1995-03-31: A Dinner Derailed


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Scene Title A Dinner Derailed
Synopsis Lucretia and Lupin are having a nice, civilized dinner, when in walks Moody to spoil all the fun!!
Location Leaky Cauldron
Date Mar 31, 2005
Watch For Backup Plans (AS IF!!) and MEAN MOODY
Logger Lucretia

It is a lovely, busy evening at the Leaky Cauldron. The servers are rushing about, getting everyone their dinners and drinks. Most of the tables are filled, all but a few in the back. Miss Lucretia Gerrard walks into this mess, groaning at the fullness of the place. Rather than leaving, however, she makes her way to one of these tables and settles in, shaking the weather from her coat.

From the stairs that descend from the second level of the building, Remus Lupin clambers down. He's become a resident of the Leaky Cauldron for the past few days, not wanting to impose on any friends at the current time. He pauses, seeing the evening crowd and sighs. Well, better late to a crowded pub than never eat. He moves his way to one of the few filled tables, which has him sitting practically right beside a one Lucretia Gerrard.

With a motion to the waiter, Lucie lets it be known she needs to put an order in. As Lupin sits down at the table next to her, Lucie gives him a warm smile. "Rainy afternoon, isn't it?" Her voice is gentle and kind. "Miserable day."

Lupin hasn't quite made a decision on what he wants to eat…though no doubt it will involve meat. Rare meat, if the mood so decides for it, which it does. Always. No questions asked. He glances over at Lucie with a small smile. "I suppose it is, isn't it? I've tried to avoid going outside today, in all honesty." He smiles. "I prefer the warm indoors."

"I wish I had avoided the same, myself. But, you know, business to be done, galleons to be made. It's just me, so if I don't go and take care of it, no one will." She settles back into her seat, shivering just a tiny bit. When the waiter finally shows up. "Oh, I would love to start off with a pot of tea. And a plate of whatever the special is. Unless it's fish. Then I'll just take the stew.." She motions, then, to Lupin. "And I think he wished to order as well, while you're here."

Lupin nods a little. "I'm only here for a few days myself, passing through, so I can afford to just stay inside for a day and laze about." He responds with a little smile. "And I must say, the Leaky Cauldron has pleasant accommodations, really, for a reasonable price as well. I've stayed here many a time for that reason." He looks up at the waiter as he arrives and takes Lucie's order. "Steak, medium rare, with mashed potatoes and a mug of butter beer."

"I must admit, I've never had occassion to stay here. If I am not at the ranch, I stay with my mother." Lucie smiles a bit wryly. "I try not to do that too over often, if you know what I mean. I love the woman, I really do. But if she reminds me about grandchildren one more time, I will rather lose my mind."

Lupin chuckles softly. "Well, don't be too hard on your mother. All mothers want children. It's their prerogative. They'll nag and nag and occasionally act like it doesn't really matter to them…until the day that they get them." He smiles. "I'm sure my own mother would like a few grandchildren of her own. But I don't know how soon that is going to happen for me either."

Lucretia nods, slowly, then suddenly starts to laugh. "You're right. Perhaps we should make one of those deals. Find someone we can stomach, then make the arrangement…if we don't have any children by the time we're seventy-eight, or some such age, we get together with them and have a few, just to make our mothers happy."

Lupin chuckles softly. "Well, it's a deal then. If we don't have children by then, we get together." He smirks. "But first, don't you think it prudent that I know your name first? I don't usually enter into such relationships without know a persons name." He coughs slightly. "I'm Remus Lupin."
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Blink. Double blink. Oh. Goodness. That…was not quite what she meant. "I…er…" Thank MERLIN for the tea and butterbeer coming just then!! Sugar is added to the cup, then a bit of cream before the tea is poured within, spoon set to stirring without her even touching it. "Ah…Remus Lupin. I remember you from school. Lucretia Gerrard. I think I was two or three years behind you. Ravenclaw."

Lupin smiles and chuckles. "Don't worry." He says to her reaction. "I was only joking." As his butterbeer is placed in front of him, he lifts it up and takes a sip from it. "Do you now? And only two or three years behind you say? Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Gerrard." He says kindly. "What have you been up to since graduation?"

"Well, of course we are. I am not having children at seventy-eight. Merlin help me." Lucie gives him a warm smile. "Me? Not too much, really. I have an antiquities business — seek out the antique items that some of the more wealthy wizarding families seem to pride themselves on having. And I opened a ranch for animal rehabilitation. Horses, are my favorite. But sometimes, the RCMC brings me a severely injured magical animal that needs love and care that they might be too busy to focus on just the one, or maybe one not so badly injured that they need to make room for in a reserve…so they will stay with me and heal until there is a place for them."

Lupin listens intently, and with apparent interest. Her last name perked some familiarity and interest, but not too much. He'll have to do some digging later. "Well, quite the interesting and varied careers you have chosen for yourself. How did you get into those careers, if I may ask?"

"Oh, you know. Ravenclaw and all. The antiquities I sort of…fell into. History research and all. I had to have some way to pay the bills and buy the ranch, yes? The ranch — well, that is my heart and soul. I have such a softspot for them." Lucie sips at her tea, watching him. "And what about you, Remus?"

Lupin smiles softly. "Well, I commend you that. Taking care of animals is a noble profession. One I wish more people would take to." He takes a sip of his drink. "Me? I'm a travelling handyman of sorts. A…jack of all trades, in a way. I work wherever I am needed by whomever wishes to acquire as their worker. I can do anything from work in gardens to curse breaking and the likes. Makes for some…interesting conversations."

It is a lovely, busy evening at the Leaky Cauldron. The servers are rushing about, getting everyone their dinners and drinks. Most of the tables are filled, all but a few in the back. At two of those back tables sit Lucie and Lupin at tables next to each other, chatting to each other and awaiting their own meals.

Lucretia chuckles quietly, smiling as she pushes back her long shiny blonde hair. "Oh, I agree. I think if more people realized that animals are so…gentle, even the more difficult ones, that they have such tender hearts, they wouldn't be able to resist." Her tea is lifted and sipped once again. "A jack of all trades, hmm? I'll keep that in mind, next time my mother decides she needs ME to come and do something for her."

Lupin bows his head slightly. "You know…you sound very much like a dear friend of mine. He can make even the most vicious of creatures sound like the most gentle of beings." He says, thinking of Hagrid. "Well, I'd be more than happy to help any time…though of course I charge a nominal fee, depending on the job and what it requires me to do." He says, lightly.

Through the door comes another figure, though this time there are no loud bangs to proceed the usual lurching steps on this one clothed in dark traveling robes. The hush he brings alone is natural and only seems to last for, but two minutes and then life resumes. The while electric blue eye picks its way amongst those congregating in the busy pub, but all the same Moody is making his way for the bar, all the while keeping one hand hidden, and the other on his walking stick. "I'll just need a room for the weekend, thanks." Moody mutters to the innkeeper, who comes to greet him. No other words as far as food or drink comes. After all Moody wouldn't trust half the people here as far as he can curse them.

"Well, of course for a fee! I don't expect you to put up with my mother for free. Merlin knows I don't want to, but she's got that whole 'carried you for nine months' thing she can hold over my head." As the whole room goes silent, Lucie looks up and around, following the gaze of the patrons at the table near her. When her blue eyes settle on the old auror, she too goes silent.

Lupin smiles a little. "Well, now that you know my name, you need merely to send me an owl, and I'll be on my way to help." He says kindly. Well, he can't help but look when the room goes silent. He wants to know what's going on just as much as the next person. He looks to see…well, it's only Moody! No cause for alarm! "Alastor!" He calls out to the ex-auror, waving to catch his attention.

In most situations Moody would welcome someone he knew and was friends with calling out his name. Not entirely so now. There's a whip crack turn of his head as the blue eye focuses in singularly on Lupin's table and then quickly turns over towards Lucretia who sits close by. Memory lane al over it seems, and so as the ex auror cautiously leaves the bar, letting the blue eye whirl towards those who look at him, he does finally make his way to Lupin's table.

"Remus.." intoned softly "Quit bloody waving your hand. I have enough eyes and knives at my back as is." A grunt and he is drawing a chair out as he moves to join Lupin. After all when you are in a potentially dangerous situation, it is always good to have allies. That brown eye takes in Lucretia for a moment "Who is your friend?" though he has a guess to that as is.

Yes. Introductions are certainly not needed here. Though Lucretia doesn't leave, her eyes remain on the man as he comes closer, closer, ever closer, and finally sits at the table next to her. Though her smile remains, the warmth of it is gone, and her eyes are no longer gentle. "Mister Moody. Your reputation precedes you." Once more her teacup is lifted. Only when the server comes back with the plates for the two tables, bringing their dinner, do her eyes divert from the ex-auror. And even then, only for a few seconds. "Lucretia Rachael Katherine Gerrard." Yes. It's a bit uppity to give him her whole name. But given it is.

Lupin nods his head, lowering his hand as soon as he's seen. "Well, I couldn't have you sitting up there by the bar all by yourself. Beside, we could always use the talk, couldn't we?" He raises his glass and sips the butter beer. As introductions are had and his steak arrives, he nods. "Just mess Ms. Gerrard a few moments ago. There weren't many seats left, and…well, we started talking."

"Aye.." Moody adds belatedly. Currently though it seems he is staring right at Lucretia, whilst his eye continues to do a background surveillance through his skull, or so the white now only visible to both of the other wizards might dictate. A slight sniff there as the long name is tossed out before he's nodding "I know the name." But he does leave out the shame he was unable to net her along with the-"Say how is your father?" a bit cruel? yes, but Moody shows no sympathies to those who aligned with the Dark Lord.

Oh. No. He. Didn't. But, he did. "I think you know very well how my father is." The smile remains there. Lucie is unshaken. "Though he is much better than Laird, of course." Her blue eyes turn hard. Not near a glare, not yet. More…defiant. "I wasn't aware you were such good friends with Remus."

Lupin looks between the two with slight confusion, though he can no doubt make correlations. "What…what is going on here? It's…" He stops and turns to face Lucie. "Well, I wasn't aware that he knew your father?" But…oh, wrackspurts! "What is going on you two?" He asks, having not touched his stake yet.

"Send th Bastard my regards.."Moody says once before he is looking towards Lupin "Her father, was one of them in the first War. I am surpised you didn't know, Remus. Bloody dark to the core-though I must admit we never got her.."The way it sounds is as if Moody still suspects. KNowing, him this is not far from the truth. "I'll leave you kids to it then.Enjoy your steak.."Almost said as if he was warning Lupin to watch his back. And with that Moody is rising to go and find his room. Odd behavior

"Yes. My father is still in Azkaban, actually. And your friend here killed my Laird. You remember Laird. I'm sure. I think he was your year, Remus. A Slytherin? Well, your friend here deemed it wise to kill him." Her gaze remains on Moody. "Did it ever occur to you, Mister Moody, that you never got me because there was nothing to get? I never pegged you to be the kind to punish the children for the actions and decisions of the parents." She lets him go, then, eyes following as he walks away.

And it finally clicks for Lupin. That's why her last name had sounded so familiar. Because her father had been a Death Eater! He had probably fought him once or twice back in the day, too. Though that's not something he'd advertise. "The name sounded familiar, but I didn't link the two together." He replies to Moody. "Now, Alastor. Really, you don't know if she's done anything wrong." Though he'll now keep a keener eye open, no doubt. He nods to Lucie. "Yes, I do seem to remember going to Hogwarts with someone named Laird." He recalls. That much he can remember right away, anyway. "Good night, Alastor. I'll see you later."

"I only did what needed to be done." Moody calls over his shoulder with a glance back to them both. Eye narrowed "He wouldn't come peacefully as it was.." As for the sins of the father there's a grunt from Moody before he's looking back towards Remus. "Goodnight, Remus." And with he is not explaining himself further, nor speaking as he disappears up the stairs with that same persnickety lurch and stumping step.

When Moody leaves, something about her relaxes again. Her blue gaze drops to her bowl of stew, which is slowly pushed aside without a single bite taken. "It is not something I advertise, Mister Lupin, the fact of where my father is. Or that I remain single because my boyfriend was killed, and I've found no one else. It isn't exactly every day conversation, now is it?" Her voice is quiet and gentle. "I'm afraid I've quite lost my appetite."

Lupin shakes his head. "I do apologize for Alastor Moody's abrupt behaviour. While some may consider it rude, he prefers to be forthright and say what is on his mind." He smiles softly. "But worry not. I do not judge so quickly. Moody has merely grown to be distrustful in such a way. He's fought long and hard against dark witches and wizards. He's bound to be full of suspicions." Though Moody's suspicions often set off a chime in Lupin's own head. And it has this time as well, despite his kind demeanour. "Worry not. I'm not here to judge. I'm merely a handyman, after all."

Twice in there, he said not to worry, and that he doesn't judge. Methinks he doth protest too much. "Say what is on his mind? Really? So he likes to just walk up to random people and ask about things such as that? It wasn't rude, Mister Lupin, it was cruel. And you know it." He's back to 'Mister Lupin' rather than 'Remus', it seems. "And why should the rest of us not be distrustful or hateful toward him when he does such things as that? We were sitting here having a perfectly lovely conversation. And he walks in, with one stroke of cruelty, and ruins an entire evening, then leaves. I'm sorry, Mister Lupin, but it was entirely uncalled for and most unprovoked."

Lupin sighs. "I don't know what to tell you, Ms. Gerrard. He's never been one to take kindly to those who are practitioners of the Dark Arts, nor those he suspects. He can be rude, yes, he can be down right mean. I've long given up trying to change the man. He is set in his ways." He smiles softly. "But, perhaps it's best, after this incident, to call it an early evening? I think I shall take my food up to my room and do a little bit of reading. Perhaps it might not be a bad idea if you do something similar? And, as I said, if you ever require my assistance, regardless the task, I shall attempt to help. As long as it falls under my handyman skills."

"Yes. I see." Now she has certainly lost her appetite. Lucie gives him a very stiff smile. "Of course. I won't contact you again unless I need your handyman skills. You wouldn't want to be seen in the presence of the daughter of a prisoner of Azkaban, now would you? Guilty by association and all that." A tone of sadness creeps into her voice. "Do have a good evening, then. Maybe we shall meet again in another fifteen years and share a cup of tea." She sifts through her pocket and puts out enough coin to cover the dinner she didn't eat before rising to leave.

Lupin shakes his head. "No, that's not it at all, of course. I do quite have an interest in history, you see. Perhaps if you need help finding and object, let me know. Or even for a cup of tea, perhaps?" He smiles gently. "Good night, Miss. I hope it only gets better for you."

"It can't much worse now, can it? Well, it could. Maybe your friend will come and chase me down the street with his cane, still insisting I had done something wrong. I'd barely even been graduated a year when it was all over, you know." She draws a deep breath. "Very well. Should you need any history assistance, you know where to find me. Or, you know, should you need assistance with any wounded animals."

Lupin nods a little. He coughs a little. "Well, I will at that. Thank you." With that, he places a few coins on the table and scoops up his place and cup and moves upstairs to his room.

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