1996-03-16: A Ghostly Old Lady


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Scene Title A Ghostly Old Lady
Synopsis Maura brings a sketch to show Jack.
Location Hogsmeade: Torchwood Office Flat
Date Mar 16, 1996
Watch For Brochures. Sketches. Detective stories.
Logger Jack

Though it's difficult to climb stairs quietly in a pair of heels, Maura manages it every single time. Only the faint click from her weight on the stairs when she heads up to the flat after floo arrival heralding her appearance really. This time, however, instead of just herself she's got an arm full of stuff. Sketchbook, pencils, and a few other things. "Jack, you here yet?" For all she knows he might have been around the corner in the office, or had stepped out entirely. In which case she will move just enough around that she can curl up on a chair and relax. Otherwise, just set her stuff down on the table.

Jack is up in his flat, sitting on the bed, reading something. It looks to be for pleasure instead of for work. He laughs at something and then sets the book aside. "I'm in bed," he calls, not intending to sound anything other than informative.

"I would have been here earlier, but I got caught up in something…" The tone, slightly apologetic when Maura clicks her way toward the bed and then kicks off her shoes so she can sit down and try to peer over at what Jack's reading. "Something good?" is wondered brightly, before she leans in to deliver a kiss of greeting.

Jack accepts the kiss, leaning into it a bit. "Hey, Luv. Good to see you again. You alright?" He grins, then shrugs at her apologetic words."Nah, it's alright," He moves a little to make room for her on the bed. "Just a bit of fun. Old book I read as a kid, and a client had it. He was going to throw it away, so I picked it up." He holds it up, showing a cheesy wizarding detective series. " I know it's a bit daft, but …" Another mild shrug, and he laughs. "But you don't want to hear about my silly children's lit. What've you got there?" He gestures to her stacks of drawings.

Maura is quick to slip her arms up around Jack's neck, then sighing wistfully when he makes room for her. "Well, it's good to see you too." Her interest is captured by the children's book, looking rather charmed by it actually. So she picks it up to flip through. "Why would you say that? I'm very interested in hearing about your childhood - and current - interests." Her brow furrows when she glances towards the sketchbook and things she brought with her. "Well, I guess that depends. You want fun stuff first, or serious stuff first?"

Jack's eyes light up for a moment, then he grins. "Serious stuff. Give us more time for the fun stuff." He waggles his eyebrows, then holds the book out to her. "I think they put it out about the time that Martin Miggs was popular. Never liked that one. We lived around Muggles enough that we knew Martin Miggs was just a daft old man." He snorts, then leans forward again, giving her another slow kiss. Pulling back, he straightens up, and allows his face to slide into a serious expression. "So, what's on your mind?"

Maura just laughs at the response, looking up to wink at Jack, before tapping the book thoughtfully. Like she was hoping maybe she would remember reading it as a kid and it would spark.. something. She also lingers over that kiss, lacing one of her hands with his as her stalling is, well… called to a halt. And with the other hand and her wand she pulls the sketchbook towards her. "It's why I was late. I've been drawing this one scene over and over and over. I can't even count how many times because something was -missing-. It's supposed to be therapeutic, but personally I think it's apparently more a way to see if I'm OCD since I am way too detailed." she babbles, turning the book over so that she only flips through the blank pages still at the end. And then pulls up a rather detailed 'ghostly' image of an older woman's face. "I finally had to draw the scene like I was out of body. And there she was. Coming through the wall. Like she was trying to see. But I don't think she did. And I… have no idea who she is. I finally find a face, but.." Shrug.

Jack looks at the picture. "She looks vaguely familiar. But I think it's because I've met a hundred old women like her. In your dream, did you hear anything specific?" He runs a hand along the side of the drawing, avoiding actually touching the paper. "It's an amazing drawing, Maura. I think you've captured her pretty well, or at least I would guess that you had. It's very realistic." Jack smiles. "I will see if anyone knows this lady." It might lead her back to her family.

"It wasn't a dream, Jack. What I draw is what actually happened. I think…" Which now has Maura wondering how much of what she remembers is dream versus reality. "Thank you. I can do another one if needed, now that I have the face in mind." she assures, seeing him be so careful with the paper. "Is there anything you'd like a drawing of?" she wonders then, before giving a hesitant nod. "Okay. Alright, good. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to just leave it be. But I just can't." Shaking her head to clear ot of morose thoughts. "Alright, enough of that. So Morgan wandered by the infirmary the other day, right? Trying to see if I could undo some hex Sio put on him that had brochures coming out his trousers. But I said I wasn't going anywhere near his pants problems." Not a chance. "I did say I would appreciate it if he could ask his pants to spit out some Italy brochures along with all the Brisbane ones though, and apparently they heard me. So.." Brochures. "I have ideas!"

"Well, you're safe. I can be discreet about the request." I know a guy. Jack smiles and considers. "Actually, what would be really brilliant would be if you got a chance to sketch Torchwood. It's a lovely manor," and it was Jack's home for years. "I think you might enjoy it." He leans in for another kiss, and sighs. When she mentions a brochure hex, he laughs loudly. "He's still not gotten rid of that hex?" That is totally funny to him. "Ideas. I like ideas." Cue another eyebrow waggle.

"If you can arrange the opportunity, then I will. Probably best during the early day, before Noon when the sun will be too bright." Maura's more then willing, it seems. "I'd like to see it." Thoroughly playful, when she returns the kiss it's also to draw them both back towards the bed so that she can wind up straddling him. Obviously, she is going for undivided attention. "I think the hex is gone by now. But I still see brochures every once in awhile. I should get her to teach me a few of those." is mused. "Well, one of the ideas was to drive through the Tuscany area. Just the two of us; it's supposed to be very lovely." And it's a thoroughly muggle thing to do. "But, you know, we can go over those other ideas tomorrow if you'd rather explore things for just the two of us this evening." She will see the eyebrow waggle, and raise him one whispered naughty thing they can do.

The thought of his sister teaching his girlfriend hexes does make him shudder just a bit, but so does the sound of the naughty thing they can do. He grins,whispering in her ear of the drawing time. "That'd be brilliant, Maura. I think you'd enjoy it." He leans in to kiss her again, and pulls her closer. "I'd love to drive a bit with you. Most of the vacation is for family time, but we can sneak away for an afternoon of it." That sounds grand to him. Especially right in the middle when they're all getting slightly tired of each other. "Yep." He pops his p, grinning and nibbling at her neck. "I think our discussion time is over. We can figure out plenty of fun things to do here." And they probably will.

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