was halfway to the kitchens.

"Yes, you can. Many people do not bother visiting them except to bother for food, though- possibly because they enjoy working so much. But actually they are very nice. Ginny first introduced me." Rene beckons Julian along after a pat on the back of the other young man's shoulder. "Come, we will visit them." And then, he starts through the thin layer of snow, watching over his shoulder for Bean to follow.

Julian stands again, slowly, painfully. He sighs, and steps back toward the castle with his friend, keeping up easily with him: the long strides of his legs compensating for the slow pace he sets. "So many weird creatures…" He continues chattering like the eleven year old he is as he heads toward the kitchens.

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