2001-03-31: Breakfast At Hogwartsies


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Scene Title Breakfast at Hogwartsies
Synopsis The Great Hall Breakfast Buffet. Complete with some adults (supposedly)
Location Hogwarts - Great Hall
Watch For Jack channeling Sir Michael, nearly spit coffee.
Date 03 31 2001
Logger Maura

Great Hall Hogwarts
Sun Mar 31, 2001 — Sun Mar 31 10:38:08 2019

Full of aureate light and gilded gleam, the Great Hall of Hogwarts is both strange and splendid. Thousands and thousands of white taper candles float in midair, their inextinguishable flames casting dancing light down over four long tables, laid with glittering golden plates and goblets. Were one to stand at the door looking in, members of Slytherin house would be seated at the far left, followed by Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and then Ravenclaw along the right wall. At the top of the hall is another long table for the teachers, perpendicular to the House tables. Set along the wall beside the head table, an unobtrusive doorway leads to a much smaller room. The appearance of the ceiling above varies with the weather and time of day, as it has been bewitched to look like the sky outside. Most would agree that the effect is startlingly realistic, making the Great Hall seem to simple open on to the heavens.

Dale has finished resting, and he even has cleaned up and mended his clothing to an acceptable level. He still looks a bit scruffy, but its much less so now. Finally able to get out of the hospital wing, he takes a bit of a stroll to stretch his legs, and finds himself in the great hall.

It is a bright spring morning and Jack is restless. Normally, he wouldn't ask Maura to make her way all the way down to the hall, but he's itchy and that doesn't bode well for anyone. So, he asks her to head down to the Great Hall for breakfast. He wanders in, gazing up at the memorial wall with a poorly disguised ache, However, he is hungry, so he steps toward the Gryffindor table. " You don't mind, do you?" He knows is a 'Puff, so…. "I know we're loud, but hey." Maura's kind of gotten used to him, he hopes.

That combination of Jack's restlessness and Zinny popping up every few minutes with a 'Miss Maura needs to eat now', made it very easy to agree that a trip down to the Great Hall is just what the mediwitch ordered. "Of course I don't mind." she assures, gaze lingering on the memorial wall for a moment before she nods towards the Gryffindor table. "I'll just throw rolls at people if they get annoying." A bright smile is flashed and she lets him find them a likely spot to sit down.

Dale pauses a moment in the doorway, taking in the differences now from when he was here. He walks along the wall toward the Gryphondor table, its instinctive, as he sat there for so long. Looking at the memorial wall, and the various other things. He isnt sure if he should approach the healer and her company at this moment.. He might be interupting.

Jack sees Dale and waves. He doesn't always remember everyone here, especially since they're all crowded in like cordwood, but he does recognize that face. He leads Maura to a seat, ever careful to support her, since they left Starbuck in their rooms. He casts a Tempus to check the time. "Good. we got here on time this time." Which means they get some of the warm food instead of making the elves do something for them specifically.

When Dale comes closer, he waves again this time, gesturing him to an empty seat near them. "Have you eaten yet?" He is his mother's child, which means he tries to take care of everybody.

Maura has a habit of focusing pretty much to the exclusion of all else on keeping upright until she's seated. So it's not until her butt hits the chair, and she murmurs a thank you to Jack, that she looks up and around, and gives a smile towards the familiar face. "Dale. Please, do join us. How's your arm feeling? Did you need the skele-gro, or was I able to take care of it with just the spell?" She heals, Jack feeds. It works! "And we're even on time, today? I'm impressed that we made it. The staircase always feels like it grows each time we try to find our way here."

Dale will accept the seat, and settle in "Thank you. And yes my arm is fine without the skelegrow.. that stuff always tastes so horrible." he smiles just a touch. and then nods to Jack "Good day to you. " he will start loading up his plate, hungrily.

"It felt longer? We could have stayed." Old argument, but Jack is persistent. "Though I do like the variety." He too fills up his plate with favious kinds of food, his manners just this side of brash, as though he would be ruder, but it's been trained and ingrained into him. "What happened?" He asks Dale as he cuts his pancakes into perfectly-sized bites before stuffing them into his mouth. After the chew and swallow, he continues. "You're all better though?" He'd already said… Jack is … almost awake.

"Don't make me poke you with the fork, Jack. I like the walk without Starbuck, actually." Just not the stairs that always change. Maura's a bit more judicious with what she puts on her plate. But for her size, it doesn't seem like she's shy about eating. "Dale just arrived yesterday; showed up with a broken arm just outside the school grounds. He's got some information for the Headmistress. And for M-Sec, I imagine." she offers, giving the basics at least so that Dale can offer more detail if he's so inclined. "You must remember him from the… fight, that day."

Dale smiles a little "After the ministry fell I had to go back to romania.. Gathering some information for McGonigal.. I didnt know that without the ministry around, the Vampires were going to come out of the woodwork.. Ispent the last severla months dodging them.. and the last two weeks making my way back here once they started catching up to me.. One of them got ahold of me and broke my arm just outside Versalles.. "

"Alright, alright." Jack grins, conceding the argument. "When you bring out the sharp implements, I know you're serious." Being affianced to a Healer is serious business. When Maura mentions That Day, Jack glances unconsciously toward the Memorial Wall, but only for a second. He returns his attention to his company, a little more somber. "I do. I remember him from before that, too. He was a wee ickle one when Mick and Sio were here, I think." In fact, he is close to Sio's age. "And if my memory serves, he was at that thing in …." Jack snaps his fingers, trying to remember where the conference was. "That event where the speaker tried to demonstrate a new spell and it completely backfired on him…" He completely draws a blank. He pauses in his conversation to eat more as he ponders Dale's words. "When there is a void, something will fill it." He has a strong opinion on vampires in general, but since this is a meal, he holds it back. See? Ettiquette.

"Oooh, I do like to start out the day with a win." Maura jokes, giving Jack's arm a quick squeeze of support when he looks towards the wall. But, she keeps silent for a moment after that to eat some of that food before it gets cold, and listen to where the two know each other from. "Oh, I haven't told you that I finally caught up to my yearmate Winnie, again. I'll… later. I'll fill you in later." Vampire discussion in much more fascinating, even if there is the small matter of etiquette that she is trying so hard to adhere to. "Must be some interesting information you have. I have to imagine most of us, of any magical species, are concerned more with self-preservation right now then anything else."

Dale chuckles at that "Oh yeah.. He was supposed to be showing a new method for magical communication, and instead he ended up making every suit of armor, painting or statue in the castle talk in some unknown language for almost a day.. constantly.. no one was able to sleep that night." he chuckles "I think one of the professors even figured out how to translate it later.. but I am not sure." he then shrugs to Maura. "I am not sure.. I was tracking their activities, to see if The Death Eaters were going to try and bring any of them into the country for the fight.. "

If they were alone, Jack would say something off-color about waking up many mornings with a win. However, public. So, instead, when she says it, he winks and waggles his eyebrows. He listens to Maura's comments about her classmate. "Was she a dormmate, or just in your year?" That can make a huge difference. He'll get more info later, but he's interested.

Dale remembers the conference; Jack is glad someone does! "Some of it was Mermish, Maura." The high-pitched creeling that only sounds melodic underwater. "I have no clue why it happened that way, but we were in stitches. Until we couldn't sleep. Then, we were pretty upset." He listens to the news about Vampire tracking. "I don't know what they're thinking, but I'm not sure the Death Eaters are using the same tactics as they have before." They'd not ever done anything like D-Day, for example.

Maura knows Jack well enough to know exactly what he's thinking, which is my she covers a laugh when he winks at her. And, as he no doubt knew she would being that they're out in public, clears her throat to distract from the red that creeps up the sides of her face. "Just in my year. She's Slytherin." is murmured, so as not to take away from the conversation about the conference and such.

Of course, the mention of Mermish perks her right up. "What, really? In Mermish? I don't get to hear that nearly often enough. Of course, maybe I don't want to if it keeps you awake." Yikes. She even makes a face. "No, no they certainly aren't. The Death Eaters, that is. Using the same tactics. And did anyone else find it super creepy that the thugs all looked the same?"

Dale nods "Before D-day they wanted to take over.. not burn down. " he sighs "And the hardest part, as I recall, with that spell was getting back into the common rooms.. I mean, No one could talk to their entry guardians.. And clearly they couldnt understand us either. It was crazy." he then offers a nod "yeah.. even they didnt want to work with Vampires.. not the old ones.. they like destruction too much."

Jack lives to see that little blush on her cheeks, so he sits back, completely content for a long moment, the only movement to take bites of his meal. He nods when Maura asks about Mermish. "Haven't you heard Bean and Sio creeling at each other?" He pauses to put a finger to his ear as if to close it. "I don't know why she learned it… oh, yes I do. That tournament." Which seems so long ago now. "That was creepy." They've probably talked it through a lot, but it's still creepy. "And weird." That too. Dale gets a snicker when Jack remembers that point. "I had forgotten. We were trying to get into our rooms and nobody could change or bathe. Some of us used charms, because…" Cursebreakers are used to living rough sometimes, but this was s upposed to be a learning experience. "I was surprised at some of them getting so upset over such small things. But many of them were sponsored by their own ministries and usually didn't get that dirty." He snickers again. As to the Death Eaters, he's said what he'll say. Though, Dale's words get a questioning look. "Who likes destruction?" The vampires or the DEs?

"Let me clarify - I meant from actual Merpeople." Maura notes dryly. "I still wonder how Bean manages that creel after his voice changed." she mutters. "And let's be honest, the whole thing was creepy. I know, I keep saying it. But it was /creepy/." she reiterates, because she can. Listening to talk of the conference is also a vast source of amusement. "That had to be quite a study in privilege. I mean, watching all those people get worked up over not being able to change or bathe for … how long was it? Not that I don't enjoy my creature comforts, I know." Hot baths are amazing, there's no denying it.

Dale falls , seriously to eating. He grinsa little and manages to answer, without spraying food "Just more than a day"

Jack chuckles, eating a little more, quietly, before pausing again. "You know, I have no idea." Bean, better known as Julian, is pretty big now. "I'm not sure I want to know." He takes a few more bites and nods. "I like my comforts, too." As Maura well knows. "But when you're on a job," he shrugs. "You do what you gotta do to get it done." And like his fellow curse breaker, he falls to eating for a few more moments.

There's a briefly distant expression there from Maura, wherein she grimaces a bit and just nods her agreement. "Pretty much. I mean, doing what you need to." Whatever it is she had on her plate is cleaned up quickly enough that she's apparently done first. And, just leans back in her chair with a cup of warming tea in her hands. "You never said." she prompts Dale. "Who is it you're saying likes Destruction?"

Dale swollows his food and offers "oh.. the old vampires.. the death eaters like chaos.. that can be destruction sometimes.. but not always.. the old vampires simply hate life.. so they want to destroy it."

Jack frowns for a moment then his expression tightens slightly. "Indeed." That is all he'll say about that at the moment. He works on eating more of his breakfast, even spearing another sausage a little fiercely. He turns to Maura and nods. "We know too much about that these days." The doing what we need to part. "What time do you need to be in the Infirmary today, Maura?" He asks her gently, knowing he'd forgotten.

"Huh. That seems… like a really broad generalization of an entire species. Now I want to meet some, so I can see for myself." Maura just seems troubled by that, and Jack's sausage stabbing definitely doesn't lessen her concern any. "Oh, don't worry love. There's no patients to check in on today, and no new recruits that M-Sec wants a physical for. I'm just researching and updating charts today. If Pomfrey needs me she'll send someone for me. So we can walk over there whenever you're done." She lifts her cup there, slightly. "Besides, we all know I'm useless until the caffeine kicks in."

Dale looks over "Im sorry, I was speaking of the specific group of Vampires.. ive met a few , especially the younger ones, which are rather fine Chaps. Even a few friends. I did not intend to pidgeon hole all vampires.. just the group of elders I was tracking."

"I do apologize, too." Jack turns toward the other man. "I have very strong feelings about certain things, and this is one of them. I have met several vampires, and probably more than I even know…" He admits, a free hand scratching at his chin. "I know there are good beings and bad beings among us all — learned that one the hard way," he grins, giving Dale that rogue grin. "But I get being used to certain things being good and some being 'bad'. " He gestures to the table. "That's how we Gryffs are. We decide pretty quickly who the good guys and the bad guys are, and sometimes…." It takes a while to change that. He shrugs.

Jack looks over at Maura when she speaks. "So, we have some free time?" For once, he isn't waggling his eyebrows at his lady as he says that. "We'll head that way when we finish. I'll bring Starbuck by later. That should work, right?"

"I still want to meet some, now." Maura decides, keeping things light as Dale and Jack speak of Vampires and their proclivities. Once she's curious about something, it's a /thing/, until that curiousity is satisfied. Apologies in advance to any resident vamps. And she definitely doesn't comment about good and bad beings; deliberately taking a good long drag from that cup of hers so she can scowl into it for a moment. And then be back to her smiley self. "We /do/ have free time, yes. And that will work perfectly. I'm sure Zinny will hound you about lunch as soon as the time nears; Starbuck will have had a much deserved rest by then."

Dale smiles a little and nods to Jack, but he doesnt interupt the more important convesatin between Jack and Maura. Only once he wont be interupting does he add "we need to be careful. I need to be careful to speak more clearly, and think clearly. Its lazy thought to just dismiss people like that.. no matter what they are."

Jack makes himself a strong cup of coffee, reaching over to ask wordlessly if Maura wants more in her cup. With the answer, he fills it — or doesn't — and takes a long, slow sip of his caffiene. "We are better men than that." Jack agrees. Then, he grimaces and turns toward Maura. "Tell me that wasn't Sir Michael coming out of my mouth?" Color Jack embarrassed. He sounded just like Da.

Maura will indeed tilt her cup enough that some caffeine can be more easily poured into it; just in time for her to sip when Jack channels his father of course. Pardon her sudden coughing fit and near snort of coffee everywhere. "Oh I'm so sorry, that was so undignified of me." But she's laughing anyway. Really laughing. "That was definitely Sir Michael." she admits, eyes sparkling with amusement there. "But you're quite right. You're better men then that."

Dale smiles a little "we have to be.. thats what this is about.. " he agrees. he finishes eating and offers "So.. who is the person in charge of day to day here anyway? Since I just arrived."

"Headmistress McGonagall is in charge of the general castle things. As usual, I think. I think that's where to stay and the like. Morgan Securities is in charge of protection and much of keeping people busy." Jack knows these things. He's been working with M-Sec for a bit. "We could use another curse breaker if everything looks right…." He can't promise for them, but he wouldn't mind help with the things he does. "It's not like going to an old tomb. More like the stuff at the ministry would have been, but someone's gotta do that stuff." He rolls his eyes. Maura's laughter is contagious, and he chuckles. "Go on then,' he says, a slight brogue to his words. "T'was funny."

"Aye, I asked the security team to pass along up through the ranks that you're on site. I expect someone will no doubt be in touch with you soon. I'm also hoping they'll try and poach Winnie for bodyguard duty. Still can't believe she's a Hit Wizard." Yes, Maura's picked up a few affectations here and there, and 'aye' would be one of them. She looks about to comment on the odd jobs around the castle when Jack rolls his eyes and sets her off into a peal of laughter all over again. Look, you take the humor where you can get it these days right? "No doubt Liam would be horrified by my laughing, but that just sets me off more." she admits, wiping the corners of her eyes and finally settling herself down. "It suits you, Jack. Really it does. It was just a little unexpected. And then your expression when you realized it…" Taking a drink so she doesn't laugh again, she sneaks her fiance quick kiss on the cheek. Fast enough that not even McGonagall can chastise her for it.

laughs softly at that, and seems to be much happier now that he is 'safe'.. or a lot safer than he has been in a while. "Ill be patient until they can get to me then.

"Seems to be the best course." Jack agrees. "Maura, you finished?" He is finished with his coffee and ready to take her to the Infirmary when she is ready.

Dale smiles and rises "I should leave you two. I am going to take a stroll around the castle and grounds.. if you need me. As long as thats all right.

"Mhmm, I'm all set." Cup set aside, Maura waits until Jack is standing before grasping hold of his arm to stand herself up. "I'm sure we'll see you around soon, Dale." He gets a brief nod, before it looks like they're all off to do the post-breakfast things.

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