1996-03-07A: A Good Night's Sleep


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Scene Title A Good Night's Sleep
Synopsis Maura comes to Jack's office needing sleep. They both get some sleep, and discuss things in the morning.
Location Hogsmeade: Torchwood Office Flats
Date Mar 07, 1996
Watch For Tea and sleeping.
Logger Jack

1 A.M. is not the usual time for a visit from just about anyone, really. So finding your wards being pinged at such a late (or early) hour has to at least be a curiosity. And outside, there is one exceptionally crabby looking Maura; arms folded across her chest and hands clutching a few vials of something or other. Apparently she's using her healer's robes as a jacket as well. One of her guards is probably… somewhere, as it is now impossible to leave Hogwarts without someone knowing who is coming and going. But whoever is tailing her at this godforsaken hour is nowhere to be seen. Ping!

Since the beginning of their relationship, when Jack brought Maura up to her room, she's been on his list of approved visitors. However, the alert still sounds. So, Jack, who'd just gotten to sleep, wakes up. He hasn't been asleep long enough to be groggy. He looks up, gazing over to where there's a woman in his room. "Maura." He pats the side of the bed, gesturing to the little table beside it for her burden. "What's up?"

"I.. can't sleep." The vials are dropped onto the table, though her movements seem about as wooden as her voice even when she sits down. "I snapped at Jethro, and grabbed those to try and help me sleep before I stalked off and then realized it might not be the best idea to take them and keep the amulet on." Maura nods towards the vials of sleeping potion sitting there. "But I'll need to take them all, to knock me out enough that I don't wake up screaming. And I probably won't realize where I am when I wake up, since I'll be dizzy and disoriented from not wearing my charming little friend. So I didn't want to be alone." The words are quiet, but her voice cracks when she finally looks over. "I need this, and I trust you."

Jack didn't know she was going through this, but he should have guessed. "C'mon." His voice is gravelly from sleep, even as aware as he is. "I'll be here." He looks over at the collection of potions. "Any particular order?" Jack sleeps in just boxers, at least when he's alone, so he doesn't seem to want to move from the warmth unless she needs him to.

Maura is relieved enough at the easy acquiescence that she has to wipe her eyes to keep the tears that had gathered there from falling. Yet, she doesn't say anything until after she's carefully folded her robes and set them down. Shoes and jeans, those go too. So she's clad in a comfortable shirt to sleep in. "The blue one is first, to calm me. The other two are just straight sleeping potions." she admits, crawling in beside him and only pulling off the necklace after she's actually laying flat. She -never- sleeps on her stomach Never. "Thank you." Very carefully, a hand is first rested on his shoulder and then reached up to brush across his cheek affectionately. Had to be sure she wouldn't miss and accidentally smack the poor man afterall. And knowing where she set each potion, the blue one is quickly picked out of the trio.

"Shh, shh," Jack immediately moves to calm her, almost instinctively. He sighs, curling up around her. "Is this okay? You need to tell me if it's not, and I'll move." One of the benefits of having had different people in his bed is that he's gotten pretty flexible about sleeping positions and arrangements. He reaches over to touch her gently, intending to calm her if she wants or needs it. "Okay." He watches her pick out the calming potion with worry in his eyes.

"I like having you close." A brief, hesitant smile shows before Maura drinks back the calming potion first. And since it's not intended to make her sleepy at all, she can easily set the empty vial back and grab the other two. She just gives the first one time to work its magic (pun intended), encouraging Jack's touch by pulling closer to him. "It may take a lot to wake me up in the morning. That is why it will ll work in the first place, alright? Do not look so worried, Jack. This is my own fault for being stubborn and letting it get so far out of hand. We will figure out something else tomorrow."

"Okay," Jack can't help looking worried. "As long as you're sure." He scoots closer, pulling the covers over her, and curling up around her, arm flung across her body. "Do you have a specific time you need to get up? Or should I just let you sleep it out and send Junior off to tell them you'll be late?" He's not sure what her agreement is with the infirmary matron.

"I can just work into the evening another day. So we can tell them I will be late." Maura decides, seeming positive that Pomfrey won't give her a hard time. She's probably been the one watching her gradual decline through the week anyhow. But with a sigh that seems actually reluctant, the young healer drinks each of the sleeping potions in quick succession. It being a testament to her sheer exhaustion that she's barely got time to turn her face towards her partner before she's out like a light. Sleeping like the dead seems petty accurate!

Jack always sleeps better with a warm body in his bed, so when she falls asleep so quickly, he makes sure she's alright, tucks the covers around her, and curls up with her to fall asleep. He sleeps fairly hard himself, though he wakes a couple times to check on her through the night. When he awakes, it's late morning, and he stretches, arm nearly whacking his bedmate. However, he catches himself in time. With a big yawn, he rises, padding off to the small bathroom to use the facilities. Returning, he sits on the edge of the bed, just watching Maura sleep for a while.

With the combination of potions in her, Maura barely stirred through the night. That she displayed any signs of being restless at all probably means her dreams were unpleasant. But, at least she won't remember them when she wakes up now, as she didn't wake up during them. It's the combination of noise, the movement of the bed, and then just being watched that finally starts to nag at the subconscious to begin waking her. Not an entirely easy process, as the peace of sleep sloughs off and her eyes start to flutter open only to look - as predicted - disoriented and with a frightened catch to her breath.

"Shh.." Jack steps away from the bed, choosing to give her space, but be near enough for her to call. He moves to the pile of clothes, pulling out a relatively clean wizarding robe to throw on. "I'm right here, Maura." He smiles, then busies himself starting hot water for coffee or tea. He's British enough that things can often be fixed with a hot cuppa. He does, however, keep himself within sight of his girl at all times.

It's the voice that does it of course, tension unfurling from Maura's shoulders when she hears it.Her eyes sort of follow him around the flat when he goes about putting on the water for a hot drink. She's actually perfectly happy to retuck blankets around herself and try to sit up. But that's a rather abortive first attempt which ends with an arm flung over her eyes. "Morning, handsome." Once she's capable of speech, be it a bit hoarse.

"Hey, gorgeous." Jack smiles. "Cuppa tea?" He holds up a container of tea, in case she's not awake enough to understand his words alone. He looks over at her, smiling at the arm across her eyes. "Did you sleep well?" As far as he could tell, she was sleeping pretty deeply, but that doesn't mean she feels rested.

"Sounds divine." The cup of tea, obviously. She's probably better at the hearing part then the seeing part, even without the arm over her eyes. "Better. I slept better. Thank you, for letting me do that." Reluctantly, the draped arm falls to land on the table with the amulet on it and she grabs the item across herself to put it on. "Suck it up, buddy." she mutters under her breath, obviously not referring to Jack there. So that now at least she can sit up, and then stand, and then head over to the small facilities herself. Water splashed on the face helps. "Did you get enough sleep?"

"I sleep better with a lovely lady beside me," Jack notes, voice pitched a little louder tobe heard from the kitchen to the bathroom. "I was fine." He sets about making the tea, then sets it on a tray with sugar and cream. "I'm glad you got some good sleep," Jack admits. "I really don't like you taking so many potions, though." Even if it's working for now, long-term, it's not going to be enough. "Do you need me to sleep beside you more often?" There's no mention of sex anywhere in this equation. Not at the moment. He enjoys it with her, but that's not the current issue. "Because I can. Either you can floo over here, or I can go see you. I'm flexible." This does get an eyebrow waggle and a boyish grin. He makes his own tea, pouring sugar into the cup, stirring it to dissolve the granules. "What do you want in your tea?"

"Flattery will get you everywhere," is Maura's retort, before she exits back to the kitchen. "I don't like me taking so many potions either. It was a last resort." There's apparently something enjoyable about watching Jack go about the mundane task of making tea, since leans up against the side of the fridge to watch him do so, a curious bit of a smile on her face all the while. "If I hadn't, I probably would have trashed my room. You already know I'm not really an… angry person. And I was starting to really lose it." There's a rather embarrassed note to her voice there, but she does nod. "I'd like that, actually. I think I need to sleep without this thing on more often though. And I… neither of us is going to sleep very well when I do. I don't want to put you through that. It's definitely not pleasant." Of course, there is the requisite innuendo, that prompts a bit of a laugh, and rolling of eyes. "Oh yes, yes you are. I know." she returns equably. "I'd like to think I'm equally… ah, just sugar is fine."

"You are equally flexible, as far as I can tell," Jack does respond, stirring her cup of tea with its sugar, and moving to hand it to her. He grins up at her, and glances around, a little sheepish."Sorry, everything's so covered in books. We can go downstairs to sit, if you want, or I can clear a place…" He stirs at his tea a little more, then pulls the spoon out to take a long sip. "I can get Janet to get us some breakfast, or I think I have some pastries…" He shakes his head. "Wasn't exactly expecting company…" He holds up a hand. "… Not that I mind at all."

"Downstairs is fine." There's remarkably little urge to straighten the place up, when Maura glances around to see all the clutter. "Lots of stuff isn't really a bad thing." she pauses, curling both hands around the cup before she sips from it. "I don't think I can manage breakfast today. Still queasy." The idea, in fact, gives her a green tinge. "Yeah, no food." And now she looks sheepish again. "I know, you don't mind. But I still feel a bit foolish for having to wake you at such a time." Grabbing her robe where she'd so neatly set it, she seems perfectly content to lead the way down to the office.

Jack follows her down, grabbing himself a pastry and taking a bite. If she needs him to, he'll eat out of her presence, but he's hungry. He traipses down the stairs on bare feet, settling himself down at the desk in the front of the office. Summoning a chair, he offers it to her to sit in. "It won't bother you if I eat, will it?" Because if it does, he'll go back upstairs to finish off the pastry. "Please." His tone is pretty dry for him. "If you need me, I'm here. Don't worry about that." He sips at his tea, pausing in his words to enjoy the taste. "So, do you want to come here, or should we just sort of claim both places?" There have been short-term flings where he's done both. "Or, I could come up every night. That's less discreet, especially if we're …" He waggles his brow again. "Doing other things…"

Maura is not totally graceless when she flops into the offered chair. But she's definitely not yet fully awake enough to be as composed as she normally is. Or acts. "No, of course it won't bother me." Her brow furrows, looking at the pastry as if it might be a mutant food item or something. And she actually takes a moment to think, when he presents all of those options. "I'm hardly worried about being discrete; I don't care who knows what we're doing." Her lips curve slightly, an obligatory brow-wiggle given in return. "Or how often we're doing it. And I suspect you don't either." And yes, her tone is rather dry there. "But here might be better, for now. I think the stone walls bother me. And my room is so barren." shrug. "We can always switch, if I need to be at the school during the night."

"Actually, I do care." Jack sets his pastry and cup down, leaning forward across the desk. "I really like you, and I don't mind people knowing that we're together. But that's a building of school children who don't need to be thinking about what their teachers and staff are doing. They're focused on their studies. Or need to be." He shrugs. "It's not that I'm ashamed of who I'm with, it's just that I was reared to be … discreet about my dalliances, even if it's an open secret. So, that would work perfectly." He smiles, liking her compromise. "And, maybe you can see if you can work more mornings and fewer evenings, so that you can come here more often." He grins. "When we're out and about, for the most part, I will treat you like a lady. Behind closed doors, my dear," he leans forward even further, gazing at her intently. "That's an entirely different story."

"Fair enough. I was thinking more of the other teachers. Not the students, since I'm off of the hospital wing. Of course, I also don't really think of this as a dalliance. I'd thought of it as a bit more than that." Having never been in a similar situation before, it's obviously something Maura's never had to think about. But neither does she seem embarrassed by it. "I can talk to Poppy about that. Working more mornings." she agrees, setting down her cup. "Wait… for the most part?" is countered, an eyebrow raised. And then she leans forward in return, returning the intent gaze and reaching for his hand. "Do tell me about the entirely different story. It sounds intriguing."

"It is more than that. But even if you were my wife, I wouldn't want to be indiscreet." Jack runs a hand through his hair. "I want this to last." His tone is intense, sincere. "But we don't know each other that well yet." He sips at his tea and inhales, drawing from his father's example: think before speaking. Modulate your words and tone to the situation. Be wise. "It's very possible that this could last for a very long time. However, I have no way of knowing that, and you don't either, unless my little cousin said something…" He grins, showing that he's teasing. "But even then, we never know what those mean." He, like his school Head of House, does not put a lot of stock in Divination. He shrugs. "Either way, you are too much of a wonderful lady for me to mistreat in that way." Perhaps, that will say what needs to be said. "The different story?" He completely changes tacks. "That includes sweat, heat, and feeling — really, really good." He chuckles.

"No, we don't." Maura agrees, and though her eyes flicker a moment at the mention of his cousin she doesn't say anything. Almost, but no. "Right, you're right. I guess we'll see." Despite her obvious interest in his different story, however, she stands and picks up her cup again - drinking the rest of it. "I'll get ready to go; I don't want to crowd you." she murmurs, giving a fond smile before she turns back to head up to the flat and finish changing.

"Hey, no crowding here," Jack replies, but he sits back to finish his pastry and tea before heading back up to prepare for the day.

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