1994-12-10: A Dark Time for Dresses


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Scene Title A Dark Time for Dresses
Synopsis Siobhan takes Ginny down to her brother's flat to try on dresses. Madeline happens by, looking for It. Mild chaos ensues, as do several bad puns.
Location Torchwood Offices/Flat
Date November 10, 1994
Watch For Erm…dresses and Mission Impossible stealthery
Logger The BAD WOLF herself

It has been…an incredibly busy week. After everything, Siobhan is incredibly glad to have a day to just…be. Especially one with such a girlish agenda. Having met up with Ginny at the castle, the two girls walk through Hogsmeade until Siobhan spots a conveniant shopfront to stop at. Under the guise of browsing, she steps closer to her younger friend and speaks very softly. "Hey Gin, can you keep a secret? I mean…a really big secret?"

Ginny is also glad to be out of the castle and in the fresh air. There hasn't been any terrible stress lately, but classes and homework and all the little dramas of teenage life tended to add up, especially when there was little escape from them. When Siobhan stops at the shop, Ginny pauses, a few beats behind. Curiosity is plain on her face when Siobhan asks her question, and she nods emphatically. "Yes."

"That's good, cause what I'm about to do could get me Crucio'd." Especially if the report from her mum is true. So saying, she turns and leads the younger girl down an alley and around towards her brother's storefront. Using the temporary color-change charm, she transfigures her trademark magenta cloak black and casts Notice-Me-Not's on herself and Ginny. That done, she beckons the girl to follow her across the lane and to Torchwood Office's front door. The wards - added to and sealed since her brother's final departure - give way when her fingers brush against the doorway, and a simple muggle key does the rest of the trick. It isn't until the blonde Slytherin has ushered them both inside and reset lock and wards that she removes the charms and pulls back her hood. "Sorry about that, but there're things in here I'd rather Umbridge not get her hands on."

Ginny's eyes widen a bit as all of this is taking place. Her lips part, though she doesn't speak, it's more a sort of shock. Though it feels differently, all in all the whole thing takes a mere few minutes, and then she and Siobhan are in Torchwood. "Um. Wow," Ginny finally manages, turning all around as she takes in the sights.

It has been a very confusing time for Madeline, and the current situation with her job isn't helping any. She's read in the papers that her boss is now wanted for questioning, and now she hasn't been able to actually get in to work since the whole thing happened. Some might simply take that as an indication to take a vacation, but Mads has been faithfully checking in at each appointed shift. Today's brings her by again, not noticing the two students going into the office, thanks to Siobhan's handiwork. She heads up towards the door to try, in turn, opening it, knocking, and peering inside.

"Yeah…" Throwing her cloak on what had been her brother's chair, Siobhan doublechecks to make sure the shades are all drawn and starts coffee. "You want any?" She gestures towards the pot. "I need some, haven't been sleepin' well." Been up late either dealing with Wanted brothers or Auror boyfriends or Books on Critters That Can't Sing Aboveground. "I told Janet to leave the dresses upstairs in the fla - " That knocking sound has Sio's wrist smacking her thigh to release her tiny wand into her hand. Motioning for Ginny to get behind the desk, she creeps towards the door. Unfortunately, she's never met Madeline before, and so the unfamiliar woman's face causes no small amount of conern. "Shit, I thought we'd have a week at least!" she hisses, reinforcing the locking spells on the door with a few…unorthodox charms.

"Sure, I'll have some," Ginny says chirpily, still looking around. "With lots of sugar and milk." Then there's a knock, and Ginny jumps. At Siobhan's bidding, she hides behind the desk, crouching down so only the top of her red head is visible. Stealth!

Madeline thinks she can see some movement within, but it's really quite hard to tell. She knocks again, intending to do so more loudly, but in the end, it's still fairly quiet as she just can't quite bring herself to do it forcefully. "Hello? Jack? Mr. Noble? Are you in?" she calls out in a voice barely loud enough to make it through the door. "I- I'm sorry to bother you, only I think I've left my pet inside…" she adds, sounding a little sheepish.

'Her pet?' Siobhan mouths the incredulous question back in the general direction of that slice of ginger hair before reluctantly dropping the wards and unlocking the door. One hand reaches out to pull Madeline inside then shut the door, quickly throwing up both locking mechanisms. That done, Siobhan turns to Madeline, wand drawn and pointed at the woman's chest. "Who are you and what d'you want with my brother?" And if that sounds a little like an over-acted cop drama, well…perhaps she can be forgiven. Muggle telly is a terrible, wonderful thing.

At the mention of a pet, Ginny looks around the office curiously. She expects to see an owl - a cat, perhaps. A Crumple-Horned Snorkack? Nothing seems evident, though; there's no chirping or meowing or.. Snorkacking. When Siobhan pulls the woman in, Ginny takes the opportunity to eye the woman warily, the front half of her face visible over the desktop.

Madeline lets out a little squeak of surprise as she finds herself getting dragged bodily into the office by… "You're not Jack," she points out, eyeing Siobhan with widened eyes and now starting to look a little anxious herself, especially with all the demanding questions and having a wand pointed at her. For a moment, she can't speak at all, and then comes some stammering before she can manage a coherent answer. "I… work here? Ah. That's … my-my desk there. And, uh- But I don't know anything!" she is quick to add, her hands going up. So yeah, not so much with the threatening.

"Oh." That shuts Siobhan up Really Quick. "You're Madeline?" Turning to where she can see red hair and a set of eyes peeking up over the desk, she smiles reassuringly. "Would you grab the envelope on Jack's desk back there?" That settled, Sio lowers her wand, sliding it back into her sleeve. Dumb, yes. Trusting, yes. But hey, she's awful gullible for a Slytherin.

Well, that had gotten settled rather quickly. After a few moments of feeling silly for crouching there, she straightens and nods to Siobhan. "Sure." Retrieving said envelope, she takes it over to Siobhan and Madeline. "Um. Hi." She says to the woman. "What kind of pet is it?" Ginny blurts without any more prelude.

"I- Yes," Madeline confirms, still seeming rather stunned by what's just happened. Still, as Siobhan tucks her wand away, she finds herself able to breathe a little easier, and starts to calm down so that she's at least not too much more flustered than usual. As Ginny pops up from behind the desk, Mads just sort of stares for a moment. Still not entirely sure what's going on, or why these young people are in the office, she just takes the envelope passively. "Hello," she returns. "It's a, ah, puffskein."

"I haven't seen anythin'." Not at all since the shop's been shut up. When the envelope's handed over, she nods. "There's a month's severance pay there. Should give you enough time to find a new job. Jack's not gonna be back for a while." Siobhan's rather in a hurry to get this part over with. The fewer people that know anything, the better; and the less anyone knows, the safer. "If I see that puffskein though, I'll be sure to send him your way."

Ginny bounces a little, as much as is appropriate, given the fact that Madeline was currently being fired. But. But. Cute thing! "We'll look for it," Ginny says with a vigorous nod. "What's its name? Maybe if you call him.. or her.. it might answer."

Madeline frowns down at the envelope, looking confused again. "I don't- That's really not- What-" She has so many different things to say at once, but it doesn't work, so she tries to focus on them one at a time. "It's … really not necessary," she says first, of the envelope, trying to hand it back to either girl. "Though I - I don't understand what… has happened. The papers are saying that he's wanted for questioning?" She isn't entirely sure even of that. Only then does she realize there's also been some discussion about her pet. "It," she states, though it's hard to tell if she's trying to clarify the gender or answer the question of name. "It- It should be in the top drawer," she nods towards her desk. That it's not very kind to keep a pet locked away in a drawer has, quite frankly, never occurred to her - and It's certainly not complained.

Madeline's stuttering plays hard on already strained nerves and Siobhan has to bite her tongue - hard enough to draw blood - and count to ten in order to prevent snapping. "That's what they're sayin', yeah. An' our lovely Minister's authorized use of the Cruciatus in this questionin'." Ergo, why he split. "Which means if you're smart, you'll take that and not ask me anythin' else. Cruciatus sucks." The normally bubbly young Slytherin is a bit…short today. "Take It and go then, for your own safety. Gin, the dresses are upstairs, I'll be there in a sec." Hint.

Ginny shifts from foot to foot nervously. It's rather clear to Ginny that Siobhan is strained, so when the hint comes, she is quick to take her up on it. "Yeah. Okay. I'll meet you up there. Um. Bye," she waves to Madeline and then heads up the stairs, with a worried glance to the drawer that It lives in.

Madeline isn't so well attuned to these subtle social clues, but she isn't very pushy by nature anyway. "It really isn't necessary," she mutters again, this time more to herself, as she lowers the envelope to her side again. "Good-good bye," she returns to Ginny, glancing over at the redhead as she takes her leave. Madeline decides to take Siobhan up on that suggestion, moving over towards the drawer to fetch her poor, neglected pet. "Um, who are you?" she only thinks now to ask as she draws out the passive puffskein, who hums happily upon seeing her and then starts trying to go after her nose.

Siobhan says, "Jack ever mention anyone named Rosie?"

"His … sister?" Madeline replies, though there's a slight caution to the response in case she's somehow gotten it wrong. It is wrangled under control and shoved none too gently away into a pocket. She shuts the drawer again and gives her desk one last look, a little melancholy at the idea of not getting to finish even truly getting it organized and set up.

Winking in a very Jack-like manner, Siobhan tosses Madeline a cheek, almost flirty grin over her shoulder and starts for the stairs. "I'd grab anythin' you think you'll need; the wards'll seal you out again once you leave." And with that, she's leaping up the stairs after her friend. Her head pokes down again, along with a wave. "Nice ta meet you, Mad Madeline!"

As usual, Madeline seems oblivious to Noble-flirting. One of these days she might figure out that's what it is and that will be an awkward day indeed, but for now, she just again takes Siobhan's advice, beginning to gather up what few personal effects she has here. "It's, er, nice to meet you as well… Miss Noble." Jack is Jack because they agreed upon it, but she takes no such liberties with the younger Noble. She leaves the girls to their dresses, not quite sure what that means, and just sees to fetching her things before slipping out silently.

Ginny is currently looking through the various dresses spread out on racks. There are so many that, if she gets too deep into the racks, she all but vanished into The Land of No Return. She has pulled down a purple taffeta conconction from its place on the rack, and eyes it skeptically. Is it heinous, or awesome? It's hard to tell.

Heinous or awesome… There are plenty of both within these racks upon racks. Thankfully, more of the heinous ones are too small for either of them. "Hey! Ooh, that one was from the Spring Dinner in Paris - six? - years back." Sio was a tall, gangly little thing. She makes a face. "Not…really your color though…"

"What /is/ my colour?" Ginny asks curiously, eyeing the rainbow of dresses, slightly wary. "I like red, but it clashes with my hair.. lots of colours clash with this." She gestures to her red locks, slightly frustrated.

"Actually…" Shifting through the hanging dresses and on a mission, Siobhan finally cries out in triumph and pulls out a fire-truck engine red dress. "If you get just the right shade…" She holds it up against Ginny's front and grins. "It brings out the reds in your hair without clashing."

Ginny looks down warily at her chest. "I, um. Wow. That's really red. Are you sure? I don't want to blind someone with redness. Maybe something a bit more.. subtle?" She suggests. "Maybe gold, or pale green?" Perhaps the Slytherin in Siobhan will like the idea of pale green.

"Oh no, if I have to blast my House color to the world, I'm not gonna do it alone." Siobhan waves her towards her brother's en suite, pushing the dress her way. "Try it on. You'll be surprised, I promise."

"But, but.." Ginny protests as she's waved, but takes the dress in reluctant fingers. "What if it's something only you see and everyone else will think it's a travesty of the human form?" Ginny asks woefully. Yes, she learned the word 'travesty' from Hermione. Who else?

Siobhan rolls her eyes with a good-natured smile. "I didn't spend a million years of my summer life bein' dragged around Mum's fashion circuit events for nothin', you know." To pass the time, Sio browses lazily through another rack, smiling faintly at memories. "Just try it. I promise you'll like it."

"O-okay." Ginny says, drawing the word out as she dragged her feet towards the bathroom. Pushing the door open, she closes it behind her and climbs out of her clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor. Pulling on the gown, there are a few muffled grunts and then a call of, "Sio, can you zip this?"

In her rambling searches, Siobhan comes across a rare find. "You were horrid with this, but maybe with the red…" Pulling her discovery off its hangar, she tosses it over the bed and heads in to the en suite, zipping up the back and grinning. "See? S'absolutely gorgeous. Especially if we twist your hair up in the French style…"

Ginny looks down at herself, her mouth twisted skeptically. She brightens at the talk of her hair, touching it self-consciously. "You think? What about makeup? Do you know anything about that?" It's something Ginny herself has little experience with.

Siobhan smiles, heading back into the room for the gold jacket. "If we had a room on neutral turf, we could get ready together. Make a girl's day of it. I know a few charms for hair and makeup that are just lovely." Returning, she holds up the gold to the red and seems satisfied. "Try this on over top. Otherwise your mother just might murder me."

Ginny looks thoughtful at Siobhan's comment, mentally running various places around in her mind. "Maybe we can find an unused classroom to do it in. Invite Luna and Alice, if they're going." A thought occurs to her, and she grins. "If they are, we'd have a girl from each House." Ginny takes the jacket and shrugs into it. "What about jewelry? I have a cameo from my great aunt.. but besides that, nothing fancy."

"Hm…" Siobhan considers the gold. "I dunno if you'll need a necklace with that jacket, but I'll bring my jewelry box." She nods along, though, really warming up to the idea. "Yeah, we could. And those two don't - " She stops short, not wanting to give Ginny any reason to rethink her current friendship. "Well, they're not as put out with me as the rest of the school seems to be, so they might actually come." Never mind that they're all at least three years younger than Sio. Friendly faces are friendly faces, no matter the age.

Ginny grins up at Siobhan, a hand stroking the fabric of the jacket. "It's a date, then. I'll talk to Luna and Alice, see if they want to join up with us. I hope they get asked, or at least attend. The more, the merrier, right?" Her grin widens a bit. She is tempted to ask why the school is so put out with her - but saves that for another time. "Thank you, Sio. I really appreciate your help."

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