2001-04-10: Cats In The Courtyard


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Scene Title Cats in the Courtyard
Synopsis A plot is hatched.
Location Rear Courtyard
Date April 10, 2001
Watch For The beginning of a plot.
Logger Seren

Dale is walking around the courtyard, stretching his legs.. Already after only a few days here, he is starting to feel a bit cooped up. Especially since he really hasnt had anyone talk to him since his arrival. He seems to be in much better physical state, and his clothes are mended and cleaner.

Who doesn't feel cooped up around here? Hogwarts is huge, it's wonderful, but inside can only be entertaining for so long. Especially when you're lost in the same papers day in and day out. Eventually, the blueprints just get etched into the backs of your eyelids and you don't need them in front of you to look at them anymore. It was when he'd started muttering to himself that Auberon had decided it was time for a break. His robes are black today, hooded, honestly ominous and just the slightest touch stereotypical. If it weren't for the bright purple gem at his throat, it might looks like he was trying to spooky. It might still look that way. Stepping out into the courtyard, Auberon finds himself a perch on one of the low walls.

Auberon has a friend with him today. A sleek white lioness ambles along at his heels - gravid and grumpy at the entire world. When he perches on the wall, she stops and gives him a baleful glare before launching herself onto the perch next to him. It's not an insignificant effort, but that doesn't stop her. Up high is always better. Always. Plus, she can demand pets up here.

Dale looks up from his stroll as someone else comes in. He pauses and takes in the appearance of both the Vampire, and the Lioness with him. He gets a bit of a quizzical smile on his face and offers "Good evening."

Seems to be a populare place for felines as a strange, three toned meow sounds a few seconds before a large black cat comes into view. Strange, almond shaped eyes blink at the two leggers before the cat gives another meow in the lioness' direction. Once that's done, he makes a grumbling noise to the figure behind him as if he wholely disapproves of this pace. "It's a walk, not a race. If you wanted to run you had the entire meadow." Seren reminds as if he expects the cat to understand everything he says.

"Oh, I know, I'm sorry." Auberon offers down as the lioness gives him that baleful look. When he's joined on the wall, however, Auberon is quick to give the pets that are the lioness's due. Looking up as Dale addresses them, he gives a small nod. "Evening." Easy as pie, socializing, right? This is how this works, right? He can't remember the last time he interacted with someone new. And now there's another cat. And here he thought the back courtyard would be quiet.

The arrival of another - albeit much smaller - feline is enough to get the bigger cat to stare. A long moment of silence stretches out between them before there is a soft growling grunt and she goes back to nuzzling at Auberon before making use of his lap as a pillow. Lovely amethyst eyes (that's… not a normal color for a lion, right?) flick toward Seren, then Dale, but no one has bothered her, so she sees no need to bother them.

Dale Looks over as well, several new faces. two of which are feline.. but he offers a nod to Seren as well "Good evening to you both as well. I dont think I have met any of you, that I recall.. Im Dale."

"Manners, Reeve." Seren warns before giving a nod in Auberon's direction and a wave toward the lioness. "I'm sorry, if you'd rather some quiet… well, I didn't think there'd be anyone here." He explains in a weary tone. "Seren. And that noisy thing is Reeve." For the cat's part, he's settled on a perch where he can watch the larger cat while laying down on his side in a posture presenting the absence of hostility before voicing a grumbling in his human's direction.

"No, no, public spaces are just that, public." Auberon says with a shake of his head. There's a line of tension that runs up Auberon's shoulders for a moment, but in the next breath it is gone. "Auberon, a pleasure." To Seren and Dale both, though there's only the faintest flicker of a smile to go along with it.

Reeve gets a lazily suspicious side-eye from the white lioness, but she's far too busy nudging at Auberon's hand with her snoot. Talk all of the two-legged foolishness to be certain, but one must never fall down on the necessary pets as well.

Dale nods a little to each of you "Pleasure to meet you all." he includes the animals it appears. "It seems both crowded. and.. strangely isolated here.. "

"It's rare enough to not such find such overrun with people." Seren comments before joining Reeve on his perch. Reeve gives another of those discordant meows before being silenced by a hand stroking his head. "You could at least /try/ to be a bit more melodious. You do it when you want to be fed." He shakes his head. "My apologies. He's been contrary lately, not to mention a bit restless. It's nice to meet you both." And if he recognizes Auberon's name, he doesn't give it away.

The petting doesn't cease, Auberon knows his place. Right over the top of the lioness's head and along her shoulders, firm and almost massage-like. "Oh, he's fine." Auberon says with a small laugh, "They just get like that from time to time." Cats, right? As to Dale, Auberon gives a small shrug of one shoulder. "That is rather the nature of a siege, I think."

This is excellent petting. Reeve gets shot a look like 'your human should take notes' but the lioness constrains herself to that level of commentary alone. It's not like these two-leggers are doing anything actually /interesting/.

Dale chuckles "I suppose thats true.. " he walks a bit closer so its easier to talk to everyone, not wanting to crowd though "What is it you do to occupy your time then?"

Reeve nudges his human's hand to urge him to do better. "Reeve has definite opinions." Seren agrees. "I like to remind him that HE is the one who decided that I was a good human to live with. They're supposed to be prophetic cats. He should have known what he was getting into." Dale earns an odd look before he decides to answer. "Knit."

There is the smallest shiver down Auberon's spine then, and he clears his throat slightly. In the next moment, however, he is seemingly perfectly back to normal. Or… Well… Whatever normal is with this guy, as he shrugs again and gives this answer, "Plan a likely suicidal mission to break into one of the most fortified buildings in Europe, mostly." Deadpan. Completely serious.

There is a sharp huff of air from the lioness using Auberon as both pillow and masseuse. It might be mistaken for laughter. It's also possible she just sneezed. Either way, the sound is pretty fucking cute.

Dale considers that for a moment, looking to Auberon, "your planning a break into the ministry?"

Seren stops mid-pet, much to Reeve's vocally expressed dismay, and raises an eyebrow at Auberon's answer. If he'd had a drink, he'd have spit it out. "You… you don't mean…" But then Dale is mentioning the ministry and he turns a glare on the man. "The ministry is gone." The hand that isn't resting on Reeve's hide balls into a fist. "Playing stupid is a bad look on anyone and in poor taste. Do you know how many people…" He shakes his head without going on.

"Now, to be fair, there are things and people guarding the ministry still. Just not who ought to be." Auberon says, turning so both of his hands can work on this half petting, half massage process for the lioness. "But no, pft…" He waves one hand dismissively, "I've already done that." Okay Auberon, that's… Okay. Let's just hand out the information that you're a terrifying lock breaker, that's fine. "I mean Azkaban, of course."

Dale nods once "Ah.. the other choice." he looks to Seren "I meant the building, not the poligical organization. I had suspected, but never persued, if they simply rebuilt it for their use, or if they left it demolished."

There's a long moment where this lioness shifts her weight just slightly - in part to let Auberon have better access to his all-important work of petting - to stare at Dale. Amethyst eyes really aren't normal for lions, this is eerie. In the end, however, she settles back down with a long, heavy sigh.

Reeve sits up, now that his petting has been interrupted- that's one disapproving look for Dale- and gives a somewhat more melodious meow as he buts his head against Seren's shoulder. "If you want volunteers, you have one." Seren states flatly as he attempts to push the large cat back into a more manageable position. As for Dale? You know how cats will suddenly just decide that a person in a room doesn't exist? That's where we are now. Human style. If he's at all surprised that Auberon just stated that he's broken into high profile places before, it's not registering on his face.

"I think rebuilt might be generous." Auberon says, "But they are certainly making use of the building. There are ways in if you know where to look, though." Auberon says with another small shrug, "And someone, seemingly, had the bright idea of enlarging a Niffler." He shakes his head a little, and then his attention shifts to Seren. "Really? Well, that is welcome news. I don't imagine I'm going to get many volunteers for this particular mission." His massaging/petting continue, quite intent on a particular spot on the lioness's back, even as she shifts to look at Dale for a moment.

Satisfied with the world around her once more, the lioness stretches both front paws out over Auberon's lap with a huge, rumbling yawn.

Dale considers that "Not many will want to risk the dementors, or the other dangers there.. but, I am , by trade a curse breaker.. and The reason I dont know as much about the state of thigns here, is Ive been out of country, tracking some things. I only recently returned, and that was difficult enough.. breaking into the country was not easy , and was quite painful in the end. But if you want another hand.. Im not currently doing anything else."

"It's still a sensitive subject." Seren admits. "Enlarging a… Of course they would." Because there's someone like that in about every crowd, really. "No matter who you're going there for, it's still a dagger in their side. I'd go to great lengths to become several daggers in several sides." He's not a man that has ever shown a great deal of anger, and it shows because that expresssion- however brief- just looks wrong on him. Then it passes and he just looks tired again. "All you have to do is tell me when and how."

There's the flicker of a smug grin on Auberon's face, but it too disappears quickly. "Very well, then. The mission is on personal risk basis, however. I cannot guarantee anyone's safety, or their even getting out." He doesn't dwell on that, however, turning his attention to Seren. "Best as I can tell thus far, our best bet is via Thestrals, but that means convincing them to take us. With any luck my husband can convince his herd, but I don't think they're going to like it much." Notice how he hasn't mentioned who he is aiming to rescue? Yeah, that's probably on purpose.

There's a low grunting chuff and a look from the lioness up into Auberon's face, as if she's waiting for something.

"I won't need one." Seren informs. "At least, I won't need one solely for myself. I don't think my wings would hold up the entire way there, but I can at least fly on my own within reasonable distance. Of course they won't like it, poor things, but need is need. I won't ask who it is, because it doesn't matter. If this person is important to you, we should do it."

Dale considers that "I havent ridden a thestral myself.. Could be interesting."

"It's perfectly valid to ask. I just know not many may be inclined to help him." Auberon shrugs a little again, "Lucius Malfoy was taken the day the Ministry fell, and is being held in Azkaban to the best of my knowledge. I would sincerely like to get him out." He turns his attention back to Dale then. "It's not too different from Hippogriff, so I'm told. Smarter, though, and ever so slightly less likely to kill you."

There. Satisfied, Auberon's lioness friend goes back to her nap - and this excellent massage.

Dale nods once again as he steps up a bit closer "Lucious Malfoy.. Well.. if he is being held there.. I am all good with springing him."

"Treated well, they can be very gentle creatures." Seren adds before raising an eyebrow. "Lucius Malfoy? Well, if few would be inclined to rescue him, then as many as would be should volunteer. I only know the man by reputation, but I'm sure my reputation isn't exactly what I'd like it to be in some circles, so that's hardly a reason to refuse. If I were inclined to refuse, and I'm not."

There's another faint smile and Auberon bends to press a kiss to the top of the lioness's head. "He's certainly earned his enemies, but in this particular instance, he is actually an innocent man being held in a terrible place." Auberon says, scratching behind lion ears then. "But I should probably get back to my blueprints…"

Dale nods "if you need or want help planning, let me know." he doesnt push beyond that.

As if that's the magical signal, that white lioness stands, stretches, and hops down (more or less gracefully) from the ledge. There is a low, raspy mrowr-huff at Auberon, as though giving him Very Important Instructions, and then she turns to amble her way back into the castle.

Seren stands and pats his leg to get Reeve's attention. "My boss has informed me that it's time to eat." Indeed, the large feline is grumbling irritably. "I will leave the planning to you. I need only be told what is expected of me. I have never approved of that place. If we ever end this madness, it should be done away with entirely."

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